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I had noticed the girl while during the intermission of the concert strolling through the lobby of the concerthall trying to get a drink. I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted her conspicuous hairstyle or better: the lack of it. For the dark hair was cropped very close to her skin, leaving a length or better shortness of about 1/12 inch all over her scalp. She looked gorgeous with this ultrashort hairstyle having the perfectly oval shaped head, the hairline at the right position, her ears ideally sculptured shells, lying flat to her skull.

She was sitting at a table across a young man with a blonde ponytail and obviously they were involved in a heated discussion. I went to the bar to capture a cup of coffee and I saw the young man rise, evidently furious, and leave.

The girl remained seated, apparently amazed. I seized the opportunity to ask her if she did mind me taking the chair he had just left. She didn’t and I made a few commonplace remarks. Then I caught her attention by telling her that I liked her hairdo.

”Do you?” she asked. ”Thank you. Funny, I just quarreld with someone about it.”

”Your boyfriend?”

She snorted disdainfully: ”He presumes that he is, but I’m not his girlfriend.”

A relief! I asked her how long she had this very short hair.

She giggled: ”Since five days.”

She started telling me: ”I’m studying medicine…………” but at that moment a bell rang, the sign that we were expected to go back to our places in the hall.

”How can I find you after the concert?” I asked.

”Well, that’s easy. My……companion has left so you may come and sit next to me.”

It was Good Friday and we listened to the second part of Bach’s Matthew Passion but I couldn’t pay as much attention to it as before the intermission. I should have preferred to be sitting behind Gail, the girl’s name, in stead of next to her.

Leaving the the concerthall after the conclusion of the concert I asked Gail if she liked to go somewhere with me for a drink and to tell me the story which was interrupted by the ringing.

”We could go to my place, it is not far from here,” she suggested.

”Okay, then I’ll call a cab,” I said.

”No, that could be difficult. We’ll have to line up as everyone wants a cab. Across the street is a tramstop. The tram will bring us in a short time next to my house.”

We hadn’t need to wait long and soon we entered her apartment.

”Do you live here alone?” I asked, amazed by the ample room.

”No, it belongs to my brother and his girlfriend. I have only a small room. They are away to visit her parents during Eastern. They’ll come back Monday night, so we are not confined to my room. We have more elbow-room here. Do you want a glass of wine?”

”Yes, please.”

After we had settled down she told me her story.

”Five days ago I had gone out to do some errands. Then I got the idea to try and find a beauty salon. Of course I had no appointment but I assumed that a quick trim wouldn’t take much time and that quite possibly I could be served in between. You must know that I had let my hair grow since junior high school.”

”So it must have been very long?”

”Yes, I had to take care not to sit on it. For that reason it would have been okay to me to cut three or four inches. But I found myself in a town district where I had never been and I couldn’t find a salon. But suddenly I stood in front of a barbershop. I had not the intention to enter but in a srange way I was forced inside.”

”Who or what forced you?”

”No one. It was an inner compulsion which I couldn’t resist. The men in the waiting area looked at me while I sat down next to them. Six barbers and barberettes were working fast. One of them, a young man, addressed me when he had finished the man in the chair.
He smiled: ‘Ladies first, don’t you agree?’ he asked the men waiting for their turn. They didn’t object, in fact I noticed that they liked to see me in the chair.
‘Well, miss, they’ll wait, you may take a seat.’
While he brushed my hair I felt the the eyes of the men fixed on his actions. I looked in the mirror and it seemed as if I was looking at someone else. I felt very strange.
John, that was the name of my barber, asked:’What shall we do with this mop? Cut it all off?’
I nodded: ‘Yes, all off.’
It was not me sitting there, at least it felt like that and the girl in the mirror had to be sheared…………
So it happened. He switched on his mighty clippers and my hair was severed from my head like snow melting in the sun. It was a new Gail who arose. I thanked John, paid him and strolled outside.
‘Hope to see you soon again,’ he said.”

”Didn’t you regret it?

”I never regretted it. I’ve changed, the longhaired Gail has gone and a new one has emerged. It’s as simple as that….”

She stroke with one hand across her head: ”What do you think?”

”I think that it suits you very well. Your head, your ears, your features, all have the perfect shape.”

”Yeah, but it is five days later now and hair has the oddity to grow. I think I should see John again for I’ve a ladyshave only and I fear it will not be very suitable for the purpose.”

”Hasn’t your brother a razor? I’ll be pleased to serve you.”

”Let’s go to the bathroom. Perhaps we’ll find something.”

We did find disposable razors, shaving cream and a brush. I asked Gail to sit down on a stool.

”Wait, I’ll take off my dress, I wouldn’t like to spoil it.”

Shw wore a black strapless cocktail dress. Without any shame she unzipped and stepped out of it. There she was sitting: a black bra, black panties, black garter belt, black stockings, the upper parts of her blank thighs beautyfully exposed.

