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It was getting late, Dan’s partner Greg had insisted they get everything totally ready to shut down for their two week vacation. They had been in business for a couple of years and found that it worked best when they both took off at the same time. Greg was going on a two week cruise to Alaska. Dan’s plan had been to rent a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.

Greg had come in that morning with his head shaved and an earring in his left ear. He told Dan that he needed to do something with his hair that was getting shaggy. Dan said he would think about it. All day he couldn’t help but keep looking at Gregs shiny head. No, he said to himself, I don’t think that’s me.

He was supposed to meet his girlfriend for lunch, instead he got a terse phone call that said she was done with him and she had found someone else that wasn’t such a stick in the mud.

At five, Greg told Dan to go ahead, he would make sure that the place was closed up. And, he said, there is a nice barbershop just a block over down the side street, he might make it in time to get something done with his hair.

Dan took his briefcase and left. Haircut he thought to himself. OK, I’ll go see if they are still open. His car was parked nearby, he dropped off his briefcase and walked over to see this place Greg had told him about. As he got to the corner he saw a customer coming out, nice haircut he thought.

As his hand reached to open the door the barbershop sign light went out, but the door opened and the sign in the window still said open. There were no customers inside, just a gorgeous brunette heading in his direction. I’m closing, she said, but maybe I can help you. It’s just not been my day, Dan said. Greg and I were late leaving the office, my girl called and said she was through with me because I was boring and dull, I’ve rented a cabin up in the mountains for two weeks and it will be not much fun all by myself, and now I’m late getting to the barbershop. She asked him what his name was. Dan, he replied. Mine is Linda, but most everyone calls me Lacy. Perhaps I can at least give you that haircut, just give me a minute. She locked the door and put the closed sign in the window.

There were two barber chairs in the rather large shop. Dan drifted over towards them. Not there she said, we’ll use the room in back where I take special customers. Come along with me.

She opened the door on a room that held a large black leather barber chair. It resembled those in the main shop, but something was different. There were straps along the arm rests and the foot rest was split into two legs.

How about the full treatment, she asked. If you have the time. I don’t won’t to keep you, he said almost shyly. No problem she said, It’s my shop and I don’t have anything planned for the evening and it will be fun. Now, just relax and take that coat off. He removed his jacket, she took it and hung it on the peg. Turning around she reached up and loosened, paused, and then removed his tie. Then she started unbuttoning his shirt, a shampoo to start, and we don’t want to get your shirt wet, she finished unbuttoning it and pulled it out of his pants. Have a seat, she told Dan as she took the tie and shirt over to the peg.

Just lean back and relax, I’ve got to get a few things and I’ll be right back. She came back and set her materials on the counter top. I’m gonna tilt you back, she said, so that your head is over the sink here. The chair back lay back so that his head was over the little dip in the sink. She ran warm water over his hair until is was thoroughly wet. Then she added the shampoo and began to massage his hair and scalp. When Dan began to visibly relax, it almost seemed as if he was going to sleep, she rinsed it out. A little conditioner she said, as she added some lotion and again began to run her fingers through his hair. He was now totally relaxed, when she again rinsed his hair with a soft spray of warm water. She toweled it off, then raised him back up into the sitting position. She wrapped the towel around his head, letting an edge trail in front of his eyes. Dan didn’t seem to notice. She quickly put a web strap around his chest and pulled it close, than put the drape over it, He felt it but didn’t seem to react. She finished rubbing his hair with the towel until it was just damp. Then she put the paper tape around his neck then fastened the drape over that with a clip. You don’t mind do you, she asked as she went around and strapped his left arm to the armrest. Then around to the other side and strapped down his right arm. Dan seemed to suddenly wake up and a edge of nervousness started to worry him. What’s going on he asked. I’m just getting you ready for your hair cut she said rather innocently. What’s with the straps, he asked. It keeps you still so you won’t move around she said. Just a minute she said, let me get more comfortable and I’ll get started.

Dan was securely seated with a red striped drape in a barber chair facing a full wall mirror where he could see everything. Lacy, took off her smock and was then standing in stiletto high heeled shoes, black net stockings, a short miniskirt, and a black lace see through bra. She was beautiful. He felt the first stirrings of his cock beginning to move in his pants. Wow, he said.

OK, she said as she came up behind him. First she combed his hair out and used the blow dryer a little to completely dry his hair. Dan had a full head of dark brown hair and a nicely shaped head she saw. Good looking without being over built. She herself began to glow. This is gonna be fun she mumbled half to herself. What did you say he asked. Let’s have some fun she said. Let’s not use the drape. She unpinned it and took the band of paper from around his neck.

