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Vanessa sighed. She had just finished reading a story about a young woman whose boyfriend had cheated on her. She had felt humiliated, frustrated and had been very angry. She wanted to punish him and she knew how she could shock him. He idolized her long, straight, platinum blonde hair and she made her way to a barbershop and asked the barber to chop off all her beautiful tresses and shave her bald.

Vanessa had had the same experience lately. Her boyfriend too had deceived her. She combed with her fingers her long auburn tresses.

‘Could I do a thing like that, shear them off? No, I could never do that,’ she thought. ‘Walking into a barbershop while everyone would gaze at her, sitting down in the waiting area and wait? And when she would hear the barber calling her and asking what he could do for her, could she tell him: ”Will you shave my head, please?”’

Without knowing and spontaneously she had spoken those words aloud.

Though being alone in her room she heard a male voice: ”I’m at your service, madam.”

Startled Vanessa turned to see a short, potbellied man with dark eyes, a black moustache and thin dark hair.

”Who are you? How did you enter here?” Vanessa aked him, upset.

”My name is Pierre, madam. You called me, so here I am.”

”I didn’t call you.”

”Yes, you did. I heard you ask to have your head shaved. Well, I’m at your service.”

”How did you hear that? In any case I didn’t mean that.”

”It doesn’t matter how but you do mean it. Perhaps you deny or suppress those thoughts but I know that it is a secret wish of you.”

”Certainly not! Who do you think you are………”

”Madam, did you ever consider to cut your hair short?”

”Well, errr…..yes, but always rejected the idea immediately.”

”You see, it is a secret wish. You want to feel the humming and vibrating clippers make their way, severing your hair from your skull, the scraping razor kiss the sensible skin of your head. Don’t you?”

The dark eyes of the man transfixed with his looks those of Vanessa who wasn’t able to evade them. She got a strange feeling, her resistance seemed to fade.

”No………maybe……..I do.”

Pierre took her hand: ”Come with me, Vanessa. You’ll be delighted.”

She didn’t want to follow him, nevertheless she did as if hypnotized. He ushered her outside, opened the door at the passengerside of his car and let her get in. Suddenly he was sitting next to her and started the engine. They drove through the familiar streets but soon Vanessa didn’t more recognize the environment.

”Where are we going?” she asked.

”Soon we’ll be at our destination,” Pierre answered.

Vanessa had expected a beautysalon but it looked like a normal house. Pierre led her inside into a hallway. At the end of it were upgoing stairs. Upstairs was a corridor with doors on both sides. Pierre opened a door and they entered a room which could be described as a big bathroom with a bath and showercabin on one side while the opposite side consisted of a mirrored wall from floor to ceiling. In the centre of the room a barberchair was situated.

”Please, take off your blouse, Vanessa and sit down.”

Vanessa obeyed meekly, she seemed to have no more will of her own. She faced the mirrorwall and gazed at her tanned arms and shoulders, the colour of her skin contrasting with the whiteness of her bra. She relaxed when Pierre with a comb drew a centerpart and then started to brush the right side of her tresses. Suddenly she heard a humming sound, she had not noticed that Pierre had changed the brush for clippers. He swept them a few times across the right side of her head holding the bush of hair in his left hand. And then he severed it from her skull and put it down on a table, a ponytail of auburn hair, nearly three feet in length.

In awe Vanessa lookedat her image. On the left side her hair was intact and the beautiful tresses fell down into her lap and back across her shoulders. While on the right side only stubble was visible. Was she dreaming? Was it reality or illusion?

Pierre already stood on her left side and brushed her long locks. Soon the same fate had struck them.

Vanessa heard a whirring sound and suddenly Pierre covered her scalp with a mass of shaving foam. It was a weird view, as if she had a white cap on her head!

Pierre honed a straight razor and started to shave away the foam together with the stubble with a rasping sound. The clippers travelling across her scalp had been an arousing experience but the scraping of the razor caused shivers to run up and down her spine.

Her denuded scalp became gradually visible. The pale colour contrasted with the tan of her face though the roots caused a dark shadow.

Pierre wiped off the remains of the foam and rubbed a lotion into the skin of the shaved area making it gleaming.

Vanessa rubbed with both hands her bald pate and rose.

All of a sudden she was back in her own apartment. She rushed towards a mirror and began to cry.

”How could I have him do this?” she wailed. ”I’m just a freak! I can’t cope with this alone, I need help.”

One moment she considered to call Danny, her ex-boyfriend, but she rejected the idea. Instead she called Claire, her best friend. They knew each other from high school and had gone to college together.

”Claire, could you come to my place, please? Something terrible has happened.”

”My god, Vanessa, what is it? Are you ill or did you run into an accident?”

”No………something weird. When you come you’ll see.”

”Your voice sounds so strange, as if you are crying.”

”Please Claire, come over to me!”

