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I never had a woman fall for me before. except Mary.

Actually, Mary didn’t fall for me.. she fell on me.

One Saturday morning I was standing in line at the bookstore waiting my turn at their coffee bar for a cup of black coffee. Mary was standing in front of me waiting for an iced vanilla latte. She was engrossed in the paperback book she was reading.

I was checking her out. Mary’s buxom figure was pleasing to my eyes. There were hints of gray in her brown hair; which was styled in a pretty bun. Standing behind her, it was hard to guess her age. Mary was wearing a blue denim jumper over a white short sleeve blouse; there were pink flip-flops on her feet.

As she turned to walk away still reading her romance novel, her flip-flops caught the edge of the metal strip that separated the carpeting from the terrazzo floor.

Mary fell forward spilling her latte on me. I caught her around the waist but in the process fell backwards landing flat on my back. Mary ended up on top of me. My arms were wrapped around her waist. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. Magnificent sapphire blue eyes; enhanced by an embarrassed blush, which started at her cheeks and spread to her ears.

At that moment, I don’t know what came over me. My mind was racing; carnal desires fighting with common sense; thinking, “I want to kiss her”.. “Just one little kiss.. “I did save her, didn’t I?”. “She owed me a kiss”. “Forget about it you oaf .Let go off of her!” I let go. Mary rolled to a sitting position. I jumped up helping her to her feet, and then retrieved her purse and paperback from the floor. I asked if she was all right.

Mary was embarrassed. She kept apologizing for spilling her coffee on me. Concerned, she kept asking if I was hurt. I assured her that I was fine. She insisted on buying me a new shirt. I noticed Mary was not wearing an engagement ring or wedding band; that was a good sign. I suggested we go to the restrooms to clean up. Afterwards we could discuss it over coffee.

In the end we compromised. Mary would wash my shirt and bring it to my house. We walked to the parking lot and stood by her green PT Cruiser. We exchanged names, addresses and telephone numbers. Before she left Mary offered me her hand. Taking her hand in mine I said, “You have beautiful eyes”. I was treated to more blushing and a pretty smile.

As she drove away, I thought to myself, “There goes one gracious lady” ” I wonder if she would go out with me”. On the way home I purchased a pint of vanilla coffee creamer and a single red carnation.

I inherited my great grandfather’s house and everything in it after he passed on. It was a large three story Victorian on three acres, completely surrounded by a tall wrought iron fence and yew hedges.

When I arrived home, I removed my great grandmother Margaret’s sterling silver coffee service from the China Cabinet. I selected two fine bone china cups and saucers. I found a crystal bud vase for the carnation. I even brought out the linen napkins with the crystal napkin rings.

Mary telephoned me at four in the afternoon to tell me my shirt was ready. “I can be there in half-an-hour if that is convenient”, she offered. “That will perfect Ms. Randall, half-an-hour it is”. Mary laughed; it was a musical laugh.
“Its not Ms., Its Miss, please call me Mary.”

I met Mary at her car and opened the door for her. I offered her my arm and she took it. I escorted her to my front porch. I sat her down in my favorite oak rocker. Mary gave me my shirt wrapped in white butcher paper. I thanked her for kindness and said, “Please excuse me while I bring this in the house”. “I just made a fresh pot of coffee” ” Would you like a cup?” I asked, “I’d love a cup of coffee.” “Thank You”. “But I can only stay a minute”. “I’m sure that I’ve
inconvenienced you enough as it is.”

I will never forget the look on her face when I wheeled everything out on a teacart. A minute turned into hours. We sat on the porch and talked until dark. I gave her the grand tour of my house.

We both loved books; that was no surprise. I was surprised to learn that she liked to go fishing.perfect.
I surprised her with my knowledge of antiques.
Mary left that evening with a red carnation. I remained with her promise to have dinner with me next Saturday.

One of the things that I found out about “Blue Eyes” was that she worked at the Library. I sent a dozen red carnations to the library addressed to Mary Blue Eyes. I sent more carnations to the library on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Friday I stopped at the library under the pretense of renewing my library card. I went to the front desk and asked for Mary. I was directed to the reference section and told to look for the desk with all the carnations. Mary must have seen me coming because she was standing in front of her desk waiting. A couple of girls that worked with her tried not to be obvious. They pretended to be busy arranging books. We knew they were watching us.
Mary took both my hands and squeezed them. The look in her eyes told me everything.

Mary was a modest woman and I treated her as such.
She loved having her hands touched and I started with that. In the beginning I only got a kiss on the cheek. Next came a hug and kiss on the cheek. When it was appropriate, she allowed me to hold her hand in public.

