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“What a long day!”

Karen had just come back from work, and retired to the couch. She flicked on the tv with the remote but found nothing interesting to watch.

“I should go to bed.”

As she got up, the remote fell to the floor, and the batteries flew out of the battery compartment. One of them rolled underneath the couch. She bent over to retrieve it, but her hands touched something underneath the couch. She grabbed it and pulled it out.

It was an old photograph of her and her other three siblings; quadruplets!

“Oh my, it’s been years since I last saw this photo! This was when we were around 9 years old!”

In the photo, all four of them were perfectly identical in every way. even down to their hairstyle. All four had straight golden blonde hair, down to the waist. In the photo that she held, they all sported cute pigtails.

Karen smiled as her childhood memories enveloped her mind.

“Karen! Kelly! Kattie! Kira! Grandpa and grandma’s here! Get downstairs all of you!”

“Coming!”, said Karen. She had always considered herself the most “senior” of her siblings, even though they were all born just a few minutes apart.

All four sisters eventually appeared in the living room as summoned. If there’s one thing the four of them dreaded, it was their grandparent’s inability to differentiate the four of them.

“Is that you Kattie?”, said grandma.

“No, this is Kelly! How many times have we gone through this? I’ve had enough!”

“That’s no way to treat your grandma! Apologise!” said grandpa in a stern voice.

“But it’s through! It’s been years and still you still don’t know us.” Kira defended.

Karen, being the more matured one, signaled them to stop the fuss. But it was too late. Grandpa turned to mum and demanded,

“I will not put up with this any longer. You will do something about this!”

That was the catalyst for action. After their grandparents had left, mum had the girls seated before her for the inevitable scolding.

“I’m very disappointed at how you girls treat your grandparents.”

“But.” Kelly chipped in.

“Silence! One day when you get old, you girls will understand. Right now, something needs to be done which I should have done a long time ago.”

Mum looked at all four of them before her, and then pronounced her verdict.

“You all need to have your hair cut! The best way to differentiate the four of you is by giving each of you’re a different hairstyle.”

“But mummy! We like being alike. We love our long hair. Please. no!” the girls begged.

“What I have said, I have said.”

With that, mum stormed to her room and came back with a comb in one hand and scissors in the other.

“Off to the back yard all of you!”

“Come on sisters, we all deserve this for being rude to grandpa and grandma. Let’s not make mum angry anymore. Do as she says.” Karen said to her sulky faced sisters.

Reluctantly, they were marched off to the back yard. A stool was there, waiting for them.

“As much as it pains you, it hurts me too. You all have beautiful hair.” said mum. “It’s time for your trims anyway, just that this time, it’s definitely more than a trim!”

“Mum, can I be first? Give me the shortest haircut amongst the four of us.” Karen offered up herself to save as much of her sisters’ hair as possible.

“Alright. I will give you a pageboy haircut.”

Karen held her long mane in her hands and stroked it for the last time before surrendering them to her mother. She felt the familiar motion of the comb combing through her hair. Her mum combed it down her back until it shone like the sun.

“With this haircut, you won’t have hair covering your back for a long time to come.” said mum.

Mum then separated Karen’s hair into three sections; one at the back, and two on either sides of her face in front. It was perfectly symmetrical because all the girl’s hair were parted in the middle.

“Here goes”

Karen felt the cold blade of the scissors against her nape. The next sound she heard was that of the scissors crunching its way through her golden mane.

Shick! Shick! Shick!

Three slices was all it took to cut through her nape hair. Two feet of silky straight hair fell to the floor in heaps. Karen felt the strange feeling of the ends of her hair touching her nape. Within seconds of the trauma, mum positioned the scissors to hack through her left “veil”.

Shick! Shick!

More blonde locks fell to the floor. The hair on the left side of her face was reduce to a few inches below her jaw, barely just skimming her shoulders. The hair on the other side was soon reduced to the same length too with two more cuts.

“Now for some bangs”

As if losing two feet of hair within a minute was not enough, this truly surprised Karen. She never had bangs before, and all four of them had always had one length hair.

Mum sectioned the bangs, combed it forward and tucked the other hair sections behind Karen’s ears. The next thing Karen felt was the cold blades touching her left eyebrow.


About two inches width of long bangs fell to the floor. Karen saw the mortified looks on her other sister’s faces through the left eye now revealed.


