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My boyfriend has a big fetish, he is crazy about fluffy things and i know just how to turn him on. He is a sucker for mohair and i have many different fluffy jumpers in my wardrobe. If i want any thing new i just fluff myself up turn on the charm and let him fuck me , he never says no to anything after sex.

He always takes me on nice holidays to the sun but he always insists i take mohair with me in my suitcase. and i know he will want to fuck me while i am wearing it however hot it is.

He took me to a nice quiet greek island several years ago and it was beautiful. and in my suitcase he personally watched while i packed my big red fluffy mohair poloneck jumper.

He could not wait long when we arrived and soon had me stripped dressed in mohair and fucked. but it was so hot there the sweat poured out of me, my hair stuck to my neck it was all too much. mohair and long hair and i was getting sick of it.

During our stay i would get up early and go to the shops for papers and milk and one morning previously i remember seeing an old style barbershop and the barber opening up and putting his sign outside.

After another fetish mohair fuck sweating with my boyfriend, the morning after i dressed myself in my prettiest summer dress and pretty shoes and went out early to get a paper and sure enough on the way back there was the old barber putting out his sign again.

I followed him in the shop, i knew what i wanted. he looked surprised at the sight of a mad english woman. I picked up his clippers and pulled the guard off, you shave me i said. he did not look convinced or happy. no madam no he said waving his arms around. Too hot too hot i said and sat down in his chair you shave me i shouted. He shook his head several times and sighed, lady lady he said. I just waved his clippers at him. finally he stood behind me and took the clippers from my hand and turned them on.

I was pointing to my head , shave me shave me i said again. And then he did. he ran his hand through my hair and tipped it over my head. it all hung forward and he ran those clippers up the back of my head and shaved straight through the middle of my head all the way to my forehead.

My gorgeous middle back length dark hair began to fall on my pretty dress. my lovely curls and waves piled up in my lap and on the floor. there was no turning back, he held me forward and clipped me bare. when i did look up the whole top of my head and all the back was totally bald. but both the sides were long still and untouched, i looked so ridiculous like that i just closed my eyes and he clipped off all the left side then finally the right. i just opened my eyes as the last few strands were clipped off and i watched them fall.

I had a white bald head and it looked awful but i was not gonna be so hot and sweaty dressed in big mohair jumpers ever again.

I brushed the hair from my dress and shoulders. the barber still looked nervous madam he said. great great ok ok i said i am happy. he smiled finally. i paid him tipped him and left as quick as i could.

I got many odd looks on the way back to the apartment but i was free from all my hair finally, i just wondered what my boyfriend was gonna say and do.

He was still asleep, i had got the shopping and had my head shaved bald and he was still snoring.

I was kim bald and beautiful or so i hoped. my boyfriend might not agree.

I dressed in his favourite red mohair jumper and stood at the mirror applying my lipstick. my bald head stared back. i crept into the bed and lay in front of him pushing my fluffy arse against him.

It was not long before he stirred all that red fluff was too much for him, he ran his hands over my arse and up my back, then onto my shoulders and finally onto my head.

Then he opened his eyes. shit shit he kept saying what have you done.he stared at my hairless head. he was so shocked.

I am kim bald and beautiful i thought. i took his hands and ran them over my head. no hair but lots of mohair i said and i put his hands on my hips. fuck me baby i said to him smiling fuck me in just mohair with nothing else in the way no hair.

And he just could not resist me bald or not .once he started fucking me he soon forgot all about my hair he did not care anymore.

When we got back home together, everyone soon got over the shock of my baldie head. my boy friend now loves me shaved clipped and cut.

We have brought our own clippers and i let him shave me regularly and it turns him on more and more each time.

I have had many short barber cuts for him including several high tight boy cuts, bobs cut to the top of my ears extreme pixie cuts and even a bowl cut with a razored back but when i tell him in the evening that its haircut time he still loves nothing more than to clipper me to 0000 with my fluffy red mohair jumper on.

So ladies remove it clip it off cut it short whatever, you know you want to. surprise your man with a short cut. he will still love you you dont need hair to be sexy.

I know I am! Kim bald and beautiful.

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