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Yes, it was my desire to see my wife with a nice bob cut.

Yes, my wife had out rightly rejected to cut even an inch of her hip length hair.

Yes, It was wrong on my part to cut her hip length hair to almost half its original length without her permission.

She was very much tired yesterday night after a long day at work and fell fast asleep. I wasn’t getting sleep and as I watched my lovely wife sleeping like a child, a strong desire to see her with an haircut set into me. The desire was so strong that I just lost my since of right and wrong and cut her long braided hair to exactly half its original length. I thought this would force her to get it cut in a proper way thereby fulfilling my desire.

In the morning as she realized about the haircut that was imposed on her, tears rolled from her eyes. I thought she would shout on me, but she just wiped the tears and went out of our bedroom.

She didn’t speak a single word to me the whole morning. I knew I had done a mistake and didn’t dare to open my mouth. I was ready for any punishment from her.

I overheard her speaking over phone and fixing an appointment with a barber. Once she was done with the call. She came to the place where I was sitting and for the first time since morning she spoke to me.

“Don’t think that you will get away with this…” she said and gestured me to simply shut up as I tried to speak.

“To compensate for cutting my 6-7 inches of hair without my approval, Today I will get your head shaved and you need to keep it shaved till my hair grows back to its original length….I hope you wont mind and Even if you mind I believe you have no other choice to keep our relationship intact…..”

The doorbell rang as I nodded in approval of my wife’s orders.

She went out and opened the door and welcomed Indu the barberette.

After exchanging pleasantries and Tulasi introduced Indu to me…

“Indu meet my husband Jai.”and smiling she said “..One of your clients for today.”

As Indu got barbering tools ready,Tulasi pulled one of the chairs to the centre of the hall and got a towel from the bedroom. she held my arm and helped me sit in the chair. She caped me with the towel, moved aside and asked Indu

“Don’t you think he will look good without that mop of hair on his head?”

Before Indu could answer, Tulasi said “Indu..I want you to shave his head bald!!!”

Indu looked at both of us surprised and realized who was in charge.

Indu took out the clipper and asked Tulasi…”with or without attachement,Ma’am?”

Tulasi thought for a moment and said…”Let us leave some hair on his head…how about #1?”

With a #1 attachment fixed to the clipper Indu bent my head with one hand and ran the clipper with other hand right in the middle of my head from my neck to the forehead. As the strands of hair fell lifelessly on my lap I could here tulasi giggle with joy and triumph.

Within few minutes I was shorn free of my hair with able supervision of Tulasi. Tulasi inspected my shorn head and once satisfied she said

“Thanks indu…neat job…Sudhir just give us some time so that I can get my haircut.”

I got out of the chair as Tulasi sat in the chair..

“Clear up the mess that Sudhir did to my hair Indu” Tulasi instructed…”Don’t cut too much. else Sudhir may have to stay bald for a longer time.”

I looked at Indu as she inspected Tulasi’s bluntly cut hair. She didn’t say a thing and I knew she guessed the whole story. She just looked at me and smiled.

Indu carefully trimmed my wife’s hair and within minutes she finished her job. She took her liberties and trimmed the hair fantastically to suit my wife’s face. Once she was done my wife looked absolutely sexy with her shoulder length hair. My wife inspected herself in the mirror and was satisfied with the cut. I knew she too realized that this cut suited her.

She got out of the chair and came to me and ran her hand over my shorn head. She thought for few minutes and ren her hand again. Then she grabbed me by my arm and help me sit in the chair again. She caped me again with the towel and said …”Indu…I am not so happy with this feel of his head…Why not we shave it smooth….as smooth as a baby’s bottom…?”

And within minutes my head was shaved smooth…very smooth under my wife’s able supervision.

As Indu left our home…Tulasi came to me and said…

“Thanks Sudhir…I had been quite stubborn in not getting my haircut…But I feel I look quite good with this haircut.”

Then she ran her hand over my smoothly shaved head and said…”Though I wanted to punish you for cutting my hair without my permission by shaving you head but I feel this bald looks suit you wonderfully and you look very very hot and sexy….Why not we compromise and make truce…you keep your head shaved smoothly for ever and in return I will maintain this haircut for you….OK…Hope you don’t mind…even if you mind you have no other choice if you want me to maintain this haircut.”

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