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My wife has never much liked buzzing my head every six or seven weeks or so. Knowing this I had her chop it down to 5/8, _ and sometimes as short as ½ and inch. I kept it short but sometimes would try to let it grow longer. But my hair is a mess with two cowlicks, graying a bit all over and with age it just doesn’t seem to be the way it was when I was younger. The shorter hair is just easier to take care of and during the summer it is essential.

To top it off I love short hair on women. Perhaps it’s a fetish but definitely a preference. When at a store or at a mall and I see a women with a short or ultra short style I don’t just take a second look I maneuver around the store aisle so I can take a closer look. As I look I imagine how lovely my already extremely attractive wife would look with a half inch buzz or shorter or shaved bald. One can dream can’t they?

This summer was different. I had been working outside a lot on this handy-man special of a house we had bought. The spring had gone well with painting the outside but now it was roofing and yard work and there isn’t a tree on the place. Kathy had been helping me with all of these toils her shoulder length hair tied back both of us getting filthy dirty dripping with sweat. So after one particularly hard day as I prepared to shower off the filth and grime I realized I hadn’t had my hair cut for two or three months. I had been so busy with this house project of ours along my real job and everything else that can fill a person’s life I had not had my usual buzz cut.

Looking at myself in the mirror seeing the mess it is and knowing that even after a shower it would look much better I thought how the shorter hair would feel and how much cooler it would be prompted me to go into the living room with the Wahl clippers take Kathy by the hand telling her “You’re cutting it short tonight.”

“You know I really don’t want to. I’ve never really liked it.” She responded.

“That’s okay. After the heat and humidity of today it has to go.” I retorted. “Besides, don’t knock it `till you’ve tried it.”

“Okay, let’s go get it done.” As we went into the kitchen I set up the chair while she took the clippers out and oiled the blades.

This time was different. Rather than asking her to pick one of our usual three attachments I simply told her how hot it was for me over the day and I wanted it cut as short as possible to help keep me cooler during the next day’s labors.

Taking off my sweaty, dirty shirt I sat in the chair to see what she would do next. I could see out of the corner of my eye as she examined the shorter attachments but could not see what the final choice was. I then heard the familiar hum of the clippers then she did as she always does, placing the clippers right at my forehead pushing them back to the crown as her first cut. I could see now for the first time there was no attachment on the clippers, nothing between my head and the cutting teeth of the clippers.

Holding back my surprise and excitement at her choice I tried to relax as she continued with the clipping. We talked about hair cutting as I mentioned how much cooler my shorter hair would be. We came around to her hair and she admitted how even with her hair pulled back it was unbearably hot for her today too. I mentioned how much I liked short hair on women and had always wondered how she’d look.

“I don’t think so. I know your love short haired women for some time `cause I’ve seen how you look at them but I can’t see cutting mine short either to keep cool in the heat weather or just to satisfy you.” She said with a combination of fear and anger in her voice.

I offered up again “Well, don’t knock it `till you’ve tried it. You can never tell how well you will look, how much you may like it yourself and how appreciative I would be.”

The rest of the haircut continued in silence. While I knew I was getting a clipper shave I was not prepared for what happened after the clippers went silent. I thought the next step was to sweep up the hair from the floor and then take a shower but she placed her hand on my bluntly telling me “stay there.” So I sat until she returned with I wasn’t sure what since I need glasses to see but I quickly found out. She first wetter my head with warm water then I heard her shaking something. I soon found out what it was once she began to place shaving cream on my head.

“I’m not sure about going bald.” I said with a measure of dismay.

“Don’t knock it `till you’ve tried it.” She replied with a note of both impishness and sarcasm in her voice.

I sat patiently as she began using the razor starting like she does with the clippers at the forehead and working her way back. I always figure she did it that way so there’s no turning back after the first pass. After she finisher with the top she scraped the side starting at the right temple then working her way around.

“When did you get this idea?” I asked with mock irritation.

As she finished up and began to check for places that needed more work to make my whole head smooth she said much to my surprise “For some time now. I have been seeing how some men are going bald by choice. Even some men who have a full head of hair are shaving it all off. I guess it is a fashion statement maybe a political statement for some and just a sign that something in their life has changed for others. With all that has gone on tonight I thought we’d give it a try.”

She finished finding any remaining rough spots and shaving down to the skin. Putting some cool water on my now bald head she commented how shiny and clean it looked.