After about a year’s time we were very comfortable with one another. We were in and out of each other’s homes and exchanged house keys.

Mary loved cuddling on the couch and I got many hugs and kisses. Even at that point of our relationship, I never saw
Mary with her hair down and loose. It was always up in a variety of buns or in a simple long braid.

One evening after Mary left, I was taking a shower thinking about our relationship. I loved her and wanted to make love to her. I was not sure how much longer I could suppress my carnal desirers; she was driving me crazy.

We were going antiquing tomorrow. I was going to pick her up in the morning. I would just come out and tell her. Someone had to take charge. I was tired of taking cold showers.

I arrived at Mary’s house one-hour early and let myself in. I was quiet. She did not know I was there. I could hear her walking around upstairs. I stripped to my boxers and prayed she didn’t decide to come down. Then I heard the shower running.

I walked into the bathroom. I could see her silhouette behind the opaque plastic of the shower curtain.
“Rich is that you?” “I’m taking a shower” “Please wait for me downstairs”.

Removing my boxers, I got in the shower and pulled her close. I kissed her mouth. Then I kissed her again, my manhood pushing up against her. I could feel her nipples harden against my chest. “Blue Eyes, I’m tired of taking cold showers alone” Mary took my face in her hands and kissed me. Then she kissed me again sticking her tongue in my mouth. “Hand me the soap honey and I’ll wash your back”. “Then you can wash mine”. We took turns soaping each other down. I washed Mary’s long hair and then conditioned it for her. We stepped out of the shower and toweled each other off. After we got dressed, I watched her stand in front of the mirror combing out her hair. It fell just to the bottom of her buttocks. Mary was getting ready to put it up. I walked up behind her “I think you would look gorgeous with bangs”, I said, wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing the back of her neck. “But I haven’t had bangs since I was a little girl”, she replied. “Mary the bangs I have in mind for you would be sinful on a little girl”. ” Voluptuous sexy bangs that would accent your beautiful blue eyes”. ” But.. I wouldn’t know where to go.” ” My sister has been trimmed my hair for years”.

“Is your sister a professional stylist?” I asked. “No of course not”. I’ll take you to one then’, I offered. “Just to get bangs?” Mary asked. “No. not just bangs.” “You deserve a good cut by a professional”. Mary finished her bun and tur
ned around. “Will you let me color my hair”? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Are you asking my permission?” In response, Mary put her arms around my neck and kissed me like she did in the shower. “You have my permission.” ” I will choose the color.”
We spent the rest of the day visiting flea markets.
I bought her two antique hair combs. They were silver filigree set with red garnets in the shape of flowers.
Mary was tired when we got back. We ate a late supper and cuddled on the couch listening to music; Mary fell asleep. I kissed her and covered her with a quilt; then drove home.

The next morning I checked my paid invoices. I found the telephone number and called Susan Banner. Susan ran a Beauty Salon out of her home. She specialized for women with long hair. I found her an original chair for her mother’s vanity table. I refinished both pieces and was very pleased with my finished work. I wanted to make an appointment for a consultation. Susan told me to come right down. I spent about half-an-hour. I gave her my general ideas for Mary’s cut; I left the details to her, she being the expert. “I have one appointment this morning.” ” My sister-in-law is the only one this afternoon.” “I’m sure she will understand if I reschedule her this evening after supper”, she added. “Bring your lady in at one o’clock this afternoon and I will keep the rest of the day free for her.”
“I promise you will not be disappointed and neither will she”.

I took Mary out to breakfast and told about her appointment. Mary insisted on going home and redoing her hair. “But Mary!” I exclaimed, “That’s Susan’s job!”
“Never mind about that honey”, she said sweetly.” I just want to look my best”. I leaned over and kissed her; then I drove her home. When we left the house, Mary put the garnet flower combs in her hair

We arrived at Susan’s and I made the introductions.
Susan complemented Mary on her garnet combs and asked where she found them. Mary told her that I bought them for her yesterday. Susan looked at me and nodded her head in approval.

Susan first took Mary’s hair out of her braided bun, and then combed it out to examine its overall condition. Next she divided Mary’s hair into sections with a different comb clipping the divided sections on the top her head with plastic butterfly clips. She had Mary stand and face the cutting station mirror to take her measurements.