Greg, she asked, your partner. What does he look like. Dan gave a little laugh, well until today he looked rather normal, but today he came to work with a bald head and an earring in his left ear. He is going on a cruise tomorrow. The same Greg she said, this must be the partner he was talking about needing a change. No, she wasn’t going to shave Dan’s head, something more daring she thought. She came around to the side of the chair, leaned over and gave Dan a kiss, not a little peck, but a heart stopping tongue in the mouth kiss. His cock gave a big jump. Lacy pretended she didn’t notice. Hmmmm, she thought, this is going to be fun.

Might as well get it done she thought as she picked up the Wahl red shaving clippers, no guard. These clippers would bring the hair right down to the scalp. She might not use the razor after all. Leaving the center of his crown a strip about two inches wide she quickly sheared off the rest of the top and the sides, tapering it to a point at the base of his neck. God, he thought, she’s going to shave me bald, I don’t want to be bald. His eyes teared a little as he saw his hair falling onto his chest and into his lap. That’s done she said, let’s shorten the rest just a little. Using a comb she pulled it up and scissored it off about 2 inches. Next she got a bottle of some lotion and slathered it all over the shaved parts of his head. It was warm he thought, even burned a little. That’ll keep it smooth for a week she said, but it has to stay on for about 10 minutes. She cleaned up the sink and swept the floor while they waited. Then she wiped his head with a warm damp towel. Standing behind him, not bad she said. Do you like it? Dan just stared at himself, he grinned, you do so neat work. I will have to get used to it. Hmmmm, she thought. She turned around and mixed a couple of tubes of stuff in a dish. Then she spread it over his mohawk, then put a strip of plastic wrap over it. She came around and sat in his lap while waiting for the bleach to work. She could feel her cunt begin to wet as she felt his hard cock under her ass. She wasn’t wearing any panties and soon there was a wet spot where she had been sitting. Lacy began playing with the hairs on his chest. She leaned up and gave him another heart stopping kiss and again his cock gave a jump. She reached down
and grabbed hod of it under his pants. We’ll get there she said to hit. Just hold on a little bit longer.

After 15 minutes she took off the plastic wrap and leaned Dan back to again rinse his hair. As she thought, it didn’t bleach blond but a bright almost carrot red. I’ll gel it later so that it will stand up she told Dan.

Next she went behind him and put a wide red leather dog collar around his neck, one that had square brass studs around it. She buckled it tight, snapped a chain to it and fastened the chain to the back of the chair. She picked up her cell phone and made a call. Frank, another house call, Gold rings this time, two for the front too. I’ll meet you at the door, just knock three times. We’ll be ready in about 20 minutes for you. She hung up the phone. Turning to Dan, so, what do you think. Shall we continue. With a small feeling of terror he said, you are in control. You bet, she said. From this minute on I’m your mistress, you will speak only when spoken to, and you will say yes ma’am or no ma’am. Do you understand? Yes Ma’am. Dan said. With his arms still fastened down, she undid the strap around his chest. I think I’ll shave the rest of you smooth, leave you with just a mohawk. Would you like that Dan. No Ma’am, he said. That’s not the right answer she said, let’s try again. I think I’ll shave the rest of you smooth, leave you with just the mohawk, would you like that slave. Dan noted that, slave, yes ma’am he said softly. That’s a good slave boy.

With the clippers she sheared his chest and belly hair. It tickled and was erotic when she then oiled him and shaved him smooth with the Mach III razor. She undid the right arm from it’s fastening straps. Raising his arm, she shaved the hair in his armpit, then buzzed the hair off his arm, then shaved it smooth. She re-fastened that strap, then did his left arm. Just as she re-strapped his arm down, there was a knock on the door.

She unlocked the door and opened it. Frank, so good of you to come on such short notice. He did notice her outfit. Another fun evening he said. We could make it a threesome she said. You’re not my type he said with a smile. But your wish is my command. Where is the lucky man, it is a man. No, she said, a boy. But a man before he leaves. I’ll warrant, said Frank. Lead the way.

Dan saw a “pretty man” come in carrying a black bag, somewhat like an old fashioned doctors bag. Out of the bag came a couple of bottles, a rolled up cloth, and a box of latex gloves. Lacy unrolled the cloth and in it there was an assortment of rings and studs for piercing, as well as needles. This will hurt only a little Frank said to Dan. Then Lacy said to Frank, sweetie, would you go make sure we locked the door. He looked at her and smiled, but went.

As soon as he was out the door, Lacy reached into a drawer and pulled out a 4 inch dildo. She quickly stuck it up into her now wet pussy, pulled it out and told Dan to open up. She jammed it in his mouth and quickly put a band around his head to hold it in. Dan could taste her pussy juice and tried to lick it. It seemed to fill his mouth but wasn’t long enough to choke him. Just until Frank leaves she said to Dan as Frank returned. Your door is locked, he said.

