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I came home from work that afternoon tired and ready to kick back for the night. She wasn’t home yet, which wasn’t unusual. We were both dedicated and passionate.about everything. As I shed my gear from the day at work at the front door I could only think about sitting down, and doing nothing. I headed to the computer to catch up on the things I couldn’t catch up on at work, and I heard the door open. She walked in and made a bit of a rustle, then headed my way.

She didn’t say anything as she stood behind me and placed her hands on my shoulders. I didn’t say anything either, I could tell this wasn’t a time for me to open my mouth.

“You’re getting long,” she said as her hands moved up my neck to my hair. It wasn’t long, but I’m not about to argue at this moment. I just nod and let her do as she pleases.

“We should do something about this, don’t you think?” she continued. I finally turned around to look at her and to my pleasant surprise she was standing in her undergarments. Her tall, slender body always wowed me, with its perfect curves, perfect proportions, and perfectly smooth skin. Oh, how she takes my breath away.

“Yesss, we should,” I mutter, sensing the beginning of something great. I stand up and take her extended hand as we head to the bathroom. I take a seat on the usual stool, and she grabs the usual implements. She returns to me, and after setting the tools on the counter, comes in front of me.

“You’re overdressed, let me help you.”

Up and over my shirt goes, and down and off my pants go. My boxers are slightly tented, and she is well aware of this as she tugs them off too. With a smile she says,

“Now we’re ready, shall I begin?” I say nothing again, only looking into her eyes. She comes over and straddles me as she picks up the clippers. Grinding on my crotch, she moves into position. I love when she does, this, pressing my face into her bosom as she runs the clippers up the back of my head before trimming the top with the scissors. Before I can take a deep breath, I’m jarred from my reverie.

“Hold still, or I’ll stop!”

Yeah, like I was going to stop after she had run the clippers from my forehead back on a number two. Resigned to the new look, I settled in for the ride. What a ride. As she ran the clippers over the top of my head, I could see her nipples hardening through her bra. Her panties clung to her bare mound and her vagina moistened. She obviously wanted to do this. A lot. I could hear and feel her deep breathing on me, almost panting.

After the top was done, she did the sides as normal, leaving me with a neatly buzzed head. By this point I was raging hard. I needed her bad, but she wasn’t done yet. She rubbed her hands over my head to check her work, which was found to be satisfactory.

“Go on, feel it, see if you love it as much as I do,” she smiled as she stepped back slightly. I raised my hand up to stroke the fuzz, and as I did she deftly flicked the clippers over my exposed armpit hair. I didn’t expect this, but I played along and lifted up the other for the same treatment. She had me on a leash, and I was entirely hers. She backed off me and knelt down between my now spread legs and looked up at me before taking my engorged member into her mouth. Finally, I though, it felt so good.

Before I could think about finishing, she got off, and turned the clippers back on again. This wouldn’t be the first time she did this to my crotch, so I knew the drill. Down the happy trail, around the shaft, behind the sack, taper down the thighs. Fun every time.

Only this time, she didn’t stop after that. She picked up my right foot, braced it on her thigh, and began running clippers up and down my legs. Up to the knee, then up to the hip, until each leg was nothing but stubble. My leg hair joined the rest of my hair on the floor, making quite a mess. I have to admit, it didn’t look to bad, and it sure as hell didn’t feel too bad. Covered with stubble from the neck down, I sensed a shower coming on. No one likes stubble.

I stood up and began to move that way, but she interrupted me first.

“Now, babe, it’s my turn,” she said with a longing in her voice. I nearly came on the spot.this had been great so far, but now where was I going to clip her.? Then it hit me, and I looked, at her, and she smiled, running her hands through her hair. Wow, she wanted me to shave her head. What a dream come true this night was. I moved over behind her gently stood her up and positioned her in front of me. I pick up the clippers, and before turning them on, bent her over slightly and entered her, slowly beginning to pump into her sweetness. I turned on the machine and moved it to her temple. Pulling the hair back, I placed them at her sideburn. No attachment. This was going to be it. She let out a scream that sounded something like “go,” and I obliged.

Up her sideburn they went, sending footlong waves of hair down to the floor. White stubble was left behind, beautiful white stubble. I took the next pass behind her ear and met the path of the first one, completely exposing her perfect ear. I kissed the area and she bucked, nearing orgasm. I proceeded back and up her nape, each stroke baring more of her slender neck. I was nearly spent, but had to finish the job. As I moved over to the other temple she began to scream, having the best orgasm of her life. I had to stop, for fear of hurting her. I stood there for the ride, finishing myself as she rammed back into my groin with force.

She nearly collapsed at that point and I had to catch in my arms. I gently set her down, and she panted,

“That’s..enough..for..now.. Finish.around.the.back.and.sides, and we’ll.leave it.as..undercut.for now,” She was blush, and glowing. I was a little disappointed, but did as she asked. The undercut ended up about two inches above her ears, and as I put her hair up into a ponytail, my prick hardened again. What a site.
“Showertime,” said, simply, and we headed into the stall. I turned the water up hot, creating a sauna. As we lathered and rinsed, she reached for the shaving gel she kept in there for her legs.

“Don’t think we’re done yet, dear. You have a lot of unsightly stubble. As do I. Now fetch some new razors and let’s get to work.” Music to my ears. I did so and she crouched down next to me. Taking the gel, she lathered up my lets from ankle to hip, making them as smooth as hers. If I thought they felt good before, this was out of this world. She moved up to my crotch, my stomach, and finally my armpits. Smooth from the neck down, and fully erect. Grabbing my member and gently stroking it, she handed me the gel and breathed, “Now me.”

I gathered her wet hair and twisted it into a tail and had her hold it on top of her head. Taking the gel I worked a lather around the undercut, giving her a partial white halo. I took the razor and began at her temple, as before, gently stroking the razor up and over her ear, leaving her scalp perfectly smooth. After I was finished we both rinsed off and stepped out. I grabbed a towel, but she grabbed me. Forcing me to the floor we tangled in a wild embrace and began to fuck like never before, two smooth bodies effortlessly sliding against one another. I couldn’t keep my hands off her new shaved scalp, and she couldn’t keep hers off my newly shaved body. We came with a fury, and collapsed. As we lay there panting and holding one another, I asked,

“Why did you make me stop with the undercut, not that I mind,” looking at its creamy white smoothness under her tousled locks.

“Why, dear, I had to save something for YOUR next haircut.”

The end.

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