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As you know Halle Berry will be shaving her head on the set of her upcoming movie “Nappily Ever After”. During an interview with Jann from the show ET,Hale invited Jann out to the studio lot for a head shave also. Well Jann did not say yes nor did she say no.
You can tell she was intrigued by the thought of having her head shaved.

So this is my take on Halle’s and possibly Jann’s head shave

Sherry(played by Halle Berry) has been a busy woman for the past Seven weeks. She has been to Milan, Rome, Portugal, Spain, Paris France, England, and finally her home town New York City. Sherry has been doing fashion shoots for a clothing line targeted at women thirty five to fifty years of age. These women who don’t want teeny bopper clothes, nor do they want grandma Moses clothes either. Finally the shoot is over and she grabs a cab and goes home to her brown stone.

Sherry’s cab spent thirty minutes in slow go traffic. During that time she had to sit and listen to some god awful Pakistani CD version of Saturday Night Fever. Finally her cab pulled up in front of her home. She paid the cabi, grabbed her stuff and headed for the front door. Sherry’s husband Marshaun(played by Ty Digs) opens the front door and brings her luggage inside. He then gives Sherry a very long welcome home hug and kiss. Well! May be I ought to go out and come back in, Sherry said jokingly. You get the same welcome each and every time. replied Marsha. Sherry then went in to the living room, sat down on the couch, and took off her shoes. Marshaun went into the kitchen and came out with a bottle of white wine and two glasses. He then sat down next to her pour the wine for the two of them.

Sherry = Those over seas shoots are so exhausting. You go to one country or city one day, then you do same the next day. After a while you forget where you are and where you are going. It is pure hell to be forty you know.

Marshaun = Being a stock broker gets to be pretty stressful too. With the long hours and split second decision making, there has been times I just wanted to chuck it all and do some thing less stressful, like go live in the Alaskan wilderness. The thought of all of that winter time snow and darkness usually snaps me back to reality.

Sherry giggles.

Sherry = I have a hard time seeing you in the Alaskan wilderness. The one thing I get tired of hearing people talk to me about, is my hair. Oh your is so pretty.,Oh you are so lucky to have hair like that. Oh, I wish had hair like yours.,Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh is all I hear. There have been times I wish I had the guts to walk into a barber shop sit in his chair and say shave it all off. Just be done with it. There is more to a woman than just her hair.

Marshaun = I agree, but the down side is that it would ruin your career. Besides as me being your husband I should be the one to shave your head. I would turn it into a form of foreplay. The barber would make it a dull event.

Sherry = I’m not exactly wanting for money,and your making money hand over fist. I don’t see why I can’t take some time off. Besides you should careful of what you wish for.

Later Sherry and Marshaun went into the kitchen and fixed their selves some dinner and went to bed for desert, then went to sleep. The next morning Marshaun got up, got dressed and went to work. Sherry got up around eleven in the morning and started her usual shower routine. As she was disrobing in the bathroom for her shower,she caught a glimpse of her self in the mirror and stopped. Sherry then picked up her brush and brushed her hair back into a tight pony tail. She then moved her head side to side as if she was trying to picture her self with a bald head. She let go of her hair and stepped into the shower. Once she was done,she stepped out dried her body off. She grabbed her brush and her wet hair back into a tight ponytail. Sherry moved her head side to side again. This time the thought of going bald was growing stronger. If its’acceptable for men, then why not women, she thought to her self. She finished drying her hair, got dressed and went for a walk.

Sherry could not understand why the thought of going bald was growing so strong in her mind. This is ridiculous, she thought to her self. How can one conversation from last night, cause such a stir inside her mind possibly her whole body. It was a slightly breezy day, so she stopped to brush her hair back into a ponytail. As she was doing so she noticed that Sherry noticed she was in front of a barber shop. The shop had two barbers, both men who appeared to be in their mid fifties. One barber was white and was reading a newspaper in his barberchair. The other was black and had a black female customer in his chair. The woman’s hair was long,straight and about the same color as sherry’s. It was parted in the middle and brushed out nice and neat for her up coming hair cut. The barber was standing between the woman and the mirror, so Sherry was not able to see the woman’s face. She did notice that the barber was saying something to the woman. Then she said something back and ran her right hand over the top of her head like she had clippers in it. Sherry then realized what the woman wanted. The woman wanted the barber to shave her head. The barber then turned woman’s chair to face the front. To Sherry’s shock and disbelief. It was her own self sitting that chair. How can I be sitting in that barber chair and out here at the same time. That is just not possible. In a split second she found her self looking out to an empty sidewalk and was about to be shaved by the barber.

