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New Life Coming

Mary Louise was glad the whole thing was almost over. Diplomas had been passed out and no one had tripped. The last thing was the reading of scholarships and grants. Since she wasn’t paying attention, she didn’t hear what was said.

“Mary Louise!”

“Mary Louise!”

She heard several of her fellow graduates saying her name. “What?”

“The principal called your name. You need to go up.”

Knowing it was a mistake, she shook her head but they all insisted. It wasn’t until she was onstage that she saw Donny and Karen had already been called forward as well. Suddenly she got a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

The principal spoke again. “At this point I’m handing off to Judge William McFarland.”

Applause welcomed the well-known local judge. “Thank you all very much. Now, to get down to business so we can get on to the multitude of parties I’ve heard that are planned for tonight.” Everyone laughed. “Rowdy, please join us. Three of this years graduates and one former graduate, have consented to share this important moment in their lives with all of us. They are beginning new lives tonight, in many ways. Let us begin.”

Mary Louise froze in place. This could not happen.it wasn’t real. Then she heard the judge asking if the men took the women.as in a double ceremony. Rowdy was holding her hand and then a slender gold band slid onto the third finger of her left hand.

“You may kiss your bride, gentlemen!”
Rowdy took her shoulders and turned her to face him. His hand was gentle beneath her chin as he tilted it. The kiss was soft, gentle and merely a pressing of lips. As he released her, the whoops and catcalls caught her attention. She turned and saw that Donny was tilting Karen way back over his arm and French kissing her. When they stood back up, Karen’s cap was askew and her lipstick smeared.

The judge shook their hands, and then announced they had to come backstage for a few minutes. The four newlyweds entered the small office and the judge followed. The judge’s assistant was already there and began pointing to all the places that had to be legally signed. Almost too quickly, the judge was shaking each of their hands.

“Congratulations, you young people, and good luck!”

Rowdy took her elbow. “Come on. Our parents are all waiting out front. They had seats together.”

They were stopped along the way and her cap and gown commandeered. Then she was walking beside her husband.HUSBAND! The word felt foreign in her head. As soon as they reached the two families, everyone started hugging and kissing Mary Louise. Rowdy’s Aunt Lily pulled her down onto the chair beside her.

“I knew you had the right stuff to tame that wild boy the minute I laid eyes on you. You’re like me, Mary Louise, pioneer stock. No matter what life throws at you, you survive.”

The old woman then announced she was ready to have her dinner. Where were they taking her?

The door to the small motel room closed behind Rowdy, and he set the small suitcase down. There hadn’t really been time for plans. They had nowhere to live yet, and Aunt Lily had insisted they not stay at either of their parents’ for the night. That’s how they came to be registered as “Mr. and Mrs. Rowdy Davis” at the Right Way motel. There was no such thing as a honeymoon suite here.

Looking around the room, she saw the room had a full size bed, and small round table with two chairs. Opposite the bed was a television stand holding a thirteen-inch television. At the far end of the room was the bathroom. Walking further into the room, she turned to face Rowdy. He was making the same perusal of the small room and obviously coming to the same conclusions as she had.
“If this is their best, I’d hate to see their worst,” he quipped. Picking up the suitcase, he carried it over to the open closet, which was really just a wooden rod strung from the ceiling outside the bathroom, opposite the bed and down slightly from the television. There was a suitcase valet to rest the case on as you unpacked. On the far wall was a small dresser and desk.

“This isn’t how I thought I’d spend tonight,” Mary Louise said quietly.

Rowdy laughed. “I imagine not. I assume you know everything now. I wasn’t sure earlier, when we were talking in your living room. It’s good that it’s all out in the open now and no more pretending and so on.”

Mary Louise watched as Rowdy opened the suitcase. She didn’t know what was in it because she had not packed it. Her mother had suddenly produced a suitcase, announcing that it was Mary Louise’s, and there was room if Rowdy wanted to put a night and day’s clothing in it. As she watched, he pulled out trousers, shirt, underwear and socks. There also was a pair of swim trunks and cotton shorts if tomorrow was hot. The next thing he pulled out was a silky nightgown. He held it up by the straps, looking at her over the top.

“Very sexy. Quite different from the other attire.” He hung up the dress and sweater her mother had packed. He also pulled out a one-piece swimsuit, which he set along side his in the drawer. When he pulled out two pairs of lace panties, he grinned. “I’m glad your mother didn’t make all of your clothes so staid.”

Mary Louise had just sat down on the bed. “How do you know my mother picked out the clothes?”

