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In Part 25 Christine and Tommy are treated to dinner by Tommy’s parents Marie and Harry on Saturday. Paula also meets them when they drop in to visit with her after bringing Christine and Tommy back from the Herb Garden.

Sunday is the big day when four adults and seven of the kids plan to get their heads shaved in celebration of their performances at the Forest High swimming tryouts. Abby and Paula were shaved in Part 25.

Week 12 – Sunday at Kate’s Barbershop Continued

“Hallie! I’m so glad you’re here!” Paula exclaimed. She was too excited to take notice of the fact that Kate was rubbing moisturizer onto her head, making it even smoother.

“Well, look at you Paula. Best looking head I’ve seen in a long time. I’m impressed. I hope I look that good,” Hallie greeted her.

The others greeted her warmly with hugs.

“You’ll looking great yourself Hallie. Let me introduce you to Kate. You’ve never met her have you?” Heather asked.

“No, but I’ve heard some good words from Audra. Glad to meet you Kate. You’re certainly keeping Audra’s head in good shape,” Hallie said.

“I’m very glad to meet you Hallie. These girls are the most wonderful girls I could imagine. I knew they had to have great parents like you,” Kate responded.

“Well they certainly keep us on our toes with everything they do. We have to step lively to keep up with them, but they do make of proud,” Hallie replied.

“I certainly believe that. They make me proud just to give them haircuts and shaves. There you go Paula. I’ve put on some bronzer for you. You look almost like a natural baldy now,” Kate told her.

“It’s terrific Kate. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m not going to be satisfied with anything less than having it look like this,” Paula replied. “That’s the way my girls look for several days after they shave. They want to be permanently bald. I’m beginning to have thoughts that maybe I should join them.”

“Would you really consider going that far Paula,” Leigh asked. “How could you go about doing that anyway?”

“In for a dime in for a dollar,” Iris interjected. “I’ve had the same thought after seeing Abby and Paula, not to mention April and Steffie. I think laser treatments would do the trick. Is that what you were thinking Paula?”

“That’s right. Steffie is already having it done. It still feels a little drastic to me, but that will probably pass after I’ve been bald for a while,” Paula said.

Kate had finished sweeping up around her chair and had cleaned and oiled her big clipper. She was ready to do the next person.

“Penny would you mind if I did Gail next,” she asked.

“Sure, that’s OK. Can I get mine done after hers?”

“Sure thing Penny. Come on Gail. When did you shave last?” Kate asked.

“It was Thursday morning Kate. It’s grown out some. You can feel the bristles now,” Gail answered.

“OK, I can give you a really smooth shave then. You deserve a treat for all your hard work,” Kate told her with a big smile.

Gail smiled in turn and got into the chair. Kate wrapped a paper around her neck and then fastened on the cape. She retrieved the big clipper and turned it on. Without saying a word or asking Gail if she was ready she proceeded to clipper off the feathered fringe that surrounded Gail’s face. In little more than thirty seconds it was done and Gail was left with a slightly bristly head from three days of growth since her last shave. Gail had been using the special moisturizer for the past five weeks and she knew that her hair growth was slower than it had been the first week. Kate felt it and decided she should go straight to shaving – no additional clippering would be needed.

“Paula, why don’t I get a few pictures of you and your girls outside now,” Gabby suggested.

“Right. We need some pictures of us for our scrapbook and I guess Kate needs some of me for that scrapbook,” Paula replied as they exited.

“Nice hot towel for you Gail. Just sit back and relax. This is going to be very pleasant, especially with so many good friends here with you,” Kate told her as she lowered the back. She had put on the headrest, which she rarely used, so that Gail could be comfortably reclined. Three minutes later she raised the back to its upright position and removed the headrest. Taking off the hot towel, she applied the shaving gel which she had warmed up by wrapping the tube in another hot towel. Now she spread the gel over Gail’s head and proceeded to massage it it for another few minutes. All the while Kate was humming a lullaby from her own childhood. By now Gail had visibly relaxed. Kate continued her humming as she stropped her razor and wiped it clean on the towel that she had draped over Gail’s shoulder.

The shop had become quiet. Everyone watched as Kate continued to hum softly as she began shaving Gail’s head. As she had done with Paula she lowered the chair and tilted it back a bit so that she could reach Gail’s head from the back. She began shaving from front to back, against the grain, judging that Gail’s daily and then three times a week shaving had make her scalp sufficiently insensitive that it could handle this treatment. It took only a few minutes to do the top. Now she raised the back to its upright position and lowered the chair a bit more. Tilting Gail’s head to the side she shaved up in front of her ear and then up and back. Using the heel of the blade she then shaved from front to back to finish that side. On the other side, she reversed the blade and shaved up around her ear before she did the sideburn. There she moved toward the front and rotated Gail’s head so she could reach the sideburn area where it too succumbed to the gentle ministrations of Kate’s sharp razor. The most difficult part was doing the back. She gently urged Gail to twist around in the big chair so that Kate could reach it and carefully shaved upward. The back of Gail’s head was ideal. There were no bumps or hollows at the occipital bone, which made the process easy to carry out. She had Gail swivel herself to the other side where she completed the shave. She had the thought that if she were in India, she could have had Gail sitting on the ground on a pillow and could have shaved her quite easily. Kate explored Gail’s head searching for any slight hint of roughness. When she found a place she applied more gel and carefully shaved it smooth. Kate opened a drawer and took out two special towels that she had brought to the shop for this occasion. They were very soft baby towels. One was dampened with warm water. With it she slowly and carefully cleaned Gail’s smooth head of any remaining gel. Gail’s hair was a strawberry blond and with it shaved as smooth as Kate had shaved it, there was no hint of a shadow. Kate used the other towel to pat it dry. She dispensed a generous amount of the special moisturizer from the large bottle on the counter beneath the big mirror and distributed it between her two hands. She waited a moment for it to warm. She began applying it very carefully to avoid producing the shock of having something registered as cold applied to Gail’s now very sensitive head. She began a slow and methodical massage as the moisturizer was absorbed. Several minutes later the mositurizer was gone. Kate picked up yet another tube, this time containing an aloe vera soothing cream with a mild sweet fragrance. Once again she smoothed it on and massaged it gently until it disappeared. A soft buffing with the baby towel resulted in a subdued glow on Gail’s head.

