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I have seen her a handful of times over the past few months. Usually on the weekends as she plays with a young boy in the playground of the Applewood Apartment Complex. The playground was right at the back of the complex and visible as I walk from my front door. I don’t know what it was about her that always made him look twice, but I always did.

The first time he saw her, it was a warm, clear day in late winter. I was leaving my apartment excitedly on my way to take a nice long walk at Baker Mountain Park where the trails should be relatively empty this time of year. I stopped for a second to examine the lumps of dirty snow clinging with futility to the cool ground in the shadows. As I looked over toward the playground, I caught site of the woman and a mop-topped boy. The boy looked to be about 8 or 9 years old and was playing on the swing as the woman pushed. The site of her took my breath away and I audibly gasped. She was full of lip and full of hip. Her face was beautiful, rounded cheeks rising from a heart shaped face. Tufts of black hair poked from beneath her powder blue knit cap. She was clearly a voluptuous woman from the rounded shape of her form, but it was difficult to tell under the heavy clothes. I stood there for a moment completely paralyzed by her appearance. She seemed to glow. As if sensing my gaze, she glanced up after a short time and met my eyes. I immediately felt my cheeks blush as she sent me a warm smile from between her full lips. I caught my breath and waved nervously. She seemed to giggle a little and waved back. As cold as it was up in the mountain park that day, I never felt it, the memory of her face kept the warmth in me all day.

I saw her three more times over the next two months, each time on the weekend, playing with her son in the park. The weather warmed through the spring and each time I saw her a little more was revealed to me. The first time I could begin to make out the curves of her body. At first, I could just make out the curves of her hips and bosom but as time passed I got better and better glimpses from the first sign of her plump arms to the stoutness of her longish legs. And finally to her large breasts which stood prominently from the tight sweater she wore on that cool morning near the end of May. Her nipples made tiny shadows as they stiffened from the cold.

What drove me really crazy was the first sight of her hair. She had always worn a hat, but on this day I saw her raven hair was cut in a perfect a-line bob perfectly framing her face. She turned to follow the running boy. As she chased him I could see the angular cut of the a-line. The hair at the nape of her neck was shaved to short fuzz. I could tell she had just had it cut the lines were so crisp, the bristly fuzz so short. I got tingly when I saw the way the hairline at her nape tapered down to a tight vee. I was nearly breathless at he very sight of her

As she continued to chase the boy, her back was towards me. She finally caught the boy and kneeled low in front of him to talk to him. I braved staring another few seconds at her pale, freshly shaven nape and lingered there. She began to stand up and so I broke my stare and began to move towards my car. As I neared my car the young mop topped boy suddenly ran past me and hid from the woman on the other side of my car. I looked around just in time to see her walk up behind me. I was flattened as her nearness stole my breath and wits.

“Hello, my name is Kelly”, she said with a rich sweet alto voice.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, hi, my name is uhhhh Bobby”, I nervously replied.

She smiled at my obvious nervousness and a gleem crossed her deep blue eyes that nearly knocked me senseless.

“I see you around sometimes”, she started, “but I never have had the chance to introduce myself. You always seem to be leaving as soon as I see you. I had to tell my nephew to run over here so I could catch you before you left.”

I blushed a little as I realized that she might have noticed my stare at times.

“I always see you when I am leaving for my hikes on Sunday mornings. I am usually in a hurry to get up to the park before the hiking trails get too crowded. I like the solitude.”

“Ohhhhh”, she replied, “I always thought you were trying to run away from me. I was starting to think you didn’t like me.”

“Oh no”, I exclaimed, “I just get excited.”

Her lips formed a wide smile and the thin line of her eyebrows arched at my statements.

I must blushed forty shades of red as I felt the warm blood flow into my cheeks. “I mean I get excited about going on a hike”.

“Is that it?” She asked.

“Uhhhhh, yeah, it’s fun and relaxing and it gives me a good workout”, I managed to say.

“Well you must work up quite an appetite on your hike. What time do you finish?”

“Usually I get back around 5 or so.”

“Good. You will come over to my apartment at 7pm sharp. That will give you time to rest up a bit and shower.”

“Well, O.K.” I replied. “I’ll be there. Which one do you live in?”

“325B. And don’t be late!”

“I won’t,” I said past the lump that was rising in my throat

I went to the park for my hike. As I traveled some of the higher trails available a this time of year, my legs felt very weak all that day and her face and sweet form filled by thoughts. The hours passed slowly and my heart pounded like never before in my chest.

As evening approached, I fretted over what to wear and finally decided on a light brown wool pullover with dark brown corduroy pants. I walked over to her place quickly as I was a few minutes late from getting dressed and knocked on her door.

She answered the door after a few seconds and said, “You kept me waiting.”

“I apologize, I lost track of time”

“Well, I guess we’ll let it go this time.” she said with a warm smile.

