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Out of her Hands

“Wake up, Mary Louise! You’ve overslept! You’re going to be late if you don’t hurry.”

Mary Louise lifted her head and saw her mother standing in her bedroom. “What?” she asked groggily.

“It’s late. You only have ten minutes until the bus comes. Throw some clothes on and I’ll pack you some breakfast along with your lunch.”

Dragging herself out of bed, she peed first and then went to her closet. She had to blink her eyes because she must have gone into someone else’s room. Hanging in her closet were only dresses and skirts and blouses. She didn’t see any of her regular clothes.

“Five minutes, Mary Louise!”

Frustrated she grabbed a white blouse, dark skirt out of the closet and went to her drawer. Rifling through the drawer, she could only find panties, no bras. Quickly, she pulled on the clothes, slipping her feet into the flats, she ran downstairs. Her mother was by the door.

“You look just fine, dear. I was afraid you’d forget socks.” Her mother pulled out a pair of white anklets. “You can’t go without some kind of sock or stocking on. There you go, now I’ll see you after school. Have a good day!”

Mary Louise ran to catch the bus, which was hard in the tight skirt. As she walked down the aisle, she was aware of people giving her the strangest looks. Slipping into an empty seat, she set her book bag beside her. In less than ten seconds, she heard the voice of the kid who had lived next door all her life and annoyed the hell out of her.

“Who scalped you?”

“Go away, Kenny!”

“No, really girl. What’s with this fuzz ball look? Not to mention other significant changes, which have been duly noted by many others than just yours truly. Are you on hormones?”

“No, just some vitamin shots the doctor told me to get.”

“Why the change in clothes? Weirdsville, M.L. Trust me.”

“My parents bought me some new clothes. No big deal.”

“Whatever,” Kenny said but he continued to lean over the seat until her friend Karen got on and walked back. Reluctantly he sat back, giving up his view of Mary Louise’s fabulous bouncing boobies. Never before had he been so thankful for potholes!

“Uh, what’s wrong, Mary Louise?” Karen asked as she sat beside her friend.

“I overslept. It appears all my old clothes are gone and this was all there was in my closet.”

“Okay, but did you look in the mirror?”

“No, why?”

“Because your baby poodle turned into over grown sheepdog over night.”

“Oh my God!” Mary Louise lifted her hands to feel her hair. She realized that it did feel fuller, puffier and springier. “What am I gonna do?”

“Don’t worry. We’ll have ten minutes before class. We can go into the bathroom, wet it down so the curls settle back down. It should be fine. No sweat.”

“Thanks, Karen.”

In the bathroom, Mary Louise bent over the sink while Karen tried to splash enough water on the thick nest of hair to get it wet. Neither was sure they were making progress and each time Mary Louise stood back up to look in the mirror water ran down, wetting her white blouse. There was no disguising her bra-less state now. The bell rang and they were nowhere close to being finished.

Mary Louise looked into the mirror, feeling hopeless. “You go, Karen. No need for both of us to be late. You have two minutes until the second bell. I’ll stay here and work something out.”

Once the bathroom door closed, Mary Louise bent over once more trying to get more water to soak into the dense nest of curls. Finally, frustrated, she rubbed her fingers angrily through the hair, trying to finger comb through it. That actually worked the best she realized, but it also ended up wetting her shirtfront pretty thoroughly. Gratefully she put on the cardigan her mother had thoughtfully put with her book bag and ran to class. She scooted through the door just as the bell rang.

Karen stared at her as she sat in front of her. She whispered, leaning forward. “That’s a little better, don’t you think?”

“It will have to do because my shirt is all wet!”

“Attention class!”

By the time class ended, Mary Louise couldn’t leave fast enough. She didn’t expect a ride home with Barry today, so she caught the bus. She ignored Kenny all the way, but he kept on hanging over the seat, pestering her. With great relief she walked into her house.

“Hello, darling. I hear you have another date with the eligible bachelor tonight.”

Mary Louise felt her relief fade away. She’d forgotten about the date tonight. Slowly she nodded her head. “Do you think it would be okay if I called him and cancelled? I don’t think he would really mind. I bet he only asked me for a second date because he felt he had to.”

“No!” Jeanine practically snapped at her. “You cannot cancel at this late time. And I am sure he wants to spend time with you darling or he would not have asked.”

Mary Louise shrugged, not really believing it. “I think I’ll take a nap before I shower and get ready, if that’s all right with you Mom?”

