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“Don’t do it! Endure it like you always have.” says one voice inside her.

“Do it! Those bitches deserve it! You can have your sweet revenge at last!” says the other voice.

These thoughts kept on circulating in Susan’s mind as she peered through the door of the abandoned warehouse. Inside, five girls were bound and gagged to separate chairs, and muffled voices could be heard as they tried to scream for help.

“How did it come to this? It’s still not too late to back off now, Susan.” says the little angel in Susan.

“You’ve come all the way to this point and you have bought those haircutting tools, so you might as well go ahead with the plan!” says the little devil inside.

Three weeks ago.

“Take a look at the new girl in school!” said Juliet.

“Oh gosh! She looks aweful! Look at that old fashioned dress and large glasses!” said Annie.

“Let’s make her life miserable!” said Lilian.

“We’ll show her WHO’s in charge of the school grounds around here.” said Kelly.

“What are we waiting for girls? Let’s make her first day of school a memorable one.” said Megan.

And so, the “famous five” as they were popularly known as, went up the new girl who had just arrived. They surrounded her and started to intimidate her.

“SOMEONE’s new around here.” Megan smirked.

“YOU’RE not welcome here. That ugly dress and glasses of yours have no place in this school.” said Juliet.

“Just to let you know, we’re the ones in charge around here.” added Lilian.

“Because you’re the underdog around here, you must become our slave for a week. You must do everything we tell you to do, or. we’ll break your glasses!” said Annie.

“Please don’t harm me! I’m new here.” pleaded Susan.

“Oh no, we won’t harm you, yet. Just be good and do as we say and you’ll be fine.” said Kelly.


“Saved by the bell!” thought Susan.

“We’ll find you at recess and talk this through.” said Lilian.


Susan was at the point of emotional breakdown. Being confronted with bullies at her new school on her first day was the last thing she expected. She had just moved into town, escaping the painful memories of her parent’s horrific death in a car crash. The five girls just added salt to the painful wound.

“I must hide from them.” Susan said to herself.

She found a seemingly solitude place behind the gym, where no one hangs out during recess. She sat there and ate her lunch alone, keeping watch for the five. She was just about to finish her sandwich when.

“So! Trying to hide from us, eh?” Kelly’s voice thundered from behind, startling Susan.

“No, I was just.” Susan replied fearfully.

“Cut the crap! You defied us! Now you shall pay!” said Annie.

Megan snatched Susan’s glasses away from her face and threw it into the bush. Juliet grabbed her pigtails and yanked them back.

Susan screamed in pain as both her pigtails were pulled.

“Scream all you want! No one’s going to here you here. You made the mistake of coming to this solitude place of school.” said Juliet.

Suddenly, Susan heard the sound of scissor blades being opened. The next thing she knew, the tension in her left braid become loose! Before she could comprehend what had happened, the other pigtail came loose too, and her head jerked forward. It was at that moment she realized what had happened; they had cut off her prized pigtails!

The remaining hair on her head jerked forward, ending up shoulder length in front and ear length at the back. The next thing she knew, her two feet long braids were thrown at her face.

“That should teach you to defy us!” said Kelly.

With that, the famous five left Susan alone, sobbing as she held onto her severed pigtails. Before walking home that day, she dropped by at a hair salon to get her hair tidied up into a short pixie cut.

“Susan! What happened to your hair?” said Aunty Edna, her godmother.

“I had a makeover for my new school.” Susan lied.

“Looks okay.”

That wasn’t the end of the bullying. The famous five made Susan’s life a living hell everyday. They broke her glasses, tore her dress, stole her books, burnt her assignment, and ridiculed her in front of everyone else. She became the victim of everyone’s jokes.


Susan has had enough. All the pain and sadness welled up within her had reached boiling point.

“I must make those five girls pay for what they did to me.”

She planned an elaborate grand kidnapping scheme, and carried them out one fateful night. During chemistry laboratory session that day, she had managed to obtain a bottle of chloroform and smuggled it out of school. This, is the ultimate weapon for kidnappers. Susan has watched enough movies to know what a small dab of chloroform and cloth can do to a person. She has observed their daily routine long enough to know where she can catch each one off guard.

Susan stalked the famous five at night, one by one, and subdued each of them. Kelly was mugged as she walked home from a hip hop dance class. Annie was captured on her way from work at the pizza bar. Juliet was taken on her way to meet up with Megan for their weekly manicurings. Megan was subdued as she waited for Juliet. Lilian was kidnapped on her way out of her car, right in front of her house.

The hardest part was to carry each girl into the abandoned warehouse next to the school, unseen by locals. To conceal her identity, Susan wore a dark raincoat, and covered her head with a ski mask. She had all five girls bound and gagged, and it wasn’t long before the girls gained consciousness and realized they had been abducted.


It was past midnight, and Susan finally found the courage to step into the warehouse to confront her captives. The muffled screams got louder as the five watched Susan walked up to them, scissors in one hand and electric clippers in the other.

