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Sarah and I had known eachother for about three months. We met while working at the same store in the mall. She had very slowly convinced me to start piercing. Small stuff at first. Navel, tongue, nose. Then she had me convinced that lobe stretching would make me look so hot. All of this had been mentioned by Cuck many times. But I had not been interested. She also made me begin to realize that such a small cock attached to such an inept lover was not making me happy. We began to spend more and more time together outside of work. We bet on a minor league baseball game. I lost. I now had to grow out my pits for six months. About three months in to the bet, she started to drop hints about how sexy she thought I was. My tongue was now split with venoms. My lobes were 00g. My septum, nostil, and nipples were pierced. And I had a monroe. We had been making out and petting quite a bit. One night, many months after I had stopped having any kind of sex with Cuck, Sarah and I were getting ready to have a threesome with her freind’s husband. Cuck came home early from a business trip to find us on our living room couch fondling and kissing. He didn’t say anything, and no one noticed him, until I started to suck the enourmous ten inch cock in front of me. Sarah noticed him first. She also noticed a huge wet spot on hi pants whre he had blown his load watching me suck a real cock. She and Rob immediately stuck a ball gag in his mouth, stripped him, and tie him to a chair. The tied his wrists so that he couldn’t reach his cock. And tied his feet to the legs of the chair. I then began to lose my anal virginity right in front of his face. Rob then pulled out and came in Sarah’s mouth. Cuck blew his load all over himself. They then untied him from the chair, but left his gag in. Sarah ordered him to put Rob’s massive dog in my pussy if this was what he really wanted, knowing that Rob had no condoms and everyintention of cumming inside me. If it wasn’t, he could just leave knowing things would still never be the same again. He hesitated for a moment. Cuck then picked up Rob’s gigantic dog and guided it into my wet pussy. Rob proceeded to plow me for 45 minutes staight. Just before he started to fill me with his juice, Cuck’s gag was removed and Sarah commanded that he lick my cunt and Rob’s junk while he came inside me. She told him that he would get beaten if anything spilled on the sheets or floor. Cuck obeyd like a good dog. He then sucked all of Rob’s juice out of me and cleaned Rob off as well. Rob then went home to see his wife. Sarah gagged and tied up Cuck again and commanded him not cum until told to do so or else she would beat him. And then proceeded to tie me up as well. Once I was secured, she retrived a kit from her bag containing several sets of clippers and assorted haircutting tools. She began to shve my legs, Then my extremely hairy cunt and ass. She paused to eat me out and tongue my ass for a while until I came again. Then she began to cut my hair. She pinned the top of my waist lenght hair up in a bun on the top of my head and proceeded to give me and undercut well above my ear line. Once that was complete, she put the remaining hair in a pony tail and removed the gag. She pressed her hot, wet cunt in my face and commanded me to lick her to orgasm. She was soon satisfied. She replaced the gag and gave me an extremely high inverted bob. The front just to the top of the collar bone and the back even with the top of my undercut. When she had finished, she removed the gag again and commanded me to tongue her ass hole. I began to cum as I felt her ass hole pucker around my tongue. I came harder as she backed into my faceand screamed with ecstasy. When she was satisfied, she again replaced the gag and proceeded to give me a chelsea hawk. The gag was again removed and we began to kiss and she ate me out until I came all over her face. By this time Cuck’s little cock as strining to keep from spilling over and he was wimpering in pain. She then left the gag off of me as she shave the hawk off leaving only a chelsea and then began to taunt him as she used a vibrator on me while playing with my very erect, newly stretched and healed nipples. She then clippered off the reamining hair and eyebrows and shaved me smooth. Once she was done she remved Cuck’s gag, untied me, led me to the bed, and fucked both my holes with a twelve inch strap on for at least half an hour. Totally ruining my holes for anyone with a cock smaller that nine inches. While she fucked me she asked Cuck if he liked what he had been watching that evening. He said he did. She asked if he was willing to give her totally to her and any other men I deemed worthy to fuck me while knowing that he would never have any sexual contact with me again other that to clean me up after somene else had fucked my brains out. He said yes as he blew his tiny wad all over his stomach and chair. Sarah slapped him across the face for not obeying and ordered his to lick the cum off the chair and to make sure that he got every drop off of himself as well. He did as commanded and came again. As he was on his hands and knees licking the cum off of the chair, Sarah tied him down and fucked his ass with the foot long strap on until he begged her to stop. He cam two more time while getting stretched fucked like a bitch. Sarah then had me get dressed in my sluttiest outift (one that she had purchased) and we left. I didn’t return or see or talk to Cuck for the next three months as I began my tattoo collection and fucked several other well endowed studs. When I returned to Cuck, I had my customary bushy pits (which I love and show off all the time with tank tops. I love to caress them while I’m getting fucked) 1″ lobes, my septum pierced, and my right arm fully sleeved. I had also grown out my sideburns down to the tops of my shoulders while my head was still smooth. I looked so hot. I’m cumming just thinking back on all of this. I hope you are as well. As soon as Cuck saw me, he blew his wad in his pants again. So pitiful. He is so useless except to serve and take care of me.

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