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Jack woke up on Monday morning and looked at the alarm clock stunned.. it was 7:15 “cotton picken alarm clock didn’t wake me up at 6:30” jack thought. then he discovered it was set for PM. Probably something i did prior to going to bed. Jack slaps himself across the face. “ouch” jack thought. “Now i am awake” he thought again.

Jack stepped out of bed and went to the bathroom to start his shower and let it steam for a few minutes. he stripped all of his clothes off and spent 3 minutes cleaning himself.

he then went to the kitchen and seen his breakfast was set out by his girlfriend of 2 years… “wow..good lady” he said. his girlfriend had a job which started at 6am. Ruth his girlfriend was 1 inch shorter then him with shoulder length hair. he was thinking back to over a year ago she had chin length hair and beautiful. she said she not go back to chin length again.

Jack finished his breakfast and went to his bedroom to finish dressing. “good thing I am 10 minutes from my job” he thought.

he picked a shirt,Tie and pants and quickly slipped them on. and also his shoes.

he locked the apartment and went to the garage outside and started his car and backed out and went on to the road.

he arrived 5 minutes early to his customer service job and slid his name badge to enter the building and the door opened. he entered his employee number to the clock and he was “in” status.

he checked his computer at his terminal for the sports scores.. he had a bet with his boss and his basketball team lost and had to pay his boss. Jack was “bummed” he hadn’t lost for awhile. his boss took losing bets fine but this bet cost jack more money.

Jack was raised to the saying “a bet is a bet” and you don’t back out. so he went to his boss’s office and knocked on the door and the boss motioned for him to open the door. Jack took a seat while his boss was on the phone. his boss finished the conversation and Jack opened his wallet and took out a $100 bill. “i lost my bet, it’s yours” Jack said.

“oh, i completely let it slip my mind” his boss said suprised.

“it was a bet and my team was defeated by your team” Jack replied.

“you know, i bet you could use this for something else so, why don’t you retain this money and we will bet on something later..no arguments..okay?” his boss said.

“okay” Jack said disappointed.

Jack felt a little bit sick and went to the break room for a drink and then went to his terminal.

Jack had a busy morning and was able to make a commission for himself on a New product his company decided to try. he took his lunch around 12:30 and went for a sandwich.

Jack had a good lunch and the bet had him still bummed. he came back from lunch and asked his boss if he could use 1 hour of personal time to leave early which his boss ok’d.

he went to a bar for a beer it was a good beer so he had a second one. he didn’t feel good after the 2nd one so he sat for awhile. the feeling went away and he went to the restroom and looked in the mirror and looked at his hair. he hadn’t had it trimmed for awhile so, he went to the barbershop.

Fred was his barber of 10 years and would do any type of cut for anyone.

Jack sat in the chair after exchanging a few words and Jack asked for a “buzzcut” Fred was stunned at this request and asked Jack again, because Jack had nice shoulder length hair and his hair was very healthy.

so Fred tied the hair to a pony tail and chopped it with scissors. and then placed a guard on the clippers and buzzed his hair to half an inch. Jack asked for more to be clipped and so fred buzzed it to “3/8” inch and Jack was happy.

Jack was pleased with the look and gave a $10 bill to Fred, although he usually paid $8 for the haircut. Fred was very suprised Jack gave him a little extra.

Jack went to his apartment and admired his haircut.

Ruth arrived at 6pm and she didn’t see jacks car parked in the garage,due to most garages have the ability to store 2 cars and Jack parked his car somewhere else til evening. Ruth went to the apartment and opened the door and seen a different person in the kitchen “burglar,burglar” she screamed and ran out the door. Jack could hear her screaming “burglar..burglar” outside. Jack couldn’t help but laugh.

Ruth came back a short period later with a friend holding a baseball bat and when they seen jack Ruth said “I’m so sorry, i didn’t recognize you at first”

“it’s okay” Jack said.

“I like the haircut though” Ruth said.

her friend Tammy agreed.

“what made you do it?” Ruth asked.

“i made a bet..the boss let it slip his mind..wouldn’t take the money..felt bummed….had a beer and had a haircut” Jack said.

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