This has got to be some kind of nightmare, Sherry said to her self. She tried to yell stop, but nothing was coming from her mouth. With the clippers coming closer to her forehead,Sherry was resigned to meet her fate. Miss, oh miss, are you ok? Came a distant voice. Suddenly Sherry was back outside. It was a day-mare. The voice was the white barber asking her if she was ok. I’m ok,I just got lost in a train of thoughts, I’ll be ok.Sherry replied. Thanks for your concern though. Just then, Sherry knew what she had to do. She hurried down the street.

Sherry found a beauty and barber supply store and went in. As Sherry was looking up and down the isles she spotted a bald clerk decided to ask him for help. Excuse me? she asked. I need some help on picking out a set of hair clippers. As the clerk turned toward her, Sherry realized the bald man was a woman.

Do you want a general family style set? Asked the clerk. Or do you want a more specialized set? Realizing it was that it was her moment of truth she spoke up. I wish to have my husband shave my head.

Do you want him to shave you quick and clean,or do intend to use it as a form of foreplay? asked the clerk. Foreplay! said a stunned Sherry. I didn’t know haircuts and head shaves can be used as foreplay.

Oh yes replied the clerk. You can call me Kathy by the way. Well, nice to meet you Kathy. Said Sherry in response.

Kathy = Oh yes. When done properly the act of hair cutting and head shaving can be very sensual, which can lead into very romantic and sexual encounter. What the clippers is to the head, is what the vibrator is to the vagina.

Sherry = What would you suggest, to make my evening more enjoyable.

Kathy = You should start your evening off with a nice romantic dinner and a bottle wine. After dinner you tell your husband to go upstairs and disrobe. You will also tell him that you have a surprise for him, and that he is to take his time and wait til you summon him. While he is doing all of this, you will be busy prepping the living room. You will need to clear an area so you can lay down one of your lesser bed sheets. Then you will need to set up and light several mood candles to help make the experience more romantic. Next, you will place a gift box with a red ribbon tied around it, in the middle of the sheet.

In this box you will have four items. First, you will have this set of inexpensive Wahl clippers. It will give you
a low frequency vibration on your head and shift your sex drive in high gear, as he runs it all over your head. Second, you will have this set of Andis edger clippers. The are normally used to outline the hair cut close to the skin around the ears and along the nape. In this case it will clipper shave your head even closer and will provide a spine tingling sensation all over head and down your spine. Third and the final step is the blade shave. This process also provides an erotic sensation as you feel the blades removing the last remaining hair stubble from you head leaving your scalp smooth as a baby’s behind. For this step you will need this shaving oil and a Mach 3 razor. The shaving oil is imported from India. It lubricates and conditions your hair and scalp. It also has a nice floral scent. The women in India swear by it. The Mach 3 razor blades you can get any where.

Sherry = Is there any thing else I need from here?

Kathy = That’s pretty much it. There is one thing that I do for my first time customers like your self. I know it sounds corny, it really does work on getting you over that ”first timers” hump.

Sherry = What’s that?

Kathy = It’s a how to guide. My customers do swear by it, much to their surprise.

So Kathy rings up Sherry’s hair items and bags them. They both bid each other good day and Sherry is out the door. As Sherry walks down towards the local Five and Dime she pulls out the how to guide and briefly scans it. One of the items says to use are some mood setting candles. While Sherry is in the store getting the razor blades, she also picks out some candles. She pays for the items and heads home. The one thought that keeps replaying in her mind over and over and over is I can’t believe I’m doing this. She finally gets home and gets to work. Sherry puts up her supplies, pulls out the guide and starts reading what it says to do. This is what it says to do.

The act of shaving your spouse’s or lover’s hair, can be a very romantic and an erotic form of foreplay. By following these guidelines, they can help ensure a very successful evening.

Step 1: Fix a romantic diner for your spouse or lover.

Step 2 : Inform your spouse or lover that you have a surprise for them. They will need go to the bedroom and strip down to their underwear. Then they are to stay until summoned.

Step 3 : Clear an area of the livingroom near an electrical outlet and spread out the bed sheet.

Step 4 : Set up the mood candles and light the wicks.