“Who else was going to do it? Certainly not your father. You caved awful easily when they got rid of your other clothes. I would have thought you’d fight harder to keep them.”

“What do you mean? What did you mean earlier about getting things in the open? What things?”

She saw the moment Rowdy froze. His whole relaxed demeanor was instantly gone. He looked at her slowly.

“You have to know what’s been going on. You’re a bright girl, Mary Louise.”
She shook her head, not liking the implication in his words. “I must not be. I don’t know what you’re talking about. None of this is making any sense. You talk like some kind of game, or deception has been going on? Or a con, or a scam put over on some poor unsuspecting sucker.”

Rowdy shook his head, but she saw the flush moving up his neck. He looked guilty. “I wouldn’t call it a con.”

Almost instantly, Mary Louise knew that is exactly what had occurred. She had been fooled somehow, and by someone. She didn’t like the feeling in her stomach all of a sudden either. “Since I wasn’t one of the `cons’ I guess that makes me the sucker, the naïve, trusting patsy.” She took a deep breath, hoping she was wrong. “So what is it? We aren’t really married? None of this was real. I’m not really pregnant!”

“Mary Louise, you aren’t a sucker. But you are naïve and trusting, and those are not bad traits.”

“In other people, right?”

“You are a very sweet, genuine and trusting person.”

“I don’t care. Which of those aren’t true? I’m not pregnant?” She repeated that one first.

Rowdy shook his head. “No, Mary Louise, you are definitely pregnant. There have been two pregnancy tests to confirm it.”

“Two!” Thinking back she remembered the test where she peed in the cup and then her shots had stopped. The second must have been at her yearly physical yesterday. “What were the shots my mother was giving me? What kind of pills have I been taking?”

“Don’t get upset. It was all perfectly safe and monitored by a doctor. The shots were fertility drugs.”

Mary Louise couldn’t breathe. Her mother, and most likely her father, had knowingly given her shots to make her easily conceive. All that had been needed had been the-
“How did you get chosen as the sperm donor?” The words seemed to fall out of her mouth. They weren’t polite or proper. “Why didn’t they just drug me and use a turkey baster to inseminate me like some damned cow? Why did I have to get pregnant?”

“Mary Louise, please, calm down. I never would have said anything but I thought you now knew.”

“Oh, yes, that sounds so much better. I could have gone on just thinking fate really had it in for me. No luck or good breaks for Mary Louise.”< /p>

“There’s no need to have a pity party.”

Mary Louise did the only thing she could think of and grabbed her shoe and threw it at her new husband.

“Hey!” Rowdy shouted as he barely dodged the leather missile headed straight for his skull.

“Tell me what else I don’t know. What is the purpose for this charade? Surely not just to get me pregnant. What could my being pregnant with your child.how could that benefit anyone?”

“It is a bigger picture than that. That was just the first step. It was all about the business, and the fact that our fathers’ needed capital, and quickly, to invest for expansion to stay competitive. The banks wouldn’t loan it to them, and they were unable to get enough with adding mortgages to the houses. The only person, who had the kind of money like they needed, and without the strings, was my Aunt Lily. But she is a wily old bird.”

Rowdy walked towards the bed, tentatively sitting down, with a few feet between them. “You see her father began the business. My grandfather, her brother, took over when my great-grandfather died, but Aunt Lily has never cared for the way it was run, not even after my dad took over. Several times though she said she might invest if I took over the daily management, allowing my father a graceful way out by becoming a board member.”

“So why didn’t you just do that? It seems simple enough.”

“Well, I was in no hurry to settle down, but she said if I were married with a child on the way and took over, she’d consent to the loan.”

“Why didn’t you marry one of your many girlfriends?”

“We didn’t have enough time.”

Mary Louise had guessed the answer in her heart, but hearing it hurt. She was convenient, malleable and easy to manipulate. Obviously Rowdy would have preferred one of his regular women. She’d seen some pictures of him with different women, all of whom had long hair, beautiful faces and bodies. So why.?

“Oh my God!”

“What is it, Mary Louise? Are you okay?”

She laughed. “That’s a funny thing to ask, now!” She reached up and touched the short curls. “Aunt Lily. This is how she wears her hair. You cut my hair to please her!”

“Not exactly, honey. We were stuck on how to proceed. How to convince Aunt Lily you would be the right girl and then your mother was looking at some photos of her. She came up with the idea of duplicating her look, but just making it a little younger. Hopefully she would see herself in you.”