I stood behind her and lathered her head, shaved it, then repeated the procedure, scraping away all the short stubble and leaving a smooth scalp. I pressed my lips against her bald pate and…..Gail grabbed my head, whispering: ”Fuck me, I want you to get me laid,” and pressed her lips on mine, poked her tongue into my mouth. We were both utterly aroused.

I picked her up, carried her to the bedroom of her brother and put her on the bed. I undid her bra and panties, she had kicked off her high heels already.

Sex with Gail was terrific, it lasted all night. Early in the morning we fell at last exhausted in sleep and awoke in the afternoon.

We were hungry and went to a restaurant for a late lunch.

When we had finished and were about to leave a young woman approached us. She addressed Gail: ”What a surprise, I hardly recognized you! Did you get married? Is this your husband?”

Gail was dumbstruck at first. ”Excuse me? I’m not married.”

The blonde girl saw her confusion. ”Don’t you remember me? Last week you bought a ring with a diamond.”

”Ah yes, I see, you are the saleswoman of that jeweller! No, this is a friend of mine, we just met yesterday.”

Oh, I’m sorry! You see, you shaved your head so I thought………are you Jewish?”

”My mother is half-Jewish but she isn’t religious. Nor am I.”

”Then you are Jewish. Well, I am….wasn’t religious too…Oh, I’m so sorry, this is so embarrassing…..I shouldn’t have asked you.”

But now that they both remembered their first meeting something had changed. The blonde girl looked mesmerized at Gail.

I interrupted: ”You said you were not religious. You won’t tell me that you are Jewish?”

She laughed: ”There are Jews with blonde hair and blue eyes. But no, I married an orthodox Jew.”

”That mustn’t be easy for you.”

”No, it causes some trouble……. a lot sometimes.”

Again she gazed at Gail. ”You know, when an orthodox Jew marries his wife is expected to shave her head and to wear a wig. My husband doesn’t press me but my mother-in-law is always pestering me…I don’t feel accepted by his family if I remain refusing.”

< p>She sighed: ”Would you tell me where you had your hair cut off?”

”I went to a barbershop,” Gail answered. ”We can show you where it is.”

”Oh, would you mind to accompany me? I think I have not the courage to do this alone.”

Gail looked at me and I nodded: ”Sure, no problem.”

When we entered the shop John immediately came to meet us. He welcomed Gail: ”Well, I don’t think you need a treatment?”

”No, I bring a friend. Errr……. I don’t even know your name,” she said to the girl.

”Sorry, how careless of me…I’m Rachel.”

”Sit down, Rachel,” John said. Addressing the men in the waiting area he asked: ”You guys don’t mind waiting, do you?”

They all eagerly agreed.

”Well Rachel, I assume that you want the same haircut as Gail?”

She nodded, smiling.

And so I watched with my own eyes how the glorious lightblonde locks were devastated, how easily they were severed from her scalp by the big clippers and were sent to her lap and to the floor, how the scape of her head emerged , the pale skin of her scalp became visible. As she was so blond hardly any stubble could be seen,
her head looked as bald as if it had been razor-shaven. And all the time she seemed to be very happy. No tears, only smiles and moanings. That was odd but exciting!

After she had risen from the chair she thanked John cordially.

”What will your boss say? And your husband?” I asked Rachel.

”Oh, my husband will be delighted that I at last follow the tradition. For that matter my boss too for he is also an orthodox Jew. Of course I’ll have to buy a wig but not today. It’s sabbath.”

With these words she left us. I wondered that all the same she had visited visited a barbershop and had her head shaved. Was this allowed at sabbath?

”What do you think about it?” I asked Gail. ”I think it’s weird.”

”No,” she answered, ”She was afraid to do it and needed to cross a border.”

We went home. The shearing had made both of us horny……………

The next day, Sunday, Gail expressed the wish to attend divine service.

”Twice a year I like to go,” she said, ”Eastern and Christmas because there is always a cheerful mood.”

But probably we had picked out the wrong church. Although the minister said that we should be happy as God had sacrificed his own son to wipe out our sins and that Jesus, his son, had overcome death by arising from the dead, nevertheless we had the obligation to follow him. Which we didn’t do. We were selfish, greedy, seeking for power to dominate others. In particular he fulminated against those shameless women and girls who with their vanity, make-up, long swinging hair and short skirts tried to seduce men.

Just in front of us were sitting three teenage girls who matched the description. He scowled at them and the poor girls were almost in tears.

After the end of the service the girls turned around and caught sight of Gail. Again the same weird events occurred: they seemed to get hypnotized. One of them asked : ”Excuse me, would you mind to tell us who your hairdresser is?”

