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Waking up the next morning, the first thing I saw was her looking at me. Such a wonderful sight. Her hair was disheveled from our lovemaking and the sleep afterwards. I picked up my head to look at the clock, but I was interrupted.

“No,” she said. “You’re nowhere to be, I’ve nowhere to be. Let’s pick up where we left off.” She kissed me lightly on the lips and began moving down my neck with little kisses. On to my chest, my stomach and finally my groin. By the time she made her way down there I was semi-erect. Looking back up at me she smiled and took my cock in her mouth, bringing it fully to life. The longer hair at the sides of her head fell down around her face as her head bobbed up and down, tickling my shaved crotch. She was amazing at giving head; this was quickly becoming the best oral sex of my life. Before I could come, she stopped and said, “Let’s hit the shower!”

She stood up and turned towards my bathroom. Her round behind was right in front of my face, irresistible. I reached over to grab it, and snuck a finger to her box. She was moist alright, and I couldn’t wait to get back in there. Ignoring me besides a subconscious shiver, she starting walking towards the shower, and I followed close behind. Getting in, I turned the water on quite warm. Steam began accumulating, adding to the mood. As we stood in the shower, we didn’t wash so much as make out and grope each other.

“Hold on, I have an idea,” I interrupted. “Close your eyes!” I grabbed a razor I kept in the shower for whatever I might feel like shaving, and some shaving gel. Guiding her away from the stream of water, I put a dollop of cream on my hand. “Hold still, now.”

I sensually massaged the cream into her neatly trimmed bush with one hand and stimulated her clitoris with the other. She was whimpering as I picked up the razor and took a few short tentative strokes around the edges. Receiving no protests, I proceeded to make her mound perfectly smooth. Inspecting my work with my tongue she moaned with pleasure. I stood up, and told her to open her eyes.

“Well, how is it?” I asked. She reached down to explore it, before saying, “That’s awesome, better than I can do. I should let you shave my legs!”

“I’d be game for that, as long as you keep them wrapped around me.” I waited for her reaction. She didn’t drop the ball though.

“The rate we’re going, that won’t be a problem,” she returned.

“I’ll have to remember that for later.” The water was beginning to get cold so we got out and toweled off. Laying the towel out on the floor, I laid her down on top of it and we went at it furiously. Our matching shaved parts rubbed together, enhancing the sensation as we both climaxed.

“Mmm, I could make a habit of this,” she whispered into my ear.

We did make that into a habit, and months flew by. The sex got better and better, even as her hair got longer and longer. It was almost shoulder length, very similar to how it was when we first met. It was now blonde with hints chocolate spread throughout. Summer was fast approaching again and we were planning on a vacation, just the two of us. A tour of the Mediterranean seemed most likely, as we both wanted to see some ancient ruins. That and have sex on a Mediterranean shore.

The time finally came to decide, and we went along with what we wanted. Spain, Italy, and Greece were all on our itinerary. All preparations were made, and we had about a week left when one day I brought her hair.

“Say, you think you might get a haircut before we go? New hair, new sights?” She still looked amazing, but I couldn’t forget her last short cut.

“You know, I was actually thinking about getting one over there, an exotic Euro cut, you know?” I liked that idea quite a bit.

The week passed and we were on our flight over. To keep the flight interesting she decided to see how horny she could make me en route.

“I hope we can find some good nude beaches so I can get rid of these tan lines. My mound is too pasty to be fitting of this wonderful job you do down there every time.”

“I can’t wait for my haircut. I’m thinking about getting it even shorter than before.”

“I can wait to feel the sand rub my back as you pound me under the sunset.”

“Will we do it like the Romans when in Rome?”

That was enough for me. I had one of my own.

“Want to join the mile high club?” Her eyes lit up. We went back to the tiny little room one at a time five minutes apart, you know, to throw off the other passengers. If that fooled them, then the noises coming out surely took care of that. The rest of the flight was over soon enough, and we were in Spain. After unpacking at the hotel we stepped out onto the balcony to enjoy the sunset. After a while, she stood up and said, “wait here I’ll be right back.” A few minutes later she returned.