“The hair, the dresses.the b-baby!” her voice broke. For the first time she saw the life inside her as truly that-a unique, separate individual who was slowly growing until it was ready to be born. Not only had they manipulated and deceived her, they had done it to this innocent child. She ran from the bedroom to the bathroom and barely made it before she vomited into the toilet. Flushing the toilet she realized that it had been her job to protect this vulnerable being and she had failed. She sat on the tile floor and leaned against the tub.

She pressed her face to the cool porcelain. They could write loser on her forehead as well as sucker. Worst of all she had to be a coward not to have defended her child against all this. Maybe this baby would be better off if she lost it-

The running water in the faucet caught her attention. She turned her head and saw Rowdy was wetting a washcloth and then wringing it out. He squatted down in front of her, passing her the rag.

“These bathrooms weren’t made for more than one occupant at a time.” Rowdy suggested wryly.

“Well, not more than one on the floor at a time. Standing could be different.”

Rowdy chuckled. Several times, when he least expected it, Mary Louise would make a sarcastic remark and make him see the humor. He’d been fighting the attraction between them from the very beginning. Desperately he tried to keep this on an impersonal level. He knew it sounded stupid, but if he could keep his heart out of it, then he thought he might be able to get through it.

That’s why he’d stopped seeing her. She was getting to him. He was thinking about her all the time. Being with her, despite her inexperience, had been sweeter than almost anything else he’d ever experienced. Seeing her today, now, he was beginning to suspect it was already too late to keep his heart out of it.

Sure his body desired her and that had not lessened one iota. If anything the desire he felt for her had grown. That last time in the car, hearing her so pompously announce there would be no more sex.it was as if she were saying she didn’t need it. She could live without being with him sexually, and she would be fine! He’d shown her all right. And he’d shown himself just how much he wanted to be with her!

Mary Louise started to stand and realized she still had just one shoe on. She slipped it off and got to her feet. Rowdy walked out of the bathroom first and she followed after first rinsing her mouth out using one of the glasses by the sink.

“This may seem silly, but are you hungry? It’s been quite a while since dinner and I didn’t see you eat very much.” He questioned, moving towards the bedside stand, where the phone and phonebook were.

“I guess I am,” Mary Louise replied, surprised to discover that she was.

“Why don’t I order a pizza?”

“All right since they’ve probably shut down their haute cuisine room service by this time of night.”

Rowdy had picked the phone up and was dialing when her words sank in. He was laughing when the pizza place picked up. They quickly decided on their selection and heard it would be just twenty minutes because they had another delivery at the motel.

“Do you want to get ready for bed and I’ll wait for the pizza. Maybe there’s something on the television.”

Mary Louise nodded and took her makeup bag and nightgown in with her, closing the door. She carefully removed her makeup and showered. If he didn’t find her attractive without, that was his tough luck.

Find her attractive? Good Lord! She realized that she was considering sleeping with him.making love with him tonight! Was she crazy? Maybe she needed to schedule an appointment to have sucker tattooed on her forehead. Still she lingered in front of the foggy mirror, looking at her reflection. Why had she had taken the time to not only shave her legs and under her arms, but also she’d quickly snipped off her pubic hair and shaved that all off as well? Ever since she’d realized that Rowdy was completely smooth, she’d gotten the idea that perhaps she should consider it. For a final touch, she dabbed the perfume her mother had packed behind her ears.

She was almost ready to open the door when she took the perfume again and dabbed a tiny amount at the top of each thigh, just on the inside. Feeling like a “bad girl” and not sure if she cared, she opened the door and walked out.


“Pizza Delivery!”

Mary Louise saw Rowdy open the door, but there was no delivery guy there. He stepped out onto the walkway and she heard him call out.

“Small world, isn’t it?”

Quickly she set her things down and ran to the door. Stepping outside, she was surprised to find not only Rowdy, who was in just his trousers, but also Donny, who was dressed in a ridiculously patterned pair of boxer shorts, and peeping out the door of the room next to theirs and wearing an over-sized t-shirt was Karen. And of course, a confused pizza delivery guy stood partway between the two rooms now.

Donny was grinning. “Cool. Guess you guys been busy working up an appetite too!”

Mary Louise flushed as she watched the pizza man look from Karen to herself, at the two men and then back to her. Hurriedly she realized that she’d run out here in her scanty nightgown. She turned on her heel and went back in the room. Seeing Rowdy’s shirt draped over a chair, she pulled that on and went back out.

Rowdy turned, looked at her and then muttered just loud enough for her to hear. “Barn door and the animals?” Glancing at the deliveryman, he asked. “I hope you have two pizzas there, one for each room?”