Kate had continued her quiet humming throughout the entire process, and Gail had drifted into a dreamy state of relaxation. Now Kate stopped her humming.

“I’ve finished dear,” Kate said quietly as she leaned over and kissed her high on her cheek. Gail reached out from under the cape and took her hand and squeezed it.

“Can I see it now? And feel it too,” Gail asked beginning to arouse herself.

Without sa
ying anything more, Kate rotated the chair so she faced the mirror and removed the cape. Gail looked at herself, then reached up to touch her head with her fingers followed by her whole hand. Her eyes got big and then, as the sensation fully registered, a smile engulfed her face. Her head felt even softer and smoother than her cheek.

“Thank you Kate. That was wonderful.” Gail said. “I feel so relaxed and it looks so nice and feels so delicious that I can hardly believe it’s my head,” Gail said as she got up from the chair. She turned toward Kate, paused briefly then moved quickly to be engulfed in Kate’s arms with Gail’s freshly shaved head lying on her shoulder. They held each other for a long moment then slowly separated

“You look splendid Gail,” Michelle spoke up breaking the silence that had filled the room.

The spell broken, they all spoke at once telling Gail how wonderful, great and terrific she looked. She acknowledged their words with a smile that had been missing from her usually sunny face for the past two weeks.

Christine embraced her warmly and felt her head. “Lots better than mine,” she laughed.

Eventually they all settled down and realized that it was Penny’s turn in the chair.

Gabby went over to Gail. “Let’s go outside so I can get some good pictures of you. Maybe later we can get a couple of you and Kate.”

“I’m ready for you Penny. I guess you’ve decided to lose your cute pixie for the bald cherub look,” Kate chuckled.

“I don’t know about the cherub look Kate. I just want it shaved smooth like Melissa and the others,” Penny said firmly.

“Well of course. It’s the perfect head style for glamorous movie stars, soccer and swimming champions, overworked Mom’s and loving Grandmothers,” Kate laughed.

Penny laughed and climbed into the chair. She was just tall enough for Kate to be able to shave her. Kate would have preferred her to be a bit higher, but decided that she would not embarrass Penny by having her sit on the cushion. Kate wrapped a paper around her neck then fastened on the cape.

“One nice clipper shave coming up. Any last words?” Kate asked her.

“I liked that song you hummed when you shaved Gail. Does it have any words?” Penny asked.

“It’s one of my favorite songs. It does have words, but they’re in French. I can remember some of them. My grandmother use to sing it to me when I was a little girl. She came from a village in the mountains of southern France. It’s a very old song,” Kate told her.

“Do you know the name of it? Maybe I could find it on the web.” Penny asked.

“I don’t remember Penny. I’ll ask my Mother. She might remember,” Kate replied.

Kate had been busy running her big clippers over Penny head while this conversation proceeded. Penny seemed entirely relaxed as Kate rapidly reduced her short pixie to completely clipper shaved.

“There you go Penny. Nicely clippered. You should feel it before I give you a smooth as silk headshave,” Kate advised her as she turned the chair so Penny could see herself in the mirror.

Penny wiggled her arm out from under the cape and reached up to touch her bristly head. She smiled impishly at the feel. “I like the way I look, but I want it to feel smooth like Melissa’s. How long will it be before it stays smooth most of the time?” Penny asked.

“You should ask Melissa, but I think it’s almost three months. Is that about right Melissa?” Kate asked.

“I think so Kate. Christine and I are still shaving twice a week, but we’re about ready to go to once a week,” Melissa answered.

Kate had applied a hot towel to Penny’s head and now she removed it and cover Penny head with the warmed gel that she had started to use regularly, although she knew that some of her customers appreciated the warmth of hot lather.

“Time to make you smooth the way you want it Penny. You’re going to be a very cute impish cherub. What do you think so far Heather? Kate asked Penny’s Mom.

“Oh, I think she’ll be very nice looking with it smooth. Once you get over the initial barrier you realize that kids look great with their heads shaved. And if they stay shaved they look even better as adults. I think I’m going to have trouble with Chris. He’s going to start lobbying me to join the bald set. Like Michelle, I think that sooner or later I will, Heather answered.

Kate had been hard at work shaving Penny and was more than a quarter of the way through. The whole top of Penny’s head was clean and Kate was working on the right side. She finished going around Penny’s right ear and moved to the left side which quickly yielded to her razor.

“Penny you’ll have to turn a little sideways – yes, like that – and put your head down so I can get to the back easier. That’s good,” she told Penny as she began shaving the back of her head. She could still not reach the other side of the back, but she did check the crown area, added more gel and re-shaved it.

“OK, Penny, I’m almost done, but you have to twist around to the other side first.,” Kate instructed. Penny agilely shifted herself to the other side and put her head down.

“That was quick. No wonder you play soccer so well,” Kate told her as she started shaving the last small section. She was soon finished and felt Penny’s head looking for spots not shaved to her satisfaction.

“Penny giggled. That feels nice Kate.”

