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Well it is now a year since we added the barber saloon (Cindis Clippers) onto our house and I must say business in the mens and boys hair cut business is booming. I have retired my original trusty “WAHL” clipper to our en-suite cabinet for those “special occasions” and have invested in two new pairs of clippers for the saloon. Brand new “OSTER 97s” and “WAHL” Multi Cuts. Both machines came with a complete set of cutting guides and for the “OSTERs” detachable cutting heads as well.

The other day I was over seeing Shaz for coffee and while we were sitting there having the drink and a smoke we got talking about hair and how the busines was going etcetera. During the conversation Shaz indicated that they were still having trouble making ends meet and felt that her fortnightly visit to Chantelle at “Teazers” was costing the earth and suggested that she get her hair cut short like mine. She asked that even though I was not into ladies hairdressing would I be willing to give her a trim.

I said to her fine Shaz how about popping over tomorrow morning and we could see what I could do. Well Shaz arrived over the next morning and we both went into the saloon. I sat Shaz in the chair and started combing her long naturally blonde hair which fell half way down her back.

“How short do you want to go” I asked.

“Well Gaz has suggested I go at least as short as yours but I dont think I would want it much shorter. At least for the first time”.

“OK” I said as I thought to myself I should be able to manage that OK as I had watched Denise clipping mine enough over the years.

I took the cape and placed it around Shazs neck making sure I pulled all of her long hair over the top of it before securing it firmly at the nape of her neck. I next took the heaviest pair of shears I possess and proceeded to cut her long blonde locks off around her neck, cutting about eighteen inches off overall.

I next took some of my sectioning clips and carefully combed the upper layers of hair upward and clipped them up. I then combed the lower section straight down in preparation for the clipper cutting to come.

Shaz looked a bit surprised as I unhooked the “OSTERs” from their hook and clicked them to life using the switch on the bottom. The motor started whirring with the all to familiar phurrr that the highly powered “OSTER” clipper makes. With the “00000” cutting blade in place and holding the clippers inverted I pushed the clippers into her neck at her nape to form the line high up on her neck. Shaz sucked in deeply as a large piece of her blonde locks fell to the floor from my cutting. I hope you know what youíre doing Cindi she said as I continued to make the square cut high up on her neck. It will be all right I assured her as I continued clipping the hair away.

“I have never had a cut with clippers before and they feel so good” said Shaz.

I then turned the “OSTERs” over and as I did so I said to Shaz “If you think thats a good feeling youre gonna really love this”. With that I started at the nape of her neck and shaved her neck bald up to the line I had already cut higher up. I continued to clip all the hair up to the line around her right side flicking the clipped hair over her shoulder into the cape and leaving her lily white skin devoid of all hair.

“Wow that feels absolutely adorable” said Shaz as the clippers now made their mark around her left side to the bob in front of her ear.

To tidy up her neck I reinverted the clippers and shaved downwards from the line into the area of her neck covered by the cape ensuring there was no fluff hair left on her neck.

I turned the “OSTERs” off and hung them back on their hook before taking the “WAHL” machine and with the number twelve two and a half inch cutting guide attached commenced to cut all the remaining hair on her head to the same length. I could tell Shaz was enjoying the feeling of having her hair cut with clippers as I continued to make pass after pass over her head in all directions. Satisfying myself that all of Shazs hair was now the same length I turned off the “WAHLs” and hung them back on their hook.

I next took my thinning shears and gave her a good thinning all over using my finest comb to comb out all the thinned hair.

To finish I restarted the “OSTERs” and with them inverted once more sculpture cut her hair all round into the classic bob. I then swung the chair around away from the mirror and keeping the clippers inverted I then stepped in front of the chair and clipped her fringe straight across using the “OSTERs”. I turned the “OSTERs” off and hung them back on their hook before taking my finest comb and combing her hair into place. Its the perfect bowl bang and bob cut I thought to myself as I took my finest shears and cut away the stray bits of hair I had missed with the clippers.

I then took the fluffy neck brush and brushed away all the cut hair before giving her hair a final comb into place and giving it a good spry with extra hold hair spray. I removed the cape and turned the chair around for Shaz to see the final result.

“Wow thats absolutely superb” she said as she looked at herself in the mirror. “Gazza will be surprised and pleased with that. I will probably keep you on as my hairdresser as I really enjoyed the feeling of the clippers cutting away my hair especially those big whistly jobs”.

As I looked at Shaz in the mirror I could see my own reflection and I could see that my neck hair had grown a lot since the last time I had been to my Barberette Denise.

I thought to myself Shaz would probably be able to buzz that off so I said to her “Shaz my own neck hair has grown a bit fluffy would you mind giving my neck a trim”.

“That shouldnt be a problem” she said as she climbed from the chair “why dont you take a seat”.

I sat myself down in my barbers chair and Shaz took the cape and placed it round my neck. I must admit it felt a bit strange sitting in my own barbers chair being the caped one rather than the one doing the caping.

This wont take long I thought to myself as I got Shaz to pin up my hair with the sectioning clips as I had done to her. She then took my “OSTERs” off the hook and switched them into life.

“God these feel powerful” she said as she waved them around in the air.

“Be very careful with them” I said “as any hair they come in contact with will be cut in a flash”.

She turned the clippers inverted and starting in the middle of my nape shaved my neck hair down from where she had pinned it up. She worked her way first around my right side and then around my left doing a pretty good job I thought for someone who had never handled clippers in her life before. With the clipping complete Shaz hung the “OSTERs” back on their hook and then removed the sectioning clips allowing my blunt cut bob to fall back down. She then took my fine comb and combed my hair into place before taking the fluffy neck brush and brushing my neck down.

Shaz stopped as she was half way through removing the cape.

“Just sit there a minute” she said “Ive missed a bit of your neck fluff”.

She once again reached for my “OSTERs” and clicked them into life and holding them right side up proceeded to shave my neck upwards. Then it happened. As quick as a flash she had pushed the clippers up under my bangs and pulled them straight out. Yes youve guessed it, she had cut a large doorstep right out of the middle of my hair at the back.

“Oh god” she said “what have I done. I didnít mean it Cindi. I Im so sorry” she said as she surveyed the damage.

I got her to hold the mirror behind me so that I could see what she had done. It was quite a large chunk that she had clipped off. Not something that I was going to give her the chance to fix that is for sure.

I said “Well the damage has been done now and theres not much for it but to make a visit to Denise at “Austen Klipper Kutters” if I can get an appointment tomorrow morning. Thank you for trying anyway Shaz”.

“I didnt realise those things were so lethal on the hair when they are running” she said as she gave my neck a final brush down before removing the cape.

I hopped out of the chair and Shaz handed me twenty dollars for her cut and thanked me for it.

“When you have your hair repaired tomorrow tell me how much it is and I will go you halves” she said.

With that she turned and left walking across the road to her home.


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