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Rachel hated her situation, but she loved the power. She loved the money and for the most part that kept her mind off her abusive relationship. The man she dealt with. The man she feared, stood quietly outside the front door of their bedroom holding a glass of whiskey in one hand cigarette in the other. He kept his glass pressed against his lips after taking a long sip and stared at her through melting ice. Rachel felt his mischievous glare. She tried her best to pretend as if she were completely innocent. She’d been having nightmares about what Mike would do to her if she ever slept with another man. She felt confident that Mike would never find out, but she still felt worms crawling in her stomach. Flesh eating worms that mike has been inserting in there with his mysterious glares. Mike remained still. Rachel acting oblivious to his eyes on her, walked into the bathroom to freshen up. She splashed water into her face and observed herself in the mirror. Her beauty was hidden underneath her worry. She saw herself as hideous even though she possessed all the features a women could ever want. Perfect body. Sharp facial features and full lips. She dropped her bra and thong, ready to get into the shower, when suddenly she saw Mike’s reflection in the mirror. He was standing right behind her with dice in his hands. She jumped, but turned around to hold him with a forced smile on her face to hide her fear. Mike smiled and kissed her gently on the neck. He set the dice near the sink and started massaging her left breast with one hand and suddenly with his free hand he grabbed her soft thick brown hair in a ponytail pulled so tight it caused her chin to point upward. He pulled himself closer to her and pulled her hair back tighter as he whispered into her ear, “You should have told me baby.” Rachel stood stiffly still looking in the mirror watching Mike cautiously.


Rachel was somewhat surprised at the lack of violence. It both relieved her and terrified her at the same time.

“Rachel. Don’t worry baby. Its fine. Its my fault actually. You’re so beautiful. How can I expect to keep you all to myself? Hmmm.”

Rachel felt cold scissors slide up and down her neck.

Then she watched in horror as Mike cut off the fist full of hair he was holding. He pressed the scissors as close to her neck as possible as he hacked and chopped.

“I never liked when you wore your hair in a ponytail anyways. Grab those dice off the sink and roll them for me will you.”
Rachel couldn’t fathom the significance. Her neck felt an unfamiliar breeze as her hair now hung just below her ears. She rolled the dice. She saw the 2 land near her right foot and the 6 land in the hair that Mike had thrown on the floor.

“Two or six?”

Assuming that the number represented the amount of times she would be hit, she picked two.

“Great choice,”

Mike pulled out the clippers from the cabinet and attached the #2 guard. He held them tight in his right hand, but he held Rachel’s neck tighter with his left. He pinned her up against the wall and kept the tight hold on her neck to keep her head in place. The clippers went from a quiet vibration to sound to a louder buzz as Mike drove the clippers across the left side of her head. Hair rolled off her shoulder and landed on her breast on the way down. Her left ear felt an unfamiliar breeze. By the time she realized Mike was going to shave her head completely, her right ear started feeling the breeze as well. Then she momentarily went blind as her thick locks started falling onto her face. Mike worked faster. The buzzing stopped. Mikes left hand released Rachel’s neck and she sank down exhausted with her back still leaning against the wall. She sat in her own hair as Mike hovered over her and rubbed her buzzed head aggressively.

“Its for your own good”

Rachel just sat there expressionless while mike took off his pants.

“I am however going to miss playing with your hair while you suck my dick”

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