“It does does it?” Kate said with a chuckle and gave her a little more massaging even though she was done. She paused briefly to dispense some moisturizer and apply that to Penny’s head and continued her massage now alternating with using her hands to rub in the moisturizer.

“I’d do it a little longer Penny if I wasn’t afraid that all those people over there waiting to get their heads shaved would stage a rebellion,” Kate laughed.

“That’s OK. Maybe I can get my Mom to do it for me some time,” Penny said.

“I think you’re trying to make me envious, Penny, but I’ll do it for you anyway,” Heather said.

“Wow, Penny, that’s great. Maybe you could ask your Mom if she could do me too!” Melissa said laughing.

“Yeah, and me. A massage on a bald head sure does feel great,” Audra interjected.

“Whoa! You’re going to have people lined up around the block waiting for me to give them a head massage,” Heather laughed.

“Oh no, Mom. Only women and girls with shaved heads are eligible,” Penny said.

“I beginning to think that may be quite a lot of people if things keep on like this,” Heather said.

“There, you’re done Penny. I put on the bronzer and you look perfect!” Kate said happily as she brushed off the cape before removing it and the paper around Penny’s neck.

Penny scrambled out of the chair and went immediately to the mirror to inspect herself. “It looks great!” she said enthusiastically. “I think I’m going to keep it like this.”

“It does look good Penny. I’m very impressed and your Father will like it too,” Heather said in approval.

The other amigas rushed over to surround her and voice their approval as well with hand slaps and hugs.

“Iris, at long last I think it’s your turn,” Kate told her.

“Truly, I haven’t minded waiting. It has been a real joy to watch so many girls and women having the time of their lives. I’m just thrilled and excited to join them. I think I’ve become a true convert. I really look forward to going out with Andy and Janet to show off my bald head and shock people,” Iris said.

“Wow Mom, You’re really into it aren’t you,” Janet said is amazement. “That is really cool.”

“Well we might as well get to it Iris. I think I can skip using the clipper and just shave you,” Kate said.

“Whatever you think best,” Iris said. “I’m in your hands now.”

“It won’t take too long. This gel shaving cream seems to make it go a little faster than using hot lather. I’ll let it sit for a moment while I sharpen my ra
zor,” Kate told her.

Kate stropped her razor methodically bringing the edge to the perfect keenness that she required before she did a shave.

She wiped the razor on the towel and immediately began at the back of Iris’s head, shaving confidently with short strokes. She knew from giving Iris her two prior haircuts that her head was quite uniform, even though it did not have the ideal shape. There were no bumps or hollows. Shaving it was easy as a consequence and the bluish shaving gel made it even easier because she could see exactly where she had already shaved. She made quick work of the back of Iris’s head and began on the right side. It was soon done and she went to the left side. That side was done equally quickly. Only the top needed to be done. Iris’s had smiled and closed her eyes, relishing the feeling during the process.

“You’ll have to turn your head this way and put it down so I can do the top Iris,” Kate told her.

Iris turned to the right and lowered her head. “That’s perfect. I’ll shave this side then you’ll need to turn the other way,” Kate told her.

The rest of the shave proceeded efficiently under Kate’s deft hand. She explored Iris’s head looking for less than perfect spots and shaved them again. As usual the crown was the major culprit, but it too yielded to a second shave.

“All done Iris. All you need now is a little color. Stay out of the sun for the next week unless you have a hat on. You can sit in the shade though. After that a little sun well before noon and late in the afternoon with a good sun screen will be OK. It will take three or four weeks before you have a nice color like Janet,” Kate gave what had become a well rehearsed speech while she cleaned the residual gel from Iris’s head and applied the moisturizer.

“Janet did you get some of this sunscreen bronzer when you got you first shave,” Kate asked.

“Yeah, I did. There’s plenty left for you Mom. Can I shave you tomorrow? I can teach you how to do a good job,” she said with a little laugh.

“I think that would be a good idea. I do need to get the hang of it. Do we have plenty of moisturizer?” Iris asked. “I’m looking forward to being perfectly clean and smooth for at least a week between shaves.”

“We better get some,” Janet responded.

“There you go Iris. Another beautiful, confident, proud baldy,” Kate told her as she removed the cape.

Iris’s had been admiring herself in the mirror. Now she stood up and stepped down from the chair with a big smile on her face.

“It’s amazing, the things that happen to you when you sit in that chair and have your head shaved. You receive a big attitude adjustment along with an urge to feel your head and smile a everyone you see. I even have the urge to walk down Elm Street just to show off,” Iris said.

“What a terrific idea, girls. Let’s do that the next chance we get,” Paula agreed enthusiastically. “You look terrific Iris, a credit to the proudly bald.”

Janet stepped over to her. “Mom, you look wonderful. I need to give you a big hug. I’ll be ready to parade down Elm Street as soon as I get this shaved,” Janet indicated her bangs.

“Good idea Janet. Why don’t you sit down here and let me take care of it. It won’t take five minutes,” Kate told her.

“All right! Do it!” Janet exclaimed as she stepped up and sat down.

Kate caped her. Picking up the big clipper she clicked it on and immediately ran it from right to left removing the fringe of bangs from Janet’s head. She went over the area from front to back just to be sure she had missed nothing. Rubbing in a little gel she stropped her razor again, then proceeded to shave the small area from where Janet’s fringe had grown. True to her word it took only five minutes. Kate noted once again that Janet had an absolutely beautifully shaped head. Anyone who looked at her was immediately struck by it. Now that her bangs were gone it was shown off to perfection. A little moisturizer and bronzer completed the job.

There you go Janet. One more sensational baldy. Use a little sunscreen on the front for a while. It could burn and be quite uncomfortable even if it is only a small area,” Kate admonished her.