“Of course, Mary Louise. I’m sorry I snapped. I’ll wake you up in time so sweet dreams!”

Almost instantly she fell asleep. It seemed like a minute later and her mother was gently shaking her awake.

“Rollover onto your tummy, dear. I’ve got your shots ready.”

“Oh, Mom! Please, can’t I skip them today?”

“No Mary Louise. It’s very important you take them every day at approximately the same time. I know they will help you.” Quickly and efficiently her mother gave her two injections, one in each hip. “There you go dear. Now take your shower and I’ll fix your hair and makeup.”

At seven twenty she was sitting on the sofa in the living room, waiting for her date to arrive. Her hair was once again in tiny, tight curls, held in place with mousse. Her mother generously applied her makeup, using a dark mauve shade on her lips tonight. She was surprised to find a dress lying on the bed when she came out of the bathroom. Against her wishes, she was wearing it now. It was pink, buttoned down the front past the loose waist down to wear it ended just below her knees. It was fuller cut, being pleated. It had short, puffed sleeves and the neckline was at her collarbone, and had a rounded collar. Over her shoulders and tucked under the collar of the dress, was a matching sweater. The same as the previous night she had no bra on and only skimpy panties, also in pink. Instead of nylons, her mother had her put on a pair of white anklets, which folded down neatly to her ankles. The black flats completed her outfit.

The doorbell made her jump nervously.

“I’ll get it, dear.” Jeanine announced and hurried to the door. “Hello Rowdy! It’s lovely to see you again. Welcome home!”

Mary Louise could hear faint talking but couldn’t hear any particular words until her mother spoke again.

“Mary Louise is waiting quite patiently for you in the living room. She told us what a wonderful time she had with you last night. You certainly wore her out because she overslept this morning.”

At that moment, her mother and Rowdy entered the room. The look in his eyes caused the flush on her neck to move higher.

“Since this is Friday and not a school night, is it okay for me to keep Mary Louise out later?” Rowdy asked politely.

“Oh, yes, her father and I discussed this before he left for the lodge meeting. Anywhere between one and two is fine. We’ll leave the front door unlocked since Mary Louise won’t be carrying a purse.” Her mother was ushering them towards the front door. “It’s so wonderful, I told Mary Louise, to be going out with a real man who is used to taking care of things for a woman. She can really appreciate that.”

“All right, Mrs. Walters. I’ll take good care of her. Good night.”

Mary Louise felt Rowdy’s hand grasp her elbow and they started walking towards the street where his car was parked. She was surprised to see him leading her to a large SUV. The windows were tinted so it wasn’t until he opened the do
or for her that she saw her friend Karen, with her boyfriend Donny, were seated on the backseat.

“Hi Mary Louise.” Karen and Donny both greeted her.

Rowdy helped her climb into the vehicle. “I thought you’d enjoy a double date with your friend. We’re going to the opening of the Drive-In Theater. The food won’t be as classy as last night, but I thought you would have fun.”

Mary Louise smiled and nodded. Perhaps she’d gotten the wrong impression of Rowdy after all?

The drive was filled with conversation and laughter. Once they arrived, they had thirty minutes until dusk, so Rowdy and Donny went to the Refreshment building for some dinner food. They’d go back later for popcorn or snacks. Karen immediately popped her head between the two front seats.

“I didn’t know a thing until Donny picked me up tonight. They must have planned this last night while we were in the bathroom.”
Mary Louise nodded. “Well it is nice knowing you are here. I think we’ll have a good time. Did you see what is playing?”

“I didn’t pay attention. Knowing Donny it’s probably action or surfing.”

“That is probably a good bet.”

They shared sandwiches, French fries and sodas. As the movie was starting, they were hurriedly clearing out the trash. As Rowdy returned to the car, Donny passed a blanket forward.

“In case you get cold. The nights here are still chilly sometimes.”

As Mary Louise nodded, she became aware of the commotion in the backseat. To her amazement she saw the second seat folded flat and Karen and Donny were now seated near the back, huddled under a blanket on the left side. Donny grinned and gestured towards the right.

“We’ll take the left, since you have the wheel up there.”

“Great,” Rowdy said and then turned a switch and Mary Louise’s seat started to recline until it was flat. He pulled a couple of pillows that Donny had tossed forward and put them on the seat. “Now we can be comfortable and not get a leg cramp.”

