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Translated by: DaJiangDongQuLangTaoJin

I have a long black plait with bright color everyday which I often comb. My classmates envy my long plait very much and usually touch and smell it.

One day, my aunt came to see me and saw my long plait, saying in astonishment:” Oh, WeiCheng how you still have such a long plait? Quick to shear it!” I say:” I just do not want to shear it.”” You see, you grow in such a black and small body and all the nourishment was eaten up by this plait.” My aunt said to me with a smile. Mother heard and said resolutely:” Be it, tomorrow you must shear the plait, otherwise, your head will be more and more stupid.” I hear it with 1000 ‘no’ in my mind. That is the plait that I have been led to think of being happy and have already kept it for quite a few years! But mother’s decision has already settled and I am helpless. The second day, my mother trimed my plait for a major haircut.

For the sake of this matter I always felt depressed and not to talk much and very uneasy with a burst mind. Since then, I swear my plait will not be cut by my mother again. I do not believe that the long plait would affect me from absorption of the nourishment and I want to be a real long hair sister again.

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