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JJ was startled and her heart felt like a jackhammer inside her small chest. “Assume Position 2, slave”, Mistress commanded. Her slave silently obeyed. From behind Mistress slipped a thick leather blindfold over her slave’s eyes. “Shoulders back, slave. More. There. That’s perfect.” Mistress seemed a little nervous, or excited, or both which only made JJ more apprehensive about the visitor. Mistress click-clacked to the door in her high-heels wet hair still wrapped turban-like in the thick white towel and her firm lithe body still nude. “The visitor is someone Mistress knows”, JJ thought. She also wondered if she herself knew who it was.

“Hello Master. Please, come in.” Mistress greeted the mystery man. JJ listened in darkness as the heavy booted footfalls entered and approached. She struggled to control her breathing as well as maintain Position 2 – she lifted her breasts a little higher. The footsteps circled her once. Then twice. Still no sound came from the visitor. Mistress, sounding nervous, spoke, “She’s coming along nicely, Master. I think…” and suddenly she stopped speaking in mid-sentence at the exact moment the visitor stopped circling. JJ could only imagine that whoever he was must have silenced Mistress with a sharp look or wave of his hand perhaps. She began to grow frightened but still she held her Command Position. Her skin began to goose bump under the nearly invisible hairs on her arms and her nipples puckered and grew erect. Her chest heaved rhythmically.

A sensitive but strong hand gently cradled her cheek and the small slavegirl tilted her head slightly left and into his hand which was warm, soft, and slightly scented with his cologne. The gentle way he held her face made slave jj feel safe and his hand remained there until her breathing slowed and she calmed. Before he removed his hand he lightly brushed her cheek with his thumb then stepped back facing her. The silence filled the room for what seemed an eternity and finally he spoke. His voice was deep and rich. Melodious. Full. It was also somewhat tender it seemed or perhaps she was merely reacting to how he had calmed her using only his hand.

“Assume Position 6, slave.”

JJ panicked. Position 6? Position 6?! She didn’t know what Position 6 was! Mistress had only trained her Positions one through five! What was she going to do? Mistress then stepped forward, “I’m sorry Master. slave Jujou has only been trained in five of the Command Positions. I’m very sorry, there just wasn’t enough…”, again Mistress fell suddenly silent. JJ heard Master’s footsteps turn from her towards the spot where Mistress’s voice abruptly fell silent, then, again, the voice, “Assume Position 2”. In the darkness JJ could hear Mistress Jennifer take the position as the heavy booted footsteps continued towards Mistress’s direction. Then the unmistakable sound of a palm on skin cracked through JJ’s darkness and it made her gasp aloud. “Thank you, Master.” came her Mistress’s soft reply. “You may stand now”, Master commanded and Mistress slowly rose to her feet. “Assume Position 8, slave”, again the blindfold prevented the still kneeling slave girl to see what was happening just three feet in front of her but she heard Mistress’s high-heeled feet shift. Then directing his voice toward his kneeling and blindfolded slave, “We have time to train this little one I think,” then kneeling in front of her he again cradled her small face, “don’t we slave?”, “Yes, Master” came JJ’s quiet reply. “Good”, he whispered, “good”.

Rising now he lifted slave JJ’s chin as he did so and she stood, still blindfolded, still unsure of what was to happen next. From where his voice came JJ surmised the man to be nine or ten inches taller than she but his voice made him sound much larger. She tried to picture his face, his body. He smelled wonderfully. JJ suddenly wondered if this was the person her Mistress had called that first day when they had made their bet! It had to be. It was never revealed who that person was to her and three times now JJ had overheard phone conversations between Mistress and someone she was sure Mistress had referred to as “Master”.