Step 5 : Place the gift wrapped shaving kit in the middle of the sheet and strip down to your under garments. Put your clothes out of the way.

Step 6 : Turn out the lights and summon your spouse or your lover to come in.

Once the present has been received and opened. You have given an explanation as to what you are expecting, please follow the rest of the guide’s instructions.

Step 7 : Plug the clippers in and make sure the blades have been properly oiled.

Step 8 : Instruct your partner to sit down with their legs spread out. You sit down in between your partner’s legs with your back to them and lean back a little.

The following final guidelines deals with the actual head shave itself. Please inform your inform partner that is important that they follow the instructions enorder to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Also and equally important is the act of nibbling and kissing on the shavee’s neck.

Step 9 : Firmly, but gently grasp the chin and tilt the head back with one hand and hold it in place. Grab the clippers with the other hand and turn it on.

Step 10 : Starting at the center of the forehead, move the clippers slowly and meticulously back to the crown. Repeat this process until the top of the head is completely void of hair.

Step 11 : Gently tilt the head to the left or right side and begin removing the hair.When you are finished, do the other side.

Step 12 : Tilt the head forward until the chin touches the chest. Starting at the bottom of the nape push the clippers up to the top of the crown. Repeat this process until all of the hair has been removed from the back of the head.

If you are using an edger clippers to do a closer clipper shave, please repeat steps nine through twelve until all hair has been removed.

Step 13 : Set up your shaving equipment. Get a bowl of hot water and set it where your clippers were.

Step 14 : Get a dishtowel and soak it in slightly hot water. Place it on the scalp for several minutes, so to the soften hair.

Step 15 : Remove the towel and start spreading the shaving product all over the scalp.

Once you are ready to blade shave your partner, please refer back to steps nine through twelve. Use short gentle scrapes so you won’t accidentally nick your partner’s head and cause it to bleed. Please dip and shake your razor in the bowl of warm water to remove the excess shaving product from the razor. This will provide a cleaner shave for your partner’s head. After completion of the head shave,wipe your partner’s head off with a warm wet towel. Help your partner with the clean up and have fun.

Sherry, after reading the guide, places it on the table and goes up to the top of the stairs. Now where did I put that gift bag at. Sherry said to her self. She stood there for a couple of minutes. Oh I remember now. Sherry then went into the guest room, opened up the closet door and pulled out a large gift bag. She then went downstairs and put both clipper sets, the shaving supplies,and the guide in the gift bag. Sherry looked around for a near by hiding spot. She went over the hall closet and placed the bag behind Marshaun’s golf club bag. Sherry went up stairs to the hall closet, pulled out a bed sheet and went back down stairs. She then stashed the sheet under the couch cushion. Satisfied that everything was in it’s place. Sherry proceeded to call Marshaun. She calls Marshaun and he answers.

Marshaun = Hello there Baby-cakes. Whats going on?

Sherry = I was just calling to find out what time you were coming tonight. So that I would know when to have dinner on the table for you.

Marshaun = I’ll be home around six thirty.

Sherry = Ok, I’ll see you then my Little Teddy Bear.

Sherry quickly hangs up and goes into the kitchen. She opens one of the cupboard doors and pulls out a box of angel hair pasta and two jars of Alfredo sauce. Next she goes to the fridge and pulls out a bag of salad and a bottle of Italian salad dressing. Then she opens the freezer side and pulls out a package of frozen shrimp and a bag of Italian style mixed vegetables. Sherry then goes to work on getting dinner ready. Finally Sherry’s dinner is ready . She sets the dinner table which includes two candles and candle holders. She places the food on the table with the plate covers on them. Sherry looks at her watch and realizes Marshaun will be home in ten minutes. She goes up stairs to their bedroom and changes into the red sheer teddy outfit Marshaun gave her for her birthday. Sherry brushes out her hair and goes downstairs. She goes into the pulls out two wine glasses from the cabinet and a bottle of white wine from the wine cooler. Sherry sat the glasses and wine on the table. She went back to the kitchen and retrieved a book of matches. Just as Sherry was coming back out Marshaun walked in the front door. He then stopped dead in his tracks. He was just awe struck as to how beautiful she looked in her teddy. Sensing the emotional impact her outfit is having on Marshaun, Sherry decides to have a little fun.

Sherry = Honey, would you please stop dropping your briefcase on the flo- oh I’m sorry didn’t know that was your jaw hitting the floor. Well what do you think? Or does the cat have your tongue as well?

