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Have you ever thought about change? Have you lain awake at night after watching a movie and asked yourself, how would I look in that hairstyle or that one or that one? For years I wanted to try different styles. I had worn an Elvis cut for a couple of years then a crew cut, a flat top, a Mohawk as a youngster, a butch cut, the high and tight as a member of the Special Forces, bald as a challenge when the boss said I needed a hair cut and challenged him to cut his as short as I would be cutting mine. He never told me I needed a haircut again. A long Beatle’s style cut when the wife wanted it longer, so what was my style? Now bear in mind this was before computers, Apple was just being introduced and it played off a cassette player. Pong was the hot video game and yes it was 1972.

I wanted to see how I would look in different style(s). So I asked my barber Dee, “What style would I look good in if I wanted to change my hair cut.”? The style I had worn for the last 4-5 years was done with a 1″ cut on sides and a 2″ cut on top. Dee had been cutting my hair for 5 years and it was always the same style. Dee was a sexy stylist at 28 years old, she was about 5’4″ tall, part Indian with Irish decendency, with long waist length silky, shiny, black hair. Dee was not bad looking at all with a full figure I would say to be 36-24-36. Dee had the greatest laugh and was always telling a joke or two while she cut your hair. As for being a barber, she was the best I had found in years. Dee said to me;” OC you could wear any style, but; I tell you what we can do. You grow your hair out for about 4 months. I will trim your hair every two weeks only doing a silhouette that is over the ears and blocked in back. This way it will be off your collar and ears as the department wants everyone to comply with. This will allow you to grow your hair to about 5-6 in long and then we can go through different style and video tape the cuttings and see which style you like best.” I looked at Dee and said, what styles are we going to do.” Dee smiled and said “Grow it out and you will see what I have in mind.”

For the next 4 months my hair grew out fast. It was full and thick, brown in color, and a style I last wore about 1968. I was waiting to get the silhouette done and Dee said; “Well OC when do you want to experiment?” I looked at Dee and shrugged my shoulders and said; “That is up to you Dee.” Dee looked and said tonight you want to try it? “I said why not, it is just about 6 pm. Your normal closing time and I am your last customer.” Dee smiled and told her sister Sherry to lock the door, turn the sign around and get the VCR out. Sherry looked at Dee and said; “Dee is OC going to be the one getting all those cuts we talked about?” Dee smiled and said; “Yes Sherry, OC is going to be our model for the night.” Sherry giggled and said; “Oh good Dee, Oh good, I can’t wait to get all set up.” Sherry was Dees younger sister, she was 24 years old, about 5’5″ tall, had blonde hair to her waist, was well endowed at 38-22-36. Sherry was always laughing, whenever you aw her she was laughing and cutting up as she cut her customers hair. Too say the least, the shop was a fun place to get a haircut and always pleasant. The customer in the chair got down and paid Dee, then Dee let him out, locked the door back and turned around and walked back to her chair. There I was as Dee smiled and said are you ready OC?” I said; “Well as ready as I will ever be?” Dee motioned for me to take a seat in the chair. I got up and thought what have these two got up their sleeves? Sherry was just setting up the camera and plugging it into the VCR while saying, “Were going to have a party, were going to have a party.” I was looking at Dee and Dee smiled and said “OC don’t worry we are going too have fun cutting your hair tonight.” To say I was a little nervous was an understatement. Dee caped me up. Sherry looked in the camera and said; ” testing, one, two, three, testing., we are ready.” Dee and she giggled again.” I was nervous about what was going to happen next. Dee said “OC, you asked me to do some styles on you and find one that we will like overall. First I want to comb your hair back into the Elvis style, then I want to do the style you liked and talked about that flat top with combed back side, then we will do a flat top by taking off all the sides, then Sherry wants to do a ½ in crew cut, a ¼ in butch cut and then a 1/8th in crew cut and finally she wants to shave you bald.” I looked at Dee in the mirror and aid bald, she did not flinch and Sherry said ya OC I want to cut your hair all off, bald, I have never cut a guys hair bald yet and Dee said maybe you would let me do it as a part of your haircutting experience tonight, is that ok OC?” Looking at Dee and Sherry I said; “Why not never been bald before, but; this could be very interesting.” Dee said “Ok, as she sprayed water onto my hair and combed it back on the sides and over on the top. There it was that old Elvis look again. Meanwhile Sherry was filming the whole comb out. Dee said; “Next style the flattop with faded sides. Dee combed the faded right side down, then made an upward brush. Making a part on the right side like there was on the left side already. Dee put her clippers in hand, put the 5/8″ attachment on, brought the clippers to life as I watched in the mirror. Dee started at the front and center running the clippers right down the middle of my head, hair flew off the clippers in 5″ lengths, hitting the cape with a plopping sound. Sherry said; `Wow OC wait till you see that one on video replay, bet I run it back a hundred times.” I looked in the mirror and saw a flat top beginning to take shape down the middle. Dee brought the roaring clippers to the right side and with comb in left hand and clippers in right hand, raise the part on the left upward, then plunged the clippers inside where the comb held the hair up. Another gap of hair was gone and Sherry was going ecstatic. Dee brought the clippers and comb to the left side and did the same comb up and clippers inside the comb right down the left side. The style was beginning to take shape as Dee now placed the comb into the right part, brought it up and with clippers reduced it to a 5/8″ cut. One side was completed. Now Dee moved to the right side and raised the hair near the faded combed back parted hair, raised that section up and plunged the clipper into the comb had hair leaving a perfect 5/8″ flat top with sides. Sherry yelled; “Got that one on tape, one done, a whole lot more to go.”