He l
ooked confused, but he glanced at the two tickets and realized that was correct. Donny paid for his and then Rowdy passed over the money for the one he’d ordered. After the deliveryman left, Rowdy turned back towards his room.

“Do you two want to join us?” Donny called out. “We’ve already got the preliminaries out of the way so we’re gonna watch a movie.”

Mary Louise looked at Rowdy, who was still facing her. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but she turned and walked back into the room. As she moved through the room, she could hear Rowdy refusing politely. A few seconds later, she heard the motel room door close next door. As she slipped off Rowdy’s shirt, it was the door to this room that closed. Walking to the desk chair, she draped his shirt across the back of it. When she turned around, Rowdy was setting the pizza on the table.

She pulled the covers down on her side of the bed. “Should we eat at the table or in bed?”

“If you grab a couple of towels and some washcloths, we can eat in bed without too many crumbs.”

Mary Louise turned and got the towels from the bathroom. When she returned, she saw that Rowdy had turned on the television. He flipped to the pay-per-view channel. “You want to see if anything looks good and I’ll get some ice and sodas at the machine.”

She glanced at the selections, and then went around and pulled down his side of the bed. As she made it back to her side, the door opened. Rowdy came in with his arms full of more towels, sodas and a canister of ice. “Wow! I’d say you hit the mother lode.”

“The woman at the night desk took pity on me.”

Mary Louise shook her head. “More likely she took a look at your bare chest and she got faint.” She went to take some of the things from his arms. Something in the way he didn’t move caused her to glance up. He was staring at her.

“Do you get faint at the sight of my bare chest?” he asked her, his voice hoarse.

Mary Louise shook her head negatively once more. “Considering this is the first time I’ve seen it, I don’t have enough information to give an educated opinion.”

Rowdy laughed. “Honest. I appreciate that. Any good movies on?”

“There’s an old comedy on that I know is good. Risk free.”

“Sounds good. Climb into bed and I’ll play waiter.”

Two hours later they were lying side by side as the movie ended. The lights were out and the bed cleared of the dinner.

“That was a lot better than I thought. Tracy and Hepburn. You watch a lot of old movies?”

“I love old movies, all kinds.”

Rowdy used the remote and turned the television off. He rolled onto his side to look at her. Mary Louise was intensely aware that he was only wearing a pair of jockey shorts with a famous name on them. She may have had sex with him several times, been incredibly intimate with him and carrying his baby, but his near nakedness unnerved her. He was built like an athlete and handsome enough to be advertising the underwear he had on. His sun-bleached hair was kind of spiked in different directions at the moment, but he was still sexy.

“Did I tell you how pretty you look in this nightgown?”

“No, but you don’t have to tell me that now.”
“Well, I think you are. You turn me on. Even dressed from your neck to your knees, you make me hard.” Rowdy lightly traced his finger down the neckline of her nightgown. He paused before he reached her nearest breast. Instead of continuing as she expected, he lifted his hand and pressed it flat on her belly. “I thought it would turn me off, thinking about this,” he patted her belly. “I can’t tell at all, can you?”

“I had no idea, but now that I do.I have put on some weight. But since I didn’t have any tight fitting clothes, I didn’t notice. Do I look fatter?”

Rowdy lifted his head to stare down at her. “Do I look stupid?”

It took Mary Louise a few seconds to catch on before she smiled and shook her head. “No, you don’t. I’m scared.”

“Of what? Me?”

“No, of the baby. Giving birth. Even taking care of a baby. I don’t know if I can do it.”

“You aren’t alone, you know.” Rowdy told her.

“I know, but what do you know?”

Rowdy laughed. “I meant your mother, and mine.”

“But it’s my responsibility. I have to feed him.” Mary Louise pointed out with a pained patient tone.

Rowdy grinned and he moved his hand. Without hesitation he pulled her neckline down until the nearest breast popped free. “Now that’s something I can help you with.”

“You mean feeding at night?”

“Sure, that too. But for the prelims, as Donny said, I’ll help toughen your nipples up. You know, for nursing.”

“You assume I will breastfeed.”

“Won’t you?”

“I don’t know.”

Rowdy shook his head. “Forgive me, but talk about a waste of mother nature. If ever I saw a woman made for having a baby, you are it.”

“Just because I developed overnight.oh my God! This must all be due to those shots!”

“You mean it’s all gonna disappear?” Rowdy asked.