I think these two for his ears, said Lacy, pointing out a couple of medium size gold rings. Those are a little big for first piercing, said Frank, but they will work and will look good too. Without further word Frank pulled on a pair of latex gloves and went to work. Dan’s eyes widened as Frank wiped his earlobes down with alcohol front and back. Frank picked up a long needle, wiped it off with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. Using a block of clean styrofoam as a backing, Frank stabbed through Dan’s right earlobe. With another needle he went to the other side and plunged it through the center of the left earlobe. Dan squirmed and grunted as the needles went through. But when Frank put the gold rings in he merely winced. Dan next felt the cold alcohol cotton wiping off his just razored clean nipples. Using a pair of forceps, Frank pulled the nipple out and quickly pierced it through, then he did the second one. Dan’s body arched as the pain became intense and relaxed only when the rings were in place and screwed together. Frank was good, there was practically not even a drop of blood. Always a good sign he said. Frank took the gloves off and threw them in the trash, put his instruments away, rolled up the merchandise and was ready to leave – well, almost ready. How much, asked Lacy. For you my dear, One hundred fifty for the jewelry and my work, and a kiss. She went to the drawer and pulled out the money. And the kiss, from me, she asked. No, said Frank. Take the thing out of his mouth. I want one from him, he deserves it, he was pretty good about the whole thing, not that he had much choice, I would guess. She went over to Dan. Took out the dildo and said to him, Frank wants to kiss you, I expect you to kiss him back as arduously as he kisses you. Do you understand? Yes ma’am, said Dan. His cock made another jump. He’d never been kissed by a man before. He wondered what it would be like. He didn’t have to wonder long as Frank bent over his face and began to forcefully kiss Dan. He forced his tongue inside and began to run it around, withdrawing it so that Dan could return tongue into his mouth. It was a tentative little stab until Frank reached down and squeezed Dan’s cock hard. Dan’s tongue shot into Franks mouth and they ground together as much as the collar would let Dan move his head. Frank withdrew. Not bad, he said to Lacy, not bad at all. As Lacy let Frank out she said, I’d like to get hold of you one of these days, I’d turn you back into a whole man. Frank laughed softly, I’m sure you would if you could. And left.

How was the kiss she asked Dan, was it good. Yes ma’am, he said. She flipped his nipple rings which made them twinge, what do you think of the jewelry, she asked. Isn’t it pretty. Yes, ma’am he said.

Lacy then spun the chair sideways, put the head rest back on and lay Dan back out, raising his legs so that it was like he was on a table. She loosened his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She removed his shoes and socks then told him tp raise ass so she could pull his pants down. She skinned his pants right off. She strapped his legs tightly at the ankles so that he could not move them or draw his legs up. Dan was wearing boxers. No more boxers, she said, picking up her scissors she cut them off him. Dan’s cock was now erect and dripping. Lacy herself was dripping and she didn’t know how much longer even she could wait. The legs will have to wait she thought as she grabbed hold of the erect stick. Again with the wall clippers she reduced all of his pubic hair to skin, then spreading warm cream over the stubble she made everything smooth as satin. Now she thought. She stepped on the pedal and lowered the chair as low as it would go, still with Dan laid out. Climbing up she squatted down, taking his whole engorged penis inside. All of it, it made her moan in ecstacy as she moved up and down. She could feel the hot cum bursting inside her even as her own orgasm responded. She continued to move up and down until he was no longer hard. She raised up and moved up until she was squatting over his face, her lips dripping into his. Suck me out, she said as she lowered her cunt down to his waiting lips. He sucked and tongued her clit until she had another orgasm, Dan sucked it all down and swallowed. It was a strange taste of mixed cum and pussy juice. Her cunt was satisfied, even if it had been a while since she had taken one in so far. She got down and went to clean herself up a little, Dan had licked most of it off. She brought the warm towel back and cleaned his smooth crotch of cum and pussy juice.

Back to work she said. With the clippers she shaved his legs and then used the razor. Holding up his balls she clippered between his legs. Then finished it off with shaving cream and the razor. She undid all of the straps, took the chain off the chair back and told him to roll over onto his stomach
. She made quick work of the hair on his back, and the back of his legs. Next she had him get onto all fours and hold his legs apart while she used the clippers in the crack of his ass, she was good and didn’t nick him once as she used the razor to make sure it was all off.

On his back again, she set the chair back up. Dan sat there naked with no hair on his body except for the mohawk. She reattached the chain and fastened down the arms. Not quite finished, she said. Just a couple of small things. With a pair of tweezers she pulled the hair from his ears. With a small pair of curved scissors she snipped all the hair from inside his nose. Next she snipped of his eyelashes as short as she could get them. Picking up the tweezers, she told him to hold still, it would hurt some, but the result would be smoother and nicer. She then proceeded to tweeze his eyebrows until they were a thin arching line. She stood back and told Dan to look in the mirror. Did he like the way his eyebrows looked ? Or should she finish them off? She told him he could answer with a whole sentence. Ma’am, he said, take them all off, please.