“Thanks, Kate. I’ll remember. She walked over to the others on the swim team grinning from ear to ear and exchanged high-fives as they joked with each other and argued over who was the smoothest or smoothest to be. Ellen and Bridget had a mock fight over who was going to be next.

“Iris and Janet, come on out so that I can get a few pictures of you together,” Gabby suggested. “And you too Jessie. I haven’t gotten any pictures of you so this is my chance.”

“Well Hallie, I think you’re next,” Kate said.

Hallie, who was sitting between Paula and Michelle chatting looked up, taken by surprise.

“Oh my goodness. I had completely forgotten why I came. You’re going to give me as nice a shave as you gave Paula here aren’t you?” Hallie said as she stood up and patted Paula’s head.

“You’re kidding Hallie. You already look great with that short buzz. I’m going to fade into the background beside you! Paula exclaimed.

“I’m not so sure about that, but we’ll know soon enough. With Audra bald as a kneecap and all you ladies determined to do the same, I guess I had better get with it,” Hallie said as she stepped up and sat in the barber chair.

“I hope you know how to do a proper shave on a black woman Kate,” Hallie said as Kate caped her.

“Indeed I do. You’re not the first beautiful back woman I’ve shaved. I know that It’s important not to shave too close. I actually took a class in the barber college over in the city to learn the do’s and don’ts and practice the techniques,” Kate told her.

“You did all that? I guess I should trust you then,” Hallie said.

“Mama, Kate’s the best. You shouldn’t worry. You know she shaved me twice,” Audra said.

“I was just checking. I don’t want to end up with bumps all over my head,” Hallie said with a little laugh.

“No bumps Hallie, I guarantee it,” Kate reassured her. “Can I start now?”

“Might as well get it done I suppose. That’s why I came,” Hallie said.

“OK. I’m going to clipper shave you first,” Kate told her.

Kate snapped the switch on her big clippers and began to clipper shave Hallie. Hallie’s hair had already been cut to about a half inch. Her hair was quite curly, nevertheless it was combed forward and lay close to her head. Kate admired the way it looked, but knew that she would be outstanding with a shaved head. She was relieved to find that Hallie had a very even rounded head. There were no imperfections, not that Kate could do anything about them if they had existed. She finished the clipper shaving and brushed Hallie’s head to get rid of any remaining hair.

“Mama, you’re going to look beautiful with it shaved,” Audra told her.

“She’s right Hallie. You and Steffie are just outstanding. You should have shaved your head years ago,” Michelle told her.

“Yes indeed. You already look terrific,” Heather exclaimed.

“Time to finish the job and give you the look you’re always been dying for,” Kate told her laughing.

“I don’t know about that Kate, but I’m convinced that I’ll look good, although I worry a little about people paying too much attention to me when I’m in the choir and not listening to what we’re singing,” Hallie said seriously.

“They’ll get used to it quickly. You just keep singing the way you know how,” Kate told her as she applied the gel to her head and began stropping her razor.

Just as she had done with Abby and Iris, she started on the top of her head and proceeded to the right side. The gel’s superior lubrication made the actual shaving quite easy and Kate applied a very light touch in order not cause in
grown hairs, the ‘bumps’ that Hallie had mentioned. The blue color of the gel was easily visible on Hallie honey skin, and Kate could be assured that she had not missed any spot. The shaving went quickly. Kate had completed the right side and had shifted to the left. That was soon done leaving on the back to be finished.

Hallie was a tall woman and sat quite upright with her head well above the back of the barber chair. Kate had no problem shaving the bottom half of the back of her head and down Hallie’s neck. With the bottom half done she shaved from just below the crown down. Finally she shaved the crown area from left to right. She felt the the sides, top and back. There was a noticeable rough area on the left side of the crown.

“Turn around to the other side Hallie. There’s a little spot that I couldn’t reach,” Kate told her.

Applying a little more gel, Kate quickly cleaned up the offending spot. As she picked up yet another towel and dampened it, Kate noted with some amusement that the wire basket was rapidly being filled with used towels. The stack that she had put on the counter was near the bottom. She doubted that she had ever used so many towels on a single day.

After carefully cleaning Hallie’s head she tossed the towel in the basket and retrieved another fresh one to dry her head.

Gabby, along with Janet, Iris and Jessie, had returned from outside and was busily taking pictures of Hallie using the available light and her flash. Looking at her screen she realized that she had gotten a few quite good shots.

“A little moisturizer and you’ll be all done Hallie,” Kate said as she turned her to face the big mirror.

“I do look rather sharp don’t I,” Hallie said as Kate applied the moisturizer. “You’re using that special lotion aren’t you?”

“That’s right. You do plan to keep it shaved don’t you?” Kate responded.

“Most certainly at least until after the wedding. Maybe until my first grandniece is born,” Hallie agreed.

“Now that’s a thought Hallie. I like that idea. No grand niece or granddaughter should be born without a beautiful bald great aunt or grandmother to cuddle them. There you go, Hallie. You look terrific,” Kate complimented her.

“I hope I look half as good when I get mine shaved,” Heather said.

“That’s right Heather. We’re going to look pretty pale beside her, but I do want to be part of a reverse Oreo with you some day Hallie,” Leigh said laughing.

“I’ll be proud to stand between you two girls when you get your heads shaved,” Hallie responded.

“It looks like I’m finally making a little headway here. Who want’s to be next,” Kate asked.

Ellen and Bridget looked at each other. Finally Ellen spoke up. “We can’t decide, so maybe we can do it in two stages. Bridget can tell you what she wants.”