Dee grabbed her coke and took a sip then said; “Well OC how do you like the cut? Was it what you expected? I think it is sexy really different, I have not seen it worn for about 10 years now.” I looked in the mirror, gone was the long hair on top, replaced by a 5/8″ version of a flattop. The sides had what they call fenders or they were combed back. I sat looking at the style I had always wanted to get that style after the crew cut, but dad and mom said no to that idea. I liked the cut and was engrossed at looking at it when Sherry said; “Well lets get moving, time is moving on and we are wasting it.” Dee laughed and said: “Well OC ready for the next adventure?” I looked for the last time at the flattop with fenders and liked it really well. I nodded and Dee took off the 5/8″ comb and put a ½” comb on her clippers. Sherry said: “We are ready over here.” With that Dee brought the clippers to life and started with the right sideburn and ran the clippers straight up to the part line, then she turned the clippers 45 degrees left and ran them straight back to the nape of the neck, hair was being peeled away as the clippers left no trace of the fenders only now stood a swath ½” long. “WOW, WILL YOU LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR FALLING DOWN AS THE CLIPPERS DO THEIR THING, WOW.” screamed Sherry as she was in ecstasy watching my hair being severed, from 4″, down to ½”. Dee said; “Sherry you better be watching that camera and making sure we are getting all these haircuts down for OC.” Dee then finished up going around my
head twice. First was completing the top section from the parted hairline, then finished with the bottom section. Then she went up and over each ear, tapering the cut as only my barbarity could do. I watched in sheer delight as the long hair was cut down to size. Dee had gone from the right side around to the left side, removing the long fender style as I watched the hair peeled down to 1/2″ in the mirror. I was getting into watching the transition and then thought about being bald and really got excited. “There we are done with that one a Flattop with parted sides.” I looked and remembered back years ago when I actually wore that style. I was flashing back about when and where I had gotten that haircut and Sherry said; “OC I like that cut on you, you look like a football star.” I laughed and said; “Well thank you Sherry.” Dee said; “Well I like it but I think I want to see you in shorter hair OC.” I nodded and said; ” I agree.” Dee picked up her coke and went to the camera. Sherry went from the camera and grabbed her clippers, put the 1/4″ blade on. Without a word, Sherry brought the clippers to life, went to my front, plunged the clippers from the front of my head straight down the middle. Sherry squealed with delight and said; “God OC I have always wanted to give you a buzz cut.” I looked at Sherry in the mirror, her eyes were wide as saucers, she was intent on cutting off what little hair I had left to ¼” and was really getting excited about it. I was getting excited about her brushing her long loose blonde hair against my face as she made each pass over the head three times. Sherry then went to the sides and back and was done in a record 55 seconds. There I was now sporting a 1/4″ crew cut. Sherry rubbed my hair and Dee came over and said: “OC I like this style on you the best.” Sherry kept rubbing my head and said; ” That feels so good OC.” I said; “Well Sherry do you want me to cut your hair into a short ½” crew cut?” Sherry looked at Dee, then Dee looked at Sherry, both broke out in laughter. Then Sherry said; ” What do you think Dee, you know we have talked about cutting all our hair off for about 6 months now. Just yesterday we said how we would cut it when OC did his, shall we do it tonight? I am game if you are, OC do you