I about keeled over as I got a look at her. She was wearing a low cut top black top that exposed a large part of her milky chest. Her breasts were round and firm and strained the material. I noticed the small bulge of a belly and her wide generous hips that rounded into plump rear that curved outward from her body. She was wearing a long skirt that formed a long curvy line from her hips to her ankle. She almost as tall as my 6 feet. She was definitely not a petite woman. However, she was not fat either. She was fairly trim for her frame and wore a natural voluptuousness that spoke more of warmth and beauty more than it did gluttony and laziness. I looked back up and noticed lips delicately painted with fiery red lipstick.

As I stood there in the doorway, I heard somebody walk up quickly behind me. I woman, looking very much like Kelly walked up to the door smiling and said “Hey Kel.”

“Hey Janey” replied Kelly, “This is my new friend Bobby and you are both late”

“Sorry, I got tied up at the airport. Nice to met you Bobby,” Janey said quickly as she acknowledged my presence.” Anyhow, I have to get somewhere fast, can you call Casey so we can get out of here fast?”

Kelly called the boy who came sulking down the stairs with a backpack. As he slowly descended, I could see his mop top was gone, shaven down into a very short buzz-cut.

“Thanks for buzzing him down for me” she said to Kelly.

“No problem”, said Kelly while giggling. “I don’t know how much he likes it though.”

Jane looked at Casey and frowned. “I know you hate your summer buzz downs from Aunt Kelly but that is that way I like it.” She rubbed his head vigously and he glowered at her. “Now come on, baldie. We gotta go.”

Casey and Jane walked away after reluctant hugs and kisses from his aunt. As they disappeared around the corner, Kelly looked at me and said, “Come on in and have a seat at the table. Dinner is ready and is not getting any warmer.”

We sat at her kitchen table for nearly an hour as we ate a dinner of hearty beef and hunter sauce, asparagus, and dark red wine
. We took turns talking about ourselves and asking questions of each other. Janey was her twin sister and they grew up together in the nearby countryside on a farm. Kelly owned a barbershop called “The Country Clipper Barbershop”. She had two other girls who worked there for her cutting hair. She watched her sister’s boy sometimes on the weekends as her sister often traveled as a plus size model.

“Wow, your sister is a model? You two are twins, why don’t you model as well. You are as beautiful as her. I am sure she makes great money. What makes you like being a barber instead?”

“I did do some modeling, but didn’t like it very much. While I was doing it, I became interested in cutting hair, like my uncle. I did some of the male models hair from time to time, so I went to barber school. My uncle was the one who started the barbershop after he left the army. He sold it too me when his own kids were not interested in taking it over. I remember hanging out in there sometimes when my mom used to bring my bothers, sister, and I in for haircuts. He cut all of our hair. We’d go all winter without getting it cut, but come spring you could be sure that you were going to be dragged down to the barbershop for a haircut. Always short bobs, even for us girls and Mom had the boys shaved down every summer, of course. I remember watching him work those big clippers and having a strange fascination about it and found myself wanting to do the same thing someday. Of course, I hated to have to get up into that big chair back then. I wanted to do the cutting, not be cut. Anyhow, we really used to giggle at the boys as they grimaced as my uncle shaved `em down to skin every summer under my Mom’s watching eye.”

I smiled as I remembered seeing Casey as he pouted. “Yeah, I can imagine they didn’t like it too much.”

“O God, they hardly ever do”, remarked Kelly, “Every spring women are marching their boys down to my shop to get their heads shaved. To be honest, I really enjoy it and the expressions on their faces are just priceless. I run a spring special during the last week of school. Buzz cuts for five dollars and let me tell you, I do a lot of five-dollar haircuts that week. I get so busy, I had to buy a special pair of fast feed clippers just to keep up. I can scalp them as fast as I can move my hands. By the end of the day, the bin is full of shorn hair.”

We both laugh as we continue to chat about our lives. Eventually, we make our way into the living room and finish a bottle of wine and start into another. As we talk we continue to unconsciously inch closer and closer to each other. Finally, I found myself staring straight into her eyes and that beautiful face with that perfect frame of short hair.

There is a sudden silence as we look into one deeply into each other’s eyes. Our lips are drawn together and touch gently as we begin to kiss. Long and slow. My heart was pounding in my chest and my penis swells. I reached up behind her neck and brought her head in tight to mine. I felt the short fuzz of hair at the back of my neck and I like the feel of the stubble. She returned the favor and reached up to my neck to pull me in close. We kiss for what seems an eternity until we each fall back into the couch.

We both exclaimed “Whoa” at the same time. I leaned into kiss her one more time, but she pulled back.

“Hold on”, she said. “I need a break. All the wine went to my head right then.” She slouched a little on the couch and we stared at each other for a couple of minutes. As we stared she began to get a smile on her face.

“What’s up? Are you alright?” I ask.

She smiles and replies, “Absolutely my dear. You are a very good kisser I must say. Damn! The way you grabbed my neck like that. Whew!”

Several more minutes of silent staring passes.

“You have great lips”, she tells me. “I just love your lips”

“I love your neck, it’s sexy,” I told her.