Marshaun = Every day I thank God for allowing me to marry the most beautiful woman on the face of this planet. There is not a single woman that can hold a candle to your beauty,grace, charm,and intelligence.You are the sexiest woman on this planet.

Sherry gives Marshaun a long passionate kiss.

Sherry = Is
that a big magic marker in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me? We had better get to the dinner table before the food turns cold.

Sherry and Marshaun walk arm in arm to the table. Marshaun pulls the chair out for Sherry and pushes it back in. Marshaun sits down and the two of them start seating dinner talk about each others day.

Sherry = So how was your day dear? Did the bull gore anyone today?

Marshaun = It was a pretty good day. I did pretty good on commissions today. So what’s with red the teddy? Are you going to model some lingerie for me tonight? Or are we doing a fantasy night?

Sherry = The answer to question one is, it’s a going to be a surprise. The answer to questions two three is no and no. If you have any other questions please refer back to the answer for question one.

Sherry and Marshaun finished their meal and cleaned up the table and kitchen and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Marshaun = Ok, what’s my surprise sweet heart?

Sherry = Now now, not yet. First you have to go up to our room and strip down to your boxers.Then you must wait til I call you down. Ok?

Marshaun = Ok,but don’t take too long I’m already getting excited.

Marshaun goes upstairs to prepare for his surprise.

Back to reality

Director = And cut! Ok, people we’re stopping for a two hour lunch break and then we come back for the m-a-n-e main event. Men, you might want to get yourselves icepacks to put in the crotch of your pants for Halle’s head shaving scene. I hate to see you hurt your selves after we’re done filming that scene. Halle, you have some visitors at your trailer. It’s that Jann and E.T. bunch.

Halle = Jann’s here to cover my head shave, and if every thing goes right, to cover her own head shave too.

Director = Why would Jann shave her head, if she’s here to cover yours?

Halle = During our last interview I told her that, she too, would look good with a shaved head. I also told her off camera, she could cover my head shave. In return, I would shave her head, so she could experience the same emotional rush of feelings of liberation as I will. Also as a ratings boost.

Director = Jann bought into it, hook line and sinker?

Halle = The ratings part was said as a joke. The rest I was actually being honest and sincere about it. If she agrees to it, I would like to shave her on this set.

Director = I don’t have a problem with that then. I’ll just tell the male production crew to bring bring extra ice bags or cold packs.

Halle = Ok, I’ll see you in a couple of hours.

Not sure what the director meant by that statement, Hale went to her trailer to meet with Jann and her crew. Jann and her cameraman were already there waiting for her.

Halle = Hello Jann, I am so glad you came out today.

Jann = I’m glad to be here. I appreciate you inviting us out here to film your transformation. Are you nervous yet?

Halle = No, I made my peace along time ago. Infact I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be so liberating. Have you given any more thought to my offer?

Jann = Yes, I have thought about it. After a lot of soul searching, face time with the mirror and a couple of virtual hair style sites. I have decided to go through with my head shave on your set. I am still nervous about the whole thing.

Halle = That’s very understandable. It is a major change in your life. I am also pleased about your decision. You will never regret it. I promise.

Halle looks at her watch.

Halle = Well, look at the time. It’s time to go back to the set and seal my fate, or rather, to seal our fates.

Jann and her cameraman follow Halle back to the set to get ready Halle’s big on camera shave, and Jann’s big off camera shave.

Director = Ok people, lunch is over. Lets all get in to our spots get ready to roll. Men, now’s the time to put those cold packs in your pants.

Those who haven’t got the whole ice or cold pack thing. It’s like this. Back when the film ” Grease” was being shot Olivia Newton John was the hot babe at the time. During the carnival scene, she had to put on a pair of tight leather pants, tight button up shirt, leather hoodlum jacket, and teased out hair. Every guy on the set dropped their knees. Even the guys on the cranes fell off their perches. When the scene was shot. None of the men were able to move for several minutes without embarrassing their selves. If you know what I mean.

Que person = “Life’s Biggest Changes”, Sherry’s head shave. Act seven , take one. ” clap “

Director = And action !

Sherry goes into the livingroom to start moving some of the furniture out of the way so create a large area to work in. Next she pulls a folded bed sheet under the sofa seat cushion, and spreads it out. Sherry then goes to the hall closet to get Marshaun’s and places it in the middle of the sheet. Then she goes into the kitchen, pulls out a large mixing bowl, fills it half full of warm water and takes it to the livingroom and places it near the middle of the sheet.

