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Ever since I was a little girl living in Minnesota, I was always excited about seeing boys with buzzcuts. I loved rubbing my fingers and scratching my nails in their hair. It became an obsession with me, so when I graduated high school, I went to barber college so I could have a chance to be around lots of boys with short, clipped hair.

I graduated from barber college and worked for three years at a chain salon, barely making enough money to pay the bills. What’s worse, almost all of the guys who came into the shop for a haircut were not of the buzzed variety. Oh, did I want to take out my clippers and buzz some of them down to stubble, but I never got up the nerve to ask any clients if they ever considered it.

One day, while I was at a supply store, I ran into another girl, named Michelle, and began talking to her. She was purchasing an Oster Turbo 111 hair clipper and some attachments. I told her how I wish I had the clientele to buy some Osters, and she told me that she and two other girls were getting ready to rent a property and open their own barbershop. They only wanted to cut guys hair, and they were all specialists in clipper cuts. I told her how much I wish I could do something like that, and she surprised me by telling me they were looking for one more partner to help pay the rent. It turned out the monthly rent split four ways was affordable, so I took the plunge and quit my job to join them.

One month after I began, I retired my old Wahl Clipper and purchased an Oster Classic 76 with six other blades in addition to the two that came with it. Now, I had the 00000, 0000, 000, 0A, 1, 1A 1 1/2, and 2 blades. I could buzz anyone from 1/4 inch to razor stubble.

It wasn’t long until I started to get some customers who wanted crewcuts, as well as three flattop requests. I took longer than average to buzz these guys, but I got 100% excellent response. Those free-handed flattops were so straight, you could put a level on them. It was starting to get quite fun.

Then, one day, Larry walked in the shop. He was a first-timer, and he didn’t really care which one of us cut his hair. I took one look at him and his unkept hair and quicky envisioned taking it all away from him. Since Michelle and Angela were cutting customers hair, and Emma was getting ready to go to lunch, it left me as Larry’s barber. Except for a lousy haircut and some old, ratty shoes, Larry looked like my imagination of Adonis. I quickly struck up a conversation with him and found out he shared many of my interests. We both were into rollerblading and probably had crossed paths doing so around Lake Calhoun. We both craved pizza, and best of all neither one of us were involved with anybody.

Larry, at my urging, got a little bit shorter cut than he planned on getting that day. It was still way too long for my liking–about 2 1/2 inches on top and 2 inches on the side. Larry kept coming to see me for four more haircuts, each time getting the same. Then, one Thursday evening, when we were open until 8:00, Larry came in looking for me, but I had left at 6. He got his hair cut from Emma, and he told her he felt guilty but had to get a trim before his mom and gradmom came for a visit. Emma talked to him about me, and Larry sort of admitted he really liked me but didn’t know how I felt about him. Emma told him to ask me out the next time he came in.

The next day, Emma told me what happened. She knew I really liked him as well, as I had told her about wanting to buzz Larry to peach fuzz and become his girlfriend. I was a little upset that Larry didn’t wait until the next day to let me cut his hair, but I was really happy when Larry showed up the following Tuesday to ask me out for dinner and a play the following Friday night.

Knowing I had a small trump card, I played it. I pretended to be a little more than upset that he let Emma cut his hair, so I issued him an ultimatum. If he wanted to go out with me Friday night, the date had to start with him in my chair getting a new haircut to my liking. He tried to find out what “my liking” meant, but I told him he would have to wait and see if he had the courage to agree. Emma and Michelle were there to witness it all, and they knew exactly what I planned to do. When Larry half-heartily agreed to go through with it, Michelle told me she was bringing her video camers to work Friday to tape it all.

Friday came, and I wasn’t sure just how much I was going tomake Larry pay for his very light crime of letting Emma cut his hair. I really liked him at that point, and I didn’t want to hurt him. However, this was what I had been waiting for since I was in the fourth grade and started to give a classmate a trim with my art scissors.

