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It all started twentynine years ago in the phone room of a siding company. I was eightteen and just out of high school when I met Stacy. I just got hired to be one of those annoying phone reps., She had all ready been there for several months. Stacy and I quickly became friends. I did try to wrangle a date or two out of our relationship, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Stacy had long chestnut brown hair down past her shoulders with bangs. She was and still is a very attractive woman. About three months after I started there she decided to frost her hair. That was the worst thing she could of done to her hair. It caused her hair to have a green tint to it. She tried a brown rinse ,but it didn’t work. Her hair was fried out. The only thing she could do was get the dead parts cut off.

Luckily for her, she looks good with short hair too.By the time the stylist cut off all of her dead hair it was three or four inches long. Her hair was parted on the left side and feathered back on the sides,exposing her ears. Stacy has and still does have the cutest the most petite ears I have ever seen. I honestly say they could cause a guy to want to affectionately nible and stroke them all day long. After she had grew her hair out enough she tried it again. This too met with disaster. Most women would have given up, not Stacy.

We both the leaved siding company since then, going on to other pastures. Through the years including two marriages and three sons she sought to have frosted or blonde hair. Each time, she ended up
getting a short haircut. She did try all kinds of products to keep her hair from frying out. Nothing seemed to work. Yep, Mr.comb, Mr.scissors, and eventualy Mr.clippers, got to know her real well.

Stacy and I got be like brother and sister. We’re always there for each other in time of need.

One night I was over at Stacy’s apartment getting a flattop haircut from her when she asked if I could give her a haircut as well. I said yes without hesitation. After she completed my haircut I gave her
a kiss on the cheek and thanked her for the haircut. then we traded spots. She sat on the bar stool and I stood behind her and caped her. Her shoulder length hair had fryed out again and so I got the honors of cutting her hair.

How short do you want go? I asked.

What ever you think is best,my hair is in your hands. was her reply.

Yes, there is a god I thought to my self. So I proceeded to brush out and examine her hair.

Looks like your going to need a clipper cut all over to clean you up this time. I told her.

What ever you think is best dear. I’ll trust your decision. She replied.

I popped on a #8 guide and extended the blade for a one and one eighth inch haircut. Then I nudged her chin to her chest and proceeded. I pushed the clippers up from her nape to her crown. I repeated this until her backside was done. Then I went to her left side and started pushing the hungry blades up to the top of her head. I repeated this proccess untill it was properly sheared. I moved around to the right side and did the same thing. Then I moved to her back side and placed the teeth of the gaurd at the top of her forehead and pushed the clippers back to her crown. After about four more passes the first part of her transformation was complete. Her beautiful face and those incredible ears had been unvieled for all the world to see. As I ran my fingers through her short cropped hair, checking for any loose uncut hairs,I realized that her hair had been damaged even more. I replaced the #8 With a #2 1/4 inch guard. I nudged her head down once more. As I ran the clippers up to her crown I can see white skin peering through. After I had completed the back,I moved to her left side once more. I placed my left hand under her chin and raised her head so that it was level and held it there while I clipped it with my right hand. I repeated this process on the right side. The moment of truth had arrived. It was time for my fantasy to be realized. I leveled her head once more and told her not to move. I picked up the flattop comb, pushed it in her hair at the top her head and gave her flattop a marine would approve of. Through out the entire haircut she had this relaxed smile, as if she was enjoying her haircut
as much as I was. I used some of her mouse to get her hair to stand up, then I uncaped her. We walked into the bathroom so she can see what I did. She looked beautiful. Stacy was amazed as to how good of a job I did, and how good it looked on her. Stacy gave me a big hug and a big kiss on the cheek for doing such a good job. I gave her a big hug and kiss for allowing me to cut her hair. I got to trim up her hair every so often untill it had grown out even all over. She wanted long hair again despite my best efforts to keep her in flattops. It was her hair after all.

It’s been twenty nine years since we first met. She’s on her third husband and had moved fours hours southeast of our home town. I have a wife and three kids now and a mortage. We still call each other every week. We still talk about her flattop every now and then, and how great it looked on her. Stacy told me that when she is ready another flattop, that I would be the one to give it to her. Stacy has grown into a beautiful women and I love her like my own sister,but there will always be a part of me that sees her as that beautiful eighteen year old girl I first met back in the summer 78.

The End

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