Again Gail mentioned the barbershop and just like yesterday we took them with us, although I doubted if it would be open. But it was, although close to locking. John wasn’t present but there were three barberettes and three empty chairs. And just like yesterday I watched how the auburn wavy locks of Viola, the red curls of Ginger and the lank blonde hair of Blanche hit the floor. Roughly at the same time they were finished and they left laughing and rubbing each others shorn skulls.

This couldn’t be normal! A spell must have been casted on the shop by a witch! Gail? In any case she was involved with those mysterious happenings.

I knew one thing: I should make an end to our relationship but at the same time I realized that I couldn’t. I told myself that our relation was purely sexual. But was that true?

However, in the afternoon, just after lunch, we drove to visit Gail’s father and stepmother.

Gail had informed me that, after her parents had been divorced, her father five years ago had married one of his co-eds, a 20 years old girl. He had been 44 at that time. About a year ago he had suffered multiple cerebral haemorrhages which had left him as a cripple, paralysed from the neck on, confined to a wheelchair, needing artificial respiration which made it impossible to speak. Nevertheless he could communicate by touching the tastes of the keyboard of a laptop, driven by a stick in his mouth. In the same way he could drive his chair.

Gloria, his wife, had closed a deal with him: she should take care of him in exchange for sexual freedom. A sexlife with her husband of course was out of the question and he allowed her to receive her lovers at home.

We drove with my car and as the sun was shining and the temperature allowed it I had opened the roof of my cabriolet. To prevent sunburn of the still tender skin of her scalp Gail had covered her head with a scarf.

Gloria opened the door.

”A new friend and a new hairdo,” she said as soon as she saw us and unceremoniously pulled the scarf from Gail’s head. ”Did you shave her bald?” she asked me.

”Hello Gloria, meet Roger, a friend of mine.”

Gloria offered me her cheek and I kissed both.

”Wellcome,” she said, ”I don’t understand the subtle distinction. You only bring your men here when you sleep with them.”

”It’s non of your business, Gloria. Where is Dad?”

”In his room, as usual.”

”Come on, Roger, let’s salute him.”

We went through a door, crossed a corridor and halted in front of another door. Gail knocked and opened the door. I saw a spacious room with a view at the garden. A man in a wheelchair turned towards us.

”Hello Dad, how are you? May I introduce to you Roger, a friend of mine?”

He looked at me with wrinkled eyebrows and on the screen of his laptop he wrote: ”Shameless – you look like one of those whores in France who collaborateed with German soldiers. It suits you as you are a hussy and a slut. Young man, my daughter is a whore, don’t commit yourself to her.”

”I see you are in an excellent temper, Dad,” Gail said, ”Roger, I’ll show you our garden. See you later, Dad.”

In the garden Gloria was waiting for us with coffee and cake. Not only her behaviour but also her appearance was peculiar. Her hair consisted of a mop of uneven wisps sticking out at all sides and showing a mix of colours: yellow, green and purple. Her only piece of clothing consisted of an oversized long T-shirt that originally had been white but now was covered with stripes of paint in a variety of colours. A pair of beautiful legs and bare feet emerged from under the hem of her shirt .The of it made it impossible to consider the shape of her body. Nevertheless I was convinced that it would be perfect. I assumed that she didn’t wear anything underneath.

”What did your father say, Gail?”

”Oh, he compared me with French women during the second world war who collaborated with Germans and were shaved bald after the liberation and said that I’m a whore.”’

”Oh, but you do and you are! Don’t bother, he is jealous and frustrated as he cannot fuck me anymore. And has to look on when I’m got laid by my lovers, nearly under his nose. He thinks every woman to be a whore.”

I asked: ”Why do you do it here? Why not elsewhere?”

”As I don’t want him left alone. I really love him, Roger, but he cannot give me what I need in a sexual way. I need somebody else. That isn’t queer, is it?”

”No, it’s only natural.”

Gail said to me: ”Roger, my father exaggerates. He calls me a whore as I’m presenting again a new friend.”

”Oh darling!” exclaimed Gloria, ”Rows and rows of boyfriends!”

”But never two or more at the same time.”

”My position is different, sweetie. I need sex, you know that. It’s only convenient to have a stock of suppliers, don’t you think?”

I had to laugh: ”Suppliers of sex?”

”Yes, that’s what they do. I don’t give a shit about them anyway. They only have to provide me with a good fuck.”

I looked at Gail: ”Is that what you expect from me too?”

”I expect some more, Roger. I think you don’t know me yet.”

No, I didn’t know very much about her.

Shortly afterwards Gail went inside the house to speak to her father, leaving me alone with Gloria.

”Tell me, Roger, did you shave Gail’s head?”

”I did but I didn’t cut off her hair. She told me that she was shorn at a barbershop a few days earlier.”

”Did you shave a girl’s head before?”

