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I can’t lie. The first thing I notice about a woman is her hair. Not the breasts, butt, or face, her hair. And it’s not long hair that I like either. I love short hair, and the shorter the better. My peripheral vision is finely attuned to detect short haircuts around me. If you ever see me snap my head around in public, that’s most likely why.

It was this acute perception of all things hair that brought her to my attention. I was at my favorite watering hole taking the evening’s baseball game, and my hair detector went off as soon as I saw her. She had dark blonde hair with highlights on top and what I would describe as `cedar’ lowlights underneath, pulled up into a ponytail halfway up her head. I’d guess her hair was about shoulder length at the time. I really dug the color combo, so I kept a closer eye on her than the game.

When my beer was gone, I made it a point to have her serve me my next one. Smiling, she asked what I was having. I told her to pour me her choice, which pleased her. As she turned around to the tap, I finally noticed that she also had a great figure, with a nice round ass, slender waist, and a perfectly proportional set of breasts poured into her tight white top. Moving back up I looked at her hair again and noticed that the wispy hairs around her nape and sideburn appeared to be trimmed. Very nice, if unusual, I though, but didn’t say anything.

“Here you go, bartender’s choice,” she said, smiling again. “Enjoy!”

“Thanks, hope your taste is as good as I suspect!” I said as she chuckled and went about her business. Nursing the beer, I continued to watch her, thinking many naughty thoughts.

A week went by and I headed back up to the pub for another game. All I thought about was her and hoping that she would be there. Thankfully she was, and I made a promise to myself to spark up a conversation with her. I saddled up to the bar and got her attention.

“Hey there, weren’t you the guy who let me have my way with you last time?” she asked. She was wearing a similar outfit this time, still looking fantastic, though. Her hair was down, and it was just about shoulder length as I had predicted. It was layered and flipped out slightly, with hints of the cedar lowlights peeking through.

“Why yes, that was me. It was most enjoyable too,” I returned. In more ways that one, I thought.

“What’ll it be today? My way or something else?”

“I think I like your way. You treated me rather well last time.”

She proceeded to mix me up a drink this time. “I like your hair. Up and down, it looks nice,” I said.

“Thanks, I like to try new things with it. I used to just keep it long, but the last few months it’s been getting progressively shorter. I love it every time.”

“That’s really cool. I wish more women were bold like that. How short will you take it?” I asked

“Hard to say. Maybe I’ll shave it eventually,” she smiled and laughed. If she only knew what that did to me!

“I’m sure you’ll look great if you do. I don’t think I could imagine you looking bad,”

“You’re too kind. I wish my ex was that understanding. He dumped me after I took my hair from bra strap to shoulder length. Said he couldn’t deal with short hair.”

“So he’s one of those types, eh? Long hair or bust.no middle ground. Well, I’m sure if he dumped you over that you’re better off. I’m sure you found someone new in no time,” I said.

“Actually, I’m just breathing free right now. But if the right guy came along, I’d be open. I’m about ready for someone new,” she said, which was music to my ears. At this point she had to go tend to some other customers. I finished my drink and the game and flagged her down for my check. We settled up and I told her I’d see her again here. As I was walking out the door I noticed a phone number on the back of my check. Turning back towards the bar I saw her smiling wide and coyly waving bye to me. I returned the very large smile and went on home, floating the whole way.

We talked a couple times on the phone before my next visit to the bar. Nothing serious, just getting to know each other. She seemed really cool, and seemed to have a hair thing like me, to boot. What wasn’t there to like? My next visit to the bar came on a Thursday night. I was very anxious to see her again.

Arriving at the bar, I took my place at my usual spot by the tv. I didn’t see her at first so I got a beer from one of the other `tenders. The first couple innings passed, and still no sign of her. Eventually I had to use the men’s room, so I got up from my stool and headed over. After doing my business I headed back out to the bar, and finally saw her, sitting next to my stool. My heart nearly burst out of my chest, my eyes out of my head, and my dick out of my pants when I saw her. Her formerly blonde/cedar shoulder length hair was now shaped into a amazing graduated bob. Roughly chin length in front, it was parted to one side. After following her jaw line for a bit, it took a sharp turn up and blended into a highly stacked back, which was cropped down to around two inches at the top and blended down into no more than half an inch at her nape. Her neck was clipper shaved, and the cropped back was all tousled and flipped out. The color was now a deeper red, almost auburn with a few blonde streaks mixed in. Gathering myself up, I went back to my seat.

Playing cool, I broke the ice, “Thought I’d miss you tonight. How are you? Love the haircut!”

“Thanks! I just got it done today. It’s amazing, I love it this short. I couldn’t keep my hands off the back afterwards.” She said. I sympathized with her-I could barely keep my hands off of her. “I was off tonight, but I forgot to tell you when we talked yesterday, so I thought I’d just show up and chill with you.”

“Well, that’s nice of you. I was afraid I was going to have to watch a game without you.” It wasn’t like I was going to be watching now anyways. I was too busy eye-fucking her to notice the game. I hope I wasn’t being too obvious!

We carried on the idle chat all night, well past the end of the game. Soon closing time arrived, and it was time to part.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you around here,” she said. “I think I’m going to miss you, though!”

