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She came to the club thinking she would catch her man with another woman. Already upset he hadn’t called in over two weeks she felt betrayed seeing the young girl hanging on his arm. She had never seen the girl before but she looked liked the kind of girl Jack would be attracted to. She didn’t blame him when he strayed she just corrected the situation by removing the temptation. Had the girl enjoying Jacks company seen the expression on Gwen’s face she would have bolted from the bar.

Gwen didn’t have many friends male or female. People with common sense tried to stay on her good side as she had a temper that could be quite destructive. From the moment she met Jack she knew she had to have him. Unfortunately Jack like most males didn’t immediately appreciate the huge favor being bestowed and there was the problem of his attraction to women other than herself.

She knew the kind of women that caught Jacks attention. Instead of getting angry with Jack, she directed her hostility at the women who caused his eye to wonder. Jacks old secretary who everyone called Sweet Sue was typical of what could happen to a girl when she was seen as competition. Sue wasn’t all that bright but she was pretty. In fact she made a nice side income from modeling and doing shampoo comercials. Indeed what set her apart was the beautiful lustrous hair that framed her face and bounced when she laughed which did continually. Gwen was annoyed that people like Jack seemed to melt around her shallow bubbly cheerfulness.

The first dirty trick played on Sue was replacing the teeth whitening strips in her purse. After a week instead of getting whiter her teeth became stained with yellow which cause the simple girl to wear them more and for a longer time. Gwen loved her new smile and decided she needed a hair style to go with it.

Once a week Jack and his secretary would go the movies early and enjoy having the theater almost to them selves. One day a girl sat directly behind the couple and pulled out a spray bottle. While sweet Sue enjoyed the show Gwen took her time lightly misting the contents into Sue’s proudest possession. Sue felt nothing and the couple returned to work with Sue’s hair still looking great.

Gwen was almost as cheerful as Sue that day watching the clueless girl go about her work. By the end of the day Sues’ hair had lost its highlights and silky shine. Sue was about to leave for home when Gwen quite out of character invited Sue out for dinner. She couldn’t get enough of the transformation taking place. By the end of dinner her hair had gone from spun golden threads to dry straw. Gwen noted with great satisfaction that Sue was no longer getting the lustful stares. In fact she was looked strange and comical. By the end of week Sue stopped doing work and just fussed and fumed combing and brushing trying to manage the disaster on top of her head. Gwen for her part was quite sympathetic and brought a mirror over so Sue could see some bald patches in back of her head and asked dripping with concern if anyone else in Sues family struggled with male pattern baldness.

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