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During the first day of my sojourn in New Orleans to witness the carnival I ran into Larissa, an old friend of mine, with whom I had had a short affair a few years ago. At that time I worked in a New York hospital to be educated as a surgeon.

I didn’t immediately recognize her. Larissa was a well-known actress, a beautiful woman, now 32 years old, with dark-brown eyes, high cheekbones and jet-black straight hair. The last time I had seen her her hair had been at waistlength. Now she sported a severe inverted bob with a clippered nape. She looked cute but I preferred the long mane. In her company was a young girl ( I later learnt that she was 18). Her name was Angelique and she really looked like an angel with deep-blue eyes and light-blonde hair that fell in soft, shiny curls down to her butt.

It was a strange luck to meet Larissa in New Orleans while she used to live in New York and I in Seattle.

The days before Mardi Gras New Orleans was flooded with tourists who had come to attend the festivities. Just like Larissa and myself. To celebrate our reunion after a couple of years we made a tour along some of the many places where you could take delight in the characteristic sphere of the New Orleans carnival. Later that night I accompanied the girls to the apartment Larissa had rent during two weeks. I went back to my hotel after promising to meet them the next day.

When I arrived about noon next day and had pressed the button of the doorbell I heard a voice asking me to come nearer to the camera. Indeed I noticed one and when approaching the door was opened automatically while the voice told me: “We are in the bedroom.”

I found them in bed together and when they sat up to greet me I noticed that the upper parts of their bodies were unclothed. Last night Larissa had told me that after we had split up she had noticed that she liked to make love to girls as well as to men. Properly speaking she had supposed this to be one of the reasons why we had driven apart.

Angelique came out of the bed totally naked but this didn’t seem to bother her. She vanished into the bathroom and Larissa lay down again. Seductively she beckoned me: “I want you, John. Every now and then I have the urge to feel a man inside me.”


She laughed: “She is only a paladin, you shouldn’t have scruples about her.”

She removed the blanket and sheet and I couldn’t resist her, seeing her perfect naked body, her arm invitingly stretched out to me. Quickly I took off my clothes and threw myself upon her. Without delay I penetrated her roughly. Larissa squeaked for pleasure. Evidently it had been some time ago that she had been screwed by a man! It didn’t take long for both of us to climax.

Not much later Angeligue came back. She laughed on seeing both of us naked in bed. She had a towel draped around her head like a turban.

“What are we going to do?” she asked .

“Oh, surely there are at several places in town events going on. After we have lunched we’ll see.”

“Oh, this is such a crazy city!” Angelique cried out enthusiastically, “I love it!”

She looked at Larissa, then at me: “I’m going to do a crazy thing and I would like you to do it for me.”

“Tell me, what do you want?” I asked.

“I want you to cut off my hair and to shave me totally bald.”

Flabbergasted I said:”You must be out of your senses.” Then I continued: “Oh, I see, you are kidding.”

“No,I’m serious. I know that you are able to do it. Larissa told me that you used to shave victims with head-injuries when you were detached to the ER of that New York hospital during your education.”

I became suspicious. My fetish! I looked at Larissa. Had she talked about it to Angelique?

“Did you know about this?”

“Yes, we talked about it this morning.”

“Did you initiate it, Larissa? Did you persuade her?”

Before Larissa could answer Angelique said; “It’s my choice and decision, no one forces me. No need to talk me out of it, I’ve had time enough to think about it.”

“But why do you want to do this? You have such lovely hair. It really is a waste to sacrifice it.”

“Listen, everyone always admires my hair, just as if that is my only quality. They just only observe my luscious tresses and that is it. I want to be a person who is more than a shock of hair. I’m heartily sick of it.”

She took the towel from her head. the long silky curls, still damp, tumbled down.

“They are all coming off. Look, at carnival people disguise themselves. Well, I’m going to show my real self and that’s why my hair has to go. It’s my coming out.”

“Ah, you want to show that you are a lesbian,” I noticed, not very subtle.

She threw me a sharp gaze: “That’s only part of it. Well, you didn’t yet answer my question. Are you going to do it?”

Yes, at he hospital I volunteered if a head should be freed of hair but that doesn’t mean that I want to shave all beautiful girls bald! Though, the idea that a luscious mane would hit the floor always arouses me!

Larissa remarked: “Angelique and I have had an ample discussion, John and as you have noticed her decision is beyond recall. If you refuse she will find some other. So it is up to you.”

“I don’t say that I refuse, though I stick to my opinion that it is a waste. Tell me, Angelique, what do you want to do with your locks?”

Puzzled she looked at me: “I dont know. You want them?”

