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That summer was the best and I loved my hair. Julie got her grades up and mom let her grow her hair out. When we turned 12 in October mom told us that boys didn’t like lots hair between girls legs and that she would buzz it with a #1 blade every 3 days. That was cool that mom would do that for us. Mom told us that when we started having sex that she would shave us with shaving cream, but only if we wanted.

That year when school let out mom just drove us home we didn’t go to Charley’s. Julie and I asked why we didn’t go to Charley’s. She said we didn’t have to cut our hair if we didn’t want and if we did she would do it or we would go to the beauty salon. I told mom I wanted mine like last year and she asked if i wanted it that way all summer, I said yes. Mom told me that she would clipper shave it and then rub Nair on my head to keep hair away longer. I loved it and mom told Julie that she didn’t have to cut her hair at all.

Mom continued to buzz our pubic hair and I got aroused every time my skin was touched by the clippers. That year in March I asked mom to buzz my hair again that I was really tired of my ugly hair. Mom asked if I was sure and how short. I said “I’m positive, I want you to cut it with a #1 blade”. Mom did it. I asked if I could shave off my eyebrows with the razor I shave off my legs with and Mom said that was fine with her.

Julie had a steady boyfriend that summer of ’94 (she had him from March 3rd, 1994 to June 14th, 1995), I was jealous. One day when I came home from a night at a concert. I found her asleep with her almost butt length hair on MY bed. I joked with a my friend Jessee about cutting her long mane. Jessee said “that would be funny if she woke up with shorter hair….lets do it. So we took the scissors and cut a fist full of hair on the right side of her head to just below her ear…Jessee said lets shave off half of her eyebrow. We took my Bic and shaved off half of her right eyebrow.

Julie woke-up the next morning and started crying. “How could you do this to me John will break up with me I’m sure.” she tried to put the guilt trip on me and Jessee…i didn’t work. Mom came in trying to figure out what the ruckus was all about. Mom asked what happened and Julie had no problem telling mom what happened. Mom asked how we would like it if we had been treated like that. I smarted off and said “What do i have to loose my hair is already short.” Mom told me “you strip down to not a thread of clothing right now!” I knew what was coming so I did mom told me to lay down on the sheet she spread out in the living room while she shaved my pussy, head, and my eyebrows with clippers & shaving cream.

Mom cut Julie’s hair in a mid-ear length bob. John loved Julies hair and requested she keep it that way. She did but hated it very much so. One night when Jessee spent the night about a week later Julie got her revenge on Jessee. Jessee was asleep and Julie went to the bath room and got her razor. She went into the room where Jessee and I were sleeping. She ran the razor about 1 1/2 inches down the front of Jessee’s head. Jessee woke up and went to the bathroom at 3 in the morning when she came back she woke me up laughing. I woke up and said “Oh my gosh Jessee go look in the mirror”. She said “I know Julie got revenge, I think it’s kinda funny. My mom would never let me get a short hair style but now she has to let me.”

Jessee and I went back to sleep and the next morning Jessee called her mom and her mom said that it had better be fixed by the time she came to pick her up at 5 that evening. Jessee asked my mom to shave her head. Mom said ok to go to my room. Mom told Jessee to strip completely then told me that if i wanted to stay in the room for me to do so also. Mom went to her room to get the clippers, shaving cream, razor, and sheet. When she returned Jessee and I were naked and mom came in naked too. Jessee could not take her eyes off mom’s shaved pussy and my grown out pussy. I could tell that she was embarrassed that hers had never been cut but she didn’t say anything. After mom was done completely shaving Jessee’s head she told me to sit that I needed my pussy shaved again and told Jessee that Dad had just left and for her to go get Julie and tell her that it was time to trim her pussy. When Mom got done with Julie’s pussy. Mom & Julie went to go get dressed while Jessee and I stayed in my room. Jessee asked me “how long has your mom shaved you?” I said “huh” and she said “you know down there” “O since last October”.

Jesse then asked if i would shave her but not to tell anyone and I told her yes. So I quickly clipper shaved her pussy and we got dressed. When Jessee’s Mom came to get her she was surprised at the look of Jessee’s hair. Jessee didn’t stay bald for long but her pubic hair stayed gone for quite some time. I shaved her pubic hair every Friday night. I kept my pubic hair shaved and let my hair grow out to my shoulders the rest of the way through Junior High School.

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