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I was doing an Army Reserve stint as an Army Reserve Unit Recruiter. I was a Sergeant First Class (E-7) and was in charge of setting up the program we would be having. A fly-in by helicopters, a ride in those helicopters by civilian personnel, providing they had signed waivers. It was during this Recruiting event that I met a soon to be lifelong friend Carol Ann. Carol was a Captain and a Recruiting Officer who signed all new recruits up and swore them into the Reserve Component they had chosen. I and a staff of three were to do the paper work, while I was tasked with explaining the career field each new recruit had chosen.

From the very first meeting with Carol, we clicked. She was one of those persons you felt you had known all your life. Carol stood tall in uniform at 5’8″, she had short red hair, and was in perfect shape by anybodies standards. After the first day of Recruiting in this new town, we all decided to go out to dinner. We all changed clothes and were to meet at the local Cracker Barrel. We all changed clothes and met at the Cracker Barrel. I kept looking for Carol who I did not see. A voice came from behind me and said; “Are we all here Sarg ? ” I turned around as I knew the voice of Carol and was spell bound. There stood Carol in a black dress with such a body filling out the dress at every angle of proportion, but; what caught me off guard was Carols hair, long, beautifully combed, magnificently shinning red hair, flowing to her knees.

I dumb foundedly asked; “Carol?” A little laugh and “Yes, it is me Sarg.” I took her by the arm to escort her to our table and asked, ” Carol, is this your real hair or a wig, or is the short hair a wig and this your real hair?” Carol replied; “What do you think?” Took a spire of the long hair into my left hand and said; ” As much as I love long hair, as much as I have felt long hair, I would hope that this is your real hair.” Carol responded with; ” You do not really know for sure though do you?” I looked at her and said “NO, not really.” Whereby Carol said; “Well lets make believe it is my real hair ok.” I looked at Carol, smiled and was confused; she was playing a game with me. Carol and I reached the table and sat down, everyone at the table asked about Carol’s hair was it long as we saw or short as we had seen? Carol continued the game and said; “If you like long hair then this is it. If you like short hair that was today.” We all ordered dinner and talked till 12am when Cracker Barrel was closing we left. I walked Carol to her car and she asked; “Sag, are you still curious about my hair being long or short?” I answered; “Yes” and Carol said well follow me back to my apartment and find out for your self.

I got into my car and followed Carol back to her apartment. We walked up the stairs and I opened the door and let Carol in. Carol asked if I wanted a beer and I said “ok. ” Carol then said: “Wait here while I change out of this dress.” And handed me the TV remote. I sat down on the couch and waited. About 10 min went by and Carol came out of the room with short hair like she had at the Reserve Center. I looked at her and she said; “Are you disappointed.” I looked at her and said; “No I liked the long hair and yet you are very sexy in short hair.” We talked for about 45 min and then got down to making out and next thing I knew I was carrying her to bed. We made love like nothing else mattered in our lives. I slept like a baby an awoke to see Carol cooking breakfast, but she looked different; her hair was pulled back and lay to the front over her shoulder. I said; “Carol and she turned around and smiled, as she looked at me I noticed her hair was to her thighs. I stared at Carol for another look. Still long hair to her thighs over her shoulder. I said; “You don’t have to wear a wig, I love you with short hair.” Carol replied; “Are you sure, you sure you do not want a woman with really long hair like all men like.” I replied with a; “Well I made love with you all last night as a short haired lady and did not ask for a long haired woman.” Carol looked at me and then walked over to me as I lay in bed and came into the bed, laid over me and caressed me with her long hair, I was aroused as we again made love. Carol said; “Well do you like a long haired lover or a short haired lover?” I said “Both.” Carol grabbed the long hair and moved her hands to its ends then played like a paintbrush all over my body, I grabbed her and her hair, she twirled and the hair stayed in tack. I said; “God Almighty, your real hair is the long hair.” Carol laughed and said; “Yes it is, do you want me to cut it short for you since you seem to like it short or do you like it long now that you know it is long.” The thought of a longhaired woman, with this length of hair was amazing, yet the thought of cutting it off was also just as amazing. I said; “Carol; if I said cut it would you let me cut it.” Carol turned and looked at me, a tear welled up in her eye and she said; “If that is what you want to do.” I looked at Carol grabbed her up, rolled her close to me and said; “No, lets keep it long for now.” Carol eagerly held onto me and we again made love.

Over the next two years, I became a Lieutenant, Carol and I went together as officers. Carol always played with the wig thing. For her she was living a fantasy of short and long hair, by having it both ways. One afternoon we were washing the horses in the barn at the farmhouse, the horses were equestrian horses and Carol was an Equestrian rider, now I knew why she had kept her hair long. We were playing and hosing the horses off when we got into a water fight. Both wet Carol asked me to wash her hair for her. I asked where was the shampoo and Carol pointed at the bottle of Mane and Tail Horse shampoo. I said; “Do you always use this. ” Carol replied; “Religiously.” I washed Carols hair and toweled it dry for her.” We laughed and then went to bed again.

