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John was a stud, most girls would say. Or built like a brick shithouse. Six foot two, broad shoulders and a smooth muscular body, not over built at the gymn, of an athlete that did a lot of running and swimming. A very handsome face framed by well tended shoulder length hair.

It was John’s 21st birthday. He was away in the big city on a Friday night. The party had started at a local pizza parlor. That was a good thing, as John at least was having something in his stomach to slow down the alcohol effect of the beer. After the pizza the girls had left as it had become obviously a “boys night out”. John’s girl friend, Gail, seemed more upset than the rest because she had planned to have him for the whole evening to herself after this “birthday party.”

After the girls left, his friends decided they should go to a bar and have a REAL drink, hell, he was 21 now and should have something stronger than a beer. It was Johns idea that they should see how many bars they could hit before midnight, and have a beer or a drink in each. It wasn’t long before they lost count of how many drinks, and it almost became a task of just getting to the next bar sign. They had lost any sense of direction and no longer knew where they were.

It was nearing midnight and John said this would be the last bar. They knew it as a bar by the neon signs. Inside there was a desk, behind the desk a man who checked their ID. After making sure they were 21 he gave them a bit of advice: I can see that you have already had a few drinks, don’t overdo it, and I’d like to suggest that you not stay too long. He then told them to come on in and enjoy themselves. They found a small booth empty near the back. When the waitress appeared they each ordered a beer. The music was loud and after they finished the beer Bill and Harry said they were ready to go. They all got up and headed towards the door. John told them to go ahead, he was going to sit at the bar and have just one more. They thought he had drunk enough and told him so. John got a little temper and told them to just leave him alone then, he could take care of himself. Fine, Harry said, come on Bill, the birthday boy can find his own way home. And they left John who went up to the bar to order another drink.

There were three men sitting at the bar, when John approached, the one in the middle got up and told him to have a seat. The man on the right asked what he was drinking. John said he didn’t know yet, and since he wasn’t thinking too clearly, told them it was his 21st birthday and “I guess I can have anything.” The man said he would get his first drink, in honor of his birthday. A boiler maker for the birthday boy he said to the bartender. I don’t know Jack, said the bartender, looks like he’s already had enough. Don’t worry, said Jack. Me and the boys here will take care of him and see he gets home ok. Bring me one too, and make it a double. Jack got into a conversation with John while the drinks came. The bartender put them on the bar in front of them. Jack reached up and slid the double in front of John. Let’s see how fast you can get it down. If you can swallow it in less than 15 seconds I’ll go for another. John said, OK, and swallowed it down in three gulps. Whoa! He said, that’s a might strong, but it was purty good. Jack slid the other drink in front of him. OK, here’s the next one on me, said Jack. John hadn’t seen him add the double scotch into that one. He drank it a little slower but it wasn’t long before it was gone. I guess I’d better get going, John said. He stumbled off the bar stool. Jack grabbed him and said, maybe we better see you safe. Jack and the two men left with John in the middle.

Jack put John in the back seat of the car, one man got in the back with John and the other got in the passenger seat up front. They hadn’t gone a block before John leaned over and fell asleep on the man’s shoulder. I think we should give this young man something to remember his birthday by, said Jack. What do you have in mind, asked Andy, the man in the back seat. How about a shave and a haircut. We can take him in the back of Mark here’s barbershop. You got those new clippers yesterday Mark, well give them a try. Mark thought that would be a good trial for the Wahl balding clippers. Andy, we’ll stop by your place too and get him some jewelry to go with the new haircut. Before long they pulled in behind the tattoo place that belonged to Andy. I’ll be right back he said, I will have to get a couple of things. He came out a few minutes later with what looked like a shaving kit. He said this will do I think. They crossed the block and pulled behind Mark’s barbershop. We’ll use the private room chair, Mark said. He pulled the curtain across the entrance that led out into the main part of the shop and turned on the lights. John was completely out as they brought him in. Get his clothes off while I get set up. They soon had John skinned down to his shorts. Take those off too, we’ll shave his whole body. Let him try to explain that to his girl. They laughed. They put a towel in the seat of the old black leather barber chair. John half woke up as they sat him in it, but then passed out again. Mark gave Jack a black pair of clippers. This will get the hair short enough to shave with a razor.