Fully nude, her hair up in a ponytail, she came around to the front of me and straddled my lap. Grinding her hips into my crotch, she kissed me while playing with her breasts. Taking my hands and placing them on those same breasts, she pulled a pair of clippers out of nowhere and turned them on. Not seeing guard I was too enthralled to resist as she removed my hair and left me with 1/8″ of stubble. Happy with her results, she silently stood back up and unfastened my pants, pulling them off along with my boxers. My member stood fully erect and tall, as she knelt down and took it in her mouth. She continued sucking me off as I placed one hand lightly on her head as it bobbed up and down. Too far away to grab, her fine ass was rhythmically moving with the rest of her. She began to deep throat my cock, taking all seven inches into her. I laid back and let her work on me. As I was ready to come, I let out a long moan to let her know, and hearing this she took it all in one last time, so I could shoot my load right down her throat. Pulling off, she sucked my cock clean on her way off. Leaning back, she swallowed and kissed me.

“And how was that?” she asked, knowing fully the answer.

“I think I like it in Europe. I could get used to that.”

“Well, you better get rested up. I’ve got a craving for a deep dicking, and I’ll need you at full strength!” We did just that later, and again a little later, and you get the idea.

The next morning, we got up and ate at a small cafĂ© down the street. “When are you going to get that much-anticipated Euro haircut?” I asked.

“Actually, I was hoping to have you do it. With the way you take care of the rest of my hair, I’m confident that you could do just fine up top.” She ran her hand through her hair, and as it fell back down it framed her face with a very seductive expression on it. I’d really like to give her hair the same treatment I give the rest of her.

“But I haven’t cut hair successfully before, it always ends up the same. You remember that time I tried to cut my own hair and ended up with a #2? Or that time you suggested I trim my leg hair and they ended up matching yours?” Both of those resulted in great sex (surprise), but I wanted confirmation from her on this.

“Speaking of the latter, you should do that again. It would help your tan!” She slipped off her sandal and rubbed her foot and then calf on my leg. “Remember how much fun the low-friction sex was? Just think, you all smooth, me all smooth,” she drifted off for a second, eyes closed, her hand reaching up to her head, “me all smooth.”

“Ok, you’ve persuaded me. Let’s head back and get this taken care of so we can see more of Europe than the inside of our hotel room!”

Heading back, we stripped down naked as soon as we got there. I fired up the hot tub and let it warm up. I grabbed all my shaving supplies, including some clippers I had brought along just in case. Going into the bathroom, we stood in front of the mirror, and I asked, “You or me first?”

“You better go first, because I don’t think I’ll be patient enough after mi
ne to get you!” she said, gathering up the clippers. “Now lay down on your back and put you leg in the air.” As I did this, she kneeled down beside me. I put my arms behind my head and relaxed. She flicked on the clippers, and before going after my leg flicked them over my exposed armpits and flashed a toothy grin. I just smiled back and thought about later. Starting at my ankle working up the leg, she denuded each one very thoroughly. After the clipper work was done, she rubbed a hand down each leg simultaneously, “Close, but not quite. Let’s soak in the hottub a bit!”

We did just that, making out the entire time. After about ten minutes she deemed my legs ready for lather. I started to get out of the tub, but she said, “No, let’s do it in here. Easier cleanup!” I sat up on the edge of the tub and stretched out a leg towards her for lather. She grabbed my leg and gently placed my foot on her stomach, with my toes in between her breasts. The shaving gel came next and then the razor. After that leg was done, she stood up over it and then lowered her pussy down onto my shin and rubbed it up and down the length of it.

“Yes, that will do nicely. It passed the ultimate test of smoothness!” She lowered my leg back into the water and did the same with the next one, testing it as before. After that she moved to in front of me and sat on my lap in the water, “I know down there will pass, so we don’t need to test now.” What a tease!

We returned to the bathroom after drying off a bit. Taking my place behind her again, I ran my hands through her hair and asked her if she was sure about this. Backing up into me, she reached back, placed her arm around my head, pulled it in and kissed me. Looking back into my eyes, she rubbed her ass in my crotch, stimulating my erect member. “Let’s do this,” she whispered.

Standing behind her, I ran my hands through her hair one last time. Her nipples were erect and in the mirror I could see her pussy glisten. Sneaking a hand around to the front, I rubbed her as she closed her eyes and moaned. She reached behind me and started stroking my cock. Satisfied with the progress she bent over enough to let me enter her from behind as she braced herself on the sink. Slowly pumping, trying to find the right rhythm so as to let her keep her head steady, I picked up the clippers, turned them on and pushed all her hair forward to expose her nape. With one quick movement, I ran them up the back of her head to her occipital ridge and pulled them back. I repeated this process until the back of her head was stubble, and pulled her hair down over it.

