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It was about 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon. There were no customers in my barbershop. I was looking into the mirror and my salt & pepper high & tight flat top was growing out. Funny, I had always had a hair fetish and knew it, but had never expressed it in my own hair until I opened up my own shop about a year ago. I was 36 at the time, single, and tired of the corporate life. I quit and went to barber-school, served my apprenticeship and had opened my shop. On the personal side, I had had a number of girlfriends in my life but none of them stuck. Shortly after opening my own shop, I went back to the old shop and had the first of my high & tights. It was amazing, as soon as the clippers touched my head, I got such a hard on. So, as it was today, for the first time, I was contemplating shaving my head bald and just leaving myself with my mustache and goatee. It was quiet as I picked up the clippers. I turned them on and it was like clockwork, I had another hard-on for the ages. I knew I would be very impatient and that no matter how hard I tried, I would rush my haircut so I could jack-off. I stood at attention and peered into the mirror. I brought the clippers that were hungrily vibrating in anticipation of liberating me from all my hair. I slowly ran the clippers through the top of my head. With no attachment, I was going right to the bone. I could feel the moisture in my pants build up with each pass. When I finished the top I began on the left side and continued all around to the right until nothing was left. I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. I was beginning to look a few years younger. I ran some hot water and placed a towel in the sink. I then squeezed the towel free of excess water and wrapped it around my head. I had done a few head shaves on customers, but this would be my first self shave. When I figured that the remaining stubble had softened enough, I removed the towel and began to spread the hot lather from the machine that I had just put in one hand on my head. It felt so good! I just kept rubbing the heated foam around & around on my head. I picked up my straight razor, sharpened it against the leather strap attached to the barber chair and began shaving against the grain, I began to shave the left side of my head in an upwards motion. I could feel my skin being scraped and the remaining vestiges of my hair being removed. I was not sure that could complete this task without masturbating as my swollen cock was bulging against my pants and I was leaning on the counter and grinding the counter with my denim jean covered cock. I was so into the moment that I had not noticed the door open and someone enter. I was so horny, my hands began to tremble. I so wanted to complete the shave, but did not think I would be able. Suddenly I heard the sexiest voice ever say; “Whoa there boy! Looks like you need some help!” I was so startled I did not know what to say. I just turned and looked at her. There I stood all 6’3″, 185 pounds of jelly looking at a woman who was so incredibly beautiful, she took my breath away. I smiled haplessly. This 5’3″ vixen with shoulder length brown hair, parted on one side with the sexiest, darkest eyes I have ever seen with a pair of pouting lips perfectly done in a bright red lipstick. She had a red satin top on with spaghetti straps, no brassiere, and her 34 D breasts pouting out looking for attention. She wore a light blue denim skirt that was very tight, black tinged panty hose and a pair of red stiletto’s that without, she would have stretched to make 5′ even in height. Without missing a beat she smiled at me and said; “Looks like before you can help me, I’m going to have to help you!” She motioned me to sit in my own barber chair. I was mesmerized and did what I was told. While I sat down, she went over to the door, put up the “Closed” sign, locked the door and drew the curtains. She smiled as she came over and took the razor out of my hands. She looked down at the bulge in my pants and said; “Honey, this just won’t do! If I’m going to shave your head, you should be comfortable.” With that, she reached down and separated my skin from my jeans and used the razor to cut away all the cloth until my cock was standing straight up.” Oh!” she moaned; “I like that!” she said. She then leaned down and licked a little moisture off the tip of my dick and then spoke directly to my swollen member; “Hang in there; I’ll be back down here to finish you off!” She then straightened up and went over to the shaving cream dispenser and got a huge handful. I was unable to speak. She began rubbing the cream into my head. Without another word, she went about skillfully shaving my head. Slowly she dragged the single edge razor against the grain. The sound and the feel of my head being shaved was incredible. When she had finished the top, she re-lathered and shaved twice until she smiled and said I was as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Looking in the mirror I loved the look. I brought my hands up to my head and felt the tightness and the smoothness. I could not believe my dick could get any harder, but it did. Suddenly, the back of the chair went almost horizontal. She smiled and said. “Before you can eat my pussy, you have got to be completely clean. She went back to the dispenser and applied the shaving cream to my mustached and goatee. Just before she started to shave them off, she put her hand on my dick. She looked into my eyes and said; “If you trust me, your friend down their gets my lips, if not, my hand. Do you trust me? Speechless, I nodded yes. She smiled again and shaved my entire face. Just when I thought she was done, she got another squirt of cream and rubbed it into my eyebrows. She then deftly shaved each off. Then she got the edge trimmers, turned them on and removed my eyelashes as well. Thoroughly pleased with herself, she walked over to the foot of the chair. Reached over to the counter and from inside her purse she removed her lipstick and applied a fresh coat of the brightest red lipstick I had ever seen. She then reached into her purse and pulled out a pack of Newport cigarettes. She extracted one and with her lighter lit the cigarette. She took a long draw on the butt and then removed it. It was coated with her lipstick. She stuck it in my mouth and I obediently took a drag. She climbed up on the chair and as she bent over to take my cock into her mouth, I could see her blowing smoke rings just before she slowly engulfed my entire member. With just two strokes of her red painted lips I exploded! With the confidence of a pro, she swallowed every little bit and then sucked me dry. My dick was smeared with red lipstick. When she finished, she took the razor and sliced of the remains of my pants. She reached back to the counter and retrieved the edge trimmer and began to remove my pubic hair. She had me lift myself up so she could get any butt hairs as well. I was now rock hard again and she extricated herself to get the shaving cream. Once more I could feel the heat. This time it only served to surround my cock and balls. She smiled as she denuded me in the genitals. When she was done, she again applied her lipstick and then lit a cigarette. Again, the single drag and again she inserted the butt in my mouth for a drag. This time, as she bent over my swollen cock, she reached under and cupped my swollen testicles with her right hand while placing her left hand on the base of my cock. She then proceeded to give me for what seemed to be at least an hour the slowest greatest blowjob I had ever received. Up and down while caressing and needing my balls with her right hand, while massaging my lipstick smeared pole with her left while it went in and out of her mouth, until she sensed that I was almost ready to explode. Slowly she maneuvered her middle finger from he right hand from fondling my balls and used the based of her hand to fondle while her middle finger circled my anus. I was amazed at the sensation I received from this and just before I was ready to come she stopped circling and surprised me by suddenly inserting her middle finger ever
so quickly up my ass. For the first time in my life I screamed aloud as I reached a crescendo in my orgasm. I began Cumming, and as I did so she moved her finger around inside my asshole. I was shaking as I came, so much so that I thought my entire body was going to pass through my dick. She lovingly soaked my juices up until I was dry. She then stood up, reapplied her lipstick, lit a cigarette, took a puff and said, “Hi handsome, I’m Rita and I believe it’s my turn now!

To be continued

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