Circling her once again, Master whispered instructions as he did so, “Feet together, slave. That’s good. Chin up. Higher. Excellent. Arms behind you, slave. Shoulders back. More. More! Good. You have beautiful breasts, slave, present them proudly”. He stopped circling her tiny body and stood back admiring her from all sides whispering “Excellent. Very good. Very sexy. Perfect little ass, pretty feet, hands. Slender and graceful neck. Nicely toned muscles, smooth skin. Very good.”, he praised. Then turning to Mistress, “You’ve done an excellent job, slave. I’m disappointed though that she’s only up to Position 5 so we have some work yet to do. Now, tie her.” JJ felt the familiar warmth stirring between her legs as Mistress dutifully obeyed their Master tying the her feet and hands with soft nylon rope. “Gag her as well”, Master commanded. The familiar ball gag was stuffed in JJ’s mouth and Mistress cinched it tight. The blindfold still held held her in total blackness. By now slave jj had mastered balance so even now with her hands tied tight behind her and her neat, pretty feet tied close she didn’t waver an inch. She wondered if Master noticed. “Excellent, slave. Excellent.” JJ felt an odd sort of pride from his praise. “We’re leaving now.” Master instructed Mistress Jennifer to be at the house, dressed and ready in one hour. “Yes, Master.” came the reply.

Then in one motion, the visitor, this unseen Master lifted the petite slave over his shoulder! He held her fast with one arm as he walked to the door, then turning, repeated “One hour. We have alot to do.”, “Yes, Master.” Still nude, slave jj was carried right out the door and into the cool night air, her bare and fully exposed ass illuminated by the streetlights above. Master hadn’t spoken since his last instructions to Mistress/slave Jennifer. JJ, horrified at being outside, bound, gagged and completely nude in plain view shut her eyes tight even though the blindfold already shut the world and its prying eyes out. They stopped as her Master reached in a pocket and removed his car keys. Unlocking a car door he set JJ down but held her delicate waist with his off-arm. He then lifted her into the the back seat and quickly climbed in with her shutting the door so as to turn off the car’s interior lights. Wordlessly, Master rolled his slave girl onto her stomach then drawing her bound and bare feet up he hogtied her with a leather strap. Next he took a section of heavy chain and attached one end to her collar and the other to something metallic sounding near the floor of the vehicle. The last thing he did was cover her with a heavy blanket which she was actually grateful for since having gotten chilled by the night air.

Master exited the backseat and climbed behind the wheel, started the engine and drove away. The miles passed quickly but still he had not uttered a sound. JJ was left to wonder what awaited her once they arrived to the house. She still tried to imagine his face. She didn’t recognize his voice, or his scent. Who was he? What was he going to do to her?! It couldn’t be any worse than the paces Mistress put her through the past ten days, or could it? Questions, questions, questions, and no answers. She began to admonish herself for the thousandth time about her mouth getting her into trouble…again! Why didn’t she learn to shut up?! Why did she have to be so goddamn mouthy all the time? If only she hadn’t teased Jen! If only she hadn’t made that stupid, stupid bet! If only she hadn’t let Jen, who wasn’t even much bigger than she, force her into submission! She had long given up on escaping, now she only wanted revenge, sweet, sweet revenge. But how? There were still twenty-one days of her servitude left – twenty-four when you counted the demerits/days she accumulated and had added to her enslavement. Fuck! Fuck, fuck, FUCK! How could she be so stupid? Shaved bald and made a sex-slave for a whole month and now she was bein
g kidnapped by a man she didn’t know!