”I’ll be with you within half an hour.”

27 minutes later the doorbell chimed and Vanessa let her friend in.

”Well, what is the matter?”

Amazed Vanessa looked at Gail. Didn’t she see? She brought one hand to her head as if to say: no hair!

“”Oh my god! What happened to your hair?” Claire cried out while entering.

Vanessa took her to the living-room and told the whole story. Claire listened and then aked: ”So this man Pierre appeared when you had said: Will you shave my head , please?”

Before Vanessa could say anything the girls heard a male voice: ”I’m at your service, madam.”

”Pierre!” both exclaimed simultaneously and turned around.

”Yes, it is Pierre to fulfil your wish,” he said.

”It is not my wish, just asking a question,” Claire answered.

”Come on, Claire, you can’t fool me,” Pierre insisted.

”How do you know my name?”

”Ah, I know many things. I know that many women want to feel the wonderful sensation of clippers running across their heads and razors scraping their scalps. Isn’t that true, Vanessa?”

Vanessa nodded, smiling: ”It is true, Claire, it’s a wonderful feeling.”

Claire reacted aghast: ”I can’t understand you. You called me, being totally upset and now………..you seem to like it.”

”Pierre convinced me. He is right: it is a glorious experience.” She was still smiling.

”And you will be delighted too, Claire, if you come with me,” Pierre assured her.

”No, I won’t,” Claire said in a feeble voice. She felt her resistance fading. What a nuisance! She tried but couldn’t fight it.

Pierre pushed her over the edge: ”Claire, I’ll show you paradise. Don’t you want that?”

”Oh yes, I do,” she whispered.

”Then follow me,” he took her hand. ”Vanessa will certainly join us to support you.”

Vanessa nodded and took Claire’s other hand and together they ushered her outside. Pierre let them get into his car at the backseats and started the engine.

”Please, ta
ke off your dress,” Pierre addressed Claire.

She hesitated for a moment, then shrugged, unzipped and let her dress fall down. She wore no underwear. Except a garterbelt, sheer black stockings and shoes she was naked. It didn’t seem to bother Pierre, he showed no emotion, put a towel on the seat of the barberchair and beckoned Claire to take place.

”I’m sorry,” Claire said, reluctantly climbing into the big chair, ”I had to dress quickly; if I would have known………….”

”Oh don’t worry, naked girls don’t scare me,” Pierre stated. ”I’ve seen a lot of them.”

With a comb he parted her midback sraight blonde hair centrally and brushed the right side. The brush was changed for clippers and just like Vanessa’s tresses those of Claire were relentlessly seperated from her head.

Claire had held her blue eyes closed till she realized that the clippers had been switched off. Unbelievingly she looked at her reflection in the mirror and raised both hands slowly to her head……

Vanessa walked in in front of her friend, tookClaire’s hands in those of her and looked smiling into her eyes: ”Did you like the sensation of the clippers circling across your skull? Wait, the real delight is still to come.”

Pierre lathered and shaved Claire’s head two times, wiped the foam-remnants off and rubbed a lotion into her creamy white scalp, causing it to shine.

Suddenly the two girls were back in Vanessa’s apartment and now it was Claire who was crying.Vanessa consoled her, she seemed to have overcome her grief.

”When you are accustomed to it you’ll love it,” she said, ”Feel how smooth your scalp is. Let’s take a shower.”

They showered together, rubbed each others bald pates and washed each other. Suddenly they found themselves kissing and they let themselved down on the floor of the bathroom and madly made love to each other. Never before they had done that. But the srange events of this day had made them sensitive for unknown emotions.

”It’s Pierre, isn’t it?” whispered Claire.

”Yeah, I think his spirit is circling around.”

When they had satisfied each other they realized that they had cooled down lying naked on the cold tiles and shivered.

”Will you please stay with me tonight?” Vanessa asked her friend.

”Oh, sure, I couldn’t think of being alone now,” Claire resumed.

They went to bed to get warm under the woolen blankets, lying close to each other. Soon they were kissing and caressing again but at last they fell asleep.

Late in the next morning Vanessa was the first to wake up with a hungry feeling. She went to the kitchen to make coffee and toast. Suddenly she heard Claire scream.

”What is the matter?” she rushed back to the bedroom.

”Vanessa, look! At your dressing-table. Our hair!”

Whenever it was their hair or not, in any case the colours matched exactly with their own (former) hair. But not the long tresses that had been cut off! Two shorthaired wigs were lying at Vanessa’s toilet-table. They put them on, they looked cute.

”In any case we can mingle with others now,” they told each other.

At Sunday afternoon the girls commonly met some other friends in a pub. This time Nancy and Cilla presented themselves and with Nancy her 17 years old younger sister had come too. Of course the new ”haircuts” of Claire and Vanessa became the talk ot the town. No one of the other girls noticed that they wore wigs.