“Kate, can you clipper shave me first, and then shave Ellen. I”ll get smooth shaved after her,” Bridget said.

“Well, that’s easy enough. Into the chair with you and I’ll have you clippered in a jiffy,” Kate told her holding up the cape.

“Thanks Kate. We’ve been best friends for a long time and we wanted to do it side-by-side, but we couldn’t figure out a way to do that,” Bridget told her.

“You’re right about that. I’ve never been very good at shaving with my left hand,” Kate laughed. “So I’ll just give you a quick clipper shave and with that light hair you’ll have no trouble at all imagining that you’re shaved smooth when you look in the mirror.”

“I’ll start right here,” Kate indicated the middle of Bridget’s forehead and pushed the clipper straight back leaving a nearly bald strip. She repeated the process going from front to back on both sided of the original strip until the entire top down to the sides had been denuded. She continued methodically around Bridget head from the right side around the back and then the left side. A few more quick runs up the sides and over the top resulted in a uniform clipper shave that barely betrayed a hint of hair on Bridget’s head. Kate brushed her off.

“That’s it Bridget. Now you can go over there and admire the way you’re going to look for the duration,” Kate kidded her.

“That’s really cool Bridget. You look great,” Ellen told her.

“Awesome Bridget,” Jessie offered.

Gabby sat down to show them the pictures of Janet and Jessie that she had taken outside.

“Take a look at Jessie guys. She really stands out in these pictures,” Gabby told them.

“Wow, Jessie. You really do look cool. It’s hard to tell you’ve ever had hair,” Gail said.

“That’s right Jessie. And you’re not shaving very often any more are you? Did you shave today?” Christine asked.

“Mom shaved me today. She wanted to shave me right after she got her first haircut. She really likes the way I look now. She thinks I should keep it shaved. Dad likes it too. He likes to pat me on the head. He even said that maybe I should make it permanent. I had already been thinking about doing that anyway.” Jessie answered.

Ellen had climbed into the chair where Kate had wrapped a paper around her neck and then fastened the cape.

“And what can I do for you today young lady?” Kate asked in her most professional manner.

Ellen was a little taken aback and couldn’t think of how to respond. Catching the joke, several of the kids laughed.

Finally Ellen responded. “I would like your very best smooth shave for a special occasion.”

“That is a most unusual request. Are you quite sure?” Kate asked, still in her professional mode.

“Absolutely. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted for a long time this summer and I’ve worked very hard so that I could get my head properly shaved smooth.” Ellen responded very seriously.

“Well if you’re sure, I certainly can give you a nice smooth shave,” Kate responded. “I suppose I should get right to it.”

“Yes, Please do, thank you,” Ellen replied giggling.

Kate picked up her big clipper once again and began to clipper shave Ellen’s head. The bangs quickly succumbed, followed by the modest amount of hair on the rest of her head that had grown since the short clipper cut she had gotten just three weeks earlier, when Bridget had gotten her hair cut short. She finished it quickly and went over Ellen’s head a second time to assure herself that she had not missed a spot.

“I guess you wouldn’t mind a hot towel to get started, would you,” Kate asked.

“Everybody say that a hot towel feels really nice. I’d like to try it,” Ellen answered.

Kate already had a hot towel ready. In reality it was just a little extra warm. She knew that Ellen would not be able to tolerate a true hot towel. She wrapped it around Ellen head and began to strop her razor again.

“That feels good Kate, but I think I would get hot if you left it on very long,” Ellen told her.

“It’s coming off right now,” Kate said. “I’m putting on the shaving gel and in a minute or so I’ll get started. You’re going to be a very proper young angel when I’m finished,” Kate told her.

“Everybody says that Melissa looks like a young angel. Why do people say that just because we’re bald?” Ellen asked.

“I’m not sure, but somehow when you have a clean smooth head you have a very soft innocent look that appeals to people. They want to hug you or pat your head. Stuff like that. Then when they feel it they’re hooked and fall in love with you,” Kate laughed.

“That exactly right Ellen,” Leigh said. “That’s the first thought that went through my head when I saw Melissa the first time.”

“I didn’t react quite like that when I first saw Christine. I did think she looked innocent, but the most striking thing to me was that she looked quite beautiful and confident,” Doris said. Now I see all of them as having a combination of innocence and confidence in ho
w they look.”

Kate listened to the chatter as the women described their reactions to seeing bald girls walking about, and their own growing interest in choosing it for themselves. She had started shaving Ellen and had finished to front half of the top of her head. She proceeded to the right side and shaved from the top down and around her ear carefully. The left side received the same treatment.

“Well, we’re getting there. You’re going to look quite the confident angel in a few minutes, Ellen,” Kate told her as she began shaving the top again.

“I wish people wouldn’t say we looked like angels. We’re just regular kids who don’t like to have hair,” Ellen said.

“Don’t worry about it. Just keep doing what you want and have confidence. That’s what people are going to notice most. It’s just the first time they see you that they think of angels,” Kate said.

Kate had shaved most of the top and down the side behind Ellen’s right ear. Now she tipped Ellen’s head over and shaved from left to right over the crown. Moving to the left side she shaved down behind the ear and then proceeded to shave the remainder of the back proceeding down to remove any stray hairs low on Ellen’s neck. A little more gel applied to the crown area and a few additional strokes with her razor and Kate declared Ellen done.

“I”ll clean you up and apply moisturizer and bronzer and you’ll be done Ellen,” Kate told her.

“I can hardly wait ’till I can see it. It feels so neat when you shave it Kate,” Ellen exclaimed.

Kate cleaned and dried Ellen’s head and then applied moisturizer. Ellen shivered as the moisturizer was applied.