Sherry checks everything over making sure that everything is as it should be. She then disrobes down to her bra and underwear. Next she goes to the hall washroom and brushes out her beautiful mid back length brown hair. As she heads back to the livingroom Sherry realizes that she forgot to set up the mood candles. So she heads back to the kitchen, to get the candles and matchsticks. Sherry heads back to the livingroom, sets up the candles and lights them. She then turns out the lights and calls out to Marshaun.

Sherry = Marshaun! You can come down now. I’m ready.

Marshaun = Ok! Here I come!

Marshaun comes out of the bedroom wearing a pair of heart covered boxers and trounces down the stairs. Sherry giggles at him.

Marshaun = What’s so funny? You were the one that got these for me.

Sherry = I know. You have to admit, that red hearts on white boxers is still a laugh getter, no matter who’s wearing it.

Marshuan = Ha,ha. Whats with the mood candles?

Sherry = It’s part of your surprise, which is sitting over there in middle of the sheet next to the bowl of water.

Marshaun = Looks kinky, the water bowl doesn’t involve animals does it?

Sherry = No silly. Just open your present.

Marshaun unties the red ribbon and opens the box.

Marshaun = What’s this for? I mean, I know what it’s for. What gives hun?

Sherry = You, remember the discussion I had the other day with you about my hair ?

Marshun = Yes, I remember.

Sherry = After much soul searching, and a day-mare. I have decided to follow through with it and grant your wish at the same time.

Marshaun = I didn’t think you were actually serious about it. I thought you were just venting after having a long hard shoot.

Sherry = At first it was fifty/ fifty. Then the serious side became one hundred percent. There are some mainstream designers that do prefer bald models. So, it wouldn’t be a total career suicide. Besides, I’m ready for a change in my life. So lets get down to business.

Sherry gives Marshaun a big kiss on the lips Marshaun plugs the clippers in to outlet near their work area. Next, he pulls out the manual and starts reading it. While he reads it, Marshaun sits down with his legs spread open. Then Sherry sits down with her back towards him as close as she can get ,without actually sitting on him. Marshaun finishes reading the manual and sits it down. He then picks up the clippers in his right hand and turns it on.

Marshaun = Are you sure about this? Once I make that first pass, there’s no turning back.

Resigned to her fate Sherry answers back.

Sherry = Yes,I am sure. Please get started.

Marshaun, gently cups Sherry’s chin with his left hand and tilts her head back towards him. With his right hand, he places the clippers in the middle of her forehead. He then proceeds to remove all of the hard work and time, Sherry had spent on her hair. Marshaun runs the clippers over
the top of her head slowly and meticulously until it had been reduced to stubble.

Wow, that felt kinda nice. moaned Sherry. Keep going.

Marshaun tilted her head to the right, and gently brushed her hair off the left side of her neck. He then proceeded to remove more of her hair. As he did so, Marshaun also nibbled and kissed that side of her neck. Sherry moaned even more. Marshaun tilted her head to the left, and brushed her hair off the right side of her neck. He then repeated the process of hair removal and neck nibbling. Sherry continued to moan in ecstasy. Finally, the end of round one was near. Marshaun pushed Sherry’s chin into her chest and removed the last vestiges of who she was. Marshaun turned off the clippers,and unplugged it.

Sherry = Wow. That was amazing. It was almost as good as sex.

Marshaun = I have the edger clippers next. Buckle up.

Marshaun plugged in the edgers and repeated the process all over again. Sherry continued to moan in ecstasy through out the whole ordeal. Once round two was completed Marshaun unplugged the clippers and put it to one side. He then pulled out a rag from the warm water bowl and gently wiped her head off. Marshaun then got out the shaving oil coated sherry’s head with it. He then proceeded shave her head nice and smooth all over. After Marshaun wiped off her head, he then set the razor to one side. The transformation was complete.

Sherry is now a bald woman.

Sherry started to stand up and face and Marshaun at the same time. Like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. What was once a beautiful women, now emerges a goddess. Who’s beauty cannot be compared. Marshaun was speechless. Sherry grabbed him by the hand and walked to the hall restroom. They both stood to face the mirror. They were speechless. Sherry reached up to feel her head. It was smooth as a baby’s behind. When she started to rub and massage her head, she noticed that it was turning her on. Sherry turned to Marshaun and started passionately kissing each other. As Marshaun’s hands were rubbing across Sherry’s head, she started to get turned on again. She grabbed hold of Marshaun’s hand and yanked him up the stairs. Just as they got to the bedroom door, Sherry turned to Marshaun.

