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Although Cassie had been to Jess’ apartment a countless number of times before she followed Jess anyway – her head swimming with thoughts about Jess’ new haircut and new experience.

They arrived at the apartment complex after a short drive and climbed the stairs to the third floor apartment. Jess went to the fridge and retrieved a couple of cold beers while Cassie excused herself to the bathroom.

Cassie needed to collect her thoughts – she paused for a moment to wash her hands when she noticed the clippers sitting on the counter. She thought to herself that Jess must be intent on keeping her hair so short since she invested in some clippers. Cassie thought the clippers looked really new and when she went to throw away her tissue she saw why – the packaging for the clippers was in the trash can. Cassie took a deep breath and walked back out into the living room area.

Jess was sitting on the couch with a couple beers in front of her. Cassie sat down on the couch too and grabbed one of the beers. She and Jess began to catch up some and the talk turned to the parties they used to have – Jess got the idea to break out the tequila and do a couple shots “for old times sake”

After a couple shots of Don Julio and another beer Cassie was feeling pretty comfortable. She and Jess lounged on the couch while chatting and watching TV. They talked about old friends, work and of course Cassie asked more about Jess’ new haircut. She asked Jess if she could rub her head to feel how soft her short hair was. Jess was more than happy to oblige; Jess sat on the floor with her back to the couch between Cassie’s legs. Jess loved having her head rubbed and after the shots and beer it was even more relaxing, so much so she was really getting turned on.

As Cassie was rubbing Jess’ head she mentioned that she saw the clippers in the bathroom; Jess said that she had just bought the clippers today and hadn’t really had a chance to use them. She didn’t even know if she was going to use them but she couldn’t help the impulse to buy them when she saw them.

Jess told Cassie that after she had her head shaved and her hair grew out to short stubble she couldn’t stop rubbing the back of head – it was so soft and felt so good when it was rubbed. Cassie told Jess she would have loved to feel it when it was that short.

Jess told Cassie that she could – all she had to do was get the clippers.

Cassie asked Jess if she really wanted her to use the clippers on her head. Jess told her that is why she bought them – why not break them in. That is all Cassie needed to hear – she grabbed Jess’ hand and guided her to the bathroom. On the way Jess grabbed a barstool from the kitchen area and a couple more beers.

Cassie set the stool in the middle of the rather large apartment bathroom. Cassie’s eyes got really wide when Jess slipped her shirt up and over hear head exposing her black lace bra holding in her perky breasts. Jess told Cassie that she really didn’t want to get hair all over her shirt and she liked the feeling of the hair falling off her head and slipping down her chest on its way to the floor.

Cassie looked Jess over for a few more seconds before grabbing the clippers off the vanity. Jess told Cassie to grab the number one guard. She explained that it will give the closest cut while still having a guard on the clippers. Jess told Cassie her hair was about this length when she loved rubbing it and having it rubbed. Cassie placed the one guard on the clippers and asked Jess if she was ready.

This was not Cassie’s first time with clippers – she had used them quite frequently on one of her past boyfriends so she knew how to handle them. Cassie turned on the clippers with a quick flick of her thumb – she was ready. Cassie gently pushed Jess’ head down so her chin touched her chest and placed the clippers at the base of Jess’ neck. Cassie slowly moved the clippers up the back of Jess’ head exposing pale scalp as she sheared Jess of her dyed black hair. Cassie loved the contrast of the black hair and Jess’ pale head. She continued to make a few more passes. Cassie moved the clippers to Jess’ forehead; she placed the vibrating unit at the hairline and slowly moved the clippers back. Cassie was shaving Jess to mere stubble. Jess looked in the mirror and saw that Cassie was going all the way – a complete buzz cut; it looked good and the short pelt of hair really turned Jess on.

Cassie finished clipping Jess’ hair to a fraction of an inch. She put the clippers down on the vanity, took a towel and brushed off Jess’ head and shoulders. She then placed both her hands at the back of Jess’ head and slowly moved them up her head. Jess felt a chill run down her spine as Cassie continued to rub her head. Jess also felt herself getting wet – she couldn’t help but be turned on, she had her head shaved by a beautiful woman who was now massaging her freshly shorn scalp.

Cassie could tell Jess was really getting into having her head massaged. Cassie thought it was strange but she too was getting turned on – just like she used to when she shaved her boyfriend’s head. Cassie loved the feel of Jess’ short hair.

Jess spun around to face Cassie. Cassie carefully wiped away a couple loose hairs off Jess’ nose and looked at her head on. She was admiring her work while continuing to rub Jess’ head. Jess took a chance and leaned in to give Cassie a thank you kiss – at least that is what she would say if Cassie didn’t respond the way she wanted. Cassie was a little surprised – at the kiss and the fact that she couldn’t pull herself away, she kissed Jess back. Cassie had both her hands on the back of Jess’ head as Jess moved her hands around Cassie’s waist and slowly around to Cassie’s firm ass. They stood in the bathroom kissing for a few moments longer.

Jess finally pulled back from the kiss and guided Cassie by the hand into her bedroom.

Jess laid Cassie down on the bed and climbed on top of her. She bend down and kissed Cassie a little more while slowly moving Cassie’s shirt up and off. Cassie laid there as Jess began showering her with little kisses all over her neck and chest. Jess gently pulled Cassie’s bra strap off her shoulder and kissing her soft breast as she exposed more and more of Cassie’s wonderful chest. Jess reached under Cassie and quickly unhooked Cassie’s bra. She tossed it aside and refocused her attention on Cassie’s very erect nipples. Jess’s licked circles around Cassie’s nipples while playfully nibbling on them.