Suddenly Claire removed her wig and immediately Vanessa followed her example. The other three gasped, then they began excitedly speaking together. When there was a moment of silence Vanessa and Claire explained how it had happened and a lively discussion followed. Alexis fingered her own asymmetrical hairstyle; on the right side a chinlength lock partly covered one eye, on the left side her hair was clippered very short, maximally 1/2 inch in length, just like the back. On the right side the hair was angled up to match the shorn back. She looked cute.

During a short silence she said in a clear voice: ”Will you shave my head, please?”

Immediately Pierre showed up: ”I’m at your service, mamselle.”

”I’ll follow you,” Alexis said.

Nancy had been dumbfounded but now regained herself: ”Alexis, are you crazy?” she cried.

”Oh yeah, I am!” Alexis yelled, laughing.

Then she disappeared with Pierre.

”This is insane,” Nancy said, shocked. ”Cannot we do anything?”

”We don’t even know where he lives,” Vanessa answered, ”It is in an environment unrecognizable to us.”

The only thing they could do was waiting for Alexis’ return.

An hour later she was back, grinning and with a shiny dome.

”Never known that shaving your head is such fun.”

All had to admit that Alexis’ head had the right proportions to pull it off. Ears and neck perfectly shaped.

”I asked Pierre why he did this and he told me that he only fulfilled our wishes. He said that most women don’t know that they want it or deny it as they think you shouldn’t do such things. He wants you to come to him too,” she addressed Nancy and Cilla.

”Oh no, never would I do that!” Nancy exclaimed and Cilla supported her.

”Pierre!” Alexis called loudly.

”I’m here, my dear.”

He looked at Nancy and Cilla: ”I want you to come with me.”

”No way, we won’t do that,” Nancy reacted but a little uncertain.

”I don’t accept any denial,” Pierre said in a stern voice which startled the two girls. He took both of them at an elbow and shoved them towards the exit. They hadn’t the force to resist him……….

Vanessa and Claire though it to be time to go home.

”It’s no use waiting for Nancy and Cilla. Besides it’s unlikely that they will come back here. What are you going to do, Alexis?” Vanessa asked.

”Could I come with you?”

”Sure but your sister should be informed.”

”We’ll do that later,” Alexis said self-confidentially.

Claire put on her wig. The bald girls had attracted the attention of other customers but they hadn’t given it much thoughts.

”I can live with my wig,” Claire said. ”I think I go back home now if you don’t mind.”

”I don’t,” Vanessa responded, ”Many thanks for your support. Are you coming, Alexis?”

The young girl smiled broadly: ”I’ll be pleased.”

”Vanessa, I love you.”

”No Alexis.”

”Yes, I really do.”

”It is impossible, Alexis. Brush it out of your mind.”

”I love you, Vanessa! I can’t help it.”

Vanessa sighed: ”What do you expect me to do?”

”Make love to me!”

”You are seventeen!”

”What is wrong with that? I’m not a baby!”

”It’s Pierre again, isn’t it?”

”Yeah, shall I call him?”


”Yes! Pierre!!” Alexis yelled.

”I’m here, my dear. What is the problem?”

”Please, tell Vanessa that I want her.”

”Pierre, I’m not a lesbian. I have….had a boyfriend.”

”What did you and Claire do last night?”

”It was you who made us do that!”

Pierre smiled: ”And I want you to make love to this little darling. Why not? She has a lovely body.”

”Pierre knows,” Alexis grinned. ”I was naked when he sheared me.”

Of course Pierre won, Vanessa wasn’t able to resist him.

”Okay, but not as long as you are here.”

”I’m not staying, my presence is needed elsewhere.”

Nancy had called.

”Pierre has shaved our heads. I can’t believe that I let him do it! Anyway he promised us to get wigs tomorrow. So no one will laugh at us. I suppose my little sister is with you?”

Vanessa confirmed that, not saying that they were both lying naked in her bed. With difficulty she kept silent the girl who was grinning and grimacing.

”I want to speak to Nancy,” she announced.

”Hi Nance, could I stay with Vanessa till tomorrow?”

”If she doesn’t mind.”

”No, she won’t, bye.”

”Alexis, I have to work tomorrow,” Vanessa said.

”Call your boss tom
orrow morning and tell him that you are indisposed.”

”I can’t do that.”

”Sure you can. Or shall I do it?”

”My god, you are really crazy!”

”Yeah, I know,” Alexis grinned.

The next morning Alexis persuaded Vanessa to take her to the mall. She said that she wanted to buy new clothes.

Alexis selected denim trousers, chequered shirts, a leather jacket, a pair of cowboy boots and baseballcaps. She put a pair of sunglasses on her nose. She looked like a boy of fifteen now and she announced: ”I want you to call me Alex from now on.”