Mary Louise knew her mouth was open as Rowdy joined her on her seat and began arranging the pillows and the blanket.

“Lay back, Mary Louise. This should give you a good view of the movie.”

Nervously she complied, unable to think of a good reason to deny him. Soon she was resting her head on a pillow next to Rowdy’s. She was intently aware that he was turned sideways and looking at her, not the screen. Soon the music for the movie came on.

Rowdy spoke to her softly, under the cover of the movie. “Let me undo a couple of these buttons and you’ll feel more relaxed.”

Her hands were caught under the blanket and he skillfully had the first four buttons undone before she could stop him. She was aware that her dress was now unbuttoned to just above the waist.

“There is nothing worse than lying down in restrictive clothing,” he added while his fingers lightly toyed with one of the buttons. A second later his hand slid under the fabric and he felt the warmth of her breastbone. “I’m glad to see you aren’t wearing a bra. Personally I hate the things.”

His hand eased further over and covered her right breast. Almost idly he began squeezing, caressing and tweaking her nipple.

“You do have the nicest breasts. I’d like to see them,” he told her calmly. Before she could decide what to say or push his hands away, he released several more buttons and folded back both sides of her dress. “Wow! Now this is lovely,” his hand moved from one mound to the other. “Round like hilltops and topped with the most luscious of fruits. I think they beg to be tasted, don’t you?”

It was stupid, but she replied. “What?”

“Your wonderful big titties my dear. They beg to be sucked and licked. I wonder if I suck them long enough, how far I can distend them? Of course, I’ll have to suck hard.” His head lowered and immediately he was sucking her left nipple into his mouth.

Mary Louise gasped as Rowdy sucked and pulled on her nipple, first the left and then the right. She had no idea how long he continued to play and suck, but she noticed his hand was under her skirt and pushing down her belly and through her thick thatch of pussy fur.

“Aah, I see you still have a full, thick bush, eh? Do you trim? It doesn’t feel like it. Move your thighs apart, Mary Louise. There you go, good girl. Let me see. I’ll just wiggle my fingers around a bit.”

Her hips jerked hard.

“There we go that’s what I was looking for.” He stopped talking and began stroking, caressing and generally diddling her clit. Her frantic gasps filled the vehicle and just as her climax hit, Rowdy covered her mouth with his. Afterwards he muttered against her lips. “That was sweet. I had no idea you were so hot. Let’s try that again.”

Mary Louise shook her head side to side. “No, we shouldn’t.”

“Yeah, we should. We’re just making out, after all,” he told her and proceeded to work her clit again. This time he took her to the crest, but refused to send her over the edge until the third time. As he released her to the hard orgasm, he kissed her mouth, swallowing her cries of passion.

Damn, she was choice, Rowdy thought as he watched her writhe in passion. So far they’d done every thing as planned. This was the right weekend, according to her mother. Turning his head, he saw the movie had progressed to the love scene. Quietly, he drew Mary Louise’s attention to the screen. He had found this to be a powerful aphrodisiac for most women.

“Watch the screen, sweetheart. He’s about to show her how much he loves her. Feel my hand, still cupping your pussy. It’s such a hot, sweet honey pot. Feel all that honey oozing out?” he paused and let his fingers move around in the slick juice. “I think it aches for something, don’t you?”

“What?” Mary Louise asked in a daze. She was confused by the passionate response of her body. Was her answer important?

“I think a hot little pussy needs to be filled over and over. Do you know what your pussy wants?”

Mary Louise shook her head.

“Aah, it needs cum, Mary Louise. Your pretty pussy needs gallons of it. I can feel your sweet puss asking for all my hot seed. Tell me you want my seed, Mary Louise.”

Mary Louise was hot, aroused, and confused. His fingers were driving her crazy and after three orgasms, for a virgin, she was lost!

“Come on baby. You know you want my cum. Tell me, baby.”

Mary Louise couldn’t think straight and nodded her head. She realized that she had to speak. “Yes.”

Rowdy groaned and suddenly rolled on top of her. In seconds her panties were gone and her thighs pulled up and pressed to her chest.
“Hold still, Mary Louise. It will hurt a little at first, then it will get better.”

She suddenly awoke from the fog and felt his cock pressing against her tender flesh. “We shouldn’t-“

“Yes we will! It’s too late to turn back, Mary Louise. This is the only way!” And he thrust into her body. Her wetness lubricated his passage and she suddenly felt stuffed. He pulled back and thrust again fully and deeply into Mary Louise’s body, buried to the hilt.