“Do you? My hair is short now. I just got it cut yesterday by Linda who works in my shop. Doesn’t that fuzz feel so good to your hands? It sure does to mine.”

“Yes, it does”

She tilts her head and looks at me and says. “You know you could use a cut yourself there, shaggy.”

“My hair isn’t that shaggy,” I said. “I just had it cut six weeks ago.”

She ran her fingers through my which went just below my ears and down my neck a little.

“Nope, you need a proper boy’s haircut. You should be getting it cut more often at least once a month. Why I think you need a haircut right now. Let’s get you up into my office. I am still set up in the office from buzzing Casey. Come on now. Stop fussing. I am going to give you the haircut that you need.”

I was nervously speechless as she led me up the stair to her office. In the center of the room is a swiveling office chair with a barbers cape drapped over it. A large set of clippers are on the desk. The remains of Caseys hair made small over the floor around the chair. She moved behind the chair and said rather sternly “Have a seat young man.”

I was frozen for a minute as my heart pounded. She spun the chair around and pointed for me to sit. “I said to sit.”

My own will is sapped by the spell I am under so I sit down in the chair. In a big whirl she immediately tossed the cape around me and fastened the snaps in the back. The cape was a little tight as I tried to swallow. She moved around front of me and stared down at me.

“Now listen to me. I like my boys to be cut short. Real short. None of this shaggy stuff.” She ran her fingers through my hair again and said, “All of this is coming off.”

I was frozen, caught between fear and extasy. My penis was rock solid and she leaned putting her breasts almost right in my face as she looked at my hair. I could see into the depths of her bosom.

“Yep, I am going to get you good.”

She went around me to the desk and picked up the clippers. She spun me around to face her and I looked up once again into that beautiful face.

“Now, I am going to shave you bald. You were a bad little boy tonight for being late and that can’t go unpunished. So if you are going to act like a little boy, you are going to look like one. Are you going to be my little buzz boy?

“Yes,” I hear myself say.

“Good. Now hold still. If I need you to move your head, I will do it for you. You just sit there while I shear all that hair of your off.”

While still facing me she reached down with her left hand and touched the underside of my chin and brought it up to look directly at her.

“Now, be my little buzz boy,” she said as she flicked the switch on the clippers as they chattered to like. She put the clippers to my forehead, their cold steel sending a shiver down my spine, and moved the clippers back over my head. I grimaced a little as she did this. She returned my grimace with a coy smile. “Hmmmm, seems somebody a little unhappy.”

“Now here goes the rest.”

With those words, she wrapped the cord of the clippers around her forearm and spun me around. I felt the clippers once again touch my forehead and she began to rapidly move them over my head in long swipes. She worked with surprising efficiency. Moving closer to each side. With each pass of the clippers big wads of hair came tumbling down the cap, landing in my lap and rolling onto the floor. Soon I could feel the cold air of the room right on my scalp. She continued her work in a cold, relentless way, holding my head firmly in place as she buzzed the right side in upwards strokes, working around to the back and over to the left side. Hair kept pouring down the cape, spilling onto the piles of Casey’s all over the floor. She hummed along with the whirring noise of the clippers.

As she finished, she spun me around and looked at me, once again placing her fingers on my chin, making me look up to see her. She smiled and spun me back around. She began to take long slow strokes over my head. As she did she r
ubbed the head to make sure that all the hair had been mowed down uniformly. She then made an adjustment to the clippers and went back over the sides and back to cut them even shorter and to shave the neck. I could hear a flick as she shut off the clippers and set them down.

She spun me around and looked into my eyes. “Now that’s a proper boy’s haircut. I know you don’t like it, but it had to be done. You are now my little buzz boy.” But were not finished yet. Stand up, were going to get the rest of you shaved down.” She then proceeded to shave all of the hair off my body with the clippers. I flinched a few times to which she would bark “I told you to hold still.”

As she finished she said to me, “Now get this cleaned up. I am going to go change. When you are done go into my bedroom down the hall and wait on the bed. I’ll be along shortly my little buzz boy.”

As she left I touched my head to feel the short, nearly nonexistent stubble there. She looked back and saw me and said, “You don’t have anything left up there to worry about baldie, just finish cleaning up and get on into the bedroom.”

She went off to the bathroom to change as I cleaned up the mess of hair all over the floor. As I swept it up, I can feel the cool breeze from the ventilation blowing on my scalp.

I finish cleaning the mess from the haircut and go into her bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. After several long minutes, she emerges from the bathroom door leading into her bedroom. She is wearing a tight leather bustier and a small leather skirt, all in black. Now, my little buzz boy, just you lay down on that bed. I started to lay back. As I do, she climbs up on the bed straddling my body. As she does she climbs up over me and rips off the leather skirt. Kelly then grabs the back of my shaven head, shoving it deep into her crotch. I begin to taste her freshly shaven and powdered lips.

“I just love a good shaved head in my shaved pussy. Now dine well my little buzz boy or there will be some more punishment for you later……..”

THE END (for now).

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