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Megan awoke and was immediately reminded of her bondage. When she tried to roll over, the chain that was locked around her collar and the rope on her hair stopped her before she was able to even reach her back. Her shoulder was a bit sore due to the fact that she had been sleeping on it all night. There was a desperate need for her to use the restroom, but her legs were bound together as well. She was on the couch, not in their bed. She knew that she was in trouble. She remembered the events of the previous day.

Megan was a slave in the service of her husband, a strict master to say the least. She enjoyed her submission to him. She needed the control that he offered as she had none of her own. She had gone shopping and instead of following the shopping list, she picked up a few “extra items”. The main reason for the lists was that he kept a very tight control of the finances. When they were first married, she spent A LOT of their money on frivolous stuff.

She had seen commercials for a shampoo and conditioner that were supposed to keep her hair healthy and shiny. Her hair was down to her waist and a lovely light brown with natural red highlights. Her hair was healthy and kept that way by a very attentive master. She had regular trims that were done by him. He always told her it was to save money, but what she did not know was that he had a major hair fetish.

Megan decided to purchase this rather expensive shampoo and conditioner. When she got home, she put away the groceries and decided to wash her hair with her new stuff. Megan climbed in the shower and began working the shampoo into a lather and after rinsing, she enjoyed the sweet fragrance of the new shampoo. She then but the conditioner on her hair and combed it through just like her master required. After rinsing the conditioner out, she got out, and combed her hair again, letting it dry naturally. Megan hid the new bottles so that her master would not find them.

Megan waited on her knees by the front door for her master to return. He walked into the house and stroked her hair as usual, petting her as he would an awaiting pet. His hands stayed on her hair a little longer than normal. Megan thought it was a good sign, he was going to like the effects of the new shampoo and conditioner. He gently took a lock of her hair and sniffed it. That was when Megan started to get nervous. He had her on a strict regiment for her hair care. She had expressed that she wanted to grow her hair extremely long from the shoulder length it was when they married. He agreed on several conditions, 1 that she take care of it and follow the regiment that he laid out for her, and 2 that he not find any hairs on the furniture or in the carpet when he arrived home.

“Fetch me the shampoo and conditioner that you used to wash your hair today.” Was all he said as he let the lock fall back into place and walked into the living room to sit in his comfy chair. Megan ran up to the bathroom and got her “normal” bottles and returned to him. He sniffed the bottles, and then sniffed her hair again. Shaking his head, “No, pet, I want the stuff you actually used on your hair today.”

Megan knew that she was caught. She went back up to the bathroom and returned with the bottles in her hands and her head down. She had not thought about the difference in the scent and that he would actually notice it. She presented the bottles to him. He looked at them and saw the price tag. The new product was 4 times what her regular stuff cost. He left her kneeling by his chair and went to the computer. After doing some research online, he returned to her.

“Do you know why I have you use the shampoo and conditioner that I have you use on your hair?” He asked calmly.

“No, Sir, I do not.” she replied meekly.

“First of all, I like the scent of it. Second, of all the hair care products out there, this,” he said picking up the correct product, “is the best for the money if you want to grow your hair long.”

“I am sorry, Sir, I did..”she started to say but was cut off.

“I don’t want to hear excuses or reasons. There are reasons for everything that I have you do. You are the slave, I am the master. You are supposed to follow my rules. What happens if you don’t follow MY rules?”

Megan lowered her head and replied, “I get punished, Sir.”

“This stuff has dried your hair badly. It is not good for your hair. Plus it is EXTREMELY expensive. This was not in the budget.” They had enough money to cover it by far, but he was very careful with their money which is why they were doing well financially. “I want you to go and wash your hair with the correct product, and then while your hair is drying, I want you to kneel in the corner. When I am good and ready to dish out your punishment, I will call for you. Is my dinner ready?”

Megan panicked, she was playing with her hair so much that she forgot to prepare dinner. “No, Sir, I was remiss in that duty.”

Master shook his head and replied, “so that means I have to punish you even more. Go and do what I have told you to do.”

Megan slowly rose from her kneeling position by the chair and re-washed her hair. Then she knelt in the corner, her fingers interlaced and behind her neck under her wet hair. She had no idea what her master was going to do to punish her, but she knew that it was going to be bad.

Megan knelt there with her hands behind her head for what seemed like forever. She did not even dare to turn her head to look at the clock to see how long. Her hair was dry for some time before Master called for her. She had not dressed after her shower. When her master was angry with her, if he told her to do something she did it, and nothing more.

Megan came into the living room and knelt by her master’s chair and knelt down to kiss his bare foot. She came back up to sit on her heels and kept her head down. Her hair fell around her like a cloak, long and silky.

“You went against my orders and instructions. Then, you lied to me and tried to cover up your transgression. Why?” He said surprisingly calm.

“I don’t know, Sir. It seemed like something that would help my hair.” Megan replied with a hesitance in her voice.

“Well, it would have really messed up your hair if you continued to use it. Now I have to punish you. Take time out of my schedule to see that you are punished.”

