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1 year a new doctor, his wife and daughter moved to our town. I worked in a salon kind of like a supercuts or pro-cuts. The small family started coming in about 3 weeks after they moved in. At first they came in altogether then Stan and Nancy started coming by them selves or one of them with the Gracie. He had the normal come over, Nancy had sholder lengeth hair and Gracie had hair to the middle of her back. Nancy always was complaining about having no time to tend to herself and always spending so much time on Gracie’s hair and then Gracie would go play and it would be messed up.

About 6 months after they moved to town Nancy came in with Gracie. It was clear that Nancy was upset and Gracie had been crying. I asked what I could do for them. Nancy said I need you to cut Gracie’s hair. I replied with an ok and asked how short. Nancy said to cut longer than a bob but not much longer. While I was cutting Gracie’s hair to just off her sholders, I asked Nancy what had happened. She told me how Gracie’s hair was always notted and that Stan wanted it to stay long but he was never the one to come it or put it up or anything. She said Gracie cried cause it hurt and it always ended in a spanking or her hair just being a mess all day. I finished Gracie’s hair. Nancy paid and I went on with my day.

Stan came in with Gracie about 2 weeks later. I asked “who is getting a hair cut today?” Stan said just me. Gracie quickly interrupted with a “I want my hair cut”. Stan said ok its what ever you want, honey. He said “well you go first then sweetheart”. I asked Stan how short. Gracie quickly said “I want my hair like hers” and pointed to me (I was bald). Stan and I chuckled and he said maybe a little bit longer. He said “go ahead and use the clippers but not bald, ok”. I said ok and suggested we start with an under cut and go from there. He said “fine with me”. I put her hair up and got out the clippers. I started at her right temple and went all the way around and then went again. She then had the perfect girly summer hair cut. I took her hair down and she looked in the mirror. She said my hair doesn’t look like yours. I said no it didn’t but the underside did and then I pulled it up. She said I want it shorter. I looked at Stan and he said cut her hair to level with her nose and then she is done. I did as I was directed and then cut Stan’s hair like usual.

A few weeks later Nancy, Stan, and Gracie all came in together. I greeted them and asked what could I do for them. Stan said “we are going on vacation, we will be gone for 3 months (all summer)”. I said “wow where are you going?” Nancy replied “Florida”. I asked who was first. Stan said “I’ll go first”. He got in the chair, I caped him and he started saying “Gracie still wants to be shaved and we think that going somewhere no one will see us for a while is the rite time to do it. I want to look like Gracie so SHAVE ME.” My eyes got wide and I started the task. I finished and said that I would just leave the stubble so that it didn’t look so wierd. I said Nancy are you next. She said “yes”. Nancy got in the chair and I asked what could I do for her. She said that she wanted hers like I had done Gracie’s last time and I cut it just like what she wanted. I turned her around and asked what she thought. She told me to start at the front of one ear and go to the other and shave off her bangs. I did as I was told and shaved off her bangs. Nancy looked cute in her new summer haircut. I next called Gracie. I told gracie “you have to sit still or i may messup, ok”. I started Clippering her head and she started screaming it tickles, it tickles and laughing and squriming. I went to the front to make the next pass, she threw her head back and hit the clippers. I looked down at her and she had a single pass going form fore head to nape. And that was it. I looked at Stan and Nancy. Nancy said to Stan “we are gonna have to hold her down so this looks ok”. I removed the invert mohawked little girl from the chair and handed her to her daddy. I then took the booster chair out of the chair and Nancy sat down in the chair. Stan then put Gracie facing her mother on her lap. Stan then went behind the chair and held the child’s arms against her body. I grabbed my clippers and began to finish the shave.

I finished, the family paid, and left for there trip.

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