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Before quitting my job as a lady barber and moving across country to enroll in one of the top universities in the country, I was employed at a barbershop that catered to short hair devotees. 75% of my clients received clipper cuts that were #1 blade and shorter for parts or all of their cut.

In the summer of 2005, I was bored and wanting to do something else besides the routine of working and going home alone to my two calico kittens. I had broken up with my prior boyfriend six months earlier, and subsequent dates didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to go. All these boys wanted was to get in my pants and nothing else. While I love sex, I don’t want to do it for cheap thrills. I want to be in love or at least highly infatuated with the boy. I have been blessed with good looks, and people sometimes confuse me for the actress Amanda Bynes. Because of that, a lot of guys ask me out–many of them have only one thing in mind.

So because of that, I began issuing, in June of 2005, a test to any guy who wanted to ask me out–let me cut their hair any way I please or it’s no way. Guys who just wanted one night of sex didn’t want their appearances altered.

Just prior to July 4th that year, I met Mark. He was five years my junior, but I felt an immediate attraction to him. He was quite shy the first time he sat in my chair for a haircut, and unlike the majority of clients, her didn’t have short hair. In fact, his hair was quite long. His top was about 4 1/2 inches long, and his sides were a good 4 inches and down below his ear lobes.

My first thought was to take out my oster clippers, attach a 00000 blade and make him look like he had been inducted into the marines. Then, I would take him back to my apartment and do to him what all my recent dates had wanted to do to me.

I talked with Mark a few seconds to see what he wanted to have done. He stuttered a little as he explained the heat in Southern California was too much for his Minnesota skin and hair. He wanted to go shorter with something that would feel good in 100-degree weather.

Wanting to shave him to stubble, I had to bite my tongue. I gave him the standard response of “the shorter it gets cut, the cooler it will feel.” He wasn’t ready to go real short, but he did tell me to trim it up to the top of his ears and shorten the top about the same.

It took about 30 minutes to give Mark a nice, layered cut like he wanted. It made him look much more handsome. While I was cutting it, I pumped him for information. Mark had never had a serious girlfriend in his life. At the age of 20, I could tell he was still an innocent boy. I was ready to go for the kill–okay killing someone’s innocence.

I told Mark that I wanted to set him up on a blind date with a beautiful girl who wanted to go out with someone just like him. I told him she had come out of a bad relationship awhile back and was looking for someone who would treat her nice and not just want to use her for one purpose. I told him that this girl found handsome guys with short hair irresistible, and he would need his hair cut shorter to go out with her. By the time I had finished telling him how terrific I was, without him knowing it was me, he had agreed to go for a shorter haircut if he met this girl and it appeared they were compatible.

So, I told Mark to come back 15 minutes after the shop closed, and I would have his date there. They could talk and then if he thought it was a good idea to go out with her, he’d let her tell me how much shorter to cut his hair.

Mark was early when he returned. I was still finishing up with a customer. I knew he was anxious. After closing the shop, I sat down next to Mark and told him his prospective date was in the area and would come in from the employees entrance in the back. With that, I excused myself and went to the back. I changed into something much more sexy than what I wear to cut hair. I had purchased a tight, black leather lace-up dress for a special occasion, and this night was it. I raced home in the middle of the day to bring it back to work. With it, I had black high heel shoes. I also borrowed from a friend, a short, blunt, blonde, bob with haircut with bangs wig. To this, I put on my most expensive perfume and returned to surprise Mark.

At first, he didn’t even realize it was me. I told him I knew he had no experience with girls, and he was a tiger in waiting. He just needed his tiger to be released. Mark was totally shocked, but he felt comfortable enough to admit from the moment he stepped in my chair, he had developed an instant crush on me. Nobody had ever told me that before. It went straight to my heart, and I knew I was doing the right thing. I told Mark to get in the chair and prepare himself for a total transformation.

I pulled my Oster clippers out of the drawer and placed a 00000 blade on them. I told Mark, that he was getting his head shaved and he would look like a lady-killer when it was done. He then said the most important sentence of our future: “If a shaved head will make me look that way to you, shave it off right now.”

Mark’s nerves were not in sync with his mouth. He started to shake; his body looked like someone shivering to death. So, before I started the buzz, I gave him a neck massage. I brushed my breasts against him, and I whispered how sexy he was about to become.

After a few minutes, Mark was calm enough to transform. I flicked the clippers to life and directed them toward his left temple. The first stroke was like hearing the opening notes of a rock concert that you have stood in line waiting for it to begin for the prior two hours. Watching the hair violently release from his scalp and fall to the floor like a blizzard’s snow falling to the ground was pure nirvana. I wanted to shave him quickly to see him shorn, yet at the same time, I wanted this to last all night. The slow approach won, as I wanted to make sure every hair on his head was gone. As I progressed from the left side to the top to the right side, each new piece of stubble turned me on all the more. I was ready to discard my clothes and mount Mark while I was buzzing him.

Meanwhile, Mark started to display a smile on his head. He liked the way his hair was falling off and making him progressively balder by the swipe. As I buzzed the middle top of his head, I began to kiss him in the nape area. It didn’t even matter that I got dozens of tiny stubs of dark hair in my mouth.

15 minutes after the buzz started, Mark looked like a GI recruit. Wow, he looked so gorgeous. He had a beautiful scalp that just needed a little tanning. Before he got out of the chair, I gave Mark his first rubbing. Rubbing his stubble aroused me to the point of moisture. Mark loved it too, and I think it had the same effect on him.

We left the shop and went to a nice restaurant. I told him I was paying, and he was the one who would have to put out that night. Mark couldn’t wait to experience his first time with a girl, and the poor boy ate so fast, he nearly choked twice.

After dinner we went for a walk on the beach, and I told him I wanted to take him home with me to spend the night. He expressed concerns that he wouldn’t know what to do at the right time, and I told him it was natural, but that I would lead from the top his first time so that he could experience it to the fullest without worrying.

We entered my apartment at exactly 10:22 PM, according to my prized neon clock. It would be past 10:22 AM before we would leave the bedroom. I made Mark’s first time a perfect evening. By the fourth time that night, he was making my evening perfect as well.

Before the fall semester of Mark’s junior year began, he made a decision to move out of his college dorm and move in with me. Mark graduated from college in 2006 and took a year off to work and save up to go to graduate school. He found an excellent school in the East and was accepted to their MBA program, one in which its master’s graduates almost always enter the w
orkforce with 6-figure salaries. I moved with him, and we are engaged to be married in September. I am now working part-time in a barbershop on campus and going to school part-time. Mark continues to wear a 00000 buzzcut, but on our wedding night, I am going to take out my razor, lather him up, and make him as bald as an egg. He doesn’t know that yet, so don’t give away my surprise.

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