”No, I never had the opportunity.”

”Were you aroused doing it?”

”Both of us. Afterwards we had sex for the first time.”

She looked at me in a peculiar way.

”Roger, if….I say, if you came to shave my head, would you fuck me too?”

Her question embarrassed me. The compelling glance of those green eyes didn’t set me free. Without thinking I said haphazardly:”I dont know what is hidden under that ugly shirt.”

”Want to see it?” She smiled but her eyes remained fixed on mine. She stood up: ”Come, I’ll show you.”

”No!” I exclaimed, confused.

”Why not? Gail? Well, I’ll ask her.”

She entered the house, immediately returning with her stepdaughter. Gail remained standing at the dooropening.

”What is the matter, Roger?”

Still upset I answered: ”It is Gloria.”

”Ah yeah, that could be expected. It is always the same old story when I bring along a friend. Well, fuck her and give her a harsh treatment, she likes it.”

”What?! Do you mean…..?” I was aghast.

”Yes Roger, I mean it.”

After those words she returned inside and left me alone with Gloria again.

Gloria had a triumphant smile. With sultry and defiant movements she approached me and let herself down on my lap. Her shirt rose to her growns, exposing her beautiful legs in full extent. She took my hand and put it on the soft inside of her thigh. I fought a losing battle and followed her to her bedroom…..

She stood in front of me in her naked glory, a perfectly shaped body. I noticed that her pubic hair had been reduced to a small vertical strip on her mons Veneris. On her dressingtable I saw a few belts and I took up one. Gloria’s green eyes followed every movement that I made. I tied her hands behind her back and shoved her on a chair. I reached out one hand to her elecric shaver saying: ”The ugly shirt has been removed, now that ugly hair.”

”No!!” Gloria screamed, ”not my hair!” She jumped to her feet.

”You said something about shaving your head.”

”I said if. Maybe sometime but not now. In any case not before my husband has been informed. It could cause his death and you wouldn’t like to be hold responsible for that, would you?”

I could not estimate whether this was seriously meant or not.

”Okay,” I said and shoved her onto her bed.

”On your knees, ” I ordered, ”your head on the pillow, your legs spread.”

She obeyed meekly. I stood behind her, so she couldn’t see me. I knelt on the bed behind her, my left hand holding her head down, I brought my right hand between her legs. She was very wet. With her juices I moistened her anal region, slipped one finger first, then two into her anus. She grunted when I did and gave a smothered cry when my erect penis penetrated her ass-hole. I began to move rhythmically while I kept my left hand on her head and two fingers of my right hand split her labia and massaged her clit. Gloria moaned and grunted, then shrieked and became limp. I squirted my load over her tied hands, her back and into her hair…….

Gloria turned on her left side, next to me, kissed me: ”Thank you, you were great.”

And then, to my surprise, she fell asleep………

I dresed and untied her wrists. And left the room

I felt rather ashamed when I went back to the garden to look for Gail. She wasn’t alone, sitting next to her I saw a young girl with waistlength wavy dark hair. They could have been twins, they were look-alikes of each other, apart from their hair!

Gail didn’t say a word about my absence.

”Roger, this is my little sister Elaine.”

I didn’t know anything about a sister but after all, how long did I know Gail? Forty hours?

”She attends a boarding school but will graduate in a few months.”

”What are your plans, Elaine? Will you study medicine too?”

”Oh no, I like biology.”

Gail smiled: ”She likes plants and animals but the most of all she likes her biology teacher, don’t you Elaine?”

The girl blushed deeply.

”I really am a nature lover,” she protested, ”This summer we are going to make a trek, a hiking tour through the mountains and woods somewhere in Montana.”

”Good for you, it sounds promising.”

”Yeah, I’m kooking out for it but first I have to pass my exam.”

After some time Gloria appeared. She greeted and kissed Elaine and then bent over to me and whispered into my ear: ”You nasty man.”

But there was a naughty sparkle in her eyes. Though she had changed, now wearing a short white linen skirt, a reddish sweatshirt and even shoes, she hadn’t showered. The smell of sperma unmistakebly hit my nose. Gail and Elaine couldn’t miss it either.

Gail didn’t mention my escapada with Gloria till we were on our way home.

”Tell me about your fucking Gloria.”

I told her everything, leaving nothing out. Gail listened without showing any emotion.

”Great,” she said when I had finished.

”Gail, I’m sorry, I have no good feelings about it.”

”Oh, don’t bother, I’m not jealous.”

”I thought us to be lovers.”

Gail cast a quick glance at me: ”We are, love, but we are under no obligations to each other.”

”I I wouldn’t like the notion of you being screwed by someone else.”

