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Seven straight chairs were set ready at the platform, four to the right side of the principal and three to his left. He called the names of seven pupils, four boys and three girls, all aged between 14 and 15: Morris Regan, Johnny Caldwell, Reggie Arbuthnot, Ron Naylor and Patti Gibson, Alana Hayes, Judy Varnadeau.

Meekly the seven ascended the platform and sat down on the chairs with lowered eyes. Of course everyone in the auditorium knew about their trespasses. Some days ago they had been caught by one of the teachers in a lonely barn, blowing, drinking beer and playing sexual games. All partially undressed the boys were exploring the female anatomy with their hands……

The children had been suspended and the principal had gathered with their parents about what measures should be undertaken.

He had pointed out that if the children were handed over to the police there would be a risk that a judge might order to send them to an approved school. As an alternative he had proposed to leave their punishment to the schoolmanagement. Unanimously the parents had chosen for the latter.

The principal had ordered the seven to turn up that morning. All the classes had gathered at the auditorium and the principal informed them how the relevant teacher had stumbled upon them: half-drunk, drugged and partially undressed. He told them that the four boys and three girls would get a punishment in the presence of all connected to the school, teachers and pupils, in such a way that they would remember this for a long time.

He ordered the four boys to get to their feet, turn their backs to the to the audience and pull down their pants and underpants. He had spread them their legs, bend forward and grab their ankles. Ashamed they reluctantly obeyed. The gymnastics teacher came forward, carrying a whip, and he started to spank the bottom of Morris. After each lash a reddish welt became visible.

Every boy got ten whiplashes. One began to scream after four lashes, one could contol himself to the eighth but all cried before the punishment was stopped.

The boys were ordered to redress and sit down though they were hardly capable to do so on the wooden seats.

”The girls won’t be spanked as we have another penalty for them which will make them remember their trespasses for a long time to go too,” the principal announced.

He gave a sign to miss Harris, the cosmetics teacher, who came forward with two of her senior students. They drew capes around their shoulders, told the pupils to hold their hair above their heads and locked the fastenings. Then they produced each a pair of clippers which were connected to extension cables.

Patti, Alana and Judy awaited their fate trembling. They knew that they had to kiss goodby their long precious locks. All three had long manes which cascaded across their shoulders: Patti black and straight, Alana red and curly and Judy blonde and wavy………..

First the hair of each was gathered into ponytails. These were easily severed from their heads by the teeth of the clippers. Three heads were bent forward to their chests. The clippers, with no attachments provided, ran up the napes and backs of the heads, leaving in their wakes stubble and pale skin, though the public couldn’t see this. Only when the sideburns were attacked one could see the hair falling.

Gary got aroused, his secret dreams came to life. Though they were not classmates he knew those girls by face. He had seen movies in which both Demi Moore and Robin Tunney had shaved their heads bald but never he could have dreamt to be able to look on when the hair of three girls in reality was severed from their heads! He looked at Shireen, the girl who was sitting next to him. In class she was seated in front of him and he had had a full view at the luxuriant blonde mane which in broad waves cascaded across her shoulders to her waist. Often he imagined how she would look if all those locks …….were hitting the floor!

”My god, this is incredible!” Shireen looked at Gary. ”How can they that to those poor girls?”

”How would you feel when they did this to you?” he asked.

”I think I would die.”

Gary and Shireen had got an assignment together last week. Their teacher social science had instructed them to explore the reasons for someone to enter a sect. That would keep them busy after schooltime for at last three weeks. Shireen lived in a big house, had a big room and was only child, so they mostly worked on the subject at her place.

Shireen’s mother had died from cancer some years ago and about a year afterwards her father had married another woman, a lot younger than himself.

Gary and Shireen learned to know each other better and better….and to like each other. Shireen noticed that Gary was thrilled by her beautiful tresses. One afternoon her stepmother observed them unseen, while he was brushing Shireen’s mane. She didn’t say anything but that night she told her husband: ”Clive, I’ve to speak to you about Shireen.”

”What is the matter with her?” Clive asked upset.

”You may not have noticed but she is at a dangerous age. And she knows, she is always flaunting her luscious mane and showing her legs. Her skirts are so short that you occasionally can see her panties when she is sitting or bowing over. What do you think about the effect it has on boys? They are getting aroused! Do you want her to be raped one day?”