Susan positioned the edge of her hand on Mary’s back to determine where to make the first cut. Satisfied she said, “You will have to stand for this part of your makeover honey. But don’t worry it will still be long enough to put up in a bun”. Susan took the sections down one by one cutting off 12 inches of hair. “I am going to mix the hair color now” she said. “It will take me about ten minutes or so since you have such thick hair”. “Take your time, Susan”. Mary said “I don’t have any plans this afternoon”.
“I was hoping you would say that dear”. “I’ll just put on a pot of coffee and then we can chat awhile”. “I always like to get to know a little bit about a new client”. “What would you two like in your coffee?” she asked. ” I’d love a cup of Susan.” “Richard takes his black.” “Do you have vanilla creamer? Mary asked.” Of course”! “I make my own from half-and-half and pure vanilla extract”. “You must try some”.

When Susan returned with the coffee, she pulled up a chair and soon she and Mary were laughing and talking like old friends. I sat to one side and kept my mouth shut. The look that Mary gave me when Susan left to make coffee meant, “We” did not include me.

When the hair color ready, Susan explained, “Richard chose a rich shade of auburn for your new color.”
“Normally I don’t listen to men when it comes to such things but he matched the stain on my mother’s vanity table and chair to perfection”. “This color will match your skin tones perfectly” “I mixed it just for you”

When the color was set and her hair rinsed, Mary sat in the chair for the wet cut. Susan again divided Mary’s hair into even more sections and put them on top of her head with butterfly clips. She brought each section down cutting straight and blunt across the bottom removing another two inches.
Mary’s hair was now blunt cut exactly to the middle of her back. It looked much fuller and thicker then it did in the bedroom.

When that was finished, Susan combed Mary’s hair and pulled it back into a high ponytail. As before Mary stood while Susan studied her face. Susan was determining where to section off Mary’s hair for the bangs.

Susan held Mary’s ponytail, sliding her hand down it’s entire length. Feeling the thickness and texture.” Mary your hair if very thick and healthy.” “Even with bangs your ponytail will be thick and full.”

Susan had Mary sit and sectioned Mary’s hair in the front for the bangs. She pulled the rest back in a low ponytail and secured it with a large butterfly clip.

Taking up the scissors Susan created thick, blunt curved bangs. They just touched Mary’s eyebrows in the middle. They gradually became longer on the sides past the eyebrows. The bangs stopped just in front of her ears.

Taking Mary’s hair out of the low ponytail, Susan took more front sections and combed them forward. She blunt cut them even to the top of Mary’s breasts. I could hardly sit still in the chair.

Mary’s hair was dried and Susan turned the chair so that Mary was facing me. She gave Mary a large hand mirror to hold up for her to view the back. Mary said she absolutely loved the new cut and color.

Mary tried to get up thinking Susan was finished. “Please sit down, Mary” “I want to show you a few ways to style you hair at this length”.
Susan fixed Mary’s hair into a ponytail to show her how it would look with bangs. It was as if Susan could read my mind.

Next she braided the ponytail and fashioned a braided bun.
The next style was a plain cinnamon bun; followed by a French Twist. I had a death grip on the chair trying to sit still. Mary looked incredibly beautiful and sexy.

Susan let Mary’s hair down and brushed it out. She curled the shorter front sections into long spiral curls. She did the same with the longer hair in back, but only at the very bottom.
Susan finished the makeover by pulling the front curls back into a ponytail and tying it with fancy silver ribbons.
Mary made an appointment with Susan to return in three weeks to have her bangs trimmed if needed and her color touched up. I paid the bill leaving a generous tip.
They hugged before we left.

When we got to my truck Mary insisted we go shopping.
We drove to six different malls. We went to Macy’s first. Going immediately to the women’s cosmetic counter.
We spent two hours there and Mary had a free makeup makeover. I bought Mary everything the makeup girl/salesclerk suggested that Mary needed.
We window-shopped for her new wardrobe. I had my hand around her waist the entire time; Mary couldn’t get close enough to me.

It was late when I took Mary home. We cuddled on the couch. I ran my finger through her beautiful auburn tresses, playing with her curls. Mary fell asleep on the couch next to me. I kissed her cheek then covered her with a quilt. I got up to leave. I couldn’t find my damn car keys.

I stood there with my eyes closed. My mind was racing; my carnal desires were pummeling my common sense.”this was supposed to be the night”. “Blue Eyes, You drive me crazy”……
I felt her arms around my waist pulling me close to her. Mary’s soft long hairs caress my face as she kissed the back of my neck.

“Under two conditions Blue Eyes,” I said, almost shouting.
“The first?” she asked demurely. “You will wear your hair down for me!” Putting her head on my shoulder and holding me tighter. “The second?” she asked….I removed the silver chair I was wearing; opened the clasp and sliding the ring off.
Taking her left hand, I slid my Great Grandmother’s flawless: 3(ct.) Sapphire Ring on her finger. “Y
ou will tell me that you love me…..

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