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Silence punctuated by a sigh.

Sigh followed by resolution.

She pulls her hair back, looking in the mirror. As she holds her locks, hairy underarms are revealed. Two bushes to match the untamed forest between her legs. The forest that transitioned into a fine pelt of wispy hairs. So primal.

She didn’t like it. The months of growing. The stubble that prickled. The fine hairs that tickled. The inescapable musk that resided in the hair. She never looked more natural, but never felt so unnatural.

The contrasts photo shoot required her to do it. Return to her roots. Let her highlights fade into the dirty blonde. Give up her gorgeous silky legs. Cover up her vagina, and trade perfectly shaved armpits for this.

The first leg had come and gone. Photographic evidence of her current state. All that was left was to shoot the contrasting state. She knew what that meant, and was torn.

She couldn’t wait to remove the loathsome body hair, and reveal the skin she felt was natural. She didn’t want to lose her locks though, which was part of the transformation. She had been in the bathroom for an hour now, trying to start.

The tools were laid out in front of her. Clippers, scissors, razor, cream. She only needed to pick up the first then it would started. Holding her breath, she did so.

The clipper came to life with a hum, and a vibration. Placing one foot up on the counter top, she drew the clippers up her shin. Small rasping noises were heard as the fine hairs tumbled down to the floor. In its wake was a leg that looked like it hadn’t been shaved in a week. Another pass, and another, and soon her entire leg was of a like appearance. The other soon followed, and with a casual glance, they looked normal again.

Next to go she decided must be her armpits. The loathsome creatures marred the pose of her with her hands up. One, then the other, the bushes fell to a couple quick passes of the machine. She could see her old self emerging. Beginning to get into the feeling of the clippers, she ran them up and down her arms, removing any imperceptible down there might have been.

This left her bush. Like something from a bygone era, it covered her entire crotch. Not knowing where to start, she began at the edges, working her way in. Tiring of this approach, she placed the vibrating machines at the bottom, down by her labia. This sensation put her over the edge and finally fully aroused her. Drawing the clippers up through the forest, a trail of short stubble was left behind. Hungering for the feeling, she made another pass, and another, savoring the vibration, beginning to audibly moan a bit.

Too soon it was over, and there was no more hair to be cut down there. Now came the hard part. She must complete her transformation. Shutting off the clippers, she put her hands to her head. Running her fingers through her hair, she savored the feeling one last time. She knew she was only delaying the inevitable, but couldn’t stop. Her hair had always been there, drawing eyes, causing jealousy, defining her. Now it was time for her to shed it, and emerge anew.

Resolute now, she made the decision to go. Retaking the clippers, she turned them on. Cocking her head to the side, she drew her hair back from the temple with her free hand. Closing her eyes, taking a breath, she placed the clippers on her temple. Feeling the vibrations through her entire body, she exhaled and plunged the clipper into her hair. Drawing them back, sheets of hair cascaded down, tickling her and gathering at her feet. Eyes still shut, she took another pass, and another. Opening her eyes she surveyed her work. On the right side of her head, there were large swaths of stubble punctuated with rows of long locks, areas she had missed in her blind shaving. Reaching up to stroke the dense stubble, she became aroused once again. Methodically now, she returned to shaving, first evening out where she had started, leaving a large bald patch on the top of her head. The area grew as she held out long locks with one hand and severed them with the clippers in the other. Occasionally pausing to feel her progress, she moved with an intensity she had only felt during her most passionate moments of intercourse.

Looking up, she suddenly realized it was all gone. Her long hair replaced by the stubble that covered the rest of her body. Shivering with excitement, she took it in. All that remained untouched were her eyebrows. Taking the clippers, she deliberately removed each, leaving her looking unlike she ever had before. Shutting them off, she set them down and began to feel herself all over. Naturally smooth skin and stubble contrasted, her newly exposed scalp screamed with sensation. Nipples hardened, vagina moistened, she stroked herself, head and clitoris into a thundering orgasm. Panting, she looked back in the mirror. She wasn’t done.

Stepping into the shower with the shaving crème and the razor, she turned the water on hot. It cascaded down over her as her hair had done only a short while ago on its way to the floor. Every drop was an experience as the stubble stood erect all over her, as if knowing it was to be removed. Taking the crème, she lathed up her long legs as she had done thousands of times before and drew the razor up each one in turn, bringing back the smooth, sheer skin she had known before. She did likewise to her pubic hair, making her mound and lips perfectly smooth, open to anything. Her arms got the same treatment and finally her armpits.

All that remained was her head. Standing under the stream, she let the hot water soak in and soften up the stubble that hand only a short while a go been luxurious silk covering her shoulders. Stepping out, she covered her head with a coat of white crème, rubbing it in much like she might rub her clitoris when pleasuring herself. Taking the razor, she closed her eyes as before and drew it into the field of foam. A rasp she had heard before on her legs now sounded magnitudes louder as it came from her scalp. Using her other hand, she guided the blade across her scalp, bringing it to the same smooth frontier as the rest of her body. Taking a little excess crème from the edges, she did the same to her eyebrows. Almost satisfied with the results she placed both hands on her scalp to check for stubble. The sensation was overwhelming and she caressed the bare skin, unlike anything she had felt before. Taking the crème, she lathered it up a second time, more for just the feeling than to remove any residual stubble. The razor did its job again, and satisfied with her skin, she satisfied herself.

Stepping out of the shower, she toweled off, and looked at herself in the mirror. An unfamiliar person looked back, yet she knew it was her. Caressing herself from head to toe, she donned a robe and headed out to the studio. Time to reveal this contrast to the world.

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