At 5:55 PM, Larry walked in the door. Closing time was five minutes away. In 15 minutes, his makeover would begin. When he saw that Michelle and Emma were still there and without customers, he may have figured that something out of the ordinary was about to take place. Then, Michelle went into the back and brought out her camera and tripod. Now, Larry knew something was really up.

I went over to Larry and gave him a hug. That was our first contact other than a handshake and the contact from a haircut. I could tell Larry liked my making the first move, and right then, he stopped putting up a fight in the matter.

I took him over to my chair and began to massage his neck and scalp.. I was still thinking what I should do with him, and then it hit me. We have a couple hours. Why not give him several haircuts?

So, I took out my Oster 76 clipper and put the #2 blade on. I clipped his sides and back down to 1/4-inch long, and his hair immediately began to look 10 times thicker and much more coarse. It began to lift away from his scalp, looking like a crewcut. I took out my flattop comb (not the cheaters kind with the bubble, but the old-fashioned thin long comb) and began to square off his top. I left his top about 1 1/2 inches at the longest and 3/4 inch at the crown. He had a tough time going through this, and when he was done, he looked totally shocked. It made him a little taller, and since I am 5-11 and he is 5-10, it made him taller than me when I am in flats.

I could tell he didn’t want to remain a flattop boy, so I told him I could take care of that in 5 to 10 minutes. He agreed to let me go closer. Next up, I decided to give him a modified high and tight. I didn’t shave his sides and back totally bald like a real H&T, but I began at the bottom with a 00000 blade and gradually increased his sides and back to a 1. I took the 2 and undid his flattop.. Now, Larry looked like an ROTC student a coupe days after a haircut.. Larry really didn’t like this, which is what I was aiming for. I asked him if he would rather have his hair cut all one length in order for it to grow out even. He was not sure what to do, but Emma lobbied hard on my behalf. He relucantly agreed to let me even it out. Her didn’t know that I was about to even it out with the tiny bit of 00000 hair at his collar and ears.

I attached the 00000 blade onto the clippers, and Emma came over to get in Larry’s way so he couldn’t see the mirror. Michelle brought her camera up close to get every bit of the GI on tape. I slowly guided the clipper through Larry’s hair, barely moving it from one spot to another to make sure every hair was shaved off. Larry couldn’t tell he was beginning to look like a Marine recruit, because by know he was used to the blades leaving hair on his head after they passed over it.

In 10 minutes, Larry’s head looked like a peach. He still hadn’t been able to see it. I asked him if he was ready to look, but before he could say yes or no, Emma told me to give him a good rub first. I turned Larry around to the mirror as I began to gently scratch my nails on his burred head. I think I fell in love with him some time during this hour plus ideal, and now I was scared I had blown it.

Larry looked in the mirror and began to laugh. Finally, he sp
oke. His mom had been on him for years to cut his hair short like his father had worn when he was alive. Larry’s dad had been a Marine before he died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. His dad always wore a GI haircut, and his mom had the same love for burr haircuts. His mom had commented on his previous haircut the weekend before when she had come to visit him. She wanted to take him for a haircut the previous Saturday.

It was then that I found out that Larry was just 18 and in his first semester of college. That made me six years older than him. I told him dinner was on me, and we had a lovely evening. We never made it to the play, but we had a much better time. We dated for six months until school was out for the summer The entire time, he let me buzz him with my 00000 every three or four days. His cuts were done at my apartment instead of the shop.

Larry transfered to another college in Iowa after his freshman year, and I never saw him again. He wrote me a letter during his sophomore year to tell me he still had the burr, and he had attracted his current girlfriend because she loved to rub his stubble.

That was my first time to take someone with a regular haircut and turn him into a buzz boy. It gave me the courage to do it again and again, and I will post more stories when I have the time. I’ve done this to several dozen boys/men, most of whom are 5-10 years younger than me. Some of them became boyfriends. One became the father of my daughter.

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