After lunch they made a tour through the city and Vanessa dropped the girl at Nancy’s apartment. Nancy looked amazed at the person accompanying her friend.

”Alexis, is that you?”

”No, I’m Alex. Alexis doesn’t exist any more.”

She took off her sunglasses and her cap.

Nancy sighed: ”I don’t know how I should explain this to our folks.”

”Don’t bother,” Alex said. ”I’m not a baby. I do whatever I do. I’m seventeen, you know.”

Vanessa had taken a shower and covered by a towel only she entered her bedroom. And froze…………she discovered Pierre sitting on the edge of her bed!

Seeing her embarrassment he said: ”You needn’t be afraid, Vanessa.”

”Gosh, isn’t my privacy warranted, even in my own house?”

”I must apologize, it is not my habit intruding into someone’s home without being called. But I have an important reason doing so: I’ll show you.”

He rose and when doing so he seemed to grow. The potbellied middle aged man changed into a goodlooking, well proportioned younger man in his mid-thirties with more hair and a smaller moustache but with the same dark eyes.

With open mouth Vanessa looked at him, not able to say a word. She hardly could believe her eyes……….

Pierre smiled, approached her and gently pulled away the towel, leaving Vanessa stark naked.

”You are marvellous,” he whispered, spread out his arms and lifted her. Carefully he laid her down at her bed.

”To be perfect only one action has to be undertaken,” he said, ”Allow me to shave off your pubic hair.”

Vanessa nodded: ”Anything you want.”

Pierre had the small clippers ready and she spread her legs. Her thick curly hair was soon reduced to stubble. Pierre lathered and shaved the area smooth, then washed it with a wet towel and kissed her naked lips. Two fingers disappeared into her vulva, searching her clitoris. Vanessa winced, totally aroused. She hardly noticed that Pierre was naked too………….

Their lovemaking went on for several hours. At last they were exhausted and fell asleep.

Pierre awakened Vanessa.

”Time to rise, sweetheart, you have to go to your office.”

”I would like to stay here with you.”

”That’s impossible, dear, you played truant yesterday, otherwise you should have known that there is an important meeting to-day.”

”What meeting? How do you know?”

”I take over the company.”

Startled Vanessa jumped out of bed: ”My god! I cannot be the loved one of my boss!”

Pierre rose too: ”I won’t be your boss. Let me explain. You have seen how I changed myself. You know that I appear after a question that my ears cannot hear. I enter a house without having a key of the front door. I’m able to do things that most people can’t possibly do. I’ll transform the company you are working for from a profit organisation into one of general benefit. All who are employed will be transfigured too. I started with you, to symbolize your transfiguration I shaved off your hair. Today, after my take-over, all female employees will be put the question: ”Are you willimg to have your head shaved?” If one’s answer is negative she will be asked to quit. Do you understand what I mean?”

”What about my friends, they don’t work for this company.”

”Your company is not the only one which will be transformed. They are the first of other organisations and Alex the first of her school. The society as a whole will be changed, Vanessa. It has started and cannot be stopped any more.”

”Wowa, that’s cool,” Vanessa said amazed.

Pierre had addressed the meeting and all returned to their own departments. Of course there had been many questions and all had been replied. Pierre had warranted that everyone would retain his or her function provided that certain conditions, which he would explain later, would be achieved.

Vanessa and eleven of her colleagues, all girls, waited in their office. Vanessa wore her wig, just as Pierre had asked her.

When Pierre arrived he told the girls ttat he wanted every female employee to wear the same outfit and the same hairstyle.

”Vanessa will show you what I mean. Will you take off your wig, please?”

Her shining dome caused a general consternation among the other girls but Pierre quietly said: ”The most easy way to make all equal related to hairstyle is a shaved head. When you refuse you have to hand in your resignation.”

Though several girls protested only one refused and was asked to leave. The others one for one sat down and Pierre handled the clippers as he had done on Vanessa. Vanessa and some other girls lathered and shaved the shorn heads. After the sacrifice had been completed Pierre gave them all a black gown which covered them from neck to ankles.

”Now form a circle and kneel down, close your eyes and meditate about your transformation. Remember your tresses, how they were flowing down across your shoulders or ornamented your head with curls and get accustomed to your new appearance which will last as long as you are working for the company.”

For some girls this was too much, their sobbing disturbed the silence.

Vanessa opened her eyes for a moment and looked around the circle of kneeling women.

‘We look like a group of Buddhist nuns,’ she thought, ‘with our shiny domes, kneeling and meditating with closed eyes.’

One question entered her mind: ‘Why were only the women shaved? ‘

Occasionally she would ask Pierre though she suspected the answer: ”Women use their hair to impress others as a part of their vanity.”

Indeed for most of them it was hard to accept that they had lost this possibility.

But not for Vanessa! She knew that tonight Pierre would take her to his home and a night full of erotic pleasure would follow!

The end.

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