Susan went up to Kelly, and pressed the cold blade of the scissors against her face. Susan looked deep into Kelly’s fearful eyes, and was satisfied. She did not say a word to her, for fear of revealing her identity.

She undid Kelly’s high ponytail and allowed it to drop down her back. It was beautiful jet black, layered and reached the small of her waist. Susan dragged the chair Kelly was on to the middle of the other four, so that they could all watch. She wanted Kelly to get the worst haircut, because she was the one who cut off her pigtails three weeks earlier. Susan wanted to strike fear into the other four as much as possible, so she grabbed a handful of hair from Kelly’s mane, and hacked it off at the scalp!


She threw the cut hair into the air and allowed it to fall on Kelly. Tears streamed down Kelly’s face as her prized hair was cut so short.


More hair is brutally hacked near the scalp. Soon, Kelly’s head was reduced to just uneven stubbles no more than half an inch long. Susan turned on the clippers and ran them over Kelly’s head to finish the job. Short pieces of hair from the clippers joined the long strands scattered all over the floor. The other four watch in horror, and cried as they realized that the same fate awaited them.

“Not so brave now, eh?” Susan thought.

Next, was Juliet’s turn, because she was the one who co-participated in the hacking of her pigtails before. Juliet has stick straight blonde hair, all cut to one length reaching her bra strap, and parted in the middle. Susan combed the hair such that it covers her face completely. She positioned the scissors at eyebrow level and proceeded to cut off her bangs.


Foot long blonde locks fell to Juliet’s lap, as her bangs were hacked away mercilessly. Juliet did not struggle or cry at this point, because she had given up trying, and submitted to her fate.

Susan continued cutting the blonde locks at the same level as the bangs!


Juliet’s once bra strap length hair was now a rough bowlcut. Susan clippered away the hair at the temple and nape area to finish the cut.

Next, she turned her attention to Megan. She was the one who destroyed Susan’s glasses and homework sheets. Megan had wavy red hair down to her butt at its longest end, and shortest at mid back length in front. Susan tied the hair in a loose ponytail at the nape with Kelly’s rubber band.

Susan produced a lighter, lit it up in front of Megan’s face, before burning her hair at the longest point at the butt! Fire engulfed Megan’s hair, and moved up the ponytail! Megan screamed through the gags and struggled to try to free herself. When the fire reached the shoulders, Susan cut off the ponytail with the scissors.


The severed ponytail, now only a few inches long, fell to the floor as the fire engulfed it. Megan heaved a small sigh of relief.

Susan undid the rubber band and Megan’s hair ended up being a rough bob, below chin length in front and nape length at the back. Susan evened up the ends, and gave Megan a lip length bob. Then, she combed down the long bangs and proceeded to cut them off high across the forehead, one inch above the eyebrows.


“A short Louise Brooks bob should teach you a lesson!” Susan thought.

Next in line was Annie. She had brown hair, straight and one length reaching her waist. It was incredibly pantene silky and shiny. Guys just loved Annie’s beautiful hair, and she turned heads wherever she went.

“You won’t have this beautiful hair for long!” Susan thought.

Susan combed Annie’s extremely long bangs across her forehead, and partitioned the rest behind the ears. She could hear Annie whimpering in fear at the prospect of the treasured bangs hacked off short. Susan positioned the scissors at eyebrow length, and slowly closed the shears. but then stopped cheekily.

Quickly, she moved to the back, and hacked off the back hair at shoulder length.


Two feet of pantene hair cascaded to the floor. More joined the floor as Susan continued to cut straight across, about two inches below the top of her shoulders.


Annie wept as her prized possession was cut off. Before she could sink it all in, Susan was already in front of her, scissors poised to slay more than two feet long bangs.


Annie’s bangs which took years to reach waist length was reduced to eyebrow level in a matter of seconds! She now had a Cleopatra look; shoulder length hair with bangs.

“You got off lucky, and shouldn’t be crying.” Susan thought.

Lilian was next. She had platinum blonde hair, mid back length with grown out bangs. The ends were grown out from one length, and her bangs reached mouth level, which she pinned up to keep it out of the way. Susan removed the pins, and combed the bangs down, covering her face. She trimmed them off to eyebrow level.


“That should annoy her, because she’s been meaning to grow them out!” Susan thought.

She gathered the rest of the hair into a front pony, and tied it with a rubber band. Before Lilian realized what was going on, the front pony was cut off!


Lilian’s hair fell back into place, now a shoulder length shag cut.

Susan then arranged her captives in a row, and took a photo of them bound, gagged and hair hacked. She smiled to herself, realizing that she had finally executed revenge on the bullies. Then, she gave them all another sniff of chloroform, knocking them out. Susan untied the ropes and gags while they were unconscious and hurriedly left the place.

At school the next day, Susan was not surprised that the famous five did not turn up at all.

In fact, they never showed up again at that school ever since, and had moved to another school out of shame. Someone of course, had to fill this power vacuum, and before long, another group of girls started to pick on the younger kids. Susan observed them, as they bullied the weak.

She went home, opened her closet and reached for the bottle of chloroform.

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