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I was terribly ragged by my seniors. One Sunday, I was in my room my srs came to my room and asked me to lick their feet. When I hesitated they tied me to a chair forcibly and put some cloth in my mouth. one senior asked the maid servant to get a shaving blade from a nearby general shop. After getting the blade, two seniors held me tight and the 1st senior started shaving my head. I could not shout as there was cloth in my mouth and I was tied tightly and was held by them. She was shaving my head slowly cos they wanted to enjoy the scene. 1st she shaved in the middle of my scalp and showed a mirror to me. They were laughing and she started shaving my right side of my head and again she showed the mirror for me to c how I was looking. Later slowly she shaved my left side of my head and still she held some hair in her hand and said that she will not shave that part cos she wants a pony tail on my shaved head. Again 2nd time she shaved my head to make it a smooth shaving. After cleanly shaving my head, they applied water to my ponytail and started pulling it. They asked me to kneel down and bend so that they can climb on my back. As I did what they said, one senior climbed on my back and pulled my pony with one hand and took a scale in other. She asked me 2 move. As I didn’t move, she hit me with scale on my hips. Then when I moved she played a horse ride like a cowboy pulling my pony and hitting me on my hips. Other seniors were enjoying and laughing. After making a round, one more senior climbed my back and continued the ride, again pulling my pony and hitting on hips. Later, they removed the cloth from my mouth and threatened me not to tell anyone. Otherwise they will completely shave my pony and that I will have a clean shaved head and kill me. They also said that I shd tell others that I shaved my head myself. Every morning, they used to hit on my shaved head and pull my pony. And every Sunday, they used to take me to their room and cleanly shave my head. They shaved my head for 10 times. Last time they completely shaved my head without any ponytail and put white paste dots on my shaved head took photo with their mobile. I couldn’t go 2 my house for holidays. I used 2 stay in hostel till I grew my hair. I cudn’t tell anyone as they said that they will kill me.

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