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“Bye Neha, meet you in an hours time” I said to my girlfriend as I walked into Radhika’s Men’s Haircut Saloon.

Neha dropped me to the saloon and went to a mall to buy something. I missed a great chance. A chance to fulfill my long lasting desire. To get a haircut while Neha watched me do so. My ultimate fantasy has been to get my head shaved in front of Neha.I have been nursing this desire for a long time but I could never bring up this topic with her. I could never muster courage.

“Hello Arun.How are you, come-on in?” Said Radhika.

“Hello Radhika.I am fine. How are you?” I said.

“At least I am lucky, I have this woman for giving me an haircut. Thanks to Radhika for starting this saloon.” I thought.

I had another desire. to get my head shaved by Radhika.But again I could never muster courage to ask her to shave my head. Forget about an head shave I have never got a short haircut done by her or any other barber. I always am worried about the reactions that I may get if I get a shorter haircut.Dont know when I will get the courage. I have been thinking about a good reason which I can tell people for getting a short haircut but I am not able to get one.

I made comfortable in the lone Barber chair present in Radhika’s saloon.As Radhika caped me I noticed a new Notice in her saloon which read….



“What’s this Radhika?” I asked her surprised?

“Yes. This is a new initiative from my saloon which serves the following purpose…”

Radhika listed one by one as I listened intently.

* To get myself and my customers involved in social service.

* To encourage my customers to get ultra short haircuts.

* To give a authentic reason for guys who, though love to get a short haircut, but don’t muster enough courage to do so.

“Great initiative” I said “And what portion of the amount will be donated?” I asked.

“Depends on how short one want to get their haircut done” Radhika Replied “50% for a #1 attachment crewcut,60% for #2 crewcut,70% for #3 attachment clipper shave,80% for #4 attachment clipper shave,90% for no attachment clipper shave and 100% for a razor shave or a n HnT” Radhika Said.”So would you like to be the first customer to be involved in this noble cause?” Radhika asked me?

“Why Not?” I heard Neha voice. As both of us turned towards the door we saw Neha standing there at the entrance.”Hi Radhika,I am Neha..Arun’s girlfriend. As I dropped Arun and was about to leave for the shopping mall I noticed this Notice outside the saloon. so I dropped in here to ask Arun to be a part of this noble cause.”

I couldn’t believe it!!!!

I did not wanted to let go this opportunity of getting a short haircut from Radhika..”What do you suggest Neha.which ultra short haircut do you think I should go for?” I asked.

“Let 100% of the amount be donated.” Neha proclaimed. “Radhika hope you don’t mind if I stay here till Arun’s head is shaved smooth..” Neha asked.

“No problem” Radhika replied “But is Arun OK for the razor shave?” Radhika quizzed.

I could not believe my luck. It was the dream come true. The perfect scenario I always dreamed about. me getting my head shaved by Radhika and Neha watching me go bald.unbelievable.unbelievable..

It was as if I was in trance. I simply nodded my head in agreement.

“Great!!! A perfect start for the Noble cause.” Radhika said excitedly.

Radhika sprayed a lot of water over my head and massaged it thoroughly. Then she took out the straight razor from the draw and changed the blade. She then bent my head forward with one hand and placed razor right in the middle of my head.

“So here we go..” Radhika said as she moved the razor towards my forehead. I could see the hair falling. I had never seen such long hair fall from my head. This is the first time I was getting my head shaved and what a way to do so.

“When did you last got your head shaved Arun?” quizzed Neha.

“Never. This is the first time I am getting it shaved.” I replied.

The fantastic feel of Radhika’s fingers over my shaved scalp, coupled with the sweet voice of Neha as I got shaved was a mesmerizing feeling to me.

“Don’t you think Arun has a perfect shape for a shaved head?” Radhika asked Neha as she turned the chair away from the mirror so that I faced Neha.

“You are right” said Neha examining me intently. Then she came forward and ran her palm over my shaved head.” Are you done?” she asked Radhika “It is not as smooth as I thought it would be.” Neha said disappointedly.

“Wait till it’s done completely” Radhika replied as she took a foam can from the draw.

“Radhika can I apply the lather on Arun’s head?” Pleaded Neha.

“Sure” Replied Radhika handing over the can to Neha. What a day I thought as Neha applied the lather over my head. I was savoring every moment of my tonsure.

“Would you like to finish off with Arun’s head shave?” Asked Radhika handing over the Mach 3 to Neha.

“Would love to but am afraid I would cut his tender scalp.” Replied Neha hesitating to take the razor.

“Don’t worry. You will not nick his scalp.” Assured Radhika handing over the razor to Neha.

I felt hypnotized. I just could not say anything. Just closed my eyes. I felt as if I am in some dreamland as Neha slowly but carefully shaved my head smooth.

Radhika handed over the aftershave lotion to Neha once Neha felt satisfied with the smoothness of my head.

As Radhika uncaped me Neha planted a sweet Kiss over my shaved scalp.

I handed over Rs.50 to Radhika as fee for the wonderful head shave she gave me. She dropped it into a sealed box having an opening that was just wide enough for the amount to be dropped. She said she would be handing over the money, collected in that box, to the charitable organization on the last day of every month.

Neha could not keep herself from touching my smooth scalp as we went to the mall together .I kept thanking Radhika, in my heart, for making my dream come true!!!

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