“I guess that gives me all I need to know,” Mary Louise said quickly, feeling hurt.

“No, it doesn’t. But I’m also not one to waste my opportunities,” Rowdy grinned at her and then lowered his mouth to her right breast. He growled as he nuzzled here and there, rubbing his nose and then his cheek against her tender flesh.

“You haven’t shaved lately,” she murmured a moment later.

“You don’t like that?”

“I didn’t say that. I just pointed it out.”

Rowdy didn’t answer. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, leisurely licking the tender bud once he released it. Sliding up her body, he pressed a kiss to the side of neck. Suddenly, he sat up in the bed. “Sit up,” he told her.

Mary Louise sat up and let Rowdy move her so her back was to his chest and his legs straddled her bottom. “What’s this for?” she asked him, not sure what he had in mind yet.

“Shh, I’ll show you. Now close your eyes.”

Mary Louise closed them, wondering why. She didn’t have too long to wait. Rowdy’s fingers lightly touched the nape of her neck where it was really smooth.

“Smooth,” he whispered. A moment later she felt the wet flick of his tongue. “The best way to test for smooth. Now, this is different.” His fingers dragged up the back of her head, going against the grain of her hair. The one-quarter inch hairs seemed to move individually, and each one bent and then fell back into place. And every nerve sent a frisson of reaction to her spine.

“Oh, my God!” Mary Louise fell back against him, unable to stay upright.

“You like that? Did you notice the feeling when the clippers were running up and down?”

“No, I was too upset each time. I didn’t want it cut.”

Rowdy used both hands and ran his fingers up and down the bristles across her nape, sides and up to the crown. “I like this,” he murmured. “It feels like a dark auburn fur pelt, or velvet.”

Mary Louise groaned as she realized what he meant.

“And it will be easy to care for with the baby,” he added. He kissed the side of her neck. Below her earlobe, he sucked and lightly bit the skin, purposely making a “hickey” on her pale skin.

In the back of her mind, Mary Louise remembered hearing her mother, or was it her aunt, saying something almost the same, the first time it was cut. Then Rowdy moved his fingers again, ruffling all the little hairs again, and again. With Mary Louise still collapsed against him, he slid his hands down. It was easy to pop her other breast out of the nightgown.

“Like I was saying earlier,” Rowdy took hold of her nipples. “For breastfeeding, a woman’s nipples need to be prepped before hand so they don’t get too sore.”

“How do you know this?”

“My mom gave me a book on pregnancy for dads. Of course, my eye caught on the section dealing with breasts.”

“You went to the glossary and looked for all the places in the book that talked about breasts?”

“Yeah, but I still found a helpful part. Now let me continue, please.” Rowdy lightly pulled and twisted her nipples. When they were very tight and hard, he rubbed his
fingertips across the flat, rubbery tips very quickly.

Mary Louise sighed loudly. Maybe this was for the baby, but she was getting aroused the more he talked about everyday things, but continued to play with her breasts. She could feel his hard manhood pressed against her and she wondered how much longer he could hold out? Deliberately she flexed her hips forward and back, and then side-to-side. The way his fingers paused in tugging she knew he wasn’t immune.

A few seconds later, he resumed his work. “Uhm, where was I? Oh, yeah, sucking can be helpful, but should be discontinued close to delivery. So we have quite a bit of time for that one. I could make this a project.approach it like a business problem. Plan how many man hours needed, and so on.”

“You mean like work it in on your lunch hour. Note on calendar for Tuesday noon: go home and suck tits.” Mary Louise added, finding it harder to concentrate, but still surprised that she had just said that.

“Hmm. Suck your pretty titties. Kiss your luscious bubbies. Squeeze your magnificent knockers. Tug and pull on these long, hard nips.”

For some reason, Mary Louise felt even bolder all of a sudden. “I did something while I was in the bathroom,” she murmured very quietly, barely above a whisper.

Rowdy smiled, kissing her neck and then rubbing his cheek against her hair. “What was that? Take a shower?”

“Yes, and I shaved my pussy.”

Rowdy’s hands froze almost instantly. She could feel the tension in his body. It unnerved her. She had not expected him to react so.so.she wasn’t sure how he was reacting. Two seconds later she had her answer. The silkiness of her nightgown aided Rowdy in his movements. She was spun around to face him, her legs pulled across his and then he pushed her gently down onto the bed. His face looked so intent.chiseled that for a moment she was scared. He flipped her skirt up to her waist. She heard the air blow out of his chest.

“You don’t like it?”


“I saw that you were. I did some research.”

