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Once on a day, my girlfriend came home from the hairdresser. She looked beautiful. She had a perm done. It was rather special, because she normally would have her hair just cut and styled.

I complimented hair and told her that she looked great. Her reaction was rather surprising to me. “It wouldn’t look to bad on you either, I will call the salon and make an appointment for you.”

Before I realised what happened, she took the phone and called the salon.

“Hi, Jenny, I was with you for a perm this day, I want you to do one with my boyfriend to.”

I couldn’t here the answer but I just couldn’t believe my ears. Was this true? Was this really my girlfriend calling for a perm????

One moment later, she told me:”You can come right now!!”

Right now? Once for a sudden, I wasn’t so sure any more, but I walked to the salon anyway.

When I arrived, I saw 2 women sitting in the chair and I walked in.

“Ah Harry, so I should make you a nice perm also… take a seat in this chair. Amanda will wash your hair already.”

I simply didn’t have time to think, and before I realised Amanda had caped me and asked me to lean backwards to the shampoo bowl. Amanda’s hands where lovely, she started to massage my head, really slowly but powerful. She used a shampoo that smelled lovely and took her time. I felled like in heaven and almost forgot why I was in the salon.

Amanda rinsed my hair , dried it and told me to get up.

Then Jenny came over. “Ah, lets make a beautiful man out of you.. I always thought that a perm might suit you. Now it’s the moment to try it.”

Jenny took a trolley and started to part my hair. She took some small papers and started to wrap my hair on perm rods. It didn’t feel like my previous experience. jenny did wrap my hair much tighter then Nicole did years before. Somehow she seemed to like it. After a while my head was covered with rods. I felled quit stupid and the women , they where still in the shop although they both where finished, kept looking at me.

“Don’t you think it’s cute, a man in perm rods”,

“Yes, so helpless, I wished it was my husband.”

“Ah yes. He must have a powerful girlfriend.”

“Does it heart? Ah you know, one must suffer for beauty”

Then, Jenny had finished wrapping my hair, amd started to put plastic sheets between the rods.

Then she applied some crème and some cotton.

“And now, over to the point of no return.”

Before I realised. Jenny started to apply some nasty smelling liquid to the rods and to my hair. In a matter of time it was soaked and smelled really badly. she than applied a plastic foil and told me to wait until the liquid had done it’s work. I felled excited and frightened at the same time. The women kept looking at me and Jenny put some plastic thing around my neck. almost like a shampoobowl. but smaller and without a drain. I looked ridiculous to my own eyes, but at the same time I was excited. This was my dream come true……….

As I sat there, I felt rather helpless. Those women looking at me and two female hairdressers seeming to have a sadistic pleasure in the situation. Strange enough, this was rather exactly what I wished, did my girlfriend know about my secret wish? I never told her and she didn’t know about my previous experience. Was it only the fact that the women never saw a men having a perm?

After a while, Jenny started to inspect the Rods. “That looks rather good already, you will be a cute, handsome young man but the rods have to keep in a little longer.”

“Do you really want it to be a firm curl?” asked one of the women.

“Uhm… I don’t think that’s …..”

“I wasn’t asking you!!” said the women. I was asking Jenny. Let here decide about your fate, after all she is a professional and knows the job. Or don’t you want to look pretty?”

I started to feel more and more uncomfortable. Those women kept looking at me and I sat there in a chair, surrounded by 4 women. Did my girlfriend know that It would be like this? Did she sat it up? I could only wait. After all, I couldn’t simply walk out with perm rods in my hair.

Then, the door opened! Just as I thought things couldn’t get worse, a beautiful young women came in. I didn’t dare to look at the door and tried to watch in the mirror. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This wasn’t possible…..

How on earth could this be…….? The young women was ……. Danielle! My hairdresser from my youth!! Was this coincidence? How could she know that I went for a perm….. I felt rather ashamed, but thinks got worse.

“Hey Harry, what a surprise to see you here. What did you think? Danielle didn’t finish my first perm, let’s have another??”

“Uh….. no….., it’s all by coincidence….”

“Yes I guess it is, I came to have my own hair done. rather special to find you in a salon 100 kilometers from your hometown.” “Do you mind if I finish this young men’s perm? You know He came to my salon as a young boy from about 12 years old. My boss learned me how to Wind up a perm in rather short hair. Harry was my study object then. I scared him of I thought, but maybe I might have inspired him to have a perm of his own…….”

“Ah…. You want to finish the job you couldn’t finish years ago? Sounds good to me.” said Jenny.

“Be my guest”

“Okay!” said Danielle. “Then I think I must rinse the setting now. Lets finish the Job!!!”

I followed Danielle to the Shampoo Bowl and closed My eyes as Danielle started to rinse.

I felt like in heaven!!!!

(To be continued)

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