“God! That feels great! Rock your hips honey. And remember to try and relax. Yeah, that’s it. Rock just like that. Again!”

Finally she could hardly breathe. Rowdy jerked forward and pounded into her, bouncing off her belly and his balls loudly slapped her ass. Groaning loudly, he shoved hard into her and emptied his balls of their potent seed. When he pulled out, he grabbed his pillow and shoved it under her hips, elevating them.

“Stay like this, Mary Louise. You’ll feel better,” he told her quickly and then lay down beside her again. In the dim light he could see her breasts rising and falling rapidly. Her nipples were still hard and distended. He reached over and started to squeeze and pull on them again.

Mary Louise was afraid to move. She’d just made love for the first time. She was no longer a virgin and it had happened in a car. Then she realized that Rowdy was playing with her breasts again. Already she could feel passion rising inside her. Surely she could resist

In the quiet, she realized she could hear noises coming from the back seat.

“Donny, no!”

“Why not? You can’t say because your friend doesn’t. What did you just think all that bouncing was? Your perfect Mary Louise just got fucked at a drive-in theater. Come one, baby. You know you want to.”

“What about a condom?”

“I’ll pull out in time, trust me. Besides Mary Louise and Rowdy didn’t use one!”

Suddenly Rowdy spoke loud enough for the others to hear him. “Go on and fuck him, Karen. You know you want to. Let Donny do it. You don’t want Mary Louise to be the only beautiful girl who’s dripping cum do you?”

Mary Louise gasped at Rowdy’s coarseness. He looked at her, smiling.

“Hey, sweetheart, it’s the truth. No need to hide it or cushion it away. All day tomorrow you’re going to feel my cum leaking out of you. Every time you move, or cough, you’ll be reminded of how it felt to feel my cock inside your cunt, spraying every vulnerable inch of your fertile womb with my seed.”

“Why.why didn’t you use a condom?” she managed to ask.

“Because I hate them, just like every other red-blooded American man. Now shh and let’s listen to your friends fucking.”

Mary Louise gasped at his coarseness. But it was impossible to ignore the sounds coming from the back of the car, or the jostling movements caused to the shocks.

“Donny.no.you promised we’d wait.”

“That’s when you had a pact to remain virgins with Mary Louise. Well, that’s over so I figure let’s just do it.”

There was silence for a moment.

“Oh, God! You feel so good, honey. Don’t worry; you’re going to love this. Trust me!”


“Oh, yeah. God! You are so tight!”

Then there was just a rocking motion until Mary Louise heard Karen pleading with Donny.

“You promised! Pull it out.hurry!”

“Yeah, sure, baby. No problem.aah.give me just another second.Oh shit! Yeah! Oh God!”


Mary Louise didn’t need to hear anymore. Her friend had just been thoroughly fucked, the same as she’d been. Now what?

“Hey, Donny!”

Rowdy called out a short time later.


“Let’s go for some snacks before round two.”

“Sounds good, man.”

Mary Louise didn’t move other than pull the blanket up to cover herself completely. She could hear rustling movements in the back.

“Are you okay, Mary Louise?” Karen called out a few moments later.

“Yeah, I guess so. You?”

“I can’t believe he went ahead and came inside me. That is so dangerous. I mean we’re both disease free, but that doesn’t eliminate the other risk.”

Like a light bulb, Mary Louise realized she was in the middle of her cycle. Too scared to say anything, she remained quiet.

“Did it hurt?” Karen asked a few seconds later.

“Not bad, like I expected.”

“Well, that’s something at least. The good thing is that no one else will know about this. Our reputations will be safe.”

Soon Rowdy and Donny returned. They boisterously ate and drank. As the second movie started, so did they. Mary Louise heard Donny telling Karen shortly after the credits rolled.

“Karen! What’s the big deal? We’ve already done the deed. Your cherry is gone so what’s the big deal. Come on, honey. Just slide down and take it in your hands.”

Mary Louise startled at Donny’s words. Before she could react, or think, Rowdy was sucking on her breasts again.

“God! I love these big knockers, Mary Louise. If I were still in school, I’d grab you between every class just to feel you up! Wiggle for me honey. Move your shoulders and shake `em good. More!”

Mary Louise did as he asked. She was intently aware of the cool air on her breasts and how they jiggled and bounced with every movement. There was no missing him removing the pillow beneath her hips suddenly and settling between her thighs. Quickly she asked him, “What about a condom?”