The self-loathing continued raging in her mind until she became aware that they had stopped and the sound of a garage door opening silenced her mind. “We’re here, slave.” Here? Where’s ‘here’? she wondered to herself. It must be his home, she deduced. The car door opened and the blanket was removed. Next came the sound of the heavy chain being removed from her collar then coiled into a bag. Master then untied the strap that held her hogtied. Sliding her out and onto the icy cold concrete floor, Master left her standing there while he unlocked the door to the house. Her bare feet felt like ice and her whole body was covered with goose bumps. Master came back to where she stood bound, gagged, blindfolded, and cold then with the same swift clean motion hoisted her over his shoulder again carrying her like the captive she had become. The house felt warm inside and Master lowered her to the floor in front of the fire. The flames licked seductively behind her as they warmed her body bathing it in a soft reddish glow. Hands and feet still securely tied slave jj remained perfectly still, perfectly balanced, still perfectly blindfolded and gagged, and still perfectly helpless and scared. She could hear Master rummaging in the kitchen then enter the living room where he had left her. The sound of matches being struck broke the silence. “Candles”, she surmised.

Approaching her now, Master stood before his slave girl admiring her body and quietly pleased with her ability to maintain near-perfect position. She felt his hands reach behind her and unfasten the buckle of the ball gag which he then carefully removed. “There”, was all he said.

Next he bent to her feet and carefully untied them. Mistress was very handy at knots slave jj thought to herself as Master had to fiddled to untie her. The circulation quickly returned to her feet. The fire felt warm. She was strangely calm now, Master’s demeanor helped. “Spread your legs, slave.” Jolted back to reality yet again, slave jj obeyed her Master. “Wider, slave.” Again JJ complied. She felt Master lean in close to her face and whisper in her ear. “This is Command Position 8, slave. Remember it.” Eight? EIGHT?! JJ thought. She only knew five of the Command Positions! What was Position 6? Or Position 7?! Her thoughts began to crowd her mind and she wobbled slightly. “Relax, slave.” Master whispered “You will be trained to know the other Command Positions later. Now, assume Position 2, slave!”. She knew this position well and lowered to the floor, kneeling as she had been trained to do. Since her arms were already tied behind her she didn’t need to worry about positioning them. “Shoulders back, chin up”, she reminded herself. “Breasts up and out. Keep the back arched.” By now slave jj could assume Command Positions one through five quickly and easily and no longer required adjustments from her Mistress. “Excellent”, Master praised.

“Now, open your mouth, slave”, he commanded. JJ slightly caught off guard hesitated slightly. “Don’t make me repeat myself, slave.” His voice was fuller now and seemed to surround the kneeling slave girl. Slowly her lips parted. “Wider”, her Master instructed. JJ obeyed as the sound of his zipper being opened seemed to tear the candlelight air. The flames continued to dance, her heart beat faster, she felt him draw nearer and sensing his height she tilted her head slightly as slowly and deliberately he filled her pretty mouth with his soft cock and clean-shaven balls. Because his cock wasn’t yet aroused she was able to engulf the entirety of it along with his smooth balls in her wet warm mouth. She could smell his body more clearly now and she breathed his scent deeply. She loved the way his cock and balls felt as they filled her mouth. She felt sexy. Pretty. Desired. He laid his sure hands on her bald head and began caressing the shiny soft skin. “You’re very sexy, slave. So, pretty with your head shaved clean.” She felt herself getting hotter and wetter now, still tied and still blindfolded having not yet laid eyes on her Master she never felt more attracted to anyone before. Slowly she began to swirl her slick serpentine tongue around his glorious cock and balls but he stopped her. “No, slave. Not yet. I want you to just hold me there in your mouth.” Not allowed to use her tongue slave JJ instead lightly sucked her Master’s manhood. He didn’t correct her or object and soon she felt his balls beginning to stir, growing fuller in her small mouth then too his cock, awakened from its slumber, began to grow larger, and harder until she was no longer able to contain all of her Master and she allowed his balls to slowly slide from the warm safety of her mouth. His cock continued growing larger yet she somehow resisted the urge to engulf it deep in her throat and lick and suck on every inch until her Master’s explosive orgasm filled her mouth with its white hot cum. God! She wanted to lick his balls and suck his big juicy cock but she obeyed her Master’s command and only held as much of his cock in her mouth as she could trying desperately not to cheat.