”Oh my god, no! I didn’t know that.”

”Guess what I saw this afternoon: this boy, Gary, was brushing her hair.”

”Well, what is wrong with that?”

”Don’t you know? Of course not, you are a man! It’s a sexual sign.”


”Yes! She might turn into a slut, Clive! High time to stop this.”

”But how, honey? What are we to do?”

”Leave it to me, darling. I know what has to be done. Tomorrow is Saturday and I’ll take her to buy new clothes and get her hair cut.”

”What haircut? She has such lovely hair.”

”Indeed, but with that hair she seduces the boys.”

”I cannot believe it! She is just a child!”

”Wake up, Clive! Next month she will be fifteen. She is not a child anymore but a young, sexually mature woman. But don’t bother, tomorrow all this will be changed.”

She smiled misschievously.

”Don’t have too much cut off of her tresses, they are so beautiful,” Clive begged his wife.

”Just leave it to me, darling.”

Sheila disliked her stepdaughter. Clive adored his wife but Sheila had married him chiefly because he was a succesful businessman and made lots of money. She had taken the child into the bargain. At the age of thirty she still was an attractive woman but the first wrinkles had announced themselves just as the first gray hairs. They weren’t difficult to camouflage but the fresh youth and budding beauty of Shireen disturbed her. That had to come to an end; she would take care to make the girl as unattractive as possible!

At eight o’clock on Saturday morning Sheila stepped into Shireen’s room.

”Wake up, sweetheart, we have a lot to do today!”

Shireen yawned and opened one eye: ”What?……What time is it?”

”Eight o’clock. Come on, out of your bed!”

Meanwhile Sheila opened Shireen’s wardrobe and examined the skirts and dresses. She threw one after another in a large bin that she had brought with her.

”What are you doing?!” Shireen cried.

”Don’t bother, darling. I’m discarding the clothes that don’t fit you anymore.”

”But I’ve just thrown away everything that I don’t more wear. Everything in my wardrobe is still suitable!”

”I don’t think so. Anyway, I’m going to buy new clothes for you, so don’t worry.”

Sheila opened drawers and threw all of he sexy blouses and underwear into the bin. Casually she took precious shoes and stockings and tossed them in the bin as well.

”Come on, girl, take a shower and get dressed. We are leaving in half an hour.”

The perspective of a new wardrobe
had cheered up Shireen but startled she said ; ”I can’t possibly be ready in half an hour, I just need that time to style my hair.”

”No, don’t worry. I made an appointment with my stylist, she’ll take care of that.”

Shireen had never visited a beautysalon. Every now and then the servant-girl trimmed the ends.

”Your stylist?” she asked surprised.

”Yes, you aren’t a child any longer. Time for a change.”

”Oh mom, are you serious? Thank you!”

Sheila smiled misschieviously. If the child only knew!

Shireen wasn’t very happy with her purchased new clothes. Dull skirts and dresses, reaching to her knees, blouses with high-closed collars, white socks and flat shoes. But Sheila didn’t leave her much time for reflection.

”Come on, girl, at eleven o’clock is your appointment at the salon.”

The salon to which she was accompanied by her stepmother didn’t match the image Shireen had of the place where Sheila would have her hair styled. It was called ”The Crazy Hairsalon.” Inside it was furnished in a futuristic way with much chromium and leather, purple painted walls, the floor covered with orange and green tiles. The girl at the reception desk had extremely short purple hair.

”You must be Shireen,” she smiled. ”Please take a seat, your stylist will be with you soon.”

”Hi, Shireen, I’m Tracy.”

A young girl with rose pigtails approached Sheila and Shireen. She looked like a teenager wearing a very short miniskirt which exposed the full length of her long legs, covered with yellow stockings.

”Please, follow me,” she smiled at Sheila and said to Shireen: ”Gee, you have a lot of hair. Oh well, I’ll manage.”

Tracy escorted Shireen to her booth. She had her customer sit down, draped a cape across her shoulders and fixed it.

”Aren’t you going to shampoo my hair?” Shireen asked.

Tracy smiled: ”I’ll do that after having cut it.”

