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We were on vacation in Germany. Robin had been my girlfriend for a couple of years now, and we enjoyed traveling together. This summer, we were trekking all over Europe when we spent a few days in Cologne. After we’d climbed the massive Domm tower, and all the way back we headed for one of the brauhauses to have a local beer. Robin started to complain about her hair. Robin is a beautiful woman, with dark green eyes and thick dark brown (almost black) hair, well past her shoulders, which she usually wore up in a pony tail. In fact, that her hair was so boring was probably the only downside of our relationship. Robin was bright, fun, outgoing and always up for something new. SHe was tall, at over 5’8″, full-bodied in all the right places, and eager to show it off.

Anyway, her complaint was about the ongoing heat wave in this part of Europe, and how she should have had a haircut to make her more comfortable before we left the States. I commisserated with her, and suggested she get one here. She thought about it, but dismissed the idea, as she was not comfortable going to some random place in a random town, especially where we did not know the language very well. We had a few beers, and we talked about our waitress, Tina. Tina had a very cool hairstyle: It was a bob, chin-length in the front, and a little shorter in the back, and it was dyed in an incredible way: it was light blonde overall, but with some black peeking out underneath. Tina asked me if I liked that look, and I had to admit I did. She sighed that it would definitely be much less suffocating than she had now.

I decided to ask Tina where her hair was cut and colored. Sher perked up, and told us about this place called Unisex, and it was just down the street. She raved about what they did there, and how all her friends got awesome cuts and color there and she had never heard a bad word about the place. And, she said, it was quite affordable. Music to our ears! Robin asked me if I thought she should get her hair colored… She had never done that before, but had been thinking about it. I told her to go for it, and started to get excited at the idea…

When we left the brauhaus, we walked over to the salon. It was right where Tina said it was. There were tons of pictures on the outside of the salon, most of attractive women with great cuts and great color. There were quite a bit of edgy cuts and color jobs among the pictures, and Robin had some hesitation. We went inside anyway.

We were greeted by a young stylist, who seemed to have a decent grasp of the English language, and she invited us back to her chair. We explained about the heat, and wanting to have something shorter, but not too crazy. Robin also told her about wanting to change things up color wise, and mentioned the girl at the bar, but added, that the stylist should decide on the best color, as she would be most qualified.

The stylist assured us she would have the perfect choice, and went to work. I was told to return in a couple of hours, and Robin was whisked off to the shampoo area.

Robin sat down with her hair wet, and the stylist combed her hair out. Then she went to work on the cut. First, she cut off all of Robin’s hair below chin length. Robin shivered at the instant transformation that had occurred. And it had happened so quickly. Immediately, though she liked the effect of the change, and felt the relief. Then, the stylist spent some time thinning her hair out a bit. Then she was tols to sit back, for the color application. A lot of pulling and tugging and various unpleasant smells were upon Robin. She had no idea what was going on, and panicked a little. What was being done to her hair? After a while, she was taken to a dryer, under which she sat for a very long time, then it was off to the shampoo bowl, more chemicals, more time under the dryer, and more rinsing. When she was finally brought back to the styling area, she found she was placed at a station with no mirror, so she still could not see the color result.

After drying her hair, the stylist started cutting, mostly at the back. It was very hard to figure out what was happening, and Robin was increasingly concerned about the feeling of scissors cutting hair very close to the scalp. Then it stopped. “let me get mirror,” her stylist said.

Robin looked at a picture handed to her of a very pretty girl with green eyes and super edgy hair. This girl had three colors: black, platinum blonde and bright pink. The bright pink was under the blonde and the black. The blonde and black formed a great clashing combo all over the shaggy short haircut. It was like a very short inverted bob, but cut with shaggy layers. Just as admiration was starting to set in about this girl’s look, a feeling of dread and excitement creeped in. As the eyebrows of the girl in the picture started to creep up, and the eyes started to get wider and wider, Robin realized she was looking in a mirror. Her face flushed as she let out a groan. And then she looked again… she really had a kick-ass look.

She realized her stylist was still standing there, waiting for her response. Robin finally smiled big, and told her that it was fantastic. Her stylist then had another suggestion…

Robin should finish the edgy look with some new piercings. She already had the pierced nostril, and 2-4 piercings in each ear… Why not add to it right now. Robin agreed. She added 3 piercings in each ear, replaced her nostril stud with a ring, and added both a monroe piercing and a lip ring. The stylist got a huge tip.

On her way back to the hotel, Robin ducked into a hip clothing store she walked past.

It had been three hours, and no sign of Robin. We’d made no plans other than to meet in the bar next to the hotel. It was a modern place, and there were tons of folks our age there, all looking quite the part with their edgy looks. I had declined offers from a few girls to join me, and hoped Robin would get here soon.

Then I saw this one girl walk in, and I could not help but stare. She was dressed in a black leather dress, made from, it appeared, as little leather as possible. The dress was a tight sheath barely covering her ample curves. As she turned to look at someone when she walked in, I imagined I could see her buttocks peeking from under the dress. Her breasts were barely contained at the top. She had this cool pink-platinum-black haircut that I would die to see on Robin. I slowly took in the whole picture, and my jaw dropped as this super hot girl walked right up to me. As she got closer I saw the new piercings.

Robin leaned over and kissed me. You like it? I was speechless.

I don’t remember what we ate at that bar, but I do remember not being able to keep my hands off her. My erection almost moved the table as I touched the back of her head and felt how short her hair was. The look in my eye must have been evident, as Robin leaned over and offered me a long kiss while she reached under the table to stroke me.

That night we were insatiable. Robin explained later that my response to her change really excited her, and she would be looking for more transformations. I asked her to marry me (which we did).

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