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About me : I am an Engineering student in my fourth year. I am a great hair enthusiast. In this article I am describing my own experience.

I was in my first year when it happened. I was in a hostel and I used to visit my maternal uncle’s house whenever I got a holiday. Once we got three days holidays in a row. So I went to my uncle’s house as usual. I reached their home at 10 in the morning. My uncle who works in a bank had gone to his bank. My aunt was alone. She greeted me happily and offered me breakfast. After having breakfast we chated for some time. Then my aunt told that she had itching sensation in her head and asked me to pick lice from her hair. I obliged her request. I unbraided her medium length thick raven hair and combed it with a comb designed specially to pick lice. After some ten minutes she said it was enough and asked me to braid her hair again. While braiding I found split ends on her hair. I asked her if she had not noticed splits on her hair. She told she observed and asked me what to do with them. I suggested her to cut a few inches to get rid of splits. She asked me if I could do it. I agreed immediately. My senses roused. My aunt brought a pair of scissors from the cup-board. I unbraided her hair again and brushed it thoroughly. Then I carefully cut two inches of hair. Now it is equal at the end and looked beautiful. She also felt happy with the way her hair looked after the trim.

Then I told her that ‘U’ shape cut would be very attractive for her hair. Then my aunt told with surprise that my uncle also told the same some time back. She showed some interest at my suggestion but expressed a doubt .
There are no good salons/parlours in their town . So where could she could get her hair cut in ‘U’shape. Then I told her that I could give her hair a ‘U” cut. I told her that when we were in Vijayawada our neighbour ran a beauty parlour at home. I used to visit her parlour whenever I found time. Then I observed haircuts. I assured her that I could easily give her good cut. After some thinking she accepted. With all my earlier knowledge, I cut her silky hair in a perfect ‘U’ shape. For this I had to cut five inches of her hair. But after finishing my work my aunt appreciated me and thanked me.

In the evening my uncle returned from the bank and astonished after observing my aunt’s new hair style. He asked her if she visited any parlour in the town. My aunt told what happened. He also appreciated me. Next day was Saturday. My uncle returned home in the afternoon. After having lunch we three were watching a telugu news channel, TV9. Suddenly my uncle pointed at the news reader and said that her hair cut was very cute. My aunt and I also observed her. She had a nice round bobbed hair just above her shoulders.

” Do you like that hair style for aunt?” I jovially asked my uncle.

” Certainly, your aunt will look more beautiful with a bobbed hair. I actually asked her to cut her hair short but she never agreed for that” ,said my uncle.

“What aunt, are you ready to cut your hair like that news reader?” turning to my aunt I asked. She smiled and said “No kidding”

“No aunt, I am serious. I want to cut your hair short” I tole firmly. My uncle also supported me. But my aunt told that I had no experience in cutting hair like that. I told her that it was not a big issue . I opened the net and showed my uncle and aunt the websites like “flyingsears.com”, “itsmyhair.com”, ‘haircuttingfun.com”. We carefully watched how hair is cut in bob and other styles. We also browsed some other web sites from youtube.com. After some discussion my aunt agreed to get her hair cut shory by me.

We went to the backyard. There my aunt sat on a stool arranged by my uncle. I made her hair wet by sprinkling water and brushed it as shown in a web site. Then starting from her left shoulder, I cut it in a phased manner. Her thick hair started falling on the floor. I enjoyed it like anything. My uncle watched it standing beside me. After 15 minutes I stopped cutting her hair. It was just above her shoulders like TV9 news reader’s hair. I dried it with a towel
and brushed. Then I gave small cuts here and there to made it a round bob. After another ten minutes my aunt stood up. Round bob was very much suitable to her round face. My uncle aprreciated my creativity. After spending one more day with them I returned to my hostel happily.

Now also I give a hair cut to my room-mates when they want a change. Who knows I may launch a beauty salon after completing my B.Tech.

(I will be very happy to receive feed back from the readers of this site)

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