“You’re so sexy, little one. So incredibly sexy”, he repeated. “I’m going to love having you as my little slave girl.” His deep voice portrayed caring and sincerity and JJ felt safe, warm, fulfilled. “Would you like to make me come, slave? Would you like to taste your Master’s juices now?” With his cock filling her mouth, JJ nodded slightly. She felt his hands cradle her face again, then stroke her smooth shaved head, “Then you may suck my cock, slave and if you do well I have surprise for you.” The last of the sentence trailed off in her head as she eagerly, masterfully, began teasing her Master’s cock and balls with her expert tongue. Hungrily she kissed, licked, nibbled, and sucked her Master’s bobbing cock. She wished her hands were free in order to grab his rock-hard ass and take him deeper in her mouth. Alternating between long and short strokes she tried to make the moment last as long as possible but as she grew wetter, hotter, and more aroused her pace quickened and her Master’s deep voice encouraged her. “That’s it little girl, suck me. Suck my big fat cock. That’s it baby. Unh, unh, unhhhhhh….yyyyyyeah. Mmm…suck my cock, slave. Suck my cock you little barefooted slave girl. Make me come. Make me come in your mouth! C’mon! C’mon! C’mon! Oh! Oh! Yeah, that’s good, slave. Fuck my cock with your mouth! Fuck my cock with your mouth! That’s it slave! That’s it little girl! Make me come! Ohhhhhhh, yesssssssss. Mmmmm!” She used every muscle in her body for leverage as Master held her head in his hands. She could feel her body glisten with a thin layer of perspiration as she continued to feed herself on Master’s cock and balls. “I’m going to come! I’m going to come! Unh, unh….I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!” JJ braced herself as the firm soft head of her Master’s rock-hard cock mushroomed in her mouth filling it even more! Her Master’s feet shifted slightly as he grasped both sides of her head firmly, then, a split-second later…she felt his thick hot cum splash the back of her wide-open throat and coat the walls of her cock-filled mouth. With his hips bucking involuntarily his whole body shook as he tried to remain upright. JJ did her best to maintain her hold on his throbbing cock as it continued to explode in her mouth pulsating stream after stream of his yummy cum. God! He was delicious! She was also struck by his being careful not to gag her with his cock.

Master and slave remained locked together; his hands cradling her head while her mouth never lost its firm grip on his slowly softening cock. As their breathing slowed, JJ gently suckled her Master’s cock of every drop lightly licking it clean and finishing with soft kisses to his smoothly shaved balls, cock, and furry stomach while he gently stroked her head where her long flowing auburn locks once were. “So good, so sexy” he murmured as she made little purring noises while continuing to kiss her Master’s thighs, stomach, cock, and balls. “So sexy”, he repeated. He knelt in front of her and
slowly removed her blindfold. Even in the candle and fire lit room it took a moment for JJ’s eyes to adjust to the light. He held her face in both hands as she blinked her eyes into focus until finally she was able to see clearly. He was older than she but his face was youthful with blue, gray eyes that looked deeply into hers. A dark goatee framed full lips and long sideburns accentuated high cheekbones. His thick dark hair was pulled back into a neat, tidy ponytail and his cruel eyebrows were offset by a wide, inviting smile that revealed straight white teeth. “Hello, slave” he smiled, “I’m Master Jeffrey”. Then he leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on the mouth, softly licking her lips as he did so before slowly pulling away.

“I have wonderful birthday gift for you, little one”, he whispered. Her birthday! JJ had completely forgotten it was her birthday! Master Jeffrey continued, “Yes, I think you’ll be very happy with your gift, slave.” In her mind the incredible blowjob was gift enough…for both of them. “Just for tonight I’m offering you revenge on Mistress Jennifer.” JJ stared uncomprehendingly at her Master, as he explained; “Tonight, and only for tonight, Jennifer will be your slave to do with as you please.” Then he winked and stood.

Just then Jennifer’s car pulled into the driveway.


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