She started to brush the girl’s long tresses and Shireen relaxed. Tracy didn’t ask anything but gathered the massive amount of hair into a ponytail high up at the girl’s crown. Shireen wondered why she did this but not knowing the course of things in a beautysalon she kept silence. All of a sudden she heard a humming sound and at the same time she felt her hair being pulled backwards. Before she realized what was happening the tugging suddenly ceased and reactivily her head jumped forward. Immediately Tracy pushed it further to her chest and in one movement put the clippers at her nape and moved them upwards to Shireen’s crown…….

Shireen was taken by surprise and totally bewildered. She felt the clippers run across her scalp, severing her hair from her head. She wanted to scream but got no sound out of her throat. She winced and tried to raise her head but the left hand of Tracy kept it down.

‘Oh god, she is shaving me bald!’ The though rushed through her mind. Strangely enough she was not only mortally terrified but at the same time aroused! She though of the girls whose heads had been shaved and now she could imagine what they had experienced. She couldn’t help feeling high!

Meanwhile Tracy proceeded to denude the back of Shireen’s head. The girl couldn’t see what was happening of course but when Tracy moved to her right side, forcing her head to the left, she saw how the strands in front of her ear vanished and also how her shortened hair was hangingaround her face. But the clippers made short work of it. Her ear was exposed and Tracy went to the left side and the same procedure was repeated. Then she switched off the clippers.

Shireen looked at her reflexion. On the top of her head longer hair still was present but at the sides only stubble and pale skin was visible. Tracy removed the attachment from the clippers and turned to Shireen again. She placed a broad comb horizontally on top of Shireen’s head just above her scalp and told her to keep her head very still and to look straight forward. She switched on the clippers again and moved them across the comb, mowing off all the hair sticking out above.

”She is not shaving off all,” Shireen noticed.

Nevertheless no more than 1/4 inch remained on top of er head, the short hair standing erect. After some corrections with scissors to match the top with the sides the flattop was finished and just now Shireen seemed to realize that her lovely locks had gone for a long time to come. Tears gathered in her eyes and trickled down her cheeks. But Tracy took her to the sink for a s hampoo. The warm water and the massaging hands of Tracy at her nearly bald scalp had a relaxing influence. The remaining very short hair was easily dried by toweling and Shireen was ushered back to her chair. Tracy rubbed a little gel in it and asked: ”Well, what do you say?”

Shireen looked at her image in the mirror and answered in a flat tone: ”It is very sort.”

Tracy smiled: ”You got what your mother asked for.”

Tracy ushered the girl to her stepmother who pretended to read a magazine. Every now and then she had stealed a glance at the progression of the cut.

”Are you satisfied, madam?” Tracy asked her.

Sheila looked at her stepdaughter and said: ”Sure, I am.”

But she didn’t smile. She saw a totally different but very cute Shireen, certainly not less attractive than the former longhaired girl. Her beautiful features, her small ears, her slender neck no longer were hidden behind that mass of hair! Sheila had not anticipated this and it embarrassed her. The only way to let her look harsher would be to shave her bald. But that would be going too far! Clive already would be mad enough!

Another young girl was sweeping up the mass of Shireen’s spilt hair. Shireen stifled a snigger; the girl had nearly the same short hair as she herself.

”Come on, Tracy,” the girl said, ”Sit down, time for you to get your hair cut.”

Clive, Shireen’s father, stood dumbfounded at first sight of his daughter’s new appearance. Then he got angry

”What did you do to her?” he shouted to his wife.

”Ssssssssshh,” she tried to calm himdown, ”I must admit that things got out of hand. I was reading a magazine and didn’t see what was going on on time. But Shireen didn’t utter a word as well.”

”Is that true, Shireen?” he asked his daughter.

”Daddy, everything happened so quick. The stylist took my hair into a ponytail and suddenly it was cut off and before I knew what was going on the clippers ran up to my crown. Then I knew that it was too late to raise a protest.”

She didn’t mention the feelings that those actions had elicited.

”Why to make such a fuss about it?” Sheila asked. ”It is true that I had not aimed this but in a few months she will sport a nice bob.”

‘Never ever,’ Shireen thought but didn’t say anything.

Her father seemed to acquiesce and accept the facts that couldn’t be changed.