“In fact yes,” I answered, “Not for myself but to donate them to an organisation that collects hair to make wigs for poor young girls who are bald owing to sickness and whose parents cannot pay for them. Do you agree to lose your hair for that purpose?”

“Yes, ofcourse. Should I blowdry my hair? Sorry, it is yours’ now, isn’t it?” She laughed.

“No, it’s perfect as it is. The trouble is that I have no tools.”

“We have everything you need,” Larissa said, “Combs, brushes, scissors, clippers, razors and shaving gel.”

Angelique took my hand and ushered me to the bathroom. Larissa followed. All of us still being naked.

I noticed that the pubic hair of Angelique had been reduced to a small strip just covering her vulva.

“Your pubic hair should also be removed fully,” I told her.

Embarrassed she looked at me: “Oh please, not by you; it is okay when Larissa does it.”

“Angel, don’t be so prudish,” Larissa said scornfully.

“No, I couldn’t bear it,” she had tears in her eyes.

“It’s okay,” I said, “I can understand that she doesn’t want that her private parts are touched by a man. Please, Larissa, do her the honour.”

Angel was placed at the edge of the bathtub with her legs spread and Larissa made short work of the small strip.

Then she was put on a straight chair. Larissa combed her damp tresses to straighten out all tangles. I gathered the mass into a ponytail at her crown and told Larissa to hold it tight. I flicked on the clippers, not supplied with an attachment, and and put them under her right sideburn. The clippers moved up to her temple, further above her right ear, then behind it. Only a few stray hairs fell down, most most of it was twisted in the tail. I moved to the left side to repeat the same procedure, the backside followed and at last the front. Now all of the girl’s hair was only attached to her scalp at the crown. A few sweeps with the clippers sufficed to sever the mob from her head and Larissa waved it in front of Angelique’s eyes. The girl gasped seeing the big mass of her former crowning glory.

Larissa covered the girl’s scalp with shaving gel and spread it out with one hand. I took a razor and began to shave off the foam together with the short stubble and some stray hair that had escaped the clippers. Angel moaned, feeling and hearing the scraping.

“Woaw, it’s cool, just a crazy sensation!” she shouted.

We lathered her head a second time and I made her scalp smooth and soft like silk. With a towel I removed any remaining foam and Larissa rubbed a softening lotion into her scalp an
d made it shine.

Angelique rose to have look at her new image in the mirror. Speechless she stroke her bald head with two hands. Then she smiled.

“Hey, I did it, the crazy thing! I hardly recognize myself, the new me has been born! I already feel myself another person!”

She turned to Larissa: “It’s your turn now.”

“Wait a minute, I didn’t promise that,” Larissa stated.

“We have talked about it when you told me that you had your head shaved last year for a part in a play.”

“Yes and then you said that you wanted to share the experience.”

“That’s right. Well, I did it and now I want it to share. You promised.”

“You forget one condition that should be fulfilled.”

“Oh yeah, you mean first we have to get John agree to do so too.”

Huh!? I didn’t want to get involved in those games of the girls. Granted, I hadn’t much hair to lose as I did wear it short already but going bald!

“Is this a set-up?” I asked. “Larissa did you plan this?”

Angel answered before Larissa could speak: “Come on, John, didn’t you like to shave me? Don’t you want to change Larissa’s head into an attractive billiard-ball too?”

I must say that the idea of shaving this beautiful woman bald thrilled me. And what should a man do when two naked girls dedicate themselves with all of their seductiveness to persuade you?

“Okay, you win,” I told them. “But I have a condition too: I spend the rest of the days and nights of my staying in this city with you.”

They didn’t object, on the contrary, my proposal was met with enthusiasm!

About two hours later the visitors of a well-known restaurant gnawed when we entered, a man in the company of two lovely women, all three with shining domes.

That afternoon I packed my trunks and moved over to the apartment of the girls.

Somewhat surprised I noticed that Angelique joined us when we went to bed. Not that there wouldn’t be place for her, the bed was broad enough but when you want to make love to a splendid woman it is strange when another one is looking on. But the girls didn’t seem to make an issue of it, so neither did I.

While I was screwing Larissa Angel stroked both of us and I grabbed with one hand her head, caressed her nude nape, lowered my hand across her back, striking her firm bottom and her perky boobs. Angel didn’t object and later I got more audicious, caressed her everywhere and kissed her. She allowed me to do so as long as I didn’t try to come in the neighbourhood of her lovebox. Well, I didn’t have that intention: Larissa gave me enough opportunities.

It constituted the most wonderful experience of my life, this sojourn in New Orleans. I shaved Angelique’s head several times but Larissa and myself let our hair grow out.

The day after Mardi Gras we returned home, the girls to New York and I to Seattle. We promised to meet each other again………..once, maybe in the summer?

The end.

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