A short laugh: ”There is nobody else. And if it might happen I would tell you. We should be honest about it. But let me tell you this: Gloria has to sacrifice so much by taking care of Dad, in fact part of her life, that I, being his daughter, don’t care to make a small sacrifice. Of course I do mind but when I can do her a favour, so be it.”

She looked at me: ”Gloria seems to like you. Physically I mean, not emotionally.”

”So it could happen again when we visit your Dad. Is that what you mean to say?”

”Yeah, could be. Tell me, did you really intend to shave her head? Or did you only tease her?”

”When she hadn’t refused so strongly I would have done it. Why does she have that ugly hair while having such a perfect body?”

”You like her body? More than mine?”

”Yours may not be perfect but it is lovely.”

”I’ll tell you a secret. Gloria has a tattoo on her head. Therefore she was reluctant.”

When we came back in the evening it turned out that Gail’s brother and his girlfriend were back home. Guy was a tall man, taller than me, dark hair, dark eyes. His girlfriend Karli reached to his shoulders being as tall as myself. With very light blonde hair and very blue eyes. She was born in Sweden and had come to America with her parents at the age of three. She was very cool and quiet, hardly speaking a word.

”Did you get annoyed with your hair or doesn’t Roger like long locks?” Guy asked airily after he had scrutinized Gail’s new appearance.

”Neither of them, I thought it to be time for a change,” Gail re plied.

”And do you agree with her, Roger?”

”It’s her own hair, Guy. But yes, I agree, I even shaved away the stubble. You don’t seem to like it.”

”I don’t and I’m sure Dad doesn’t either.”

”I talked to Dad,” Gail interrupted, ”He understands.”

During the weeks that followed I met Gail only during the weekends. The rest of the weeks we were busy, Gail following colleges and doing practical works at laboratories and me with photoreportages, -sessions, -montages. Every Friday night mostly I collected her and we drove away in my car,
staying at motels, making love at night and day, sleeping far into the day, walking, talking, eating. Sometimes we went swimming and I noticed a peculiar habit of Gail to have sex at unusual places. Especially containing the possibility of being caught. She told me that her sex life had been rather turbulent since her mother had left them alone, running away with a lover. She had been 13, Elaine 10 and Guy 18, just leaving home to go to college. The sudden freedom had overpowered her and she had used it resulting in quite a row of sexual adventures. Her father hadn’t had enough possibilities to keep a check on her. Of course he had punished her, grounded her but to no avail.

”Now you may punish me,” she said impishly, ”Handle me roughly just like you did to Gloria.”

She liked to be tied up and even beaten (with I did reticently) but she didn’t more allow me to shave her head and her hair grew back out.

In June Elaine graduated which I couldn’t attend as I had to make a freelance photoreportage. About a week later Gail called me.

”Could we go to Dad’s house Saturday morning? There seems to be some troubles about Elaine and Gloria has asked us to come for a consultation.”

“What is all this about Elaine?” I asked Gail when we were driving to Dad’s house.

”You’ll hear everything when we have arrived there. It’s no use to give you a description twice. But you should know that Elaine has always been dad’s apple of his eye. After his experiences with my liberalism regarding sex he had sent her to a strict boarding school. While I am the tart she is the saint.”

There was a hush. Then she said: ”Dad was shocked when he noticed that she is no longer a little girl but a young woman.”

”So that causes the trouble?”


She won’t say anymore about it.

I was surprised to find Karli but not Guy at the house. We gathered in the garden, seeking shelter under the big chestnut tree. Gloria announced that Elaine would join us later. She said that Gail and Karli were well informed and that the meeting had the intention to put me wise and that I soon would understand why.

”The problems concerning Elaine,” she continued, ”have been explained to Dad.”

I thought it to be peculiar that she always called her husband Dad as if she were his daughter too. And perhaps she felt like it since he was paralyzed.

”The boarding-school for girls is strict but it is not a nunnery. Nervertheless the scholars have no opportunity to meet boys, apart from the holidays at home of course. But what happens when girls in their puberal periode don’ meet boys? They fall in love with the only men with whom they are confronted, that is to say their teachers, preferably the younger and good looking ones. This is what happened to Elaine a few months ago. She fell in love with her new biology teacher, Elliot Thurby. Normally this wouldn’t be so serious, her infatuation would have faded away after some time and after graduation she would leave the school and go to college and forget all about him. But he noticed her amorousness and he reciprocated her feelings! Of course they kept it a secret, Elliot didn”t want to jeopardize his position but they made their plans. Elliot sought and found another job, which he will take up in September and after Elaine’s graduation they became lovers. Dad couldn’t understand that Elaine did this to him but we have convinced him that she no longer is a schoolchild. Nevertheless, Elliot is 31 and Elaine 18, he objected. Well, I said, I was 20 and you 44 when we were married. To cut a long story short, we could appease Dad.