“No way, honey. It’s already a done deed, like Donny said. What’s a little more? Shh. You like it.you know you do. Now just hush.”

Rowdy shoved his cock inside her and without further ado Rowdy started thrusting away. Mary Louise had no idea how long she laid beneath him as he rutted away but finally he stiffened and jerked his hips forward. Deep inside her body, she felt hot pools forming. Finally he rolled away and this time she heard a loud sucking noise followed by a wet “plop” sound. Heat flooded her face as she realized that was his cock leaving her body.

“Tight as a glove, baby!” Rowdy said as he pushed the pillow under her hips again. He then scooted back to his seat and started munching on popcorn and watching the movie.

Slowly she heard noises from the back again.

“Oh God! Yeah baby. Suck me. Oh, yeah.that’s it. God Karen!”

Mary Louise looked at the screen and realized another X-rated movie was being shown. This time the man and woman were having dinner at a fancy restaurant.

“Remove your panties! Now!”

Mary Louise gasped in surprise, but the woman did it.

Donny spoke from the back seat. “See, Karen! Now that’s safe sex!”

On the drive home, Rowdy made her sit with her dress pulled wide open, baring her tits. He rolled the window down so the cooler night air had her nipples hard and long. At Karen’s, her friend hopped out without saying a word and ran straight into the house. As Rowdy pulled up to Donny’s house, the young man came up to the driver’s side window. Sticking his hand in the two clasped for a moment.

“Thanks, man! It was great, just like you said!” Donny stopped for a second. “Holy cow, Mary Louise! Those are the biggest tits I’ve ever seen.”

Rowdy shocked her a moment later by telling Donny, “Go round to her side and you can feel her up real quick.”

Like a rocket, Donny shot around to her side. Through the open window, he shoved one hand at her and started to touch the nearest breast. Then as if he realized time was short, he grabbed her breast and squeezed it, hard.


“Careful, kid. That’s not how you handle prime goods.”

“Sorry,” Donny mumbled and gave a pat to Mary Louise breast as he released it. “Night and thanks again.”

Rowdy drove to her house in silence. Parking in front, he scooted over to her again. Immediately his hand covers one breast. “There, there. Is your pretty titty all better?”

“Um, yes. I guess.”

“Good,” Rowdy murmured, his hand moving from one breast to the other. “I have to go into the city tomorrow and I won’t be back until next weekend. Let’s go to another movie. I’ll pick you up at eight-thirty and we can skip dinner.” His mouth covered hers and he started kissing her. Soon he was sucking her lips while he massaged her breasts. Suddenly he glanced at the dashboard clock. “Hey! It’s only one. Let’s drive to Look Out Point real quick. We have another hour.”

Within ten minutes they were parked in between several other cars. Without any preamble, her seat was lowered and Rowdy was beside her. He shoved the blanket out of the way and climbed on top of her. Pulling her thighs up, he had her hook her arms around them, holding them up herself. He quickly thrust into her cunt. The wetness of his thrusts was loud in the silent vehicle. That was all that cum he’d deposited earlier she realized dully.

It seemed to take him longer this time. And as he continued moving in and out, she felt her body being stimulated. She realized that she was going to climax and she didn’t want to feel pleasure. He was using her against her will, she argued. Enjoying it was wrong. But soon her hips were meeting his and once her body contracted around his, Rowdy gave a shout. He jerked his hips forward, shooting the last of his seed high into her unprotected womb. As he pulled out, she felt him push the pillow under her once more.

He slid back into his seat, restoring his clothes to neatness, and then running his hands through his hair. “Just lay flat until we get back to your folks’ Mary Louise.”

On the ride, she nervously began closing all the buttons on her dress. Sh
e hoped it wouldn’t look none the worse for wear. Outside her home, Rowdy kissed her cheek and said he’d see her in a week.

Mary Louise ran into the house and straight up stairs to her bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, she strained, wondering if she got the sperm to run out more quickly this way. But other than peeing, nothing happened. Disgusted she cleaned the makeup off her face. Her reflection showed that her hair had once again suffered and was poofed up and sticking straight up in the back. Wetting her fingers, she tried dragging them through that section, to smooth it down.

She was asleep almost the instant her head hit the pillow. She didn’t stir when her mother crept in thirty minutes later and placed a pillow under her hips.

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