Wow, this was awesome. I’m not too good with the chase, but I think I know something good when I see it!

“I’ve got a few cold ones back at my place. They’re actually ones you recommended, too! Maybe you could come back and help me consume them?” There, I cast my bait. I could only hope she bites.

“Hmm, you know, I think I might. Shall I drive myself?”

“Nah, I can take you back to your car later. It’s no problem.” Hopefully no rides would be necessary!

“Ok, then, we’re off!” We walked out of the bar, not holding hands, but damn close. We chattered on the ride to my place and on inside. She took a seat on my couch and started flipping channel while I grabbed two beers from the fridge. I came over and plopped down next to her, handed her a beer and put an arm around her. She didn’t flinch.

“You know, I gotta say, I just can’t get over your haircut. It’s such a dramatic change, but you look awesome. I honestly.” I stopped myself before something unbecoming slipped out.

“You honestly what?” she asked, not missing a beat. “Honestly didn’t recognize me? Honestly almost crapped yourself? Honestly almost popped a boner?” She started giggling at that one. I blushed, and that was all she needed.

“You did! I knew it, I thought you seemed a bit off. Now I know why!” She smiled and set her beer down. Taking my cheek in her hand she pulled me towards her and we shared a deep kiss. Exhaling deeply afterwards, we looked at each other.

“That was nice. Glad I didn’t have to do all the work!” I said. I meant it too, but I’d have gladly done the work for her.

“Let’s not stop now, I need to tell you more about my haircut.” My little
guy jumped at that. She knew she had ME hook, line, and sinker at this point.

“Well, go on then. If you can find time,” I leaned back over and kissed her again, putting one arm around her and the other on her neck. I felt the faint stubble on my hand as I moved it up towards her nape. As my hand reached her hairline, and dug into the cropped, delightful, hair, felt her twitch in my arms and make a little moan. She was more into this than I thought!

Finishing the kiss, I begin, “Well, do tell. As you can see I’m dying for details!”

“Ok, then,” she began, “I went into the salon and told my stylist that I wanted something a lot shorter and a little darker. We talked a bit and decided on something chin length in the front and stacked a little in the back, and with this color.”

“Go on,” I said as I began kissing her neck.

“Well, she cut off most of the excess length, which was somewhat arousing for me. I actually had an orgasm in the chair when I got my hair cut off the first time!”

“That’s awesome. I don’t think I’ve heard that ever before.” I started to unbutton her top and kiss her chest.

“As she began cutting the shape in, I told her to take it shorter in the back. She obliged, and took it up even with my hairline, but not quite as stacked as I wanted. I didn’t say anything yet, and she did the color. After washing it out, she went to style it, and I told her I wanted it shorter yet. I told her to go wild on it, and use her judgement. Sound familiar?”

I mumbled something as I worked on the last button. I looked up at her to see if she was ready to slide her shirt off. She was. And her bra, too, which she did herself. Her breasts were as amazing as I imagined, pert, with small pink nipples that were currently at full attention. “Go on,” I said as I dove into her bosom.

“She dove right in, hacking away at the length on the back. The feeling of having my hair out of my control was amazing and it was all I could do to not come in the chair again. I closed my eyes and focused on not moaning as she took the trimmers to my neck and used the clippers over a comb on my nape. I couldn’t wait to see the final product. After styling the hair, she showed me and I was ecstatic. I tipped her double and hurried home to relieve myself. I couldn’t stop touching my hair or myself.that’s why I was late tonight!”

“That story just got better and better! Shall we make it better yet?” I knew we were going to be fucking soon, this was just a formality.

“Better? I suppose. I can think of one thing that would help-get naked right now!” She ordered, and I obliged. My seven inches stood tall and proud, freed from my pants. She removed her pants and thong, revealing a neatly trimmed bush. I was a little disappointed to see hair, but I didn’t mind much at all at this point, that was something to fret about later.

Laying back on the couch, she climbed atop me. With one hand bracing herself on my shoulder, she used the other to tuck her hair behind her ears and then she lowered her moist pussy onto my throbbing cock. Slowly bobbing up and down, squeezing at all the right times she started to kiss me long and deep. I grabbed her ass with both hands and guided her up and down. After a while she leaned back and began moaning. I began massaging her breasts and she massaged her clit with one hand while the other ran through her hair. Watching this brought me close to exploding. Pausing for a moment, we switched positions so I was standing and she was bent over the couch.

Re-entering her from behind, I started pumping forcefully. Seeing her hair, the cropped back right in front of me and the longer parts in front bouncing around drove me nuts. She moaned louder and louder, screaming loud enough to wake any neighbors up. After minutes of this, she came forcefully with a scream. While she was screaming I did everything in my to keep her orgasm going before I let loose inside her with my own thundering orgasm. She let out a whimper, and I removed myself from her. Standing up, she turned around to face me.

“That was by far the best sex I’ve ever had. I had no idea what a short haircut could do for a guy. You were a machine inside me, better than anything I’ve ever used,” she panted before she embraced me in a kiss. We sucked face as we collapsed onto the couch in a pile of sweaty bliss. Arranging in a spooning position, I put my arm around her and held her nude body close to mine. Drifting off to sleep, I looked down at her one last time. I could surely make a habit of this!

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