But there is more: the trek across mountains and woods. We had assumed that Elliot would make this hike with a company of six or eight pupils and we were disagreeably surprised the other day that he would do this with Elaine only. Not that we disapprove of him going on a tour together with Elaine but the territory in Montana is wild and deserted, a real wasteland of mountains and woods. We wouldn’t have one quiet moment during the six weeks that they are wandering about there! So we are going to make a proposal to them: Guy and Karli will accompany them during the first three weeks. Guy cannot make himself free any longer. We should appreciate it very much if you and Gail could cover the other three weeks. Would this be possible for you and are you willing to sacrifice your holidays for this purpose?”

They all looked at me expectingly.

”Well, three weeks trekking with Gail can hardly be called a sacrifice and when I know the exact data I can sort out my affairs. So there is no problem.”

”Wonderful.” Gail kissed me. ”I hope your condition is sufficient for the adventure. It will be rather rough.”

”I hope that I’ll have time to improve it.”

In the meantime Guy had arrived and Elliot and Elaine were expected for lunch in short time.

Gail took me apart.

”There is a third problem. Elaine spends a lot of time taking care of her hair. And you know the territory is a rugged landscape. Elliot has told her that she won’t have opportunities for maintenance. By crossing through the dense woods and shrubs her hair willl be get hopelessly entangled. So he proposed her to cut it short. At first she was startled and would have non of it but Elliot didn’t give up and little by little her resistance lessened. I think we must just push her over the edge. We have made a plan and we need your help.”

”What is expected from me?”

”You’ll find out. Promise that you will do what we’ll ask you. You needn’t be afraid, you won’t be hurt.”

”Okay, I promise.”

During lunch the proposal to accompany Elliot and Elaine on their hike was discussed. They agreed on the condition that they would have sufficient privacy. In fact they wellcomed the idea having us in the neighbourhood.

”We shall not place our shelter next to yours during the night but keep enough distance,” Guy promised.

When this was settled Guy and Elliot went for a walk in the garden while Gail took Elaine into another direction.

”Is my little sister very noisy?” Guy asked. ”You know what I mean.”

”Oh, girls are unpredictable in this respect. And while there is no noise of traffic any sound is audible at a greater distance.

”Would 200 yards be safe enough?”

”I think so. How about your girlfriend?”

”Karli doesn’t produce any noise. She is always composed, she never craves for sex but she never offers resistance when I want to fuck her. She is always available for me.”

”Oh man, that sounds boring to me! No, I like some resistance. Just not raping but to bring a girl to submission that’s great. And that’s what they really want, to be dominated. At least most of them.”

”You seem to have much experience regarding women.”

”You may say that, man. Yes, I have fucked a lot of those chicks. But that is some time ago when I still was studying. Then I married one but that turned out to have been a mistake. Sex was great but there is more needed to make a marriage a success. Well, it went wrong so we decided to divorce. Now I’m no longer so wild to reassure you.”

Elliot grinned: ”Though, when I think of the first blowjob your sister gave me…oh boy.”

”What!?” exclaimed Guy. ”Does my sister such things? I assumed that……”

”No, she didn’t. In fact she didn’t know very much about lovemaking. I had to teach her. Well, after all, teaching is my profession,” he laughed. ”You know, when I came I pulled back and squirted my load all over her face and into her hair. She was bewildered, ha, ha, ha.”

Guy was not amused.

Meanwhile Gail asked her sister: ”How was your first time?”

”Oh, I’ve had sex earlier. I helped myself and we girls helped each other. I wasn’t a virgin.”

”But that is not the same.”

”No, it is different. I was scared when I saw Elliot’s genital. It was so big! I had always assumed that it would be long and thin, just as a finger, but it was as thick as three or four fing
ers. I was afraid that I would be teared up………I had done what you had told me.”

”O told you a lot.”

”Yes, I mean cutting my hair. I cut it really short.”

Gail was puzzled but then she realized that Elaine didn’t mean her head.

”I mean my cunthair as the girls call it,” she explained. ”Elliot looked somewhat surprised and I was ashamed lying there totally naked in front of him. He told me to spread my legs and to pull up my knees. Oh, I could have crawled away but with one hand he spread he spread my lips too and I felt his thing brushing them and then …..he penetrated me! There was a short acute pain and I shrieked. He lay still for some time before he began to move…..Oh, it was so wonderful, I was besides myself. I think I screamed but I don’t more know….And then everything exploded and his sperma was everywhere over me……We were lying together stroking each other……… I don’t know how long, maybe hours….Well, I don’t think so and then Elliot asked me if he might shave me. I was startled as he earlier had made remarks about my hair but I understood that he meant……..”

”Yes, your pubic hair.”

”Well, I agreed and the feeling of the razor was awful and I got horny again. We fucked again, it was not like the first time but all the same terrific. And then he stroke my hair while talking about our hiking tour and he asked me if I had considered what to do about it. I thought of you, how upset I was at first when you had shaved your head and I felt frightened but excited at the same time.”