It was a good thing John was passed out. He would surely have jumped when Jack snapped on the clippers and they buzzed into life. He made quick work of Johns arms, pits and chest. Mark meantime had clicked on the wahl clippers. He started about an inch of center of Johns forehead. He pushed the quietly humming clippers right down on the scalp from front to back. Johns long blond hair piled up like snow in front of a plow before they dropped over on his shoulder and slid to the floor. Mark was a master barber and soon John had a two inch wide mohawk. Andy said it should be shortened down to about ½ inch. Mark put on a guard and took the mohawk down to 1 inch. You are right he said to Andy, just a little shorter. He put the ½ inch guard on and took it down a notch. Mark took the guard off and holding Johns head tilted back, quickly took off his eyebrows. Mark put the clippers on the back counter. I think that will about do it with the clippers he said as he brushed off the loose hair from Johns head and neck with a brush. He opened the cabinet under the counter and got out a squeezed bottle. Then Mark put on latex gloves. He squirted the lotion on both sides of the mohawk where it had been clippered to the scalp. He spread it smoothly over all the bare skin. Then down onto where Johns eyebrows had been. Then down over the sideburns the jaw and moustache. Jack asked what that was when he smelled the odor. Nair, said Mark. It will take the hair down below skin level and it will be a week or so before it begins to grow back in. It may be 3 weeks before he starts to get eyebrows back. It takes about 15 minutes to do it’s work. Jack had finished clipping the hair from Johns crotch, balls and cock. Come spread some of that down here. Mark used the rest of the bottle. He began to laugh. This kid won’t know what happened when he wakes up in the morning with his hangover. Andy had gone through Johns wallet and found his address as well as the address of his girlfriend. I’ve got a great idea, Andy said. When we get finished here, we’ll take him back to his place, get him dressed up and deliver him to his girl friends front door.

While they were waiting for the Nair to work, they used shaving cream and a razor on John’s arms, chest and legs. When the time had elapsed, Mark took a damp warm towel and wiped off all the nair from Johns body. Then he went over it again with another damp towel. They laid John out on the floor to do his backside. But using the wahl clippers it didn’t take long. They sat John back up in the chair and while Mark and Jack cleaned up the hair and everything, Andy took his equipment out of the bag and pierced both of John’s ears and put in gold rings. These 6 gauge earrings were segmented. They stretched out the hole some that was pierced in Johns earlobes. And
y applied a little super glue to the segments so that to get them out they would have to be cut off. The earrings were really gold plated titanium. John had squirmed a little as the earrings were put in, but he was still very much out of it. They got clothes back on him took him out to the car and into the back seat. The lights were turned out and the door locked.

They got John back to his apartment with little trouble. It was a small one bedroom place. Inside the lay John on his bed and again stripped his clothes off. Looking through his closet and drawers they found a nice black suit, black suspenders, a clean pressed white shirt and a quite bold patterned red and black bow tie. John had been wearing boxers, but they found some tighty-whitey briefs, black socks and black dress lace up shoes. They thought it was time for John to wake up a little. They put him in the shower and turned on the cold water. John spluttered awake after a few minutes of cold water. He was not really fully awake but enough they thought. They got him out and had him brush his teeth and use some listerine. John had pretty much emptied his bladder in the shower when the cold water had waked him so he didn’t need to piss again. They got him dried off and took him back to the bedroom.

What’s going on? What’s happening? He slurred his words out. We are your friends you met at the bar. Were getting you dressed. You have a date with your girl, remember? I do? He asked. That’s what you said, Jack replied. So we’ve brought you home and got you cleaned up. Now we’ll get you dressed and see you over to Gail’s place. I don’t remember no date, John’s speech was still slurred. But maybe so.

He let them put deodorant under his arms, splash aftershave on his face; then they put on a white wife-beater undershirt, and the tighty-whitey briefs. The fresh starched white shirt, then the pants and the suspenders. Black socks and his dress shoes. Next it was the red and black bow tie. They got John to sit in a chair while Mark got out a small jar of crew wax, like was used to make a flat top stand up. He massaged it thoroughly into the mohawk and brushed it til it stood up perfectly. John began to slump as his hair was fixed. A couple of sharp slaps to the face woke him back up. None of that, Jack said. You can go back to sleep at your girls place.

They got John out, turned out his lights and locked the door. This time he sat in the front passenger seat. Gail lived about 10 blocks down and it didn’t take long for them to get John there. They parked close to the apartment entrance and got John out of the car. They had him put on his coat and stand up straight. OK, they said, lets go. They had put Johns wallet in his coat pocket, but they had his cell phone. As they got to the door, they pushed the button to dial Gail. It rang a few times before a sleepy voice asked “why the hell are you calling me at this time of the morning?” We’ve brought John to your door, said Jack. He said he was late for a date. Jack handed John the cell phone and wished him good luck. They let go of John and he swayed a little, but managed to remain standing. He raised the phone and said, will you let me in?

Jack, Andy and Mark were laughing loudly as they drove off just as the door opened. I would really like to hear that conversation, said Mark, and it should get better if she undresses him and gets him to a bed. I’m sure he won’t remain standing much longer. Andy said, it will be even better Monday when he discovers he has to get a new drivers license and student ID card. Andy held the two items up. Jack pulled over to a US Mail drop box. Put them in there he said. Perhaps the nice postal folks will send them back to him or to the school. Perhaps not.

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