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I knew that I’d really made a big mistake this time when I straightened my inch below shoulder length hair and burnt it.

“Oh no!” I cried, the burn was VERY high up on my hair shaft, that hair was falling out and there was a horrible bright red burn on my hair where I had had the straighteners, also the section where it had been burnt felt VERY strongly of burnt hair! I went to ask my mother what to do.

My mother (not pleased at all!) suggested trying a leave-in conditioner so it would strengthen the burnt hair. However it didn’t work as the burnt hair kept falling out. Then I tried to wash it but that resulted in more hair falling out. My stepdad was upset too, he said

“Christine, you have lovely hair-what did you do that for?”

In the end, I got so frustrated that I decided to make an appointment at the hairdressers so that the burnt hair could be cut off and the rest of the hair cut to the same length as the burnt part. Paula (the hairdresser who cut my hair last time) will NOT be pleased when she sees me!

The burnt hair comes to above my ear, so the only way it can be fixed is if my whole hair is cut off to above my ears, or blended in somehow.

I went to the salon named `Reflections’, (the one I went to to have my mid back length hair cut into the inch above the shoulders bob that I wrote about on this site back in November), and I have made the appointment for the 11th April, so that it will be sorted out and also it will give me some time to get used to it before I go back to college again after Easter, now all I have to do is wait for the day to come.

I’m excited but nervous too as I know my hair will have to be cut VERY short to fix the burnt hair……..

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