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I had not seen Heidi in years… I was surprised when I recognized her in the coffee shop of the town we both lived in. Apparently, she was still living there…

Heidi had thick ash blonde hair, about half-way down her back. She had had it shorter, in a just-past-chin-length bob before, and had even had some wild colors in it at some point when we were closer friends.

It was great to see Heidi again, and it seemed this was mutual. When our hands casually touched, they lingered. After catching up for a few minutes, she told me she had to go next door into the salon for her hair appointment. She hesitated for a moment, and then, remembering my like for makeovers and hair color, suggested I might enjoy waiting to see the result. I tried to get more information out of her, and she just smiled. I could use a ride home, she said, and I think my new haircut will be worth your wait.

The next few hours were some of the longest I had experienced. Heidi and I had messed around a bit in the past, but never too seriously. I had always thought there could have been more, except for some badly timed trips by both of us. I killed the time by browsing the shops in the area, and finally returned to the coffee shop.

Just as I has settled back into a newspaper, someone sat across from me. When I looked up, for a second I thought someone had me mistaken for someone else. Across from me, with the biggest, most excited, eager smile sat Heidi. Except that I barely recognized her. Her long dirty-blonde hair was no more. She now had the purest platinum blonde shock of hair I had ever seen. What was left of it, fell in front of her face, and was no more than chin-length. Do you like it? She turned her head sideways as she asked. In the back, her hair was super short. At the back of her head, most of her hair below the tops of her ears had been buzzed off, leaving no more than an eighth of an inch. From that length, it was a straight angled line to the front, at chin length.

She reached over and pushed on my chin to close my mouth which had apparently fallen open. She smiled wickedly at this reaction and tousled her hair. I reached over and pushed it out of her face, but it was too short to stay behind her ear, and fell back in her face. I touched the back of her head and ran my fingers up her neck to where the longer hair started near the top. Heidi shivered at my touch. How about that ride home? She asked.

She only needed to go a couple of miles. I could barely keep my eyes of her hair. I touched it a few times, and she would lean into my hand when I caressed her neck and the stubble at the back of her head. I pulled her over, and she got on her knees and leaned over to receive my kiss. Her hair fell into my face as we kissed.

I walked her inside, and we kissed some more before she broke loose. There is one more thing, she said…

She ran into a back room and returned a few minutes later, wearing cutoffs and a tattered white shirt. I need your help with this, she said as she tossed me two packets. The first packet was blue color, the second was pink. Help me put these in!

After reading the directions, and working out a plan of attack, we decided to color one side of her hair the neon pink, and the other side would be electric blue. We would streak the colors into eachother in the middle.

Getting my hands into her soft hair was a great experience. Applying the color was amazing. It took quite some time to set in, but when it was finally time to rinse out, I could not wait. Of course, she did not have a shampoo bowl, so we mad a big mess in the bathroom rinsing her hair in the tub. Water went everywhere, and I suddenly had a great opportunity to see that her breasts had gotten quite a bit fuller since I had last glimpsed them. She also had piercings in both nipples, and a seductive little heart tattooed on the side of her breast. When I traced the tattoo and the piercings Heidi’s nipples got even harder. Heidi just smiled. She turned her back to me and started drying her hair. As short as it now was, this did not take very long. I was torn about where to look, the rise and fall of her ample breasts, or the stunning color palette of her hair.

She turned around when she was finished and we started kissing. I peeled her shirt off and started kissing her breasts.

We rushed to the bedroom and she climbed on top of me. Her pink and blue hair was phenomenal. It brushed my face as we kissed, and I could not keep my hands off of it.

This was a reunion to remember!

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