really, I mean really want to cut our beautiful long black and blonde waist length tresses off to a ½” crew cut?” I nodded yes. Sherry said; ” Dee OC is going too cut our long hair to a crew cut, I cannot wait now, we are committed to OC and a cutting.” Dee looked at Sherry and said; ” Lets get OC bald and then OC can decide what to do with our hair.” Sherry said; “OC I am getting so excited thinking about you cutting off all our long hair tonight, I think we will just hurry up and clipper your head with the 0000 and no attachment, then shave you clean, OK?” I was completely aroused now and said; “Sherry just do it, shave it all off, because you and Dee are going to be next in the chair getting filmed going from waist length to a crew cut, right down the middle and no turning back.” Off came the ¼” attachment and a wide eyed excited Sherry wasted no time buzzing my head from the back up to the forehead in three passes. I reached out as Sherry’s hair brushed across my arm and grabbed her long blonde hair, I held the hair in hand, held it up high saying; “You think I will look sexy bald, wait till I get both of you clippered to a ¼” buzz cut. Sherry looked at me and said; “Damned I am about to climax right now as we speak, thinking about sitting there where you are OC and being clipped.” Dee said; “Ok you two lets knock off the playing and get down to finishing up or we will nee a second tape.” Sherry got back to being a professional; she reduced the sides to nothing with three clipping on each side and over the ears. There I sat, watching in sheer amazement (pardon the pun) as my hair was reduced from ¼” the shortest I had ever gone before, to almost nothing, a mere 1/250th of an inch. Whew, I thought as I sat and watched in the mirror at myself going from a ¼” crew cut down to where I had never been before BALD. Sherry was done and reached back for a hot towel and wrung it out, then placed it on my head. “Now comes the shave, oh gosh am I excited, I can hardly contain my inhabitations any more.” Sherry said. Off came the towel and Sherry reached for the shaving cream dispenser, got a handful of cream and applied it to my head. Sherry then grabbed the straight razor, stroked it a couple of time on the belt and then proceeded to start shaving my head clean. Starting on my right side Sherry stroked the remaining stubble from my head. I sat and watched as Sherry very carefully did my head a section at a time until all the lather was gone and a perfect baldhead was left. Sherry then got another hot towel and wiped my head down and applied baby oil to sooth the burning of a freshly shaved head. Dee said; “OC I want to fuck you, you look so good.” Sherry replied; “Well OC we got all your haircuts down for you, all the haircuts you could ever wear are now on tape and I have wet myself with being so excited watching, filming and doing all those cuts.” I said; “Well the night has just begun ladies, who is going to be next in the chair.” Dee came over to me as Sherry was uncapping me and said; “I am game as she flossed her long black hair over me while I sat, I started getting harder. Dee reached down to my groin and said I want to make you right here and now before you get to cut my long hair off. One last fling with long hair. I want to see if you and I make love, can you then really want to cut it all off to a ¼” cut.” Sherry uncapped me and Dee took my hand and led me to the back break room. There was a curtain of beads closing the barbershop from their break room. Once inside the break room there was a couch, a T.V., a refrigerator, a bathroom and a microwave oven. Dee led me to the couch and we proceeded to do what most people would do, say no more.

**For Dee and Sherry’s cuts, that will be continued under Dee and Sherry’s Cuts

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