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At 8:00 Monday morning, the phone rang.

Sitting in front of his computer, Len picked it up on the second ring.

He recognized the voice of his former lover as she spoke softly into the receiver. “Are you alone?”


“Good. I want you to unlock the front door and then go to your bedroom, take off all your clothes and wait for me. I will be there in 5 minutes.”

Before he could answer, he heard the click and she was gone. For a moment he debated whether he should call her back to say no, but the memory of being with her still came into his thoughts occasionally over the last few months and the temptation to see her again won him over.

As directed, he opened the front door and was stretched out on the bed naked just as he heard her car pull around the corner.

“Hi” she slipped into the bedroom. She was wearing a sheer black tank top that hung loosely over her full breasts. He could easily see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her curves and nipples were clearly outlined under the thin material. He began to speak but she put one finger up to her lips and said “shhh…”

He couldn’t help but smile inside at her obvious attempts to dominate him, knowing that she was much more comfortable as the one being conquered and that this was extremely out of character for her and probably very difficult.

She walked across the room and went straight to the drawer where he kept his ties. Selecting two, she teased him by drawing the silky fabric slowly across his exposed nipples. Without speaking, she took hold of his wrists one at a time and tied his arms firmly to the bed frame, pulling and tugging to make sure the knots would hold if he decided to struggle.

Satisfied, she sat down on the edge of the bed beside him and stroked her red fingernails across his chest while her eyes looked deeply into his. After a long moment, she spoke, her voice almost a whisper. “Here are the rules. This is completely for me. Period. I don’t care what you want or don’t want, or whether you are going to enjoy what I am going to do to you. You must do exactly as I tell you and be completely in control of yourself, and you are will receive no release until after I am finished with you.”

Pausing briefly, she continued “You are not allowed to speak or touch me unless I tell you to. And if I ask you a question, you may only answer yes or no. Do you understand?”

He nodded silently, trying not to smile at her seriousness.

“A few months ago, in this room, I told you that if you had sex with someone new there would be serious consequences. This weekend, you went camping with another woman, didn’t you? And you had sex with her?”

“Yes…” he answered, and his eyes dropped away from her gaze.

Abruptly, she stood up and walked away from him into the bathroom, returning after a moment with his clippers and a towel in her hand. “Lift yourself.” her hand brushed against his hips and he responded by raising himself up so she could spread out the towel underneath him.

He watched her silently, her head bent in concentration as she ran the bare blade down his belly to the base of his cock. Her hand held the shaft firmly, and soon he had been completely stripped down to a very short stubble. Again with just a silent touch, she had him open his legs wide while she clipped the insides of his thighs.

Secretly, he loved it that she was taking charge like this and was increasingly aroused by the vibration of the clippers and the vision of her breasts hanging freely as she bent over him. He remembered the many times that he had brought her close to orgasm just by licking and sucking her tender breasts and nipples. His cock was swollen and hard with her fingers wrapped around him, images flashed through his mind of her wet and dripping and he wanted to feel his bristly stubble rubbing against her.

As if reading his mind, she looked up at him and said “For the time being, you have lost your right to put your cock inside me. You will have to prove to me that I should give you another chance if you ever want to fuck me again…” While she was talking she had untied the knots around his right hand. “Up on your knees.” With his left hand still tied to the bed frame, he awkwardly pushed himself up until he was upright on his knees and waited for her to speak.

“Bend over, face down on the bed…” His vision blocked by the pillow, he couldn’t see anything but in his mind he imagined her looking at his raised rear end and felt exposed and vulnerable wondering what she would do next. He heard the clippers buzzing and his body jerked back instinctively as she brought the vibrating blade into the valley between his cheeks. His senses were exquisitely aware of each pass of the clippers as she shaved carefully around the opening and then back across his butt cheeks and upper thighs. It seemed she was deliberately intending to tease him further as she slowly brushed away the cut hairs with her fingers, and when she bent low to inspect him he could feel her breath on the exposed skin.

He felt her shift and move off the bed, “Don’t move…. I am not finished with you.” After a moment, she was there again “Spread your legs wider.” He felt her fingers stroking around the tight opening at the back, she was massaging him with some kind of cream and after a few minutes he felt something being pushed inside. At the time they bought the 3 inch dildo at the adult store on one of their weekend getaways he had fantasized about sliding it up into her and wondered how it would feel. Now that it was inside, he was experiencing mixed sensations. The arousal was unbearable, his cock and sac tightening with anticipation and at the same time his ass felt so full it was all he could do not to push it out.

“I think it’s time for your punishment, don’t you…”

“Yes.” Still face down in the pillow he answered without hesitation, but wondered what she had in mind.

“Hold your cock and balls with your free hand.” As he gathered himself in one hand he immediately felt the sting of the metal hairbrush across his buttocks.

“At one time, we agreed that we would only bring in new partners if we were going to share them. Do you remember that conversation?”


“So does this woman know that you are giving her to me?”

“No.” The brush landed on his ass again, he felt waves of pleasure as the dildo moved inside him and he could his cock throbbing in the grip of his hand.

“So, you haven’t told her that you are still sexual with me, and that she is expected to join us?”

“No.” He moaned as the brush came down again, and he squeezed his buttocks to keep the dildo in place.

“Next time you see her, I want you to tell her all about me.”


“I want you to tell her that if she wants to be with you, she has to agree to be mine too and that you will watch the two of us together.”

Yes.” Another stroke with the brush… he moaned in pleasure, his mind filled with images of the two women in a 69 position with their tongues and fingers touching the other.

“Make sure you warn her that I will be shaving her just like I did with you, and that if she doesn’t cooperate she will get a good spanking while you watch.”

“Yes…” He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold back, as she described the image of him sitting passively watching while she shaves his new girlfriend.

Again, sensing that his arousal was getting too close, she shifted away from him. “Now roll over and lie down.” She waited at the foot of the bed until he was settled again, lying face up with his left hand still tied to the frame. She removed the tank top finally and then slipped her black lace panties off so that he could see her naked ass and notice that her pussy had also been trimmed since they had been together.

He could only watch helplessly as she deliberately crawled over his body dragging her breasts and hair across him. Ignoring his erect penis, she moved forward slowly until she was hanging on to the bed frame with her pussy posit
ioned directly over his mouth. “Lick me.” she commanded, and so he did, flicking his tongue around her clit and pushing up into the wetness between the soft lips. Looking up, he could see her body rocking back and forth, her fingers squeezed and stroked her breasts and hard nipples. Her breathing was fast, and small cries of ecstasy slipped from her lips as she reached a climax and her wetness ran down his mouth and chin.

“Mmmm… that feels better….”

She climbed down and moved to the bottom of the bed and began putting her clothes back on. Looking at his shaved belly and swollen penis, she smiled. “I would love to have sex with you again, and let you put your cock inside me and fuck me right now. But we can’t because you have been very bad… maybe your punishment today has given you something to think about. You let me know when you are ready to resolve this situation about you sleeping with other women without my permission because next time the consequences will be even more serious…”

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