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It was a rainy Saturday, I was away from home on business, and being board and out of town I decided to get a haircut. I found Debbie’s Barber Shop in the phone book, and decided that was the place. When I arrived, the shop was empty. Debbie, a beautiful lady of thirty something with cute dirty blonde layered hair, greeted me. I was in heaven. She seated me in the chair and immediately neck stripped and caped me. My back was to a large mirror, and there was a small in front of me set high on the wall. I could see the upper most part of my head in front, and the reflection of the back in the small mirror, when Debbie was not blocking the view. My light blonde hair was shown well in the mirror. It was collar length and over my ears, about three inches long on the back and sides, and about three and a half inches long on top.

Debbie asked “Just a trim today?”

I replied “Sure, or maybe a bit more.” I didn’t want to be too specific.

She then asked, “Keep it all even, or a bit longer on top?”

I replied “Even I guess.”

Next she asked how long it had been since my last haircut, in reality it had been two or three months, but I told her it was five or six months. She started combing out my hair, and said, “Okay, I’ll get you done in no time.” As she stepped away, my heart was really racing. In one respect I hoped she would only trim my hair up, but in another wished she would be very ruthless. I didn’t have to wait too long to find out.

As she stepped back behind me, I heard the “CLICK” and “WHIR” of the big clippers turning on. She didn’t say a word, just guided my head down with her left hand, and started the clippers at the base of my neck with her right. In one quick movement, the clippers were pushed all the way up to the crown of my head. She quickly made seven or eight passes up the back to the crown. My head was far enough foreword that most of the cut hair was sliding down the cape and landing in my lap. I didn’t realize I had so much hair; my lap was covered with it. Then she moved to my right side. Just as I was starting to catch a glimpse of my shorn head from the reflection of the back, she pushed my head to the side and started there. Ruthlessly she clipped away. I sat amazed, watching her peal the hair from my right side, then from the top, down to half an inch.

When she was done there, she moved to my left and started there. Then, as quickly as they started, the clippers fell silent, and Debbie stepped away. I heard her shuffling around her equipment behind me, but ignored it as I stared at my unrecognizable image in the mirror. Then, suddenly she was behind me again. And again I heard the “CLICK” and “WHIR” of the big clippers. As before, without saying a word, she brought them up, to my forehead this time, and quickly pulled them through my hair. I watched in the small mirror as the last half-inch of hair was removed leaving bear scalp behind. She ran the clippers over my whole head several times, and in several directions to make sure the hair was all gone. Then the clippers again fell silent. She put them away and then turned my chair to face the big mirror. I stared at my shorn head for what seamed like an eternity. I was half in shock, and half excited about what just happened. Then she asked, “Shall I finish it up?” I don’t know why, but I quietly replied “Okay.” I watched in the mirror as she slowly covered my scalp with shaving cream. I sat mesmerized as she scraped the last hint of hair from my head with her razor. This seemed to take forever. The next thing I knew, I had paid and was getting into my car. As I rubber my baldhead, I drove off. She knew exactly what I really wanted.

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