“That’s cold,” Ellen said. “But it feels nice to have it massaged like that.”

“It’s always cold the first few times, then you get used to it. Your Mom needs to learn how to do a nice scalp massage for you. After you’ve had a few good scalp massages, you’ll never want to have hair on your head again. I guarantee it,” Kate kidded her as she applied the bronzer to give her pale scalp a little color.

“If I could look as good as Christine, I know I wouldn’t want to have any hair on my head,” Ellen retorted.

“It’s done Ellen. You look quite wonderful. See,” Kate said as she turned Ellen to face the mirror.

“It’s great Ellen. You do look terrific. And you’ll look even better after you’ve kept it shaved for a month or two,” Jessie told her.

Ellen laughed and explored her head with both hands. “It’s feels super good and I love how it looks. What do you think Mom? Can you help me keep it shaved?”

“I think you look just as cute as could be. And your Father will love it as well. It suits you beautifully Ellen and I will be delighted to help you keep it shaved smooth as silk for as long as you want it that way, but you have to promise to help me when I get mine shaved,” Doris said laughing.

“you’re going to get yours shaved!” Ellen exclaimed.

“Not right away, but I’m sure something important is going to happen not too long from now and that will be the motivation I need to get shaved,” Doris said.

“I really like it smooth like this, so I’m going to keep it shaved,” Ellen said with determination as she stepped off the footrest to be greeted by the other members of the swim team.

“You look super Ellen,” Gail said.

“We’re going to be the greatest swimming team ever and the first girls team to all be bald. That will be the first record. After that they’ll need a book,” Janet said. “You look great Ellen.

More compliments, high fives and hugs followed as the swimming Mom’s sat bemused at the intensity of the flow of emotional support that bonded the six girls and was now expanding to include a seventh.

Finally they settled down as Bridget disengaged. “It’s my turn now guys,” she said to a chorus of words encouraging her as she stepped up on the foot rest and turned around to sit in Kate’s big barber chair.

“What was it you told me when you got your hair cut the first time Mom?” Bridget asked.

“I told you that I thought you would look especially beautiful as a bald cherub and I told you that having it shaved would be all right with me and that I would help you keep it shaved as long as you want. I meant it then and I still do,” Rhonda said.

“Thanks Mom. I just wanted to be sure before Kate shaved it. We’re going to have the most amazing swim team anyone has ever seen,” she said with conviction.

With the neck paper and cape already in place, Kate stood ready to start. “I take it you’re ready Bridget,” she queried Bridget.

“I’m absolutely ready. I wish you could do it in a split second,” Bridget laughed.

“Well, I can’t go quite that fast, but I definitely won’t dawdle,” Kate said as she began running the clipper over Bridget’s head. Just as she had done with Ellen she made short work of giving Bridget a clipper shave. She did not even take the time to remove the small irregularities that could be seen if you knew where to look. She turned off the clipper and hung it on the hook beneath the counter.

“Wow, that was fast Kate. Can I see it?” Bridget asked.

“Absolutely not,” Kate said in a stern voice, then laughed. “You look like you just gave yourself a clipper shave with a dull clipper and with your eyes closed. Wait until I make you beautiful – a beautiful bald mermaid who can swim like a dolphin.

“OK,” Bridget laughed.

Kate had already prepared a hot towel which she wrapped around Bridget’s head. “That should keep you warm,” she joked.

“It feels pretty hot. I’ll be sweating in a minute,” Bridget said.

“I’ll have it off just as soon as I get this gel warmed up. I want to be sure to do a really first class job Bridget. I don’t want to disappoint your Mom,” Kate joked as she continued to strop her razor.

The hot towel was removed and Kate immediately applied the warm gel and spread it evenly over Bridget’s head. Kate had already adjusted the chair so that she could easily reach the top of Bridget’s head. With her left hand she gently tilted Bridget’s head forward and began shaving the front top using short strokes from back to front. She could tell that with Bridget’s light hair a second shave would be unnecessary. Kate finished the front half of the top and turned Bridget’s head to the left so that she could begin shaving the right side. Starting at the top she worked down in front of Bridget’s ear, then down and around her ear. Now Kate went to the other side and completed a similar pattern, but in this case she continued around Bridget’s head to the back leaving the back half of the top until last.

“You’re going to look so good Bridget,” Ellen said enthusiastically. “You’re going to love it!”

“She’s right Bridget. You take after your Mom. We think she looks sensational, and you will be right up there with her,” Iris said.

Meanwhile, Kate had continued shaving Bridget’s head. She had completed the back and now had Bridget leaning slightly forward with her chin on her chest as she began shaving the top. The right half was soon done followed by the right. A second shaving of the area of the crown completed the process.

“I’ve finished giving you a nice smooth head Bridget. I’ll clean it off and put on the moisturizer and bronzer and you’ll be ready to step out and show off,” Kate told her as she rotated the chair so that Bridget faced the mirror and saw herself for the first time.

“You’re off the charts Bridget,” Tess told her.

“And you’re going to be one heck of a swimmer,” Gail chimed in.

Kate had wiped off Bridget’s head, dried it and was now giving her the now routine head massage as she applied the special moisturizer.

“That feels so good Kate,” Bridget exclaimed, a beatific smile appearing on her face.

“You hear that? For you Mom’s if you like the bald look on your girls, just give them a nice head massage and they’ll never have any urge
to have hair again. Same for you girls. Just give you Mom’s a good head massage after they have their first shave and twice a week thereafter and she’ll be hooked for life,” Kate told them to general laughter.

“I think you and I had better get with the program Tess,” Abby told her.

“I’m definitely in Mom,” Tess responded with a laugh.