Lacy took the collar off and lathered Dan’s whole face and neck and using the Mach III she shaved him smooth. She took all of the straps loose and told him to get up and go look at himself.

Dan’s ears and nipples were sore, he could still feel the burning where she had plucked his eyebrows out. But looking as his hairless body with the red mohawk turned him on and he could feel his cock grow hard again. Lacy saw it too and quickly laid out the chair into a table again. She called him over and told him to climb up on all fours. Using the short dildo she forced a string of small marble sized beads into his asshole leaving four or five out so that she could reach them. She climbed up on the table under him and spread her legs. As Dan drove into her and began to pump in and out, she maneuvered him so that she got the most action and soon was panting herself. She had almost reached her orgasm when she felt that he was at his climax. Thinking of the surprise he would get when she pulled the beads brought on her orgasm with a smash, she felt him begin to ejaculate and began to methodically, but not too slowly pull the beads from his ass. Their cry mingled together as they both found joy in each other. He lay on top of her sobbing and thanking her for everything. And would she like to go off to the mountains with him. Perhaps, she whispered into his ear. Let’s get this and ourselves cleaned up. We’ll talk.

Lacy took off what clothes she had on and they cleaned the room, sweeping and wiping everything down. They were both tired, but it had to be done before they left. There was a shower room off her barber room and they washed together. She washed him all over and he washed and played with her. They got out and dried each other off.

She was sorry he had no underwear and his pants were still a mess from her dripping on the crotch. She told him to sit in the chair and relax, should would be back in an hour or less and he would have clothes. There was a mall not far and she could get him some underwear and a fresh pair of pants. She had looked and knew his sizes. She knew right where to go and soon came back with an light cream color suit with a bright red orange shirt that matched his hair color and an off white tie. She had also bought him a dozen pair of short rise tighty whitey’s. She reminded him that she didn’t want to see him in boxers again. He put a pair on and they felt strange, but then it felt different anyway with his clean shaved balls and cock.

He asked if she’d come spend the night with him, she said no, but he could come spend the night with her. Like a pleased puppy he smiled and said, ok. I want to wake up in the morning with you beside me. She followed him to his place so Dan could leave his car and get some more clean clothes for the next day. She went up to his apartment and looked in his closet and drawers. She pulled out the boxers and put them in the trash, ripping them so that he couldn’t later pull them out and change back. He was going to get a pair of khaki’s and a sport shirt and sweater. She told him no, she liked him in a suit and picked out a dark green one, a light tan shirt and a tie that had the darker green and some orange in it. Dan started to complain, but she gave him a look and he said, yes ma’am. Brown belt, brown shoes and the dark brown socks went down to the car with them. He hung them in the back and got into the passenger seat. Hope you brought some money she said, we haven’t eaten, you know. He had to admit that with the euphoria over he was a little hungry.

Lacy drove them to a nice restaurant, she had dressed so that she looked very presentable beside his light cream color suit. Over dinner they talked about themselves and what their lives had been. He laughed and said that all during college he had a motorcycle, but gave it up when he graduated and to a job. He had been saving up for a better car, but now that his girl was an ex perhaps he would go get another bike. There was nothing wrong with the car he had and he just used it to get to work.

Lacy told him of how she had gone to beauty school and finished but wasn’t excited about doing women’s hair, but she had enjoyed barbering the few men who volunteered to be clipped by the students. So she had gone to Barber School and with her certificate had opened her own shop. She had a young male barber who was good that had joined her.

They talked on for a while and then into the night until they fell asleep in Lacy’s bed. When she woke the next morning, seeing Dan in his naked glory she felt all over again the ecstacy of yesterday evening. She began to caress him and fondle his cock and balls. Dan became aroused and was soon locked and loaded although he was still half asleep. She climbed up on top and settled down. He did have a large cock, not oversized just big and long and hard. She soon had her first orgasm, but he was still hard, she continued until he began to shudder, he was awake now and fondling her breasts and about to explode. The climaxed together. She lay down and he crawled down on top and began to clean her cunt, licking her clit until she climaxed again. He sucked it all up. When he was finished he said he was sorry for messing up her bed – not to worry she said, the sheets will be washed.

They had a simple breakfast, bacon eggs toast and orange juice. Finally he asked her again if she would go to the mountains with him. She looked at him. Let’s go buy a motorcycle, then take a ride up to your cabin in the mountains. I do need to make one phone call. Yes ma’am, he said. I’ll go get washed up and dressed. Don’t forget to shave everything this morning and wear the green suit she said. I’ll be in there in a minute after I get the dishes cleaned up and make that call.

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