When Gary on Monday morning arrived at the schoolyard his attention was drawn to an assembly of students near the porch. Curiously he approached to see what was going on and suddenly he froze…….In the centre of the group he discovered Shireen. At least he thought that the girl was Shireen but not the Shireen he knew! Grinning she headed for him.

”What on earth happened to you?! Where is your hair?! he cried.

”Time for a change,” Shireen tried to set him at ease. ”What do you think?”

”I don’t know,” Gary still hadn’t yet come over his embarrassment. ”Why those silly clothes?”

”I’ll tell you later. Let’s go inside now, it is time.”

From his seat in the classroom Gary couldn’t keep his eyes from the virtual bald backside of Shireen’s head. Where last week there had been a mass of wavy hair cascading down across her shoulders now her slender neck was exposed in full, just as her small, perfectly shaped ears, lying like shells against her skull. It looked odd to see them stick out while they always had been hidden behind her mane. Gary graved to touch her scalp but he had to wait till school would b
e over. He didn’t know yet whether he had to regret the loss of her luscious locks or to admire her new appearance. Yes, he had imagined how it would be to cut all off but even in his dreams he had never though that it would become a reality. Fantasia and reality are different things after all! In any case it didn’t seem to bother the girl so he decided that he would comply with the new situation.

”Sheila isn’t home,” Shireen announced, ”She won’t be back till just before dinner, so we’ll be alonein the house except for Maria. But we needn’t mind her.”

Maria was the Puerto-Rican servant-girl of Sheila. She opened the door to let the two children in and she nearly fainted when she caught sight of Shireen’s new appearance. She had been with her sister during the weekend and had come back after Shireen had gone to school that morning.

”Jesus Maria, missy!” Startled she crossed herself. ”Your hair! What you do!?”

Joking Shireen pointed at Gary: ”He gave me a haircut.”

Horrified Maria looked at Gary: ”Why? The lovely hair!”

Shireen answered: ”It’s just so easy, Maria. Don’t you like it? Look out, Gary might cut off your locks too.”

”Oh no!” Maria cried and ran away.

Gary and Shireen laughed and went to the girl’s room. When they were alone Gary asked Shireen whether he might touch her shorn head.

”It feels like sandpaper,” he said.

”Yeah, I know,” Shireen frowned for a moment, then her face brightened.

”Wait a minute, I got an idea, be back presently.”

She left the room and some minutes later she was back with a few towels, shaving foam and a couple of disposable razors.

”Shave the back and sides of my head!” she ordered Gary.

Gary hesitated a moment but the chance to shave a girl’s head was too enticing!

”Mmmmm,” Shireen moaned, ”That feeling is insane! Now I know what Patti, Alana and Judy must have experienced.”

Gary had nearly finished his task when there was a knock at the door.

”Come in!” Shireen yelled.

Maria nearly dropped a tray with two glasses of cola.

”Jesue Maria!” Again she crossed herself. ”You shaving her bald!”

”Yeah,” Shireen smiled. ”What do you say?”

Slowly Maria approached and looked on how Gary scraped away the last vestiges of short stubble. She seemed to be mesmerized. Gary wiped off the remains of the foam and Shireen felt the shaven parts with one hand and looked at Maria: ”Feel it!”

Maria stretched out one hand and stroke the bald parts of Shireen’s head.

”Wow, it’s……..sweet and soft.”

Shireen smiled: ”Smooth and soft.”

”Oh yeah, smooth…….and cool.”

”Cool it is indeed.” Shireen was still smiling. ”The summer heat won’t bother me.”

Maria combed with her fingers thoughtfully her own long black tresses, then she went to the door and closed it behind her.

”She seems to be impressed,” Gary said, ”I wonder what she is thinking.”

”I told her that you cut off my hair and she saw you shaving me; that’s what she knows.”

”Maybe she tries to imagine how it would feel if it happened to her.”

”Maybe,” Shireen laughed.

”However, how about us? I think we’ll have to repeat the shaving soon.”

”Well, next Monday would be suitable. On that day Sheila is always out. And perhaps I’ll ask you to shave off some more. But I want to keep my bangs.”

”I think that can be managed,” Gary laughed. ”That is if your stepmother doesn’t object.”

”I hardly can imagine that. After all she is responsible for sacrificing my hair.”

And Maria? How about her? Well, that is another story: The story of Maria.

To be continued.

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