The middle portion of her bangs was the next to go, and it fell limply to the floor.


With that, her right eye was revealed.

“There you go, dear!”

Mum handed her a hand held mirror to check out her new style. Karen hardly recognized the person staring back at her in the mirror!

“Gosh! Is that me?”

But as she studied her new look more, she began to see how cute she looked, and was glad that she did not fuss about her forced cut.

“Kelly, we haven’t got all day. You’re next!”

Reluctantly, Kelly walked up to the stool and sat on it.

“Mum, please not too short. Can we save the hair?”

“As you wish”

Mum combed Kelly’s hair and then secured it with a rubber band at the nape. Two feet of shiny silky hair hung below the band. The scissors was placed above the band and was soon closed in!

Schrunch! Schrunch! Schrunch! Schrunch! Schrunch!

The thick ponytail put up a good fight against the scissors, but in the end, the sharp metal won over the hair. Kelly’s hair now hung about the same length as Karen’s except it was slightly longer in front because the hair was cut in a ponytail.

“We will need to tidy this up”

Kelly’s hair was to the nape at the back but was touching her breasts in front. Mum soon took care of that and trimmed them all to jaw length. But mum did not gave Kelly bangs.

“Kira, next!”

By now, Kira had witnessed two hair massacres. Remarkably, she could not wait to get hers! She must have seen how great Karen and Kelly looked with their new styles and could not wait to get a makeover herself.

“Yay! I like Karen’s bangs. Give me those!”

“Yes dear, but it won’t be as short as her haircut because she had volunteered to be so.”

Kira hopped onto the stool and proceeded to undo her ponytail she wore. Mum combed through her hair until it gleamed. She sectioned off bangs and combed them forward, leaving the rest hanging down her back.

She positioned the scissors at eyebrow level and started cutting away the long veil.


Kira’s hair was one length no more. A two and a half feet lock of blonde hair fell to the ground beneath the shears, revealing Kira’s right eye.

Shick! Shick!

Two more long locks joined the mound of hair on the floor. Kira now has cute blunt bangs touching her eyebrows. Mum then proceeded to work on the back. She held the scissors underneath Kira’s shoulder blades and cut off the hair at that level.


One foot of hair fell to the ground.

Shick! Shick! Shick!

With that, the back of Kira’s hair was reduced from waist length to mid-back length, cut perfectly straight across her back. Kira jumped
off the stool and dance around.

“I love the bangs! It’s so bouncy on my forehead!”

Kattie got off lucky. Because Karen, Kira and Kelly had drastic makeovers, she did not need one in order to look different from the rest. She already stood out!

“Kattie, you’re lucky this time round. I’m just going to trim your hair and layer it in front”

Mum brushed Kattie’s hair until it was silky straight and then proceeded to trim her ends. She placed the scissors three inches above the ends and cut it there.

Shick! Shick! Shick! Shick!

Kattie’s waist length hair now hung slightly above her waist, cut perfectly to one length. She then sectioned the front portion of her hair and combed it over Kattie’s face. She tied it in a front ponytail with the rubber band at breast level.

“Mum, what are you doing?”

“This is a quick way of layering!”

She place the scissors above the band level and cut off the front ponytail.


The one foot long front ponytail fell to the floor, leaving Kattie with long layers around her face.

“There you go girls. You all look different now.”

Ring! Ring!

Karen was brought back from day dreaming into reality by the phone.


“Hey Karen! Kira here. So is our weekly sister’s gathering at your place still happening tomorrow?”

“Definitely. Don’t be late!”

“Okay. Bye!”


Karen rummaged through her old photo albums and found another childhood photo. This was the one taken right after their first drastic makeover.

There was herself sporting the pageboy with bangs. And there was Kelly one her left with a long one length bob, and Kira on her right with the “Cleopatra” look. Kattie, the youngest of the four, was on the far right, with beautiful long layers framing her face.

It has been more than a decade since that photo was taken, and the girls are now in their twenties. Karen had grown out her hair since then, and it was now the longest it has ever been. She took hold of her butt-length ponytail, brought it forward, and stroked its perfectly trimmed blunt ends.

She took another look at the photo in hand, then at her hair, and finally rested her gaze on the phone.

It’s time for another makeover for the sisters.

She reached for the phone to call her other two sisters; Kelly and Kattie.

(to be continued)

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