”’What did you tell him?”

”That I hadn’t made up my mind.”

”You see, hon, I had the intention to show myself with short hair so you would be able to see how it would look on you. Unfortunately it got out of hand. Now you may get a better idea as my hair has grown out a little.”

”I know and Elliot will be right saying that long hair will be troublesome. I wouldn’t have the possibilities to spend much care to it, when it rains it will take hours to dry and it will get so entangled that it will be difficult or even impossible to get it right again. But….it is a difficult decision.”

”Let’s go to the others. We’ll show you something.”

Gloria beckoned them. She turned to me.

Roger, now that it is determined that Guy and Karli will accompany Elliot and Elaine on their trek, Karli has agreed to get her hair cut short and we would like you to do it.”

I was surprised but I accepted to keep my promise. When I had met her for the first time her light blonde hair had touched her shoulders, now it had passed them. A chair was placed on the porch in the neighbourhood of a socket though I didn’t intent using clippers. As there was no cape I used a towel to protect her dress.

”How do you want me to cut your hair?” I asked her but Gloria gave the answere.

”How about a chinlength bob with all of her hair at the same length?”

Karli nodded: ”But with bangs,” she said.

I think that to be the first time I heard her voice this day.

I started at her right cheek after having combed her locks. And proceeded via the back to the left side. To get everything at one length I had to cut a little higher than chinlength and this meant that I afterall had to use the clippers to tidy up her nape. Gloria took Karli inside to wash her hair and when she came back I cut the the still damp hair a little more to make the weightline even. Gloria gave her a handmirror. She looked at her new image without showing any emotion, just as she had not done during the cutting. But when she rose she kissed my cheek and said: ”Thank you, thank you.”

She looked again in the mirror and smiled.

Now everyone was looking at Elaine. Elliot was whispering in her ear and she nodded. Gail took her hand and ushered her to the chair. Elaine was nervous but she smiled courageously.

”I assume that you want a simular haircut as I gave Karli?” I asked her.

Elaine sighed: ”I think so.”

Elliot gave her a kiss: ”I know that it is difficult for you, darling. But earlier or later all biology co-eds cut off their hair. So many excursions under different weather circumstances…………Too troublesome with so much hair.”

Elaine nodded.

”Yes, I think so,” she repeated but without any enthousiasm.

I didn’t wait any longer, grasped her long tresses and tethered them into a ponytail. The texture of her hair was different from that of Karli, which was lank and fine.
Elaine’s hair was thick and wavy. It took me some time to saw through it but at last I had the ponytail, two feet of thick hair, in my left hand and I laid it on her bare knees. Owing to the hot weather the girls were lightly dressed.

Elaine inhaled sharply, tears welled up inher eyes and slowly trickled down her cheeks. Relentlessly I continued, I combed the shortened hair and cut it even at chinlength. Gloria took her inside the house to shampoo and just as I had done with Karli I tidied up the weightline. But as her hair was so thick it stood out somewhat and it didn’t look so good as Karli’s.

Elaine looked at her reflection in the handmirror. She didn’t seem satisfied.

”You don’t like it,” I said, ”I know, I have to thin out your hair, it’s too thick.”

She looked at me.

”You might just as well cut it shorter,” she said to my surprise. ”Yes, it is not long any more, so what does it matter.”

”How short, hon?” Gail asked.

”I want him to use the clippers,” Elaine said, looking at me first and then at Gloria.

Gloria, by the way, sported a buzzcut, about 1/2 inch short and dyed black.

Gail gasped: ”Are you sure?”

Elaine nodded: ”Do it , before I change my mind.”

I didn’t wait, took my clippers, installed a number 4 attachment and switched them on. I put them on the hairline and pushed them right through the middle from front to nape, sending a curtain of dark hair to the floor. I buzzed away all of her hair on the right side, then on the left and at last on the back of her head. Elaine grinned when she looked at her image after we had given her a handmirror, seeing that only 1/2 inch of her hair had stayed behind.

”Wonderful!” Elliot exclaimed, ”Darling, you look terrific.”

Clearly he was just the same short hair enthusiast as myself!

I thought that my my task had been finished but suddenly Karli let herself down on the chair: ”Give me the same buzzcut.”

No need to beg me! I started the clippers again when she said: ”No, wait! I want it shorter. Perhaps a number two, no, one!”

Flabbergasted Guy looked at her: ”Has the devil entered into you?”

Gloria interrupted:”Be silent, Guy, she knows what to do.”

I didn’t hesitate and did what she asked for. Her blonde hair hit the floor too, mixing with the dark tresses of Elaine.

Another surprise! Gloria pushed Gail onto the chair, saying:”Buzz it all off.”