“Now it looks like you haven’t shaved a bit. We can stop here if you want.” I was hoping so bad for the green light.

“You had better not stop; I want to be completely bald, shaven head to toe. I want you to lather me up and shave me smooth like I did for you. I want to be your bald girlfriend, your hairless lover, your smooth sexual counterpart. I need it!” I couldn’t argue with that manifesto, so I took the clippers and placed them at her forehead, centered on her part. Her eyes were shining with a look of longing that I knew quite well. Without pausing I drew them back to her crown. The severed locks tumbled down the sides of her head, some landing on her shoulders, some on my cock as it went in and out, and the rest on the floor. Replacing the clippers at the front, just to the side of the first pass I severed more locks, sending them downward. I worked down the side of her head, to her sideburn, and up around her ear to meet her undercut in back. Before I could finish, she pulled away from me and kneeled down to take me in her mouth. Sucking, she looked up at me to signal that she was ready to resume the clipping.

I quickly went back to work and removed all but a patch on top. Holding the last locks up, I took one last swipe with the clippers and completed the transformation to stubble. Sensing an orgasm, I signaled for her to stop, pulled my dick out and blew my load on her newly shaven scalp. Acting a bit surprised at first, she reached up to feel her scalp, then my cum. Reaching up with the other hand she began to spread it all over her head massage into her scalp.

“That was unexpected, but it felt amazing, your hot load spreading onto my head. I’m sure it’ll be a good primer for the shaving cream!” She stood up and kissed me before we returned to the hot tub. I sat with my back against the side, and she settled in between my legs. Making sure her ass was firmly placed against my crotch, I closed my legs around her as she placed a hand on each, feeling the smoothness that was soon cover her entire body. Picking up the cream, I spread the white lather over her scalp, covering it all in a thick, white cap. Next, I took the razor, placed it at her temple and drew it up into the foam. With a scrape, the stubble and cream was replaced with smooth scalp. Stroke after stroke, the removed cream floated around us in the water as I made her head into a glassy, bare landscape.

“This feels amazing, so much more sensation than my legs or pussy. You should really try this as soon as possible.” She was making an offer I probably wouldn’t refuse, but I had work at hand.

“Let me finish you up, and we’ll see what happens afterwards. I’m sure you feel that pressure on your rear?”

“Oh yes, I sure can. In fact, I have an idea.” she scooted forward a bit, raised her ass, positioned it over my dick, and sat down on my member, taking it into her ass. Anal was new for us, but I wasn’t surprised by anything at this point. It felt damn good, too. Moving just enough to keep me interested, she let me resume the shaving.

“Ok then, you better let me out so I have something for later. What do you think of your new look?” I asked as she got off me and felt her head. Her eyes lit up as her hands felt the hairless scalp. Dipping her head underwater to rinse the vestiges of cream off, she came back up and kissed me. “I love it! I think it’s your turn now!”

Taking her place in front of me, she returned the favor, taking every opportunity to shove her breasts in my face as she made my head as smooth as hers. Being shaved bald by a bald woman was just great.

“Ok, time to check my handiwork. Ready?” With that she stood up, placed her pussy infront of my face, which was swollen with excitement, ready for my cock. Leaning forward, I rubbed my head on it, making sure to do it until I heard a slight moan escape from her. Rolling my head back, I pulled her towards my face so I could orally pleasure her. This brought even more moans and I could feel my prick becoming rock hard. Firmly clutching her ass, I continues to eat her as she grasped my shaven head with her hands. When she began to buck in orgasm, I lowered her down onto my cock, impaling her as she began to scream. Riding me as she continued to wake the neighbors, I let loose with a massive orgasm and filled her with my cum. Collapsing on top of me, we panted and sighed with bliss.

“I think we’ve done it,” she said.

“Done what?”

“Topped it, had our best sex ever. Who knew all it took was a little haircutting and shaving?” She was glowing as she said it. I held her against me, her bald head resting on my shoulder. Every bit of both of us was hair-free and felt amazing.

“A little? That’s a bit of an understatement. We’re both bald as cueballs and shaved head to toe. I can’t believe we both just did this.”

“I can. I knew you wanted to, and when I realized just how aroused my haircuts made you, I knew I had to do this. Of course, I enjoyed it too. Now for tomorrow, I have an idea.”

“Go on,” I said. I was quite curious as to what she would think of next..

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