“This bronzer isn’t quite right for you Bridget, but it will do for today. You’re done and you look superb.” Kate told her as she removed the towel draped around around her neck.

“I really love the way you look dear,” Rhonda told her. “I guess I’ll have to take Kate’s advice and give you a good head massage every couple of days.”

“That would be nice Mom. You can teach me so I can return the favor,” Bridget giggled.

“I’ll probably take you up on it some day,” Rhonda replied.

Bridget had stepped down off the footrest to be greeted by Ellen and the other five swimmers who encircled her exchanging high fives, hugs and compliments as Bridget was almost hidden.

“Bridget, you look absolutely wonderful. I can barely tell that you’ve ever had any hair. You look just like I want to look – like I’ve never had hair!” Christine exclaimed.

“Feel the power!” Jessie said raising her voice as she reached out and put her right hand on Bridget’s head and her left on Janet’s who was standing to her left. In a moment they had formed a circle of six with their right hands on Bridget’s head and their left hands on one of the six.

“Feel the Power!” they chanted more or less in unison, then broke down laughing as they embraced each other.

“Come on outside. I’ve got to get some pictures of you all together. This is historic you know and I want to be the first to have pictures of you as a team. I hope I’m there at your next big meet so I can keep recording your exploits,” Gabby told them.

“OK, out with you bunch. I guess I must be finished,” Kate said.

“Not yet Kate. I want to get shaved too,” Beth said.

“Well, I should have know you would want to do that. And I know that Leigh approves,” Kate replied.

“I certainly do. She’ll be perfect with a smooth bald head to show off,” Leigh laughed.

“All right! Let’s do it Beth,” Kate said.

Beth was in the chair as Kate said those words. Kate wrapped a tissue paper strip around her neck and followed it with a cape which she fastened snugly a little lower than the top of the paper strip.

“Just like I told Janet, this will be done in a jiffy,” Kate told Beth as she proceeded to buzz the fringe of bangs that she had been maintaining for almost two months.

“The really fast part is done. Now I’ll give you a quick shave,” Kate said as she spread shaving gel over the buzzed area. True to her word, the shaving was quick. Six or seven strokes and the area was smooth. She wiped it clean with the towel she had laid across Beth’s shoulder.

“You do need a little moisturizer and bronzer Beth,” Kate said as she applied a bit of moisturizer, rubbed it in and then added a touch of bronzer. “There. Done. Perfect!”

“Thanks a lot Kate. I was going to do it at home, but it’s a lot more fun to have you do it. Especially with the whole gang here,” Beth said.

“It’s great Beth!” Melissa said jumping up from the floor where she was sitting. The rest of the amigas followed crowding around her – Cindi insisting on inspecting her head again.

“Any more last minute requests?” Kate asked.

There was a brief pause before Cindi spoke. “Just me. At first I thought I would let you do the undercut higher, and make it a little shorter all over, but now I’ve decided that I want a chelsea like the one Beth had. I like my bangs but I’d like it shaved everywhere else. Mother, is it OK if I have Kate do my eyebrows like yours,” Cindi said.

“Of course Cindi. I thought you looked especially sweet that way. Kate, after you do her hair the way she wants it, I want you to wax her eyebrows. That’s what she wants. She asked me to cover up her eyebrows like I do mine and she liked the way it looks. So do I. So we’re both going browless.”

“My, we are getting adventurous aren’t we?” Kate said mischievously. “I’ll be glad to do it. I’m ready anytime you are Cindi.”

“OK.” Cindi said as she sat back in the chair while Kate wrapped a tissue around her neck and then fastened the cape over it snugly.

“This is a rather quick cut Cindi. I can buzz everything but your bangs and then do your shave. I’m going to use my battery clipper. It doesn’t cut as close as the big black one, but it’s lighter and easier for me to get close to your bangs without making a mistake. I’m going to turn on my little wax pot now so it will be ready,” Kate told her.

“Does waxing hurt much?” Cindi asked.

“I won’t kid you. It does hurt, especially if you’ve never had it done before, but I have a little cream that deadens the skin and that makes it less painful. The pain last only an instant and then it’s over. I’ll bet you had worse while playing soccer, like when someone accidentally kicks you in the leg or something. Of course then you have a lot of adrenaline and you don’t notice it as much,” Kate explained while she was busily buzzing Cindi’s head.

Using her battery powered clipper, Kate had started just behind the bangs and ran the clipper back over Cindi’s head. A few more runs and the top was buzzed so that the bangs and a little line of longer hair behind them was all that remained. Going to the left side she ran the clipper from the shaved area up to the previously clippered top. She repeated the process on the right side and finally on the back.

“You didn’t shave the sides and back this morning did you?”

“I knew I was going to get it cut again, so we decided not to shave it,” Cindi replied.

“That makes sense. I’ve changed my mind about the clippers Cindi. I want to make it nice and clean with the big clipper before I shave you, but first I’ll put on some skin desensitizer on your brows,” Kate said. Retrieving the black clipper from its hook under the counter she proceeded to go over Cindi’s head methodically paying particular attention to the small strip behind the bangs, which she removed, being careful not to take any of the bangs.

“There, that’s done. I’ll do your brows now, Then I’ll shave your head nice and smooth to match your brows. This won’t take much time at all,” Kate said as she cleaned off the cream on Cindi’s brows. She smoothed the warm wax onto both brows and pressed a narrow strip of cloth over each one.

“OK, take a deep breath,” Kate told her, then with a quick yank removed the cloth strip leaving bare skin behind, skin that quickly turned red.

Cindi let her breath out with a gasp as she grabbed the arms of the chair.

“Can you stand it one more time?” Kate asked

Cindi nodded and took a deep breath. Kate performed her magic and the deed was done.