Sherry = You and I are going to have hot, dirty, steamy, sex like we’ve never had before. All you have to do is keep rubbing my head.

With that said. Sherry threw Marshaun to the bed and the two of them made love, that would make a Star-Trek Klingon blush.

Director = And cut. Ok that’s a wrap for the day. Every body be back here at six a.m. For those who want to see E.T.’s Jann Carl shave her head stick around.

As Halle was coming down the stairs, you can hear the hearts beating hard against the chests of the male crew members. After all, it’s not everyday that they get to see a beautiful woman transform into a goddess.

Halle = What do you think? (pointing to her head) Are you ready to leave your cocoon?

Jann = I’m ready, I think. You’re a tough act to follow. When Ty was shaving you, they almost had to bring in a couple of those portable heart defibrillator’s. I doubt that’s going to happen during my head shave.

Halle = Nonsense Jann, your a beauty too. I’ll prove it.

Halle grabs Jann’s hand and leads her to the hall restroom. She pulls her in and stand facing the mirror.

Halle = When I look at the reflection of you in the mirror, I see a stunningly beautiful blonde mature woman staring back. ( Halle steps behind Jann and pulls her hair back ) Who ever survived my head shave. Will be finished off during your head shave. Your transformation will just as amazing as mine was. After today, I intend to keep head smoothly shaved for the rest of my career. Now lets go back to the livingroom set and get you shaved nice and smooth.

Halle leads Jann back to the livingroom and sets her on the couch. She then goes into the kitchen set, and brings out a table chair. Next Halle pushes the sheet out of the way and sets the chair down in its spot. Then she instructs Jann to sit in the chair. Halle picks up the sheet and spreads it across Jann then ties it around her neck. Halle pulls Jann’s hair up, and starts brushing it to work out the hairspray stiffness. Once that was done, she brushes all of Jann’s hair back and parts it down the middle.

The moment of truth has arrived. Halle picks up the clippers and turns them on. She then places them at top of her forehead. Carefuly and meticulously starts removing her hair. The occasional tear rolls down Jann’s face along with the occasional snifle.

Halle = It’s ok to cry. The emotional release is healthy for you. It will help make you a more confident woman. A woman having her head shaved can be a emotional shock to any woman, we have been hardwired that way for thuosands of years. In the end, experiencs like that can only make us stronger and more confident. Besides, I cried some during my shave too. I also enjoyed the sensation of the clippers as it went across my head. It almost erotic feeling it vibrate across my head.

Halle continued to the run the clippers across Jann’s head. Finally Halle was ready start on the back. She gently pushed Jann’s chin into her chest and proceeded to finish removing Jann’s hair. Next she pulled out edging clippers went back over Jann’s to remove the excess stubble. Once Halle was done with that, she brought out the shaving oil and spread it all over Jann’s head. Halle picked up the razor and completed Jann’s transformation. Jann was no longer just a beautiful blonde haired journalist. She is now a very, very, stunningly beautiful fair skinned bald goddess. The male crew members that stayed to watch the transformation, were dropping to their knees like flies. Even Jann’s camera man had to sit down to keep from dropping the camera. Halle took Jann back to the restroom mirror.

Halle = See what I mean. You look so amazing. We both look so amazing.

Jann = I do see. You were right about everything all along. Those clippers did feel almost erotic. The they vibrated as it passed over my head. I just didn’t want it to stop. Between the emotional release I felt as I watched my hair fall, and the erotic feeling from the vibration of the clippers, this whole experience has been one big rush. The feeling I get from running my hands over my silky smooth bald head is almost more than I can handle in one sitting. Your right about one other thing. I will never grow my hair out again.

Hey, what say you and I go shopping for some new clothes that would be befitting of a couple of bald goddesses.

Halle = You read my mine Jann. You, just, read my mind.

Halle and Jann walked off to buy up the shops with their new found power. The power of the bald goddesses. No matter where they went, men were turning their heads or breaking their necks to lend them a helping hand.

So ladies, if you want your man or just any man, to do some work around your home, or just looking for some respect. Just walk or drive down to your local barbershop and say shave me baby, shave me bald.

Hope you liked this story folks.

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