Cassie just relaxed and let herself go – she was enjoying this too much to think about the fact that she really did not know what she was doing; this was the furthest she had ever been with another girl and she was loving it.

Cassie moved her hand back and forth from Jess’ soft hair to her pert breasts. She slowly sat up so Jess was sitting in her lap. She kissed Jess a couple more times and began kissing Jess’ chest just like she had done. Jess unhooked her own bra and let it slip off and onto the floor. Cassie closed her eyes and began licking Jess’ nipples. She had never done it before and just tried to repeat what Jess had done.

Jess backed off Cassie’s lap and laid her back down on the bed. Jess grabbed Cassie’s pants at the waist and unbuttoned them – she lowered the zipper to expose Cassie’s pink underwear. She removed Cassie’s pants while running her fingernails along her legs causing a tingle to go up Cassie’s spine. Jess ran her fingers back up Cassie’s leg and slipped a finger under Cassie’s wet underwear and along her moist slit. Cassie was wet, horny and ready for anything.

Jess pushed Cassie’s panties to the side exposing her smooth pussy. She kissed along her thigh as she worked her way to Cassie’s love button. Cassie breath quickened as Jess’ kisses made their way off her thigh and onto to her now exposed soft lips. Jess licked along Cassie’s slit finally touching on her clit – this sent a wave of warmth through Cassie. Jess began to lick Cassie’s clit while she slowly worked he
r pussy with her fingers. Cassie began to fuck Jess’ face and fingers at the same time. She grabbed Jess’ head and ground her pussy into Jess’ face – she was coming and wanted Jess’ to know it. Cassie whole body tightened and with a wave of pleasure went limp. Cassie tried to catch her breath as Jess began kissing her again. Cassie could taste herself on Jess’ lips.

Jess grinned at Cassie knowing that Cassie had never experienced anything like that. She laid down next to Cassie and started stroking Cassie’s hair. Cassie looked over at Jess and kissed her gently on cheek.

Cassie moved to straddle Jess at the waist, leaned down covering Jess’ face and her own with her hair and kissed her passionately. She kissed along Jess’ jaw line and down onto her neck making her way in between Jess’ beautiful breasts. Cassie continued to kiss Jess’ stomach all while letting her hair stroke Jess’ chest and nipples as she lowered herself onto Jess. She unbuttoned Jess’ shorts and slid them down her legs; much to Cassie’s surprise and pleasure Jess was not wearing any panties; her smooth, waxes glistening pussy was ready.

Cassie kissed her way back up Jess’ leg and onto her inner thigh. Cassie inhaled deeply and took in Jess’ scent – it was sweet.

Cassie really was not sure how to pleasure Jess but she was going to try.

Cassie licked all around Jess’ pussy, finally plunging her long tongue deep into Jess. She moved her tongue in circles and sucked on Jess’ love mound. Jess loved Cassie’s tongue – she moved her hips, beginning to buck as Cassie continued sucking and licking her clit.

Jess told Cassie she was about to cum – Cassie said she wanted to feel and taste her love juice – Jess pushed Cassie head away enough for Cassie to get a facial with Jess’ powerful orgasm. Cassie had never seen or experienced a girl squirt like Jess did. Her face and hair were wet with Jess’ orgasm.

Jess sat up with Cassie in her lap, brushed Cassie’s wet hair away from her face and kissed her with gentle passion. Cassie just smiled back at Jess. – they both collapsed on the bed trying to catch their breath.

Jess grabbed Cassie by the hand after a few moments of lying on the bed and guided her back to the bathroom. Jess started a hot shower so she and Cassie could wash each other. Cassie stepped in after Jess and soaked her hair under the waterfall shower head while Jess massaged her breasts with her tongue. Again Jess made her way to Cassie’s pussy and in no time had Cassie panting with another tongue guided orgasm.

Cassie and Jess stepped out of the shower after a few more minutes of playtime. Cassie began towel drying her hair while Jess rubbed the towel over her own head a couple times and was ready to go.

Cassie remarked that, that would be another advantage to having that short of hair – prep time is cut drastically. Jess laughingly mentioned that the clippers were still on the counter if she wanted a cut. Cassie said that she really wasn’t ready – yet. The thought had crossed her mind a couple times that she should just give into that urge too and let Jess shave her too but she was not ready for that big of a change.

Cassie told Jess that she didn’t want to go that short all over but she really did want to have hair that short – it was a confusing thought until Jess suggested that she just clip Cassie’s nape. She told Cassie that if she did not want anyone to know she had an undercut all she had to do was wear her hair down – no one would see the back of her neck since her hair was so long. Cassie thought it was a great idea and took a seat on the stool that was still in the room.

Jess grabbed a couple clips and separated Cassie’s hair so there was a line that ran about mid-ear across the back of her head. She showed Cassie what she would be cutting. Cassie couldn’t wait. Jess popped the clippers on and started at Cassie’s hairline running them up to the part. She slowly and deliberately clipped Cassie’s nape to a nice soft buzz. Jess finished the cut, grabbed the towel to dust off the stray hairs and ran her hand across the back of Cassie’s neck. Cassie immediately shivered with excitement. She couldn’t stop rubbing her own hands on the back of her neck.

As Cassie drove home the whole night replayed in her head. She couldn’t believe what happened, but also couldn’t wait to see what else would happen. She and Jess would definitely be getting together again.

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