“I’ll put on some soothing cream that will make it feel better and get rid of the redness in a few minutes,” Kate told her. She saw that Cindi had tears running down her cheek. She turned around and yanked a tissue from the box on the counter. “Here. It’s enough to make strong men weep. You ought to see what happens to guys who wax their chests. You’re a lot better than they are.”

Cindi wiped her eyes, took another deep breath and let it out. “Do guys really wax their chests?”

“They sure do – quite a lot of them nowadays. I saw it being done on TV. They were real wimps compared to you,” Kate replied.

“Does it hurt that much every time?” Cindi asked.

“Fortunately it doesn’t. After a few time it doesn’t hurt much at all. It will be better next time you need it done.”

“Kate, let me get a couple of shots of Cindi before you shave her. There’s enough sun coming it that I can get a good shot with her standing over here if I use a reflector,” Gabby said.

“Sure Gabby. It’s always nice to have a record of the stages of a makeover,” Kate said addressing everyone.

Gabby positioned Cindi and had her pose several different ways while she took a series of shots.

“Well that’s done. I’ll want to take a few more after Kate finishes you, Cindi. You were a little stiff. Maybe you can relax more then,” Gabby said.

“That was really brave Cindi, and I really like the way you look. It’s very cool. And it will look super good when you get it all shaved except for your bangs,” Beth told her.

“It does look very nice now Cindi, but I’m eager to see it after it is all shaved except for your cute bangs. You’re going to be a great looking girl, that’s for sure,” Michelle said.

“It’s like wow! Cindi. It’s great.” Audra chimed in.

“You look great Cindi. We’re going to be the best and coolest soccer team on the planet!” Melissa exclaimed.

Paula had not remarked on Cindi’s transformation, but she was impressed. With her cute mini-dress with the spaghetti straps, and her new look, she was the picture of soft, innocent sweetness, a picture that was quite at odds with the strength that she had developed in the gym and on the soccer field and the remarkable work ethic and fierce determination that she shared with the other amigas. The contrast made Paula smile when she realized that it seemed to characterize all five of the amigas.

Cindi had returned to the chair and Kate had caped her again and was now in the process of applying gel to her head. She massaged it gently. “You are going to be one heck of a good looking soccer champion Cindi.”

Cindi laughed. “We’re going to work hard so we can be a great team, that’s for sure. I don’t know about the rest,” Cindi replied. But now she said it with a smile.

Kate stropped her razor once more. Fifteen minutes later Cindi had a clean and smooth head except for her bangs. Kate and given her a nice head massage with the moisturizer and then added a little bronzer to give the newly exposed scalp some color.

“Well Cindi, I would like to introduce you to the newly updated Cindi. How do you like her?” Kate asked as she rotated the chair to face the mirror.

“It’s looks great. I think it’s really cool,” Cindi said enthusiastically. “I guess I’ll have to use sunscreen and wear a hat for a while won’t I?”

“I expect so Cindi. Even though it’s almost September, the sun is still quite hot,” Kate replied.

As she jumped off the barber chair the rest of the amigas greeted her enthusiastically, rubbing her head and exchanging high fives.

“Come on girls, I need to get some group pictures of the amigas and the swim team. By the way, when is the swimming team going to come up with a good name for themselves like the amigas?” Gabby asked.

They looked at each other in surprise. Finally Jessie spoke up. “We never even thought of having a name for ourselves. We ought to be able to think of something kind of neat.”

There was so much eager talking and congratulations all around that it was almost impossible for any of them to hear, but finally Abby made herself heard over the hub-bub. “IS EVERYBODY HAPPY?” she shouted.

“Yes, Yes,” came the responses.


“YESSS” came the enthusiastic reply.

“OK. Let’s give three cheers for the bald amigas and their soccer team.




“And three cheers for the world’s greatest bald swimming team”;




And, of course, this was followed by a round of screaming, stamping and applauding as well as Sammie’s ear splitting two finger whistle. Finally they settled down, the girls went outside for pictures while the Mom’s stayed inside to pay the bills. As they broke up there were more hugs as they gathered up their girls, but first they made plans to arrive at Forest together so they could all walk with their girls for a little way before they were run over by other teenagers rushing up to have the unique experience of greeting seven bald girls.

Abby had already made up her mind to go to “Rings and Things” to get a nose stud. She knew that Tess wanted another pair of earrings too. She was even prepared to let her get a nose stud if she really wanted one. She called Dan and told him to meet them at the Herb Garden at six thirty.

Having said goodbye to everyone, Paula turned to Christine and Melissa. “Are you ready to go with me to strut our stuff over at super lots?” she asked.

“YES!” Melissa responded immediately.

“That will be fun, Mom. You look so good with your head shaved,” Christine said.

“OK, let’s go. How about having dinner at the deli afterwards. I hope someone is going to help me shave tomorrow morning. Even though I’m going to wear that cute bob wig that I bought yesterday, I still want a smooth head to start every day,” Paula told them.

“No problem. I’m sure I can shave you most mornings until you get the hang of doing yourself,” Melissa said.

“I’ll help too Mom, although I have a hard time getting up as early as Melissa,” Christine added. “Do you think you’ll be able to go to work without a wig later?”

“I don’t really know Christine. I hope so, but even if I can’t, I don’t have to wear it anywhere else. So mostly you and everyone else are going to see me au naturale so to speak,” Paula replied with a laugh of sheer pleasure as she felt her head once again.

They walked serenely the short distance down Melrose Street to their car, ready to greet the world – an attractive and confident bald Mother with her two self-assured and striking bald teenage daughters.

To be continued in Part 27

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