Amazed I looked at Gail: ”Do you approve? I thought that you want to have your hair grow out.”

”I know. But we are going trekking with Elliot and Elaine. Yes, my hair is short but I don’t like to look like a boy.”

Her still short hair was cut into a boyish hairstyle.

”Which attachment?” I asked her.

”None, buzz it all off.”

The others looked in awe how Gail again lost her hair. All, except Gloria. She whispered into my ear: ”We have another surprise for you.”

Soon I discovered the meaning of those words. After I had finished clipping Gail’s head Gloria took her place. I gasped.

Triumphantly she looked at me: ”This is what you want, isn’t it?”

”But how about your husband?”

”Don’t bother. Dad knows, he won’t object.”

I looked at him but the expression of his face was blank.

”Well, if you really want this.”

”I do and you know what follows,” she added ambiguously.

I looked at her and then at Gail who smiled and nodded.

The short black hair was easily severed from her head, revealing that her real hair col
our was red! A red shadow on a pale skin caused by the roots. Also exposed was a tattooed fire-spitting dragon, extending from the left temple to the right via the back of her head.

”Not yet done,” Gloria declared, ”Our heads have to be shaved.”

For the umpteenth time I stood bewildered but obeyed and lathered and shaved the heads of successively Gloria, Gail, Karli and Elaine.

Elliot laughed; ”Everyony is ready for the trek!”

The four girls with their shining domes presented themselves in front of Dad. It was hardly possible to distinguish between Gail and Elaine, now both sporting the same bald look!

On his screen came the words: ”My four bitches of Eastwick.”

”Oh Dad, the movie is called ”The witches of Eastwick” and there are only three. Who is the fourth?”

”That’s me,” Gloria answered, kissing her husband.

Suddenly it struck me like the ligtning! How could I have been so blind? Not Gail but Gloria was the witch! With her magic she seduced men and urged girls do such strange things like wanting to shave their heads! Even further reached her magical force: via her victims she could other girls influence to do the same! Just as the saleswoman and the three girls in the church! How many would still follow?

Dad smiled and turned his head somewhat.

”Oh my god, Dad! You moved your head!” Gloria cried out. ”That’s for the first time since you have been paralyzed!”

That marked a hopeful end of the day.

Gail and I decided to stay overnight in Dad’s house.

We went to bed in Gail’s room. The events of the day, the cutting, clipping and headshaving had made me horny. But Gail turned away from me when I tried to press her to my heart.

”What’s wrong?” I asked her.

”Nothing, I just can’t.”

”Why not? You always like love-making.”

”I don’t know, maybe it is the house.”

”I think Gloria is the reason. Am I right?”

Gail looked at me on a strange way: ”Roger, if you want to screw a woman, go to her. She deserves it and she will be ready for you. She likes you and you know that I’m not jealous.”

”Gail, I……..”

She interrupted me: ”No, don’t say anything. Just go to her and screw her.”

I didn’t want to do this but I couldn’t resist the urge.

I knocked at the door of Gloria’s bedroom.

”Come in, the door is open.’

Gloria was lying naked on top of her blankets. She smiled: ”I was expecting you.”

”What are you up to, Gloria?”

”You know what I want, Roger. I need sex and you are going to satisfy me.”

”And what about Gail? She and I are lovers.”

A cooing laugh: ”I know that, Roger. Gail grants me your body. It’s only sex, Roger. Come on, why make such a fuss about it.”

She presented herself to me in such coaxing ways that my resistance melted away. But I didn’t want to be careful and tender with her. I noticed some ropes and I tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Spreadeagled she had nowhere to turn but just that aroused her. I gave her a rough treatment and fucked her like hell.

Exhausted she whispered in my ear : ”You are such a great fucker, the best I know. And I know a lot of them.”

”Thank you for the compliment. Nevertheless I’ll not untie you. Being a witch you’ll be able to set yourself free.”

Gloria smiled: ”Someone will come if I don’t show up.”

Gail was still awake when I returned to her. And now she was very cuddlesome, she hugged and kissed me, saying: ”I have been afraid that you wouldn’t come back, I had to cry.”

”My poor baby, don’t you know that I love you?”

”Oh Roger, you never have said that so straight forward, you make me so happy,” she panted. She pressed herself to my breast. ”Please fuck me,” she whispered.

Her totally changed demeanour surprised me: ”You told me that you couldn’t do it.”

“I know, forgive me, darling. It’s so embarrassing.”

”It is Gloria again, isn’t it? It is her magic power that governs everything and everyone in this house. Well, I won’t more fuck her.”

Gail smiled: ”Darling, you won’t be able to resist her. We just have to accept that.”

She bent her head towards my pubic region and began to suck at my penis. I stroke her smooth bald head and soon we were both very horny……

The end.

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