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Monica was a lovely lady of 26. She had long red hair that curled as it went down to her butt. In fact her hair was one of her best features. Or so it used to be.

Monica noticed that more and more ladies were wearing their hair short. In just the last few days she had seen several that had gone so far as to shave their head. Today as she ate lunch at one of her favorite cafĂ©’s she noticed that her waitress was now bald. Thinking it looked rather nice she began asking about it. She found out that it had been done that morning at a place just down the street called Shear Delight. She was told it was an old fashioned barber shop but that all the barbers were women.

A few hours later she was walking and walked past Shear Delight. Something about it grabbed her attention. As she looked in the window she saw 5 chairs. Each chair had a woman behind it. In the first chair a woman was having her head clippered. “Wow,” she thought. “I wonder how that feels. The next thing she knew she walked inside.

Taking a seat she began to notice each and every aspect. She saw that each of the barbers was wearing a sweater or a poncho. She noticed that the first barber had a crisp flattop. The next barber had a crewcut. The third barber had a completely bald head. The fourth barber had a bob haircut that was cut about ear level with the back shaved. The last barber had a Mohawk. Her red hair was sticking up right down the middle of her head with the remainder as bald as a billiard ball.

It wasn’t long until Monica heard, “Next.” She looked up just as the lady with the Mohawk was motioning her to the chair. She said, “My name is Ginger, what can I do for you.”

Monica found herself walking to the chair still wondering how she had got herself in this situation. She sat down and Ginger caped her. “I have never had much of a haircut. My hair has been this long for some time. I have noticed more and more girls with short hair and thought I might like to try it but I’m not sure what I should do.”

“That’s quite allright,” Ginger replied. “How about if I cut some and then we go from there.”

Monica was feeling more and more confident. “She said that would be fine.”

Ginger grabbed the clippers and begin to cut Monica’s hair about at the shoulderblade. Before you know it, Monica had a shoulder length haircut. She thought that was nice but it still wasn’t very short.

“What do you think should be the next shortest style?”

Ginger said, “I could give you a bob.

Monica liked looking at fresh bob haircuts. “I think I would like that.”

Ginger took her clippers and started just below the chin and cut Monica’s hair again. Monica saw even more hair falling. It was both exciting and nerve racking.

Monica liked the way her hair was beginning to move. “I think I would like to go even shorter.”

Ginger then begin to shave up the back.

Monica could barely contain herself. It felt so wonderful. In fact she was feeling things that she hadn’t felt in some time.

Ginger told her she could take the sides up to the ears. Monica liked that idea. Pretty soon she was beginning to notice she had some really cute ears.

“You know, I have always had long hair. I think I would like to walk out of her with a flattop.”

“What a wonderful idea,” Ginger reassured. Just then she begin shaping up Monica’s hair. She clipped the sides. “Do you want me to give you a true flattop or a horseshoe?”

Monica had seen lots of pictures of policemen and such with horseshoe flattops. “I think I want a horseshoe.” “Can you shave with a razor the parts that are the shortest.”

“That will be my pleasure.” As soon as Ginger finished the clippering, she lathered Monica’s head and begin to strop her razor. Soon she began gliding the razor over Monica’s head. In just a short time Monica had a fresh look.

As Monica was getting up to leave, Ginger told her that one way to bring out everything the haircut had to offer would be with a turtleneck sweater. Monica thanked her and knew she would soon be back and that it would be a while if ever before she grew her hair out again.

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