“Let me take a look.” was the only thing I could say as I got out of my seat and headed for the bathroom. I was shocked. Buzzcuts were one thing but no hair was.was.well fantastic. No more cowlicks. No more fusing Pleased with the results but not wanting Kathy to know it I said “How long do you want me to keep it this way.” Hoping she would indicate a long time I was surprised that she had not followed me into the bathroom to watch my reaction.

Going back into the kitchen I repeated my question but was stopped in mid sentence when I found her sitting in the chair I had just vacated. Holding the clippers in her right hand and the half inch attachment in her left and an impish smile she repeated “Don’t knock it `till you’ve tried it? Well let’s try it.”

I could hardly believe it. Without hesitation snapped on the attachment quickly followed by clicking the clippers to life. I thought to ask her if she was sure but I didn’t want her to chicken out so I did as she had done with me every time. Starting at the forehead I moved the clippers back towards the crown until the first path was complete. Not much change seemed to have occurred but enough that I thought to myself, too late now.

With the first cut made I somewhat awkwardly continued on the sides with the clippers soldiering their way through her hair though it seemed difficult. After hearing a couple frustrated “humphs” from me Kathy asked how it was going. “Okay I guess.” I said but with frustration she picked up right away. “It’s your shoulder length hair and the half inch attachment they.” She interrupted me with “Perhaps you should go shorter.”

My heart skipped a beat and then went to my throat. Without trying to sound too pleased I asked “How short?”

Looking at the remaining 3 shorter attachments she read the lengths, 3/8, ¼ and 1/8 inch. “I don’t know. But I know how to pick.” With that she got up and went into the living room and got the hat she had worn all day while working on the house. Tossing the 3 attachments in she said “Okay, you hold the hat up and whichever attachment I pick will be the one you use. I’m just going to pick it and hand it to you right away without looking at it. Then you can get busy fi
nishing up.” True to her work she picked one attachment and handed it to me without handling it enough herself to get a feel for which attachment it was.

To my astonishment it was the 1/8 inch one. Removing the half inch attachment I placed the new selection on right away and true to form placed the clippers at the forehead and moved it back to the crown slowly. This time the hair came off piling on her shoulders then falling to the floor in waves. I repeated this motion over the entire top of her head several times. My frustrated “humph” was replaced with a satisfied “hmm” as I witnessed the transformation from a shoulder length tangle to and eighth inch wonder.

“Why the change of mind?” I asked as I moved to her right side.

“Well you are letting me live out my fantasy to see you bald so I felt I should return the favor and let you have your fantasy too.”

“I never knew that’s what you wanted. You’ve been buzzing my head all this time and you always wanted to take it all off.” I queried.

“Yeah, but it wasn’t until tonight that I realized we could both get what we wanted. Like you said, don’t knock it `till you’ve tried it. So we are both trying it aren’t we.”

I finished the back moving to the left side. After I finished I sat in a chair in front of her using my hand to careful inspect her head to see if there were any hairs that had not been properly clipped. As I sat I felt Kathy’s hand caressing my crotch through my pants noting the hardness there. In am amused tone she said “I see you are enjoying this.”

“How about you?” I asked in a serious tone as I turned the clippers on again to clip a few strands down to the 1/8 inch.

“How long are we going to have our hair like this?” Repeating the question I had asked earlier.

With a ready answer she replied. “I’ll let you decide. As long as I have my hair ultra short you will remain bald.” She’s been thinking about this for a while I thought and I better get used to being bald `cause I just love her hair now.

Finally satisfied that all there hair was the same I sat in the chair again and asked “Now what?”

“Clean up the hair, put things away, shower and go to bed.”

We made quick work of the clean up with a broom and dust pan and as I finished Kathy made her way to the bathroom where she saw her new haircut for the first time.

“Wow!! I didn’t think I would look this good or it would feel this soft.” I heard her say as if she was talking to herself.

Together we showered, embracing as we did caressing each other’s head. The new feel was just out of this world. As we made our way towards the bed pressing our naked bodies together continuing to caress each other’s head as we did.

As we began to get under the covers almost in unison we said “It’s really going to be different making love with.” stopping ourselves in mid-sentence we smiled at each other and with her hand on my bald head and my hand on her closely cropped had we happily repeated the phrase of the night. “Don’t knock it `till you’ve tried it.”

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