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“Would you like to have the regular haircut?” I asked Atul while I caped him.

“Actually Radhika…My wife Geeta wants me to…” he looked at his wife sheepishly…

Atul had been my client for the past four years and this is the first time that his wife has accompanied him here. Actually it’s Geeta who fixed the appointment for today. Moreover he looked quite apprehensive. He was not his normal self.

“Radhika…” Geeta told me in a very assertive voice,” I want you to shave his head”.

And looking at Atul’s image in the mirror she quizzed …”don’t you think the bald look suits him?”

Now I could understand why Atul looked so apprehensive and nervous. In the past four years I have known him he had never changed his business man like hairstyle. And now he is been forced to go for a change…a change that is so drastic!!!But Geeta was right..Atul would look good with a shaved head.

“Atul…Geeta is right…a bald head will surely suit you…moreover being summer you can see lot of people out there with shaved heads and this is the right time to go bald..” I said reassuring Atul.

“But still…” Atul was about to tell something…

“No buts and ifs…You are getting your head shaved…that too smooth…as smooth as a baby’s bottom.”… Geeta commanded.

Atul resigned himself to getting his head shaved. I sprayed a lot of water over his head. Then I took a straight razor and changed the blade.

I could feel Atul shiver as I carefully placed the razor right in the middle of his head and ran the razor to expose a small patch of pale scalp.Geeta stood right by his side watching and enjoying the sight of his tonsure.

Within minutes I shaved of his head fully. As I went to get a mach 3 razor and foam, Geeta smiled at Atul and gestured using her hand that Atul looked quite good.

I smeared the foam over his entire head and carefully ran the Mach 3 razor over his head clearing the foam and along with it any roughness that was left behind by the straight razor. I shaved his head slowly so as to make it as smooth as possible without causing razor burns or cutting his sensitive scalp.

Once I was satisfied with my work. I cleared the extra foam with a warm towel and then finished my work by applying a soothing aftershave lotion over his shaved head.

As I looked at him through the mirror I really appreciated Geeta’s foresight .Atul looked quite good without the hair on his head…but….

“Radhika…” my thoughts were interrupted by Geeta…”…Atul looks very smart with a shaved head but I feel he will look stunningly smart and younger without the moustache. What is your opinion?”

“You read my mind Geeta…that’s exactly was going through my mind.” I said.

Both of us looked at Atul and he resignedly nodded his head to go ahead.

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