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Billie was my girlfriend for 4 years 1961 to 1965. Billie was a tomboy for most of her life. She had always worn her hair short since it was naturally curly hair. When the late 60’s came and long straight hair was in, Billie tried to grow her hair out long. I loved the long waist length swinging hair on a lady or young girl. Billie knew that I loved to watch long haired women walk by and she decided to grow her hair out long but; it was a disaster. Billie’s hair got down to just below shoulder length in about 6 months and maintained a tight curl. Her hair was not loosing up when it grew out. Many experts had said that when her hair got longer, the curl would be dragged down and out by the weight of the long hair.

So much for what the experts say. Billie had tried to grow her hair out and really to be quite frank, she looked worse in long hair then short. I told Billie one night as we were playing cards, “Well Billie, you tried, I give you credit for that, but I think you looked better with short hair.” Billie said; “You think so? If I cut it will you be mad? I tell you what, you say I can cut it short and I say OK on one condition, I want you to cut it for me then you cut it and made it short, does that make sense to you? I mean if you say cut it and I do and then you do not like it you can say oh you cut it, but if I have you cut it you did it? ” I said; “Sounds perfectly rational to me honey, can I cut it how I want to cut it?” Billie looked at me and asked: “What do you have in mind?” “Something radically short, I mean short but with hair and yet different.” Billie said; “Ok I am game as long as this hair I have grown out is cut off short and cut by you.” It will be done short and different, I swear to you it will be different.”

Billie asked; “Are you going to cut my hair tonight or now?” I said; “Now, right now you are not going to get out of getting a haircut today, this very minute as we speak.” I grabbed Billie by the hand and took her downstairs to the basement. There I found a chair and had Billie sit down in it. Next I searched Billie’s room and found a pair of scissors in her desk drawer. I got and old sheet out of the closet and found a diaper pin to fasten the sheet with around Billie’s neck. I went and got some toilet paper to buffer between Billie’s neck and the cape. “Ready I asked Billie.” Billie looked at me and said; “OC have you done this before, I mean cutting a girl or ladies or anybodies hair?” I stated; “Yes I have, as a matter of fact, twelve so far to be exact.” Billie looked at me and said; “Well ok then, I guess I am at your mercy huh?” I took the sheet and fluffed it out, it fell around Billie like a cape and then some. I took the toilet tissue and put it around Billie’s neck and fastened the cape with the diaper pin I had found. Billie watched and started to laugh as she was looking into a large mirror in front of her and could see everything I was doing. I fluffed up Billie’s hair and asked her; “You ready for a change, ready to cut this long shoulder length hair like I want to cut it short Billie?” Billie looked at me in the mirror and said; “I guess so?”

I took the scissors in my right hand and leaned Billie’s head to my chest with my left hand, I reached over and grabbed her hair at the sideburns between my index and middle finger, raised the scissors, pulled he hair out to the ring finger for length, looked at Billie then placed the scissors at my index and middle finger and cut through the excess of hair. Schriiinnnkkk, Schhirrinnkkk, the first cutting of 7 inches of hair drifted to the floor. Billie looked at me and yelled; “Oh shit, you are going to cut it short aren’t you OC?” I nodded a yes and continued around Billie’s head. Billie’s eyes followed my every cut as hair piled up on the floor in curly locks. The hair on her head became more curly again Next I cut the top hair the same way starting at the right side and working around to the left side. Billie’s hair was beginning to take on a shape with lots of short hair and curls returning to her head.. I stepped back fro and looked at what I had done so far and saw all this hair from the sideburn on downward Billie and surveyed the cut thus far. All around the head was still long to the shoulder length. The top hair and side and all around that was cut looked good and was holding a really tight curl as I thought it might. From the sideburns down to the shoulder hair, I decided to cut it a little shorter to give definition. I picked up a lock of hair in between the index and middle finger and pulled it tight against Billie’s head. I put her head into my chest and cut off the excess hair. Hair fell again this time about 8 inches. Bellies hair now was about 1 ½” long on top and sides and now about 5/8″ long at the sides. I continued all the way around Bellies head, hair was falling all around as I snipped away all her long hair down to 5/8th inch. Bellies looked and cried out; “OC what have you done to my hair?” She looked at it again and said; ” It is so short on the sides.” I looked at Billie and undid the cape. I pulled Billie up from the chair and told her to go take a warm shower and wash her hair, then rinse it and wash it again, then towel dry it and see what happens.

Billie went into her room and did what I told her to do. She came out in a robe and sat down in the chair. I toweled the hair dry and then turned Billie around to see the finished results. The hair on top and down to the sideburns and wisdom knot in the back and then over to the other side was about 1 ½ in long and very curly. The shorter hair from the sideburns down and around the head was even more curly and shorter. There were two distinct areas of hair. Both curly and beautiful as Billie had been before she decided to please me and grow her hair out. Billie looked at the shorter hair curlier then the longer hair and said; “OC you’re a genius, and absolute genius. I love it OC, do you like it?” I grabbed Billie up and held her close and said; ” I got my Billie back?” Billie grabbed my hand and took me to the couch, laid down on the couch and said; “OC make love to me, I feel so sexy with you and this new style, my boyfriend, my lover, my stylist.” Of course I did not deny Billie any wish she had and complied graciously to her whim and fancy.

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