Rowdy’s hands touched her upper thighs, just resting there for a long time. His voice rasped as he spoke. “This is the first time I’ve really seen you.beautiful.” Ever so gently, he trailed his fingers across her bald mound. “You had a pretty bush, Mary Louise. Let me show you what is ten times better done bald.”

Rowdy shifted away from her, but only for a few seconds. When he returned, she felt his breath dance across her wet pussy lips. “Rowdy, no!”

“Oh, yes, my sweet wife. Now just lay back and play with your boobies while I play down here!”

She cried out as he spread her lips, hood and found her clit. The surprise was that it wasn’t his fingers she felt but his tongue. She didn’t grab her breasts but tried to pull him up. He lifted his face for a moment, smiling at her. She saw the wetness on his cheeks and chin.

“Now, now, Mary Louise,” he admonished. “Here comes the best part,” he then whispered, blowing across her clit.

His tongue returned and she felt him insert fingers inside her.body. Her mind struggled with what was happening. Then as his fingers wiggled around inside her, his tongue elicited more wild and erratic responses from her body. She called out his name several times. His fingers moved and began a rhythmic pressing or massage. It wasn’t long after this that she orgasmed wildly. She cried his name as she felt a rush of liquid flood out, and was dimly aware of Rowdy easing lower down slightly to lick her pussy lips.

Soon she felt him kissing her freshly shaven mound while his big, warm hands skimmed the sides of her thighs and hips. He kissed her belly and belly button, and worked his way to her breasts. Each nipple received a slow long and drawn-out lick with his tongue. Then she felt his heat pressing against her. She didn’t feel his shorts, wondering when he’d slipped those off. Without his asking she tilted her hips and received his thrust, which was deep and sure. She welcomed him and eagerly met each one. Finally, he jerked forward and filled her with his seed. Hot jets of cum pooled inside her cunt.

A few seconds later, Rowdy pulled out and dropped to the bed beside her. He breathed in deeply, amazed once more how good it felt to be inside Mary Louise’s body. Closing his eyes, he let the moment take him. God! He felt great!

“That was fantastic!” he spoke quickly.

Mary Louise heard his words and agreed that physically they were compatible. He could arouse her and make her come, which she knew was more than a lot more than many people had these days. A moment longer she told herself savoring the sensations. Then in the quiet, she heard sounds coming from the room next door.

“Ride me, hot mama. Ride me hard!”

She recognized Donny’s voice. Beside her she felt Rowdy shift on the bed.

“Shake those little titties! Yeah, that’s it. It’s coming! I’m gonna fill your cunt with cum. Oh yeah, Karen!”

Mary Louise didn’t move for fear of causing Rowdy to comment. It embarrassed to think Karen might have over heard her own passionate cries moments earlier. She couldn’t remember for sure, but she knew she had been loud and unrestrained. Then the bed shifted beneath her as Rowdy rolled towards her. Their eyes met as he whispered.

“Thin walls.” His eyebrows lifted tellingly as he shrugged.

Before either of them could say anything else, they heard more of what was going on next door.

“Oh.oh yeah! Come on and pump daddy’s cock! Let daddy fill you with lots of baby-making sperm!”

Donny’s laugh is heard, and then, “No more condoms until junior is here! Yippee! Ride `em cowgirl! Yee-haw!”

Mary Louise knew she was blushing as Rowdy grinned at her. Pressing his finger to her lips, he went “shh.” Then he started whispering. “This reminds me of my senior trip in high school, which I hear they have since stopped. There was a lot of this kind of thing going on the second night. It was a motel kind of like this, walls so thin you could hear every single thing going on in the next room.”

Rowdy paused, winking at her before he went on. “I went down and bribed the night manager to go banging on the doors where we knew stuff was going on. He’d yell `manager’ and when the door opened, a bunch of us that had gotten together on this adventure would yell something like `are you drinking in there?’ and `the cops are coming,’ and my personal favorite was `do you have an under-age girl in there?’ We caused quite a stir at one in the morning.”

“Did the cops come after all?” she asked softly.

“Yeah, and thus ended the senior trip for all future generations.”

Mary Louise smiled. “I didn’t know you were in that class. They are infamous. There was the group of guys who skipped the SAT tests to attend a golfing outing and got caught by a couple of their fathers, who were there with the principal.”

Rowdy lifted his hand, flushing. “Guilty.”

Mary Louise smiled. She added the other story she’d heard. “The worst prank was that they appropriated the principal’s new sports car and hid it.”