When we awoke, Carol said; “I have some bad news and good news.” I said; “What about.” Carol said; “I have been accepted to go to Command and General Staff College at Ft Leavenworth, KS. And have to report in two weeks. It will be a year long school, but I need it if I ever want to get promoted again in the Reserves. ” I said that is great, that means you can move up to LTC before you retire. Carol said; “Yes it does mean a career move, but I will be doing a lot of Physical Training, Running, Sit- ups and push ups, and this long hair and a wig at Ft Leavenworth for a year will be hard to maintain, so I want you to cut my hair short before I go.” I was now really aroused and Carol knew it. I calmly asked; “When do you want me to cut off this mass of long beautiful knee length hair, as I held her hair up and looked at it.” Carol said; “How about now.” I said, “OK, any ideas on how you want it cut. Carol brought out a pair of clippers and said I use these on the horses; it is short but long about 11/2 in long. I have always fantasized about getting my hair cut by those clippers, when I cut the horses hair short, I think of placing them onto my head and buzzing my long hair shorter.” I said; “Well, Carol your wildest dreams are about to come true as are mine of cutting long hair short, so lets get to doing your inner most and my inner most fantasies.”

I grabbed a sheet and a safety pin and put the sheet around Carol’s neck. I then pulled out the long and beautiful red hair. I used some Kleenex tissue around her neck and then fastened the sheet tighter. Carol sat in the bathroom dresser chair and in front of her mirror. I combed her hair out and said “I am really going to miss this hair Carol.” Carol looked at me and a tear welled up in her eyes, just as it was years ago, that same tear in her eyes. She said; “It has been 15 years since I ever cut my hair short.” and then Carol started to whimper. I gave her a big hug and said; “We can do this later if you want Carol?” Carol looked into the mirror and smiled, grabbed my waist and said; ” No if we do not do it now we never will do it.” I did the hair into a thick but loose braid; the braid was do
ne about and inch from the crown of her head. This way the hair was loose at the forehead and sides when I went to buzz it off. I asked Carol; “Are you ready too lose all this magnificent red hair my Red Sonia?” Carol nodded and watched in the mirror as I brought the clippers up to her right side and turned them on. The pop made Carol jump and say “Oh shit, Oh God, Oh shit” Carol was shivering like a person who had just got out of the pool on a cold day. I said: “Are you sure about this Carol, last chance to back out just say the word.” Carol nodded a “No”, then looked at me and laughed and said “Buzz it off, Buzz it all off, do it now before I do change my mind.” I ran the clippers up the right side temple and the long hair became detached as it was severed and hung lifelessly touching my hand. I continued up her ear and then at the back of the ear up to the top of her head. Each pass brought more hair cut off and lying across my hand. I continued, Carol stopped shaking and looked at me and said; “Well you’re going to have a short haired lover now honey.” I leaned over and gave her a big hug and then pushed her head forward and ran the clippers right up the nape of her neck to her crown, Carol let out a squeal as I brought the clippers back and again held her head forward and ran the clippers up to her crown. Carol shivered and said; Oh that feels so good, just like I imagined, just like you said it would, I feel like I’m going to climax right here and now, why did you not do this cut to me years ago?” I kept her head down and made the final pass from neck to crown, again Carol remarked as she looked at all her hair severed laying to one side in my hand and laughed, the hair covered my left hand, with nothing but short hair remaining from her head, all about 1 ½ in long, her crowning glory of once knee length hair was being reduced to a short 11/2 in clipper cut. I was about to explode with excitement with each cut I had made. Being able to cut all this length of hair. Carol was getting excited at having it cut and was laughing and crying at the same time. I finished up and over the ear on the left side and up the side burn area. Then came the last passes right down the middle three passes and the hair was severed from the head, the braid was finally severed and hung in my left hand and reached to the ground. Carol looked at it and said: “I shall never have a spire of hair like this again.” I gave Carol the braid. Carol looked at me and said; “Do you love your short haired woman?” I picked her up from the chair and carried her to the bed, laid her down, caressed her short fluffy hair and said; “You could be bald and I would love you my lady.” Carol cried for about a minute, looked at the braid and flung it on the floor. We made passionate love as she described what it felt like to her, as each cut was done all around her head from right to left side, then seeing the braid severed by the clippers, then the short hair left in its place. I made love too Carol for two weeks before she left for Ft Leavenworth. Carol Came back and we continued our relationship for 17 years. Carol has retired as a LTC and I as a Major. Carol has grown her hair out again to knee length and vowed that she will die as a Southern Belle with long hair to her knees and be buried that way. We enjoy our latter years riding horses, combing the hair of the horses and Carol after shampooing them both. Ever once in a while I get the horse clippers and ask Carol, “Wantta try it again?” Carol laughs and says “No, definitely, No but lets go talk about when we did do it.” Then I pick her up and carry her too bed to make mad passionate love to my Southern Belle. Life is so grand when you have a partner who shares your fantasies with you.

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