Master told her to stand. He dragged her by her hair to the couch. She saw on the couch, several straps, shackles, a collar, chains and ropes. He put the shackles on her wrists and ankles, locking them into place with a small padlock. He then took one of the long pieces of rope and braided her long locks with the rope tying it off at the end so that there was several feet of rope hanging at the end. The straps came next, wrapping one around her calves, knees, and thighs. He locked her arms behind her back and her ankles together with a small length of chain. Then several more straps securing her arms to the side of her body by wrapping them. Then the collar was placed and locked onto her neck. Then, he put the blindfold on, wrapping her in complete darkness. Megan had been bound like this before as a punishment. He would bind her securely and then to the couch for the night. Part of her hated not being able to move, but the feeling of restriction also really turned her on. He picked her up and laid her on the couch like she weighed nothing.

Master locked her ankles with a small length of chain that went over the armrest of the couch. He then hooked 2 chains to the straps around her breasts and secured them over the other arm rest. A leash was attached to the collar and secured under the couch, and then the rope coming from her hair was pulled over the back of the couch, forcing her face to be partially buried in the couch.

Master admired his handiwork for a moment. Megan was secured on her side, unable to move much at all. Her hair was bound and he found himself becoming hard just thinking about what he was going to do the next day. He went to bed.

The next morning he woke up and got a few things ready for the rest of Megan’s punishment. He then unbound her. Megan stretched her sore and tight muscles. She was weary from her ordeal as she did not sleep well but she was also highly aroused. “You have 10 minutes to go to the restroom, brush your hair and report to me. I will be in my chair.

Megan relieved herself and brush out her hair. It had a beautiful wave to it from being braided and bound so tightly the previous night. She noticed the time and ran back to the living room and presented herself the same way she had the night before.

He rose from the chair and stood in front of her. Megan kept her head down until he grabbed her by her hair and started to drag her to the kitchen table. She was not able to get to her feet, so she crawled as quickly as she could to keep up. “Sit” he commanded while pointing to a chair.

Megan got up and sat on the kitchen chair. It was then that she noticed the comb, brush, cape and scissors on the kitchen table. She also saw a small towel covering something, but she could not tell what it was. Master pulled her arms behind the chair and tied them there.

Master started to brush Megan’s hair. She loved it when he would brush it. The sensation of him grooming her was enough to bring her desire levels up. Master then started to put her hair into little ponytails, tying each one off with a tight rubber band. Megan began to loose herself in the sensation. Master had her hair sectioned off into 18 ponytails all around her head. The rubber bands were secured about 2 inches from her hair. Megan was in a daze while Master did this. She loved it when he played with her hair.

“We had an agreement about you growing your hair long, did we not?”

“mmm. Yes sir.”

“And now, you have broken that agreement.”

“I am sorry, sir, it won’t happen again.”

“Do you remember what I told you would happen if you broke the agreement?”

It was at this point that Megan came out of her daze. She started struggling and begging, “Please, Master, don’t do this. Please I am begging.”

“I will take that as a yes.” Master stated and then gave Megan a hard tug on her hair. “Now, what did I say would happen if you broke our agreement”

Megan stopped struggling and said softly, “that you would cut my hair as short as you wanted it. No amount of begging would change that fact and you would decide both the length, color, and the cut.” Megan sounded defeated and down hearted.

Megan felt one of the ponytails at the nape of her neck being lifted and then heard the scrunching noise of the scissors tearing through her hair. She began to weep as the first ponytail was cut. Master laid the still bound long ponytail on her lap. Megan stared in horror at the 30 inches of honey brown silk that was now across her bare legs. It was not until a second bound ponytail was across her lap that she realized Master was continuing. Master grabbed the third and last one that was at the nape of her neck. He started to cut it. Megan was concentrating to see if she could tell how short he was cutting it.

Master smiled as he cut the third tail. He contemplated shaving the 3 inches at the nape of her neck and leaving the rest of her hair long. She loved having long hair, but hated having it down and loose, which is how he preferred it when it was long.

Megan started to beg at Master’s hesitation, maybe she could get him to stop where he was and leave her most of her length. “Master, please, I will do ANYTHING for you, just please don’t cut off any more of my hair.” The tears were flowing and gently fell on the severed locks making little wet spots.

Master replied, “I am going to shave your head where I have removed the ponytails, you will make a flogger out of the three ponytails that are in your lap. The flogger will be completed by the time I get home tomorrow and you will present it to me when you meet me at the door. I am going to leave the ponytails in your hair, if you do not have it completed along with all of your other chores, you will loose 3 more ponytails. Understood?”

Megan quickly agreed to the offer that Master made.

He continued, “For the next 3 months, you are to keep that area of your hair shaved. It is to be shaved once per week. If you are one day late, or do not have it completely shaved, then I will shave your head completely.”

Again, Megan agreed. Master then picked up the clippers and without any guard, turned them on and started working on the area of the shorn locks. He then took some shaving cream lathered the area. Slowly, he began shaving that section of her head until it was completely void of any and all stubble.

To be continued.

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