“Yeah, they got a wrecker that lifts the whole car and moved it to a used car lot on the far side of town. It was almost sold, which didn’t go over too well.”

“And if I remember right, their dads’ bailed them out.”

“Yeah. It’s amazing what a few well-placed or well-heeled fathers can manage when it’s almost graduation day and the cap and gown’s been rented, not to mention the first year’s tuition already paid at a prestigious university.”

Mary Louise saw something in Rowdy’s face for a split second and then it disappeared. She wondered if it had been a case of not enough parental attention and love, which led to acting out in an attempt to get attention.

“Oh, God! Yeah. I’m coming.I’m com-“

Rowdy laughed as they heard Donny again. Mary Louise reached out and covered his mouth with her hand.

“Shh!” she whispered quickly.

Rowdy winked as he kissed her hand. As her hand lowered, he grinned. “Did that embarrass you?”

She nodded.

“We could make
some noise of our own or we could doze off for a while.” Rowdy suggested with a grin.

“You mean talk?”

“I mean talk during. Maybe like `oh, Rowdy, harder,'” he told her, in a high-pitched voice. When she giggled, he went on. “And `ooh, baby, bounce those big round bubbies for me.’ More along those lines.”

Mary Louise shivered. Every time he used “dirty words” it got her hot or turned her on. All of it though was making her crazy. He leaned close and whispered to her.

“You know what I thought was really sexy? In the movie theater, and you sat on my lap. I could find a movie for us to watch-“

“You want me to.” she looked down his body.

Rowdy chuckled. “Yes, again, but not tonight. Let me find a movie,” Rowdy took the remote and switched on the television, scanning the adult channel the motel offered. “Lots of interesting titles: `Girls on Fire,’ `Tropic of Passion,’ and `Double D Desires.’ No art films here.” He pressed a button and set the remote aside.

“Now?” she asked quietly.

Rowdy arranged the pillows against the headboard. “We sit and watch for a bit.”

Leaning against the pillows, Mary Louise looked at the television. The movie had already started and she saw a man and woman seated beside one another aboard a plane. She felt Rowdy’s arm come around her shoulders.

The man was flirting with the woman, who was dressed in a gray, single-breasted suit, buttoned to v-shaped lapels. Beneath it she wore a silky, bow-tied blouse in pink. Her blonde hair was in a smooth knot at the back of her head. Her glass of wine was refilled as the couple chatted. When she fanned her face with her hand, he suggested she slip her jacket off.

Mary Louise felt Rowdy’s hand lightly stroking her shoulder and then her neck. Seconds later he was rubbing up and down the short, clipped hair on the side of her head.

On the television screen, the woman untied her bow and then undid the top three buttons. The man continued flirting with her, running his fingers up and down the opening of the blouse. He told the woman, “I’m going to the first lavatory. Knock three times, if you want to join me.”

Mary Louise giggled. “How silly! Two people can’t go in together.”

Rowdy leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Just watch.”

Back on the small screen, the lavatory door opened just a few inches after the third knock. A hand came out and pulled the woman inside quickly. A moment later, the screen filled with the occupied sign. Then it showed the man and woman kissing passionately. His hands ran up and down her back, and then came around until he cupped her breast. She moaned as he undid a few more buttons and then he jerked her bra and blouse down.

Mary Louise gasped as two really big breasts popped out. She’d had no idea the woman was that large? Rowdy’s hand was cupping and squeezing her left bosom in a steady rhythm. She was surprised to notice for the first time that both her breasts were exposed.

The man on the screen was really squeezing and pushing the woman’s breasts together. He moved down and started to kiss and suck on her nipples. Mary Louise found it impossible to look away, and she told herself that is what she wanted to do.

Rowdy was moving her and she went along. Soon she straddled his thighs, facing the foot of the bed, and the television. She could feel Rowdy’s hard rod between their bodies. When he asked, she lifted up and the head of his cock split her pussy lips. Relaxing his grip so she was lowered to his lap, he entered her completely and his hands grabbed a breast each and pulled her backwards to rest against his chest.

On the television, the man had turned the woman and she was bent over the sink now. Her skirt was shoved up over her ass, her hair had fallen down and her boobs were hanging loose and swinging with every bounce and shake of the aircraft. His hands stroked her thighs and ass, and then ripped off the g-string panty she wore. Over their heavy breathing, the sound of his zipper was really loud. Almost immediately, he was thrusting into the woman’s pussy. Over the intercom, the pilot apologized for turbulence and the camera really focused in only the woman’s wilding swinging boobs. But that stopped as his hands came up to squeeze them hard. Then he started really thrusting hard against her body.

Mary Louise groaned as she listened to the woman speaking in the movie.

“Ooh, fuck me! Give it to me.baby! Harder!”

Rowdy held her tightly, squeezing her breasts. “She doesn’t have any trouble expressing her needs. Do you know what they call this Mary Louise? Doing it in the airplane.”

Mary Louise shook her head side-to-side. “What?”

“The Mile High Club. We’ll have to take a trip sometime and join the club.”

“I can’t believe people really-“

“Oh, yeah, sweetheart. They really do. And if we were lucky, we’d get some turbulence too.” Rowdy started bouncing on the bed, flexing his hips. His hands moved to her hips, and he began easing her up and down. His cock thrust in and out, wet, squelching, juicy sounds denoting each move. “I want you to use your right hand, Mary Louise, and start touching your clit.”

Mary Louise stiffened, shocked at his suggestion, and then not. A few seconds later, she slid her fingers over her wet mound and between her lips. Her clit was already swollen and eagerly awaiting some attention. Closing her eyes, she eased her fingers around the sensitive bit of flesh, finding her trigger and then pressing it without pause.

“Oh, God! Rowdy!”

“Yes, that’s it pretty baby. Work it! Tell me what you want!”

In disbelief, Mary Louise heard her voice call out loudly. “Fuck me, Rowdy!”

“Where, honey? Where does little mommy want it?” he prodded relentlessly.

“Fuck me. Fuck my cunt! Please!”

“Oh, yes, baby! God yes!”

Mary Louise felt Rowdy’s cock flex inside her while her muscles were still contracting and shivering in her own climactic reaction. Seconds later, his groan proceeded his cum shooting out and filling her cunt. His hand covered her breasts and he held her tightly against him as their bodies calmed. Soon his fingers were lightly tweaking, pulling and flicking her nipples. For some time, neither moved.

Rowdy knew he’d died and this was Heaven. His cock was still inside Mary Louise.his wife’s cunt, and he could feel little aftershocks and explosions going on inside her. It surprised him to feel these wondrous sensations. He was also aware of how wet it felt between their bodies. It did feel like he’d shot of gallon of cum into her, by the dampness he now felt. A smile curved his mouth as he realized that tomorrow Mary Louise would have his seed leaking out of her for most of the day, especially if he made another deposit in the morning. Like many men, he often woke up with a hard-on in the morning.

He paused as he realized that he now had a lovely wife to poke that stiffie into each morning. What a great way to wake up and start each day! He wanted to take her doggie style soon. Just like the woman in the movie, Mary Louise’s tits would feel huge in that position. And they’d probably swing and bounce like crazy.

He moved his head and his cheek rubbed against the velvety soft pelt of her clipped hair. He hadn’t mentioned this earlier, but he liked the idea of buying a set of hair clippers and clipping her hair for her. They could keep it neat and tidy in between visit to a salon. According to her mother, it had gotten pretty long the last few months and he really like the short hair. It surprised him how sexy he found it.

That brought his thoughts around to the fact that Mary Louise had not known the truth. Her parents had stated they would tell her on Friday, when she got home after the final day of school. It had never been considered that he be the one to tell her. Everyone had agreed it should be her parents together, or her mother for most of it. He remembered over hearing his mother on the phone to Mrs. Walters Friday evening when he had picked up the receiver to make a call himself. What was it they had
said again?

“You told her, Jeanine?” Helen Davis asked.

“Yes, Helen, right after school. I’m afraid she shocked us first though.”

“What do you mean?”

“Somehow, all on her own.well one of the counselors from school helped. She was awarded a full scholarship to City. She was very resistant and non-receptive to learning of her pregnancy. I was surprised, but she apparently had no idea at all. It was like she never considered the possibility.” Jeanine Walters shuddered audibly.

“What happened?”

“I ended up telling her it was time to grow up because she had someone else to worry about right now, and then I sent her to her room.”

“Oh, dear!”

He should have guessed from her reaction to him in the living room and the dazed way she went through the wedding ceremony. Undoubtedly it had all been a surprise to her. He paused as a strange thought entered his head. Would he have released her had it been his decision alone?

As he thought, Rowdy inhaled deeply. The scent was the perfume he’d noted on her earlier, along with her unique smell he’d come to recognize and now the strong musk of sex. No, he wouldn’t release her. It was impossible now. With his cock still nestled in